Friday, April 29, 2016

Observe the world from a higher vantage point

How it will look the world from a higher vantage point? Of course, this is a spiritual way of observing the thing. You would observe the light of billions of souls lighting throughout the world.  Like a roaring sea with full of high rise tide, these soul moves from one life to another.  It resembles that one form of living being dies giving a birth of  another.  But all the souls are same from their true perspective.  They all belong to the Creator’s consciousness. They are all light and they have the profundity of blissful entities.  After closely analyzing, if you look at the condition of the world, you will be surprised to know the fact how people suffer with pangs and pains in this world.  We find strife and dissension throughout the world. Almost all the countries either engage in peace mission to eliminate the mutual hatreds or busy to resolve conflicts. We also find various religious groups who are engaged in conflicts, sometimes the same takes the brutal step of killing each other. Today when you observe the word from a vantage point, you will find that community clash is widespread. Within the families, parents fight with their children, siblings create animosity with each other and members of various communities take the path of quarrelsome instead of resolving the difference amicably. Human beings mercilessly kill others without any hesitation and with a slightest provocation; they get involved in these types of heinous activities.  It is a matter of surprise how the human beings can do these activities when each of us is a child of God and every one of us has the same Divinity. 

When a married couple gets their child born, they beam and are unable to suppress this joy and in the same way, God bring about so many souls, so many children and He too gets pleasure in doing so.  Yet we fight sometimes for a trifle issue. It is a proven fact that we are susceptible to pain and sufferings, knowing well that these are the opposite phases of bliss and joy, and if we are  able to transcend these phases, we   can survive based on the blessings of God.  If we are able to return to our true self of peace, we could enjoy peace and ecstasy.  Beyond our bodily comfort, if we are able to search deeply the resources within us, we could find the energy, which would make our lives peaceful perpetually.  The great saints teach this philosophy relentlessly.  They provide us the inner strength to find out the common elements in each of us.  These saints are great preachers, but still they respect the saints of other religions. They recognize this fact of their teachings and simultaneously acknowledge the preachings of other religions and their teachers. There may be difference in languages, cultures, social etiquettes and dress habits, but the basic formula of all the religions is same; that is love.  The various religions and spiritual traditions have more things in common.  Yet, people sometimes get influenced by a section of self-proclaimed religious leaders and teach their disciples wrong things stating the difference in the religious practices.  This is not at all correct.  They believe that we have a spiritual core within us created by a higher power. 

In reality, you can acquire a spiritual dimension through prayer, meditation or your latent desire to uncover the source of information.  Though there will be a difference  of languages and customs, but with your inner power of attaining the truth, you can connect yourself to the soul. For that, you also need the blessing of higher power. Saints, masters and spiritual teachers, namely Jesus Christ, Buddha, Mahavira, Moses, Rama, Guru Nanak and many others came to this earth to teach people to connect with the divine within.  We believe that we are body and mind, but ignore the fact that we are a soul.  We are the children of the Creator of this materialistic world.  During the course of meditation, when we are able to bring the stillness of our mind, then only we recognize who we are in reality?  When our body and mind still, we are able to see our true self as soul.

Meditation is the process, which is the method to discover our true self as soul. It also helps us to achieve our spiritual goal and consciousness by reuniting soul with the higher power.  This higher power is possible to attain once you follow the path of enlightenment in your life.  It is not that easy, but continuous practice of all types of religious practices will transform your mind, body and soul and you will be more attached to God.  It is a way to discover your true purpose in life, which will also enable you to reach the goal of attaining the higher realms of the spiritual world. 
In this way, we can say who we really are and can firmly declare that we know ourselves.  At that point of time, we can very well observe the world in a different way irrespective of the location and altitude.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Why people brag?

We live in the age of digital information. Most of the things related to any field are now  displayed on the internet. You have to search and find out the sources what you require. This world today is highly advanced technology wise and so anybody can educate himself, if he wants to enrich his knowledge. Knowing this well, still some people are desperate to brag  their internal resources pertaining to their education, knowledge, wealth and status.  They are very much fond of getting adulated, and want to be listened whenever they talk; despite the fact whether the same is beneficiary for others or not. By any chance, if no one gives adequate attention to their bragging, they get very upset. Whenever anyone is suffering from this syndrome “listen to me, I am talking” and show an attitude of arrogance, he may be literally happy and joyful.  But is it really so?  Why people brag to prove their greatness? The reason, they suffer from inferiority complex and to come out from this social impasse, they like to dominate people, which include spouses, siblings, friends, colleagues and sometimes, parents also.  By pretending and showing their happiness through the path of bragging, they always want to be in the social limelight.

Recent study of two regions of brain:

As per the latest information appeared in the Journal of Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, it is said that based on the two regions of the brain, namely medial prefrontal cortex and ventral striatum, the scientists find out an answer to this perplexing matter of bragging.

The prefrontal cortex is responsible for self-referential thinking, whereas the ventral striatum portion is associated with good feel factor. The scientific data shows that people, who prefer to brag have a tremendous concept of self-love without bothering much for others welfare. They always have a self-centered attitude. Over a period of time, this behavioral pattern and feelings develop poor connectivity between these two regions of the brain. Further, they are obsessed with themselves so much that internally they don’t feel good.  Precisely that is the reason, they prefer to brag and want people to admire them to their heart’s content.  Up to a certain point, all of us accept that self-ego is our true self. But if you resort to the practice of meditation, you will be able to connect yourself with the divine-spirit and can realize that ego is nothing but an illusory shadow influencing your mind.  Our entity in the form of our bodies is a part of universal consciousness.  Due to our very much sensitiveness to the idea of creating identification with our bodies, we simply forget our true nature, the true purpose of our lives, what we must take from our lives and how we should behave.  When we forget these meaningful identities, we move from one illusion to another and without achieving any tangible results, we pretend that we have a tremendous accomplishment.  Then we start bragging till the time we become contended fully.  Because of our wrong perception of our mind and body, we develop an ego, which is sometimes beyond limit, fearful, greedy and full of anxieties.  All the psychological and emotional disturbances evolve from ego. We  brag to show our superiority. Some people, of course, try to subdue ego just not to increase the intensity of bragging, but how far they remain successful, it is a matter of debate. When people face constraints, obstacles and hindrances, they try to resolve the same by strengthening ego by default and want to show off that they are not bothered.
To become happier, we should never brag and the ego needs to be controlled.  We must dissolve ego by doing meditation.  When you do the meditation for a considerable period of time, you come out from the dark side of your life and you get connected  with universal consciousness, which is the real purpose of living.

The research in neuroscience has established this fact that the positive effect of meditation is enormous and it not only purifies your body and soul, but also reduces your ego and tendency of bragging.  The meditation decreases the signal in the areas of the brain close to the mid-line.  These areas include an anterior insular, the left ventral and the anterior cingulated cortex, the right medial pre-frontal cortex and the bilateral precuneus. 

: 2 :

If you observe psychologically, all these areas have utmost importance with respect to inducement of self-referential thoughts.  When the intensity of this signal decreases, it indicates that someone is making a good progress in the practice of meditation.   At that stage, people won’t brag, because they would not like to exaggerate their achievement.  Further, during the time of correct signal, as the meditation progress considerably, the inflated ego will be lessened. The meditation soothes the areas of the brain associated with ego, which only makes us to brag, which  ultimately disallow us to connect to the absolute consciousness.  Bliss will be in abundance in our life when we do not think to brag and we shed our ego.  But our affinity with the ego is so high that we may fear losing our own identities and superiority. This large ego provokes us to brag  and we get deprived of eternal bliss.  If you can somehow get rid of this ego, you will not lose anything.  On the contrary, you will gain considerably as you will be able to connect to absolute consciousness.  So, shedding the ego is an important aspect of life, which will make your mind calm and tranquil.  Then you will not think to brag at all.

How to remove clutter thoughts?

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

How to suppress your emotion?

How do you define the intensity of your emotion? It is a benchmark of your true identity?  If you perform all your functions starting from wake up to retiring at night in an ideal and perfect way, you are a follower of rules and regulations of moral living. So your every moment in your life, if it is utilized perfectly, you will get effective output.  Why it is so?  Because all the functions, which you perform daily, you act with utmost sincerity. But most of us fail to follow this pattern of behavior. We perform our various functions as doers. Just for the purpose of doing, we act, for example, somebody smiles; you also reciprocate your instant functioning by providing a return smile, which might not be an act of from your heart.  You are doing a showmanship.  You may not really want to smile, but since the other person is a reputed one in the society and a quite influential man, you act and so, you smile.  What you have done; you smile as a doer. This issue has no real emotion. In another way, he has pampered you by smiling and you are being cajoled to give a return smile.

If you analyze the issue closely, you will find that it is a matter of exchange of pleasantry. He has expressed his positive vibe, which you have acknowledged in a controlled manner.  You have judged his emotion and retorted back.  Now, if you analyze your emotional effect in depth, your reciprocating action could be a bargain, a trade, and a businesslike attitude or a simple social mannerism. Somebody smiles at you and you have also done so. Mostly, it is an artificial smile, as if the same has been produced by a machine.  Without utilizing your emotional feeling, you smile. It is just an act on that particular moment. It has not created any sincere feeling for the other person.  This type of emotion has no sincerity. It is completely hollow as you have manipulated your smile.  There is no authenticity on your part.  In this way, you are manipulating your body and mind and you are also responsible for his manipulation.  In our society, this type of manipulation is widely spread and people simply are not able to identify the emotional depth of existence.  Precisely, that is the reason, being religious also; we are not attracted to the spiritualities and functions of the spiritualism.  Because quite often, we forget our spontaneity.  We all become artificial.  In this atmosphere, we create the situation of hell.  Your love has no meaning because the same is impure.  Your love is false.  Your hate is false. Your smile is false.  Your feeling is false.  Your tears are false. You are not in a position to take any decision.

The question comes how can you stay in this false environment and enjoy happiness?  Instead of living in an artificial surroundings, accept the spontaneity, which comes from your heart. Coming back to the issue of smiling, it was  not a sincere smile from your side.  But this type of situation cannot be hidden for a long.  Sooner or later, your pretension or non-spontaneity will come to the surface.  But if you smile with spontaneity, you will feel that your whole being is smiling; only your lips are not taking part.  When you resort to this path of spontaneity, everybody around you during that particular time will glow and there will be a feeling of friendly atmosphere all around. Since all the people around you will be happy; you will be also connected to the profundity of happiness.

: 2 :

Even emotions need spontaneity.  If positive emotions shown by you are false, they will be treated as a pretense.  In the same way, when the negative emotions shown by you as authentic, the same will be termed as beautiful.  People say anger is a destructive emotion.  But this anger can be termed as nice, if your whole beings feel angry. It means that you are not pretending to be angry. If you are really angry, despite it is being a negative emotion, your all sensations will be vibrant and people will not take you as a bad tempered person. They may appreciate your negative emotion as you are showing spontaneity.  For example, analyze the behavior of a child.  He cries to fulfill his any need and no sooner his need is satisfied, he stops crying. You observe his behavior, which is completely based on spontaneity.  When a child becomes angry, he runs from one corner to another, his face will be reddish, he may spit and he may throw anything he finds nearby.  When his anger subsides, he starts again running, dancing, hugging you, as if nothing has happened.  For an adult, it does not happen. Because most of your actions are based on the false and you swirl in the movement of incorrect actions continuously.  If your anger is real, it lasts for a few seconds.  Why?  Because you are angry for a true cause and there is no false reason behind your anger.  At that point of time, your showing anger is justified.  And your anger will be harmless, because it will not continue for long.  If anything evolves with spontaneity, it cannot harm anyone.  The negative emotions are also good, if they are authentic.  People have a wrong notion about negative emotions that these are bad and causing dangers both mentally and psychologically. It is bad provided the reason is based on falsity.  But if the negative emotions are authentic, it may transform us. 

If you closely analyze the power of emotions, both positive and negative, you will find that emotion derived on authentic reasons will do well and will not destroy.  All your emotions will become more and more positive and a time will come when you will not be affected either by positive or negative emotions.  You cling to authentic.  At that stage, you forget to discriminate between good and bad.  You are not bothered what is positive and what is negative? This feeling of authenticity will strengthen your introspection power to search only for the real.  And when you know the real, you will be able to find out the truth.  Then emotions will not mold you, you will mold the emotions as there is no feeling of positive or negative for you.  

Monday, April 18, 2016

Why we should discard all revolutions except religious?

Our life is full of thorns. Though it is glamorous, but it is riddled at each stage. You can make your life  beautiful by putting your best efforts and at the same time, you will be, no doubt provoked by its allurement to make it more pompous. Is it possible to lead a life, which is free from all glittering and miseries? Can your life be without any revolution? It is possible, but not easy for most of us. The grueling and cumbersome paradoxes involved in our lives make us engrossed so much that we become dazed very easily. The nagging thoughts of our social and economic uplift swirl us  in a convolution that thoughts of revolution cannot creep into our mind. But by any chance, if it occurs, we must discard  the same except the religious revolution because no meaningful purpose is possibly feasible with any kind of revolution. Our culture and tradition always advocate for  mutual discussions and amicable settlement thereafter.

In a greater sense, the social, political and economic revolutions are not at all making that sense, which religious revolution provides us. When a religious mind revolts, there is a meaningful interpretation of the same with regard to life because then the life brings in no contradictions, conflicts and quarrels.  Most of us pass through very many ambiguities and confrontations most of the time.  In any chaotic scene, which is full of conflicts, is the resultant force of incongruity, social disharmony or serious differences in opinions.  The general tendency of human beings that everything we discuss, touch, feel, explain and thrust upon turns into conflicts inwardly and outwardly.  Life itself gets entangled in conflicting mode due to self-anxieties or tension. The human beings lead into conflicts due to wrangling between each other. Life is a battlefield because we are always submerged with conflicts. Conflicts cannot be ceased, but it is never creative, it is always destructive.  To live blissfully, you need peace. It should not be an economic peace or it should not be peace in war, political peace or the peace required when the two parties suddenly become agitated while doing some negotiations. This peace is something you discover on your own and evolving from your inner self.  This frame of mind only will enable you to blossom, grow, function and prosper with much effectiveness. It cannot come to you when you are inflicted with conflicts consciously or unconsciously. The question here comes; is it possible to lead a life without constraints, conflicts and contradiction in today’s world, which has a plethora of struggles, hardship, pressures and bondages in various stages of social and business relationship? If yes, then that is the real living; a peaceful mind forces you to live in peace.

When your mind is under the influence of peace, you can find truth, honesty and your purpose of surveillance.  If you want to establish all these facts, you have to first feel the beauty of your living and that is possible when you are not shrouded with any conflict. God also likes the same.

But you cannot completely eradicate conflict. You must assess the nature of conflict.  Instead of doing  thorough assessment, we avoid conflicts and indulge in sensual  gratifications and engage ourselves to drink, sex, social networking, filthy activities, unnecessary gossiping, and wasting precious time and at the most, visiting temples and undertaking pilgrimages to show our attachment to religiosity.  In reality, we want to find an escape route.  We try to avoid conflicts, but most fail.  This avoidance is the real cause to generate conflicts. 

: 2

If you are able to apply your intellect and make your mind, heart and the whole system of your body to become immure to conflict, there will be  serenity  When your mind is peaceful, you will always behave logically.  Your mind then cannot think of any kind of disputes.  You will be always energized to form a right kind of relationship with everyone.  This right relationship will prompt you to sacrifice your own comforts, but see the other’s benefits.

Conflicts can be visualized from inward and outward.  Outwardly, we come across various conflicts, namely the war between the countries for the disputes of border infiltration or cross border terrorism, economic disparities and pressures of the superior economies on the poor one, religious disputes and personal prejudices. The world is completely devastated by the religious wars from the beginning.  Except a few religions, almost all the others are engaged in the war in the disguise of sacred or holy war.  It is awfully wrong.  The religion has no place of war.  The religion is a very sacred entity and religious people are warned not to involve in politics because the same is poisonous as it indicts and pollutes the mind. It provides intoxication. The inner conflict is further more complicated.  To understand this, we must be rational and logical thinkers.  We must be pretty clear in our thinking, acute in our observation.  We must be very critical in observing the whole nature and the purpose of conflict and how the same arises, what makes it to grow and what are the causes for its aggravation. We are fully aware of various kinds of conflicts, when there are sufferings.

In most of the cases, we conform to the pattern of the societal norms, its regulations, and stricture and no sooner we find deviations, and  the same not suiting to our terms and recognitions, we try to retaliate inducing conflicts.  These conflicts arise because there is a distraction of the conformity. But all these will not be there, if we follow the path of a religious revolution, which makes our mind calm, peaceful and then there will be no ulterior feeling for any conflicts.