Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The power of yoga in healing

It is a bit difficult to explain the psychosomatic origin of some ailments. If you delve into the physiological aspects of this issue, you will be very much puzzled because the reasons of these ailments are somewhat based on psychological issues, though  physiological conditions play a vital role for which, of course, we are to be blamed. Unless the disease surmounts us, we do not take care and finally get shackled with the sufferings. Now, we all know that ulcer  is a complicated disease and there are three reasons for the formation of this nagging as well as painstaking disease. The hurry, worry and curry are the three reasons. In the earlier days, the doctors were only talking about medication to cure this disease, taking it granted the relationship between the body and its various parts. In modern science of medicine, it is proven that these diseases have immense effect of psychology on physiology. Yoga and practice thereof have a tremendous bearing on these types of diseases and are very much beneficiary to cure these functional disorders, which are of a very serious nature. The knowledge of yoga is very much crucial to understand the pattern of holistic living and nurturing the health system of the body. If you want to know about yoga in details, you have to understand the somato-psychic principle of the health and the relationship between them. The fundamental research shows that the importance of both the corporeal and the spiritual has an effective and meaningful influence on this aspect of somato-psychic perspective. The mind and the body have a tremendous working understanding. The researchers in immune systems supported by cognitive behavior therapy and Neuro-plasticity suggest that the working pattern between the mind and the body work in both ways. The mind under the influence of emotion and attentive behavior  enter the brain, which ultimately affects the health, both physically and mentally. By practicing yoga and meditation, this syndrome of affecting the mind can be eliminated. And a deep practice of yoga is therefore known as a healing science for the body. Of course, with this practice, you have to also avoid the sedentary lifestyle pattern supplemented by the intake of junk foods. This lifestyle ultimately will be beneficial for the health and its different organs and will be able to free you from the bondage of severe medication. Yoga is like an integrative medicine as well as a holistic healing of mind and body. Our mind is so often clutched by emotion that plays a vital role and most of the time makes us unwell. The doctors opine that the endocrine system is largely influenced by mental disposition and secretions. 

Yoga helps you to keep a balance between mind and body through influencing secretions of the ductless glands. With the training of proper yoga, even a system defect like blood pressure will be removed. The behavior of the brain and immune functions are linked very much and that is the reason, the science of psychoneuroimmunology plays a deciding role to ascertain the problems in any health system. The practice of yoga is very much conducive to strengthen the health of our body and mind to avoid the breakdown of health.  The main purpose and goal of yoga are to establish this mind-body relationship in a positive direction.  In today’s glamorous world, we try to find out quick remedial actions for various issues. We cannot wait for long period and we require results on the spot which also includes health related matter. We tend to rush to the doctor at the slightest provocation.

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The practice of yoga increases the robustness of your mind, which in turn, strengthen your body to combat against disease. This yoga is instrumental in creating a healthy mind and healthy body. Yoga should not be considered as a mere exercise.  It is a practice, which is to be done sincerely and relentlessly to rejuvenate you and make you aware of its real potential. When we are occasionally drowned in the constraints of life and want to float in those perils, the practice of yoga is the only remedy. The behavioral scientists believe that people who perform yoga regularly, have far more tolerance power to accept life’s burden and bickering both physically and psychologically. This practice over a long period of time makes them so calm that they are not bogged down so easily when the things are not in proper shape. They do not become panicky as they develop more controlling power and mentally they are very strong. Yoga is thus an easy and simple way to heal your mind and body provided you maintain a strict regime of practice with discipline.  It is the only answer to all the problems of the new age. You embrace yoga as a part of your lifestyle to avoid the fragility of your mental and physical health.

One should not be carried away with the grandeur of glittering living standard and resort to unhealthy and wrong habits of eating and instead of that to focus on healthy practices of living and eating supported by exercise. The daily routine of exercise must start with yoga and meditation followed by some other exercises, as feasible to you. One must know that the root cause of all the diseases lies in the sedentary lifestyle and intake of junk foods. If you want to have a disease free life, you must concentrate on the practice of yoga, which not only save you from any type of physical ailments, but also cure and heal you early. The only catch that you should not take this practice as a ready reckoner for your health improvement because many people are not able to maintain the consistency to perform this duty. Your perseverance and patience only will accrue the benefits; otherwise  it will be a wishful thinking.

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