Friday, July 31, 2015

Know the art of salvaging and fixation of broken things

When you use some articles for a considerable period, it gets wear and tear, which is subjected to repair, fixation or polishing to regain its old texture.  Sometimes, the items are broken, their aesthetic beauty disappears and even the items become dull to use anymore.  If you decide to keep the broken things after fixation or repairing, the choice is yours, but it is to be done perfectly. This is a regular sequence  in our daily routine. You may take this incident as simply as an event considering the fact that the broken item has lost its original beauty. So, it must be destroyed. It may be true to some extent.  But if you know how to fix the same properly, how to repair with all your artisan skills, you may salvage the broken thing almost to a new one.  For example, a beautiful flower vase of China clay gets partially broken or damaged and if you fix the same with lacquer dust or mix the crack portion with powdered gold, the piece may be looking more beautiful than the original one. In ancient history, there are many legends related to broken sculptures, which get repaired, and once they are repaired, they look marvelous.  We try our best to fix the broken things in such a way that no one will be able to identify the quantum of damage. That means the repair is done with a tremendous expertise, making everybody dumbfound whether the thing is a really a broken one or not.  In fact, it is the other way round.  The damaged thing becomes as good as new.  Take the  example of the vase, which is repaired with powdered gold and the broken piece not only gets back its past aesthetic beauty, but it is also placed in its earlier position displayed beautifully with a bunch of flowers in the vase, as if nothing has happened. One must consider the fact that if the expertise in repairing added with some creative input of say gold lacquering, the broken vase  will display a sizzling outlook and its glaring beauty of radiant gold will exert a dynamic look of adorable beautification. By making this alteration, the crack of the vase gets transformed, being touched with the powder of gold; make it even more beautiful. This is the art of salvaging and making the old one to a prosperous new transformation. There will be a physical transformation of a new entity from a broken piece. This transformation is termed from useless to praiseworthy.

In many parts of Asian countries, namely in China and Japan, there is a kind of respect, people show for the art of mending in every sphere of life whether it is attire, body or simple household items. This philosophy teaches the simple rules of attachment in the non-attachment, acceptance of change, significant influence of destiny in life and how fate is a deciding factor in human life.  It is imperative to understand that the human life is living with equanimity in the midst of changing conditions. Life is full of riddles, undulations, constraints, dilemma and uncertainties, which break many relationships, cordiality, smooth happenings and rhythms. Unless the life can cross these hurdles, the congeniality cannot be remained intact. The philosophical theory attached to the art of mending is also applicable to human relationship. And this creed makes us  ponder on the object or the person.  In the case of an object, even the same is repaired, sometimes it does not lose its visibility of embellishment.
You may experience trouble, contradictions, conflicts, wounds and breaks, which is not an unavoidable part of living. It is very common to all of us.  We lose our friends, we lose hope, dreams remain unfulfilled, our health and wealth suffer cracks and many times, we feel incapable to revitalize and recuperate us.  If a glass breaks into many pieces, the art of fixation also fails to repair the same and similarly, the broken human relationship many times do not get mended at any cost.  The human beings handle the breaks of various objects in different ways. We get attached and stuck up in the brokenness, indulge in self-pity or becoming flabbergasted with rage and never heal. Simultaneously, we feel or pretend as if, the brokenness has never happened or we drive the same into oblivion. It is eclipsed by the shadow. 


Despite our being confined in this shadow, we deny this proposition and try to act against the same. Many people, of course, are not able to understand  this act of ignorance.  Once the broken relationship between the two people crosses all the possibilities of further mingling, you become a bit wiser and try to concentrate on the theory that time will assuage the hurt feelings associated with this relationship. But what becomes a predicament that the feelings of the stale relationship and its scars will be very painful and constantly remind us of the wounding. We constantly put our all efforts to amend our mistakes so as to revive the relationship. Most of the time, we get success, but sometimes we miserably fail as the relationship reaches beyond irreversible. In the case of objects or goods, the broken pieces cannot be repaired when it is beyond salvaging and similar is the case with the human relationship. Though we continue to focus our time, energy and attention for the same with a hope that the earlier situation will not only revive, but also become stronger. In this process, we may or may not be able to transcend the brokenness, but  we may land into a new understanding to alienate the difference to give the life altogether a new shape.  Then only, the scar and the inscription of the insolent behaviors of the other person or persons inscribed in our mind due to hurt feelings can be eliminated and the fresh relationship will be again blossomed like a blooming flower and virtually the relationship looks to be more friendly than the  original one. The art of salvaging is a crucial technique and if you apply with all your senses and humility, the ultimate result will be an opening of a new and loving dimension in life.   

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Live a life wisely

We can make ourselves unhappy in very many ways and quite easily. But we become happy, cheerful and idyllic only for a while and in a few ways. Is it possible just to reverse this cycle to make our life more plausible? In that case, we would be in a position to live gracefully despite our monetary and social conditions means, whether we are rich or poor and whether socially we are recognized or not. What could be the reason for our gloomy?  Why people get trapped in this mode?  Life is always subject to change.  It is not static.  It needs movement all the time.  It is always in a flux. There are many things, which happen in our life and so, life is like a stream, it flows, gets impediments, changes directions and again flows. In short, it never gets stagnant. In some cases, progress or the flow is slow and in some case, it is fast.  But all these depend how you live a life. The pattern of this world is a changing type and it is a rudimentary pinnacle. How you accept this fact, it  entirely depends on your attitude and outlook. For some people because of  their tenacity to cling to the old habits and procedures  without showing any inclination to follow the changes  invite sorrow and remain unhappy. Your body is not perpetual, it is ephemeral.  When you become old and still you cling to the idea of being young, you invite conflicts and so, you become sad.. Contrarily, if you take the thing in its own way, there will be no sorrows.  Existence has no sorrow, it is just happening. For example, you believe that your idea to solve a problem is the ideal one and you are emotionally very much attached to that idea, then the same brings a new dimension of conflict in your life.  Whenever or for whatever reasons, you are in sorrow, the same is psychological or your rigidity not to respond to the changes. Your sorrow is not related to existential.  If anybody follows the pattern of life in its own ways without imposing many aberrations, then there will be very less sorrow.  So, it is ideal to change the way you look at life.  The reason of your gloomy demeanor is that you feel the world is real and you expect the same as a permanent entity.  The people, who are more tuned to religiously, consider the life as a flowing river and a passing phase, of course with concrete output. Life without any meaningful results is like a dark tunnel without any light at the end. You have to see your life as a growing substance like a tree which grows, gives fruits, then its leaves become pale and yellow and again its leaves regrow and become  green because of the blessings of sun, rain water, air and the natural substances, required for the growth of the tree. We must follow this pattern in our lives to alleviate pain to the extent possible. Our existence is not always pleasant because we act based on our ego. The tree has no ego; it survives peacefully in a natural way. The ego is all like an evil, it does not create any good or benefit though apparently you seem to enjoy its influence. When you are guided by ego, you lose your clarity, which leads you to misery. This ego is such a disturbing factor that you take the right as wrong and vice-versa.  Too much ego makes you to see everything illusory. Firstly, you consider the world as static and then you take “I” as static. But that concept is a fallacy. You have to consider “I” as a movement.  No sooner, you acknowledge this fact, your life will progress; otherwise it will be as it, where it basis. 

If you want to live a life wisely, you have to understand the real meaning of this concept.  This is a subject of introspection. The spiritual and the religious gurus discuss on this issue perpetually to take out their disciples and the common public from the darkness of the knowledge. The influence of this knowledge is ingrained so much that most of the people consider their lives as a pastime. If you fundamentally explore the real interpretation of the fact how to live a life wisely; you have to think that earth and the space are complementary to each other. The earth is the situation of the life. The experience of life which we gather or acquire is like the earth.  The important fact is how we handle the various situations emerged in our life. We are all separate entities.  Each individual has their own idea, explanation, observation and feeling.  So, the situation in a life is felt by different people in different ways.  We meet it with our opinions, references, questions, answers, conclusions, dogmas, anxieties, jealousy and ill feelings.  If anybody ascertains the fact of existence deeply, then it is found that we are a bundle of fears, hurts, aspirations and outbursts. In short, the presence of  yourself is closed on account of taking the life as one interprets in his consciousness. If you close your conscience and delve into the darkness of worldly allurement only and meet the situation of life, your output will be one, which will definitely lead to the door of arguments, unhappiness,  quarrel and ultimately loss of mental peace. This peace is a very deterring factor in your leading a real prosperous and cheerful life. 

To lead an effective life, you have to establish a direct link with yourself.  For example, if you cannot relate yourself to your work closely, output cannot be maximized.  Say, you work either in an office or in your kitchen or in your garden and if you are not able to maintain a healthy attitude, then you are simply creating a life full of chaos and you deprive yourself from getting the quality output.  If you consciously meet any situation, which is not to your liking, you have to handle the same tactfully without any resentment.  Many times, it happens that the situations are not in line with our views and then we get hurt, because we are relating directly with life at that moment.  Life is a combination of earth and its space. The space has  unlimited openings  Like this space, you are also open; if not then, there is a mismatch. In this delusory stage, life gets disavowed and you lose moments, which creates your sorrow.  If you meet situations of life with openness, you are not restricted to any limits.  When you overcome limits, then you are not a victim of the situations of life.  When you are not a prisoner of any situation, then you are a free bird.  Most of us are experiencing, but our experience is limited.  The reason is that both the parties, who is experienced and who is experiencing have their limitations of experience.  But if one person comes out of this limitation and energizes the other with his vast experience and show openness, then the limiting factor may not perturb you that much. But in reality, it does not happen.  It is true that openness has the quality of no limitation, but this openness itself is not widely found.  These are the basic constraints, which, if we can manage to eliminate, the life can be enjoyed and living will be almost like a grandeur. 
So, how to lead your life and live wisely is entirely in your hand and no one is responsible for your life and its outcome.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

You cannot force to get peace

Peace is such a mental enigma that you cannot force anyone to give you the same. You have to  enjoy to feel and to feel to enjoy peace with utmost satisfaction. The major criteria to avail peace in life is calmness. You have to put all your efforts to keep your mind in your control. A balanced and harmonious mind is always a precursor to observe everything peacefully.  A discordant mind is the abode of depression, which is a common problem of modern times. Whether you are classified as an affluent person or a poor fellow, the sufferings pertaining to depression are unavoidable.  As per WHO, within another decade, the depression could be the most problematic situation, which will invite the majority of the populace to suffer from very many diseases.

Despite various apparent solutions to negate this nagging problem, the syndrome of depression is almost beyond cure and this was prevailing in our society, since long. Earlier, the percentage of the victims were minuscule, but now it is increased substantially. In the present day, the sedentary lifestyle, tremendous work pressure and  high ambition to acquire wealth within no time have vehemently made us fallen into the trap of mental depression and anxieties. We fall sick often and lose our peace at the cost of our vital asset, namely health. We start taking medicine to cure ourselves not to waste much of a time because in that case, we may be deprived from the targeted goals. But all these things are being followed by us at the cost of our mental peace. Now, the medication is only to provide a temporary relief, but there is no permanent solution. Along with the medication, meditation is often prescribed to tackle this problem.  But the meditation is mostly centered in the heart, which is an essential organ, helping to pump blood efficiently. If you research bodily system, you will find that depression starts from the mind.  It is the mind that controls the heart.  In some of the cases, depression is a non-physical and the heart are  physical.  So, it is obvious that a physical organ cannot resolve a non-physical defective signal.. 

The specialists often provide a physical technique to offset the problem of depression.  But their techniques can possibly cure the body, but not able to reach the mind.  Then, how the issues related to mind will be addressed? Mostly depression surfaces when people do not accept the reality. If you become blind to the ground reality of any situation, the chaos will be increased and make you more tensed. The acceptance of reality will solve most of your problems. We are at our freedom to express our thoughts, feelings, anger and emotions. So, we can act in different ways. We can also do many things, of course, within our capabilities and in this process, we also face competition, challenges and internal conflicts in our daily lives.  No one can deny this. To overcome this life stress, one must learn to de-stress.  Become friendly with the stress, following the practice of de-stressing is a must. Instead of getting away from it, one must face the consequences for the betterment. For example, a person may incur huge losses in a business or a person may lose a lucrative job and become sad naturally. But if he becomes morose and sit idle, there will no improvement in the situation. He must take appropriate steps to come out from the ructions and keep his  peace. Again, you may be inflicted with other types of heart rendering bad news, which might invade your living style.  For example, you lose a vital election, get a rejection in your love affairs or simply you are hurt by vindictive & sarcastic criticisms bestowed upon you by your parents, peers, teachers or friends.  In all these scenarios, you start to generate negative thinking, you lose your hope to live and become less ambitious, but you never think to find out the reality behind all these happenings.  Mostly, we attribute our miseries to other persons or to our bad luck. We feel that other persons create our sufferings.  We fail to realize that these sufferings are a process of law of the nature.  If you attribute this problem to the divine law of nature, it will not create any negativity, but if you attribute the same to a person, it will immediately bring in the negative feeling. The reason is that the law of nature is not at all involved with you in any type of competition, whereas the other person is invariably your rival. By pointing out the problem to another person, you become depressed, anger flows in you and you become tensed.  But when you see the problem as a law of nature, you become sedate and less emotional.


When you follow the pattern of nature based thinking instead of man based thinking, you show more wisdom.  You consider that whatever has happened will do better in future.  So, you need to activate your mind and increase the power of creativity.  That means, you must inculcate a habit to induce a realistic approach. Instead of retaliation, you must ascertain your mistakes and the causes of those mistakes, which will help you to remodel your approach. When you will be able to think in that direction, your mind will automatically switch over from the non-reality approach to a realistic method to find out the solution to any problem. You will be very much indebted to the law of nature for pouring its blessings to you in disguise.  What has happened to you is not for your detriment, not for your sufferings, not to make you depressed, but for you to get a lesson for the betterment in the future.  When you will be able to think in the same mode, your mind will not be stressed at all and you will find peace everywhere irrespective of whether the surroundings are acrimonious or blissful.  

Friday, July 24, 2015

How to seek fulfillment;depends on you

Love may be  an abbreviation of “limited opportunity of vehement engagement.” But it has its own mysterious ways of being fulfilled despite of its limited opportunities.  Everybody has his own ways of seeking fulfillment.  Some always search the same in the bonding of relationship; others try to find out the same by searching name, fame, power.  But one thing is very sure that all of us want fulfillment. Though love has limited opportunities of fulfillment, if you can search its mysterious ways and isolate the love from those mysterious ways, then you will be fulfilled in all aspects.  All the feelings of our life except love always put us in a ‘wanting mode’, but not in a fulfilling mode.  For example, many times, we lose our temperament for many reasons and outburst, but taking the same route, we cannot fulfill our anxieties, tension and other complexities for which, we show our outburst.  But if we observe every aspect of life in the wrapper of love, there will be never less  fulfillment.  


To receive fulfillment in life, you must do what you love and you must perform the said activities.  In your professional area, love your duties, love your difficulties and if there is any difference with your boss, you must analyze why this conflict is there between you and your boss.  What is the reason of this difference?  This is because the fulfillment is not there and the energy of love is missing.  If you are able to bring this energy of love in your work, you will not have any tussle with your boss; you will love your work so much that you will never think to be absent.  You will respect your work; you will carry on with your full vigor and energy. To remain busy in your work itself will be the same like your working day and holiday.


Through love and showing love to others unconditionally, you can accept people as they are and in that situation, you can motivate them to achieve their potential at maximum level.  It is through this quality, you enjoy your relationship with work and people and then work will never be monotonous for you and you will never be irritated with people and their behavior.  Further, when you are able to enthuse others to reach their fulfillment, you become enthusiastic to motivate yourself also to a high degree. Unconditional love builds a trust in a relationship.  Through this relationship, you love your boss, spouse, children and your friends as well.  Unless this relationship is built up, you will be in a mode of creating disharmony or difference with all the persons whom you need at every moment.  People used to retaliate when they are inflicted with any type of insult.  They search various ways to take revenge. But Mahatma Gandhi used to advise that if someone slaps you on your one cheek, give him the other cheek to repeat the action.  In reality, it may not be feasible. But in a situation of disagreement or angry exchanges, if you adopt this principle, at least in your behavior, people will be always friendly to you. For the purpose of not bringing the exchanges more unpleasant, they will either keep quiet or disappear from the scene. You may also save yourself from embarrassing the situation and spoil the relationship with the other person. The person cannot be your enemy any more. The whole idea is, if anyone can extend love spontaneously in any situation, there cannot be any enemy for him.  He is the power of love.  In your organization and professional environment, if you extend this concept, then your internal enemies will become friends. You will not be stressed out because you are accepting all your colleagues as they are, showing love to transform them and make them to enjoy your relationship.  Love gives the energy of “direct perception.” In our normal living, we don’t expect this direct perception.  The reason is whenever we try to perceive anything; we use force to resist that perception through our likes and dislikes.  Since, we cling to these likes and dislikes so rigidly that they become rigid framework.  This mental framework only makes you to accept others objectively in the corporate world.






                                                                 : 2 :




You are so much influenced by your likes and dislikes that you are biased and your perception always come across with a conflict.  You are in a protective mode to maintain your likes and dislikes and unable to analyze others objectively.


Understanding others is a very great quality to achieve fulfillment in life.  Whether you want to maintain this quality aspect either at your work or at home, you have to first learn to accept others, as they are.  Understanding comes from the fact “what is causing this?”  To know this fact, you have to throw all your prejudice, assessment, biases, which provokes you to interfere with your perception.  You must embrace “what is causing this” without any feeling of hatred, disregard and disrespect and finally without giving any personal slants to your perception. 


Love as stated above is not at all related to “self love.”  This “self love” is an exclusive concept of you love yourself intimately without bothering for anybody needing something.   When you are not able to love others, you are not in a relaxed mind and producing conflicts, chaotic situations and bitterness by your behavior to others.  But when you truly love others, you are out of a conflict zone.  In a corporate world in this way, then team spirit evolves.  The corporate world will be agog with an environment of tremendous growth and reputation, if all of us learn to explore how love can be the basis of work and  accordingly streamlining everybody’s work.  This must be the true goal of our lives.  If we accept this philosophy of living and target for  for any cumulative achievement, we will  definitely enjoy fulfillment in our life.




Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Big thinking brings amazing results

People advocate for big thinking because the same is conducive to produce effective output and increase your creativity. But only big thinking is not going to create any miracle, unless you  act and perform wisely and you are steadfast to convert your big plans into fruitful results. Otherwise, all these big thinkings will be termed as wishful propositions without any tangible recognition. We all face various types of constraints in life. Each and every individual face many problems related to health, profession, marriage, socio-economical conditions, children and many other things. Then, we face problems, which have a direct bearing on our living conditions for example, poverty, unemployment, anarchy, political unrest, illiteracy and corruption. These issues are mostly dealt at national level, but individually, we are all affected to a varying degree.  When the situations become uncontrollable and people who take wise decisions and think in terms of big visions, only prosper; the rest finds the going as very tough. These issues create sorrows and pain for us.  If you analyze with an unbiased mind, you will come to know that the fundamental problem lies entirely because of improper thinking and our wrong actions. Most of the time, improbity in our thoughts lead to wrongdoings and the results is far less than satisfactory. Further, the defective thoughts of very many people also blur the prosperity of the nation and make our living conditions  a chaotic situation.  Because of this defectiveness, we all get confined in false expectations and disappointments at every step. Instead of this, if we can only improvise our thinking and take rational decisions, we can do miracles and make this world a better and a lovely place to live in.  But we prefer to choose the opposite and decide to invite perils at the cost of not thinking in the right direction. We get entangled in the snare of wrong thinking duly colored by various prejudices and narrow-mindedness.  Knowingly, we take the wrong side of the decisions causing distress. So, big thinking is always advisable to achieve more output in a corrective measure.
Today’s youth need to think in the right direction and in a big way, which only will give them a clear vision and understanding of life better. Otherwise, they will take the life as it will come, and without the power of big  thinking, they will make the life more dolorous instead of making the same as a pleasant one. Why only youth? We all must transcend all the barriers of smallness and always think big.  Big things just do not fall from the heaven.  First, you need to think and dare to conceive the same in your mind. The man thinks to visit the moon and they reach there; still trying to find out when men can live there a life that we do in the earth.  Men think to fly like a bird and ultimately it gives the innovation of flying machine a grand success.  Today, we are able to fly from one corner to another in an airplane.  There is nothing, which can stop who think big and act wisely.  Whenever we think small, we are bonded in the slavery of less output.  These thoughts are the only bottleneck to create a stumbling block on our progress of achievement.  You have to be bold and break this bondage of limiting your thoughts.  But your thinking process must take you from the individual level to a national level.  You must practice to think what is  beneficiary not only to you, but also to others, society, and nation as a whole. You must introspect what are the good things in terms of big thinking, which can be learnt from your parents, teachers, and friends and also the same can be passed on to the others.  This is also known as a way to advocate for big thinking.

: 2 :

Thinking big is the first stage to give a shape to anything. Many religious and social service providers and individuals who try to think big in all directions to the welfare of human beings, are able to save the poor section of the people from their downtrodden status. Once the phase of big thinking is over, you have to put your efforts very seriously and strive very hard to give those thoughts into a fruitful  plan of actions. In this stage, you have to plan a road map and work out all your strategic decisions to fulfill the said road map.  Once you  act, you must do so without any serendipity, but wholeheartedly.  You must have a stronghold on your attitude to convert your big thinking to a successful venture. The famous serenity prayer by Reinhold says, “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change.”  You must accept the fact that maintaining your calmness and balanced disposition, you must show  complete sincerity to convert the big thinking in reality.
The major aspect of any big thinking is that you must transform yourself to a pure and better human being.  Your purity, wisdom, efficiency and ability to accept hardship to transmute the small input to a big output will be only seen in the environment.  You will be extremely happy and full of elation, when your team members, friends and society, at a large  will appreciate you and your efforts to think big and act accordingly.  In this mission, you must take everybody to make a team integrated and happy. If you think big and have a desire to work with all, it is a laudable effort. Ultimately, it will lead to harmony, beauty and prosperity in society. So, in your entire endeavour, you must exert your full potentialities to learn to overcome all the barriers in your big thinking pattern and power. Use all your instincts to learn the secret  how to take  corrective actions when your plans are not giving adequate results. Do not give up any opportunity because big thinking will never go wrong, if you act wisely.  Finally, this power of big thinking will make you big one day in any field. You have to only work relentlessly without any smugness. And, you should not be complacent unless you achieve the final outcome.