Sunday, November 30, 2014

Modi raises a contegious issue in SAARC

Quite surprisingly, Modi raises a very sensitive issue of Mumbai attack in his  SAARC address on last Wednesday i.e 26th instant. He says that type of heinous attack in the form of a crime is to be curbed by the cooperation and support of all the member countries of SAARC  unanimously. As per Modi, this attack on Mumbai could happen in any other countries, causing enormous casualties and so, all the members must come forward to combat terrorism and trans-national crimes of this nature.

In the SAARC meeting, Modi tried not to make any direct contact with Pakistan's Prime Minister Sheriff and in his this effort, he was successful at least for the first two days. Even though, they shared the podium, but they were not in any communique except the customary pleasantries. His this move was purposeful to avoid any unpleasant confabulations with the Pakistan’s PM. Although Modi met all the Prime Ministers of all the countries and discussed various political and economical issues in details, he was not that keen to have a meaningful dialogue with Pakistan’s PM.

Modi vehemently raised the issue of barbaric and unjustified crime of taking the lives of  poor civilians and common folks by this terrorism. In line with his thought, he appealed to all the nations of the SAARC to pledge their full support to arrest this terrorism. This undemocratic way of disturbing the peaceful lives of the citizen must be stopped and without taking anybody’s name, he has explained his views to the gathering. All the members have understood  Modi’s inkling.

The 18th SAARC summit of the first day ended with a disturbing news that Pakistans had blocked India’s stance by expressing their reservation for three key agreements between the SAARC countries, one of which is very important and is related to establishing a regional power grid for common and mutual benefit. In fact, all most all the countries were interested to sign an agreement to improve upon the connectivity and trade operations of power in the region. It would have been  definitely brought an economical upliftment and progress between these countries. Pakistan did not ratify to this agreement showing the reason that they require more time to discuss internally. Pakistan’s lackluster behavior, in this respect, created an annoyance  between the members of SAARC. The members  raised this issue again on 27th instant and as usual Pakistan did not bulge from their earlier  stance. Lastly, almost all the members decided, in principle, that a regional power grid must be established.

Though, both the leaders of India and Pakistan exchanged some pleasantries, but most of the time, they were seemed not to be very friendly and engaged in fruitful discussions. People in India, of course, except that both the leaders would exchange their views on many issues related to political to financial changes between India and Pakistan. But it was not what was anticipated by many. Except, of a smile clubbed with a not so warm handshake, nothing important in terms of cordial talks took place. The issue of terrorism, apart from Modi, was also raised by Bhutan and Afghanistan and in their respective speeches, they condemned the undemocratic and unlawful  behavior of any country, who is advocating terrorism. The Afghan President Ashraf Ghani spoke about the need to stop this atrocity arise out of terrorism and he would not allow anybody to wage a disturbance on its territory.

One of the prominent SAARC members, namely Nepal has raised the issue of China  for  its case of full membership of SAARC. Sheriff pointed out in his address that the grouping of all the countries could benefit from greater interaction with observer countries like China. Sheriff identified that China, South Asia and Central Asia are the three zones, which are slated to be in the path of vigorous growth in the near future.

From the speech of Modi, who is the main focus of the summit, it is evident that he wants a consensus between all the  SAARC countries to reduce the terrorism, focus more for the growth of this particular zone and to initiate a deep bonding between all the countries of SAARC to establish a common platform to introduce many changes for their respective country and their countrymen.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Ensuing budget must unveil more reforms

Despite Modi’s unprecedented political success, NDA government has to think deeply and give a push to bring in more reforms to augment the economic growth of the country. The ensuing budget to be presented by the finance minister in next February is a benchmark to supplement the political growth and convert the same to an economic upswing in terms of incremental GDP. Our finance minister is hoping that GDP growth is going to cross 6% in the next fiscal. If he can translate his financial acumen  of GDP growth into reality, India will be reckoned as one of the most powerful countries in the world map in the near future. The finance ministry is chalking out various strategies to unveil the second generation reforms in the next union budget and country’s people can expect a lot of exciting and prosperous time ahead.


The country now can’t wait anymore the stagnancy prevailing in the market. Though there is a bit of an upswing in the current fiscal in money market, foreign investment and a growth in some manufacturing sectors, India as a whole has to come out from the scenario of clutter reforms, which took place in the past decades. The decision of more reforms is definitely welcome and appreciated as stated by the finance minister on last Sunday. The country needs a larger opening out in more sectors. The present government has to stabilize the tax policy and brought many more changes in the tax regime besides a reasonable cost of capital. If the cost of capital is not curtailed, the industrial growth will not be that significant. Jaitley is very confident that with the advent of radical changes to be brought  through reforms, India can be in a position to fulfill the level of GDP growth in the year 2015-16. He pointed out that various reforms in the sector of insurance, coal ordinance, goods and services tax bill and one of textiles takeover are being considered   very seriously in the next financial budget. The insurance bill, in particular, is pending for the past couple of years. The last UPA government could not do much of reforms under the pretext of not getting adequate support from his allies and opposition parties. This bill of utmost importance is getting redundant like a wheelchair carrying a  old and haggard patient here and there. In fact, the gravity and essentiality of this issue of reforms  were completely diluted by the then Parliament and its members. But now, this fear should not be there as none other than a man like Modi is heading the government and so,  It will be difficult to curb the enthusiasm of this NDA government. The indomitable and unflappable character of Modi will be  in a frame of mind to place all the bills on above sectors through his finance minister in the winter session of the Parliament began on 24th of this month. The countrymen can be assured that  base on the thumping victory with an absolute majority they got  got in the last Parliament election, Modi and his team will not face any hindrance to block the passing of  these bills.


The reforms in above  sectors are very much essential and without that, creation of employment, eradication of irrationality in disposable income, upliftment of economically backward and  downtrodden of the societies and more importantly the year to year growth, will not be feasible at all.

The winter session of the Parliament will definitely encounter a bit of a chaotic situation from the opposition benches when the government led by fearless and dominating Modi will introduce various reforms, but Modi will be in a position to circumvent  these situations with the help of his rhetorical power and dominance.


Jaitley also enumerated the steps taken by this government in the last six months to vitalize the economy and to correct the depressing sentiment of the money market. The essential steps, particularly related to would-be reforms in a big scale in the next budget and these alone will uplift the sagging economy that he had inherited from his predecessor. He emphasized that the economy had dipped quite substantially below the desired level, causing a sense of disillusion, but in the past six months after his saddle on the hot seat of the finance ministry, he has turned around the condition from a low to a moderate scale. This is evident as the domestic and foreign investment has sped up undoubtedly in the last couple of months. Of course, he has succeeded to do all these turn around with the help of his visionary leader Modi. Needless to say, under his  stewardship, this time the country will be able to observe a full scale second generation reforms.















Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Surprising Visit of Obama on next Republic Day

It is definitely a swashbuckling news  that Obama is going to grace the occasion of next republic day parade in India. He has accepted Modi’s invitation, which is one of the rare incidents in the history of Indian politics. He is the first president of the USA who has ever accepted this sort of invitation and the full credit, undoubtedly, goes to Modi. Perhaps Modi’s repartee, intelligent gesture and friendly confabulations expressed in his last visit to the USA,  prompt Obama to accept this invitation to be present  on 26th January, 2015. The White House press secretary Josh Earnest has acknowledged this visit, which evokes a tremendous sensation here in India politically.  The Republic Day is basically celebrated in commemoration and adoption of India’s constitution and when the said type of celebration is observed by none other than the President of USA, this itself shows how Modi has snared the biggest power of the world. Needless to say, Obama will meet Modi and other top officials of India to strengthen and expand the India-US business and economic relationship. The announcement of this impending visit was flashed by White House immediately after Modi tweeted this missive that the American President has accepted his invitation to honor the function of the 66th Republic Day Parade.
Obama is the only President who had travelled to India twice with his first visit in India comprising of the megacities of Mumbai and Delhi.

Importantly, Obama has overlooked his domestic itinerary of delivering the annual state address to the Congress at that particular time and also as per the political system prevailed in the USA, White House never announces the visit plan of their President so much in advance. So, this is also a precedent for them. All these deviations are basically because of the perseverance and convincing ability of Modi. It is not out of the context to  mention here that the fruitful meeting between the two leaders of the respective countries on 29th and 30th September, 2014 respectively has made a tremendous impact. Further, Obama’s  decision of visiting India within a span of a little less than four months is only countering the miserabalism, which USA showed earlier to Modi. Now, a good sense of  friendship and relationship are getting induced between the two countries and after this visit, the same may cross all the barriers of red tapism, if any, to augment the investment and transfer of technology in India.

Seeing the hype in both the countries, Obama is a bit worried not to annoy the Pakistan’s administration and hours after this announcement, he phoned Sherrif to assuage his feelings. His mollifying telephonic conversation from his travel to Las Vegas in the last week, prompts Sheriff to make a fervent appeal to Obama to raise the sensitive issue of Kashmir in the imminent visit. Pakistan is very much worried of this extra bonding of the two countries and at the same time USA is equally disgusted and  getting flustered by Pakistan’s inability to cease the cross border terrorism. Pakistan has been demanding the equal diplomatic treatment from the USA  and they are getting denial most of the time. As per the record, Obama was in Pakistan  for a few hours  on his way back after a five day visit to India in 2006 and Bush also stopped by during his return from a 2006 trip to India.

Despite Pakistan’s intensified claim that they are one of the closest allies of the USA, but the fact is that Obama did not visit them in 2010 when he visited India. To soothe their feelings amalgamated with hurt, Obama assured Pakistan to visit in 2011, but that remains in the paper only.

Pakistan is not able to tolerate the profundity of Modi’s popularity in the world’s political scenario and despite Sheriff’s visit in India during the oath ceremony of PM, Modi in May 2014, he is pumping all types of accusations like cancellation of secretariat level meetings, unprovoked firing across the line of control causing casualties of civilians and India’s die hard attitude not to strengthen the bi-lateral relationship with Pakistan, but USA is not accepting all these allegations, which  is evident from Obama’s quick and spontaneous decision to grace the occasion of Republic Day.

In short, India and particularly Modi have shown the world that the world’s great power like the USA can not overlook India any more.

Face Book: All Indians whoever will be present on this occasion, will feel proud because none other than the President of America will be in their midst and they will be able to see or feel his company, even from a distance. And this time, this celebration will be  more gorgeous and vivacious because of the USA President Obama’s presence.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Meditation sedates your tottering mind

Meditation is a qualitative aspect to revitalize your distorted mind.  It is also a natural and rewarding aspect of a human being by which one can enjoy a blissful life.  The more you practice, the more you have a calm effect on your mind.  As per Swami Yoganand, “Meditation is a deep concentration on God or one of his aspects.” I substantiate mediation as “enjoy your worldlings, detachment from the same for at least ten minutes a day for the Creator whose creation only you enjoy.”  The meditation makes you serene, calm and brings in inner peace and a feeling of oneness with the Creator.  The attentive practice of this powerful mechanism not only provides astonishing results on mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspect, but also soothes your feeling as to induce your strength of character.  The meditation stabilizes your sense of well being and connects you with your inner power of vitality, clarity and love. If you do meditation regularly and religiously, it will provide you a joy of divine love.

There are three aspects of meditation, which are defined as relaxed, interiorisation and expansion.  The continued practice of meditation relaxes your mind, body, muscles and your soul.  When all these organs and senses are energized by the power of meditation, you will feel that the enjoyment of the worldings will be ephemeral and you will not be pervaded with this peripheral enjoyment perpetually.  In short, your relaxed mind will prompt you to delve into your inner power to have an eternal illumination of interiorisation.  The relaxed mind and body will allow you to focus and concentrate one-pointedly, usually at the point between the eyebrows.  The power of mediation increases your concentration on the aspect of your own-self very deeply. Through the power of meditation, you will be able to expand your consciousness.

By practice, many people take meditation as a simple rule of life. The edification clubbed with eloquent speeches delivered by numerous saints, sages and yogis strongly recommend to perform a meditation on a regular basis.  But it is not so easy that you achieve your this objective smoothly. It needs dedication,  nonchalant behavior and self imposed discipline and then only, you will be able to master and focus on this activity. If you practice regularly, you will become addicted to this power of life. By practicing even for a few minutes, you will be able to enjoy the happiness of a spiritual life.  When you meditate for a purpose without being distracted by any cause and you are able to confluence your power of mind with Creator’s blessings for which you get this precious life, you will be able to achieve a spirit.  The continual meditation, therefore, brings your mind and body to a state of equilibrium and the spirit generated by the power of mediation will sedate your waver mind.  When you reach this stage in your life, your discrimination power gets increased.  You will be able to immediately differentiate the good and bad deeds.  When you maintain a family life, you have to get involved in many rituals and mundane issues, which can’t be explained in the eyes of spirituality.  Here, the mediation and its religious power evolved therein, save you.  You are always able to guard your senses against committing wrongdoings.

: 2 :

Further, most of us will be always having a yearning to expand our awareness to know the reality of life, desire to experience love with the Creator and also aspiring a joyous life  besmeared with the thoughts of God.  So, through the practice of meditation, you will be able to bring in the inner stillness for a solace and calmness. The profound knowledge in meditation when transcends all the barriers of life and reaches a level whereby you delve in the profundity of searching the power of mind, you will be finding that the perception of reality comes from the intuition, but not from the logic. In today’s world, which is full of complexities, disharmonies and conflicts, we always ascertain the power of logic to conclude the desired result. This conceptual phenomenon needs to be changed.  Meditation is the only answer to make your body relaxed, the five senses are becoming less proactive and the mind becomes fully focused.  You experience a ray of energy flowing through your mind and body.  This energy is very helpful to convert your conscious thoughts to supra-conscious spirit of awareness. In this way, your inner powers and intuition are awakened.

Meditation causes to reduce your anxiety, stress, tension, desire for materialistic comfort and many other inherent and latent worldly affairs.  It also reduces your panic-stricken syndrome when you face an unpleasant and unbearable situation.  It provides adequate strength to combat your negative feelings arise out of fear psychology.  It also strengthens your immune system.  When you sit for meditation and you carry out the same, your breath slows, your blood pressure and metabolic rates decrease and circulation and detoxification of the blood increases.  Apart from these tangible benefits, the most praiseworthy help this meditation does, that it takes you slowly to the path of spirituality. 

The life afflicted with various desires sometimes makes you so blind that you forget the real purpose of your existence.  Your achievement of one goal leads  you to the yearning to achieve another goal and in this rat race, you are never able to still your mind.  Your energy is stored, vitalized and consumed and this cycle is continually going on unless you get exhausted. So, why to destroy your life permanently?  Sit for meditation, practice, relax, interiorize and expand your awareness.  Arouse your superconscious power and accept that the Creator’s creation is only the magic, and all of us are enacting a life drama based on His dictum and wishes.

No sooner, you will realize the above fact of life and the same is increased by the power of meditation, you will be able to sedate your tottering mind to enjoy a God-oriented blissful life.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

More reforms,less opposition-Modi's magic wand

Utilizing his strategical and powerful vision encapsulated with political acumen, Modi has proven the hypothesis that he will be one of the unconquerable leaders of the world in the days to come.  Started with seeking friendship cum business cooperation from Asian leaders and then overcome the resistive forces of  tantalizing administrative machineries of the USA by his assertive perseverance and just in the recent past, he showered his frenzied eloquence in Sydney, Australia, he proves that he is indomitable. In short, from Ahmedabad to Madison square garden and to the Allphones Arena in Sydney, wherever he had visited, all were charmed with  his killing instincts, when he presented India as a supreme power. In the domestic front coupled with a triumphant overseas visit, Modi is now so gallant that speeding of reforms and new policies for the purpose of our country’s growth will not be a tiresome and inconclusive task, as it happened in the last two decades.


In the past six months, Modi’s Herculean efforts supplemented by his power of extraordinary diligence has conditioned almost all Indian’s thought process that Modi would be the precursor of fanatic reforms, which are in the pipeline and under incubation for quite some time.  On one hand, most of us have no inkling of negativity of Modi’s capability, but on the other hand, peoples' expectations are so sky-high that many apprehensions hover the mind of the people whether Modi will be really able to covert   their aspiration level into realty.   


We have a history of high hopes and desires that smashed our positiveness and ultimately floored us to the ground in the past. It occurred in 1962, 1975, 1996, 2004 and also in 2009.  So, any more thunderous rat-tat will not only bury our hopes, but the darkness of our desires will smolder and continue for a long time. Hopefully, Modi will not allow to happen the same. He touched the issues of reforms in all his overseas meetings, making a cause of upliftment of poor and economically weaker sections. If anybody juxtaposes all his speeches, it is evident that he now wants a radical change in favor of reforms and only reforms.  For that matter, he is desirous to obtain public’s unanimous support, which he is getting also.


But today’s public is not like an earlier day’s mute spectator.  They know what is what? If Modi, by putting all his efforts cannot fructify the reforms into a benefit for the common people, then he has to face an eclipse and no matter how much efforts he might have put, public gaze will be acting like a sharp weapon.  The need of the hour that he has  to translate his vision into reforms and to fulfill the same through his colleagues in the ministry and the powerful bureaucrats behind the curtain. They must show their agility and spontaneity and accept their leader’s direction.  Modi has to perform this act for the enhancement of public welfare and take all the pains to market these reforms like a marketing  whiz-kid.



: 2 :


Modi has to inculcate a change in the perception of the people to advocate for more and more reforms with an occasional withdrawal of unwanted   subsidies and benefits hitherto enjoyed by many, there could be a political hullabaloo from the opposition parties and  If Modi can sustain these unpleasant situations exercising his grit and  power of his tough mind as he is, then bringing changes through various reforms will not be an arduous task. And in that situation, Modi will be treated as a visionary leader, who would be the main guiding force to change India’s destiny in the remaining part of the 21st century.  He is very much aware that it won’t be a very rosy path to construct a private sector led capitalist economy within the boundary of procedures and norms laid down in Indian market, but if he can do so, then it will be a miraculous achievement.


The world leaders, namely Deng Xiaoping, Thatcher & Lee Kuan Yew did not wait for the public’s support because they were confident to produce the results. But for Modi, considering the sharp and negative comments often bestowed upon him clubbed with the vituperative and vindictive pinches of opposition parties and the media, he may play some back foot to stop the reforms midway.  So, he has to develop a strong platform slowly to augment the reforms, increase the base of the value system of his party, and advocate the benefits of various reforms, particularly in the long run and gather the support of the media.  While doing so, he may have to displease some section even his own party’s stalwarts, opposition forces, but he has to be steadfast to increase the action plan to continue the path of reforms. He is on a path of bending tracks with so many jigsaws and so he needs the support of each and every citizen to fulfill his mission.  He has been assiduously aspiring to connect his political philosophies and scattering the same with the national and international market.  How far his efforts will deliver, it all depends on every individual.


In India, the present period is classified as a Modi phobia, but only phobia cannot bring in the desired changes.  Modi has to build-up a case for various reforms openly and publicly. His astuteness, political acumen and vision will be able to translate all these reforms into reality and benefit to his countrymen when he will be able to lead all the forces supporting the reforms effectively and perpetually. At the same time, people have to support him continually  to ensure that all the reforms must take an upswing and to support the cause of growth instead of showering criticism or finding faults with him.


With respect to various reforms, as now, Modi is plodding and sometimes with a brisk walk on the tightrope, he is planning  for a more effective governance and that would be an ideal way to curb his opposition forces and be in the political power for a long time.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Scintillating political batting by Modi

Since his anodizing in the coveted position as a head of our country, Modi’s scintillating political batting has compelled people and his critics love and revere him without any iota of doubt. He has stumped all the leading leaders of the east and the west. First, he mesmerized Japan’s PM  Abe, then convinced China’s President to invest in India substantially, stunned USA and now entices and enlivens the leaders of the G20. On last Sunday, he again aroused the happiness-squelching people of Australia mostly comprising the Indians by his vivacious and glamorous countenance with eloquent speeches. In the backdrop of discussions, G20 nations accepts India’s stance to repatriate black money. Modi has made a fervent appeal to all the nations gathered therein to provide adequate information to curb this trend of money laundering. All the leaders of G20 summit put a seal of concurrence to Modi’s plea on the need of transparency and disclosure of tax information. At the summit, Modi made a tumultuous uproar, of course with dignities and established this point of black money issue very distinctly. This is a major gain for India in G20 summit. The Indian government ratified this decision of G20 summit as an unprecedented success mainly of Modi’s relentless and assiduous efforts. While addressing at the summit, he also called for close global coordination to overcome this cumbersome and complicated issue of black money accumulated illegally. He put forward his views that G20 being industrialized and major emerging economies, must find out a solution to this nagging bottleneck, so as to augment the economic growth of all the nations.  

Modi is of the view that once the new standard of documentation and procedures is established, it will be instrumental to track the information related to unaccounted money stashed abroad. He also says that this will ease to repatriate the money, which is channeled through illegal route and have no sanctity.

Modi is confident that ratification of India’s view by the G20 will bring a major change in curtailment of this unwanted activity and G20 is the best and suitable  platform for the same as it accounts for 85% of the world’s GDP.

Modi while raising his voice for this black money issue appealed everybody, especially tax havens to furnish information for tax purposes exercising the treaty obligations. Further, he also expressed that all sorts of administrative machineries and help will be provided by his government to facilitate exchange of information and adequate support in tax policy.

Modi expressed his concern to avoid cross border tax avoidance and evasion and to eradicate this, he also urged to take the assistance of increasing mobility of capital and technology. In this way, avoidance of tax can be minimized in favor of increasing profit sharing. He advocated for Base Erosion and Profit Sharing system, which will definitely address the concern of developed and developing economies.

At this summit, apart from various political discussions and decisions thereof, for one aspect, G 20 has taken a pragmatic view, which is  to reduce the remittance cost and India will be benefited significantly as it is the world’s largest recipient of remittance of 71 billion dollars last year. Further, German Chancellor took a chance to have a communiqué with Modi to reconsider the move of dropping German as an alternative to Sanskrit in Kendriya Vidyalayas and she was assured of a proper solution as feasible to the system of India.
Overall, Modi has made a great impact on the leaders of the G20 and through his positive and assertive body language, it was conveyed that India is emerging as a rising sun, though being pervaded with a bit of an eclipse in the past decade, but now it is an opportunity for everyone to hear India’s logical explanation for investment in this country for advantage of all the nations from various angles of  political, social and economical.
The world is now eager to see Modi’s further course of action to augment the growth prospect of India, and hopefully by 2025, our country will be a world leader on all fronts under the stewardship of Modi.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Live everyday with hope

The literary meaning of hope is to meet any expectation, accrued out of various desires.  Once this desire is fulfilled, you feel satisfied and search for another desire for the accomplishment of the same.  So hope is quenching our thirst of fulfillment and at the same time, it acts as an illusion and with this enjoyment and  simultaneous distress when your hope is not met, you progress in your life. You  hope that better days should be imminent whenever you  are in gloomy situation. And, when that situation brings in pleasant outcome, you feel that it should be continued for a long time. So the hypothesis of our life revolve around hope only.

If you are a firm believer of positive results for all your efforts, you will become successful most of the time. In that case, failure can rarely touch you or loom upon you.  It is the hope, which increases our confidence level and allows us to cherish our dreams.  Life is full of thrones; it cannot be on the straight path.  If you think that your life will be very smooth, there will be no obstacles, barriers, problems and anxieties, you are wrong.  And it is a complete fallacy. No one can predict what is going to happen in the next hour with certainty. So you should not be discouraged or disheartened to visualize and observe the things in upheaval condition and if the same is not according to your plan and choice..  Nothing is going to stay for a long whether it is joy, happiness, distress or sad. Everything will appear because of very many reasons and when the reason is fulfilled; either the happiness or distress will evaporate. In any “ism”, namely Buddhism, Christianity or Judaism, hope is the backbone or the pillar of faith. Here, there is no place of despondent.

Hope is an intrinsic value of desire and wishes and even daydreams are an intrinsic attribute of any human being.  For example, If you are desperate to achieve your goal to obtain a very lucrative job in a multinational company and if you are not getting the same, you feel disappointed.  You blame everybody for your failure. Some people even mumble saying, “Oh God! Why are you not giving me the desired job?” Though hope always keeps us moving, but in this particular situation, hope is shattered.  Remember, ‘doubt’ and ‘hope’ both are steps of mind.  Doubt creates the darkest moments in our finest hour, while hope brings finest moment in our darkest hour.

We often mistake a desire of the body for a yearning of the soul. We must understand one aspect very clearly that our wishes are not going to materialize despite our strong hope and actions thereof. For example, your neighbor has purchased a swanky car with a high end brand because he has earned a sizable profit in his business and you also start hoping to fulfill your inherent desire to buy a car.  Based on your limited monthly income, you are not in a position to afford the same type of a luxury car, but you are still hoping for the same. In that situation, your hope is unrealistic though we all know that hope is the yardstick of a prosperous life.

Hope is like a two way traffic. If you expect, you will get, maybe not fully.  Contrarily, if you don’t expect, you won’t be getting anything; of course, the choice is yours That is why, many people profess that you must have hope all the time.

: 2 :

The expectation is something reciprocal and interactive, but hope is sufficient unto itself.  It is proven that hope is the best and most powerful medicine, which shows a direction to our lives.  We keep our hopes alive through faith and vision.  Since we live based on faith, we are able to foresee our future.  All of us live in this great world because we believe in optimism. When we believe in optimism, no obstacles and no barriers can stop us to reach our destination.  No crisis is able to dismay us.  It may happen that we may have to swallow some bitterness, which arises out of bad happenings, but our hope, faith and sweetness in our lives keep us alive.

The almighty has given us strength, courage, patience and hope, renewing our spiritual resources. We always pray for a blissful and joyous, life, which must be full of entertainment and tension free. Our hope provides us a serene, tranquil of mind and peaceful lives.  We must develop enough confidence to sustain our hope and face the future without any botheration of failure.  If we are able to garner more and more confidence, then most of our hopes get fulfilled.

Hope and imagination are interlinked because imagination is a  somewhat source of fear.  Worry and fear are destructive and eat away your energy.  So fear is to be avoided.  Fear is the enemy of fear.  We have to counter the fear with the help of fear.

Faith allows us to ignore everything.  Faith is an inner conviction whereas prayers are based on the divine qualities imbibed within.  The meditation and continual practice of your religious rituals make you to eliminate all types of your sufferings.  These practices teach us to endure all our painstaking, if not cure.  Again, all these ritual and religious practices depend on your hope.  Faith is a bridge between where you are, and the place God is taking you. However, you must ensure that faith alone cannot illuminate your life, you must have to own the responsibility and carry out actions and take decisions in all your endeavors.

Life is not always easy, smooth and trouble free.  There will be complexities, quarrels, animosity and jealousy, which create twists and turns.  These will further elevate and escalate tensions, stresses and irritations in life.  Why this happens?  Because all of us have different types of desires, hopes, expectations, beliefs and attitude. 

Therefore, it is always prudent to depend on the quality of hope and with this hope; you can fulfill your desires, of course, with God’s blessings.  Jesus says, “Don’t worry about these things saying, what will be eaten? What will we drink? What will we wear?’’  These things dominate the thoughts of unbelievers, but your heavenly Father already knows all your needs.  Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and He will give you everything you need.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Swachh Bharat, My Bharat

As soon as Modi becomes prime minister of India, he starts taking numerous praiseworthy decisions to uplift the presence of India, both politically and financially in global map. One of the very successful campaigns, after the Pradhan Mantry Jan Dhan Yojana Scheme by his ministry and his personal effort, is swachh Bharat Abhiyan. His this initiation to keep our country clean will be a befitting tribute and reverence for nation’s father, Mahatma Gandhi on his 150th birth anniversary on 2nd October 2019. This scheme will be of immense benefit to the society and  his purposeful thinking to implement the same  will bring joy to every Indian irrespective of class, race, creed and religion.

Almost all the prime ministers of the past had delved into the theme of proper sanitation, maintain a good health for his people and better living. But, Modi has taken utmost pain to ensure that this theory of well being of the common folk of India must be translated into a practical domain. You will find many streets and localities of Delhi and Gujarat and some other parts of India are under the influence to augment this abhiyan of Swachh Bharat. It has been seen that in some places, he has also involved himself in this cleaning drive. This is the glaring example of ‘’leading from the front.’’ The people are so inspired that they have started voluntarily cleaning the roads, streets, pavements and places in their respective localities with long handled broomstick. If this tempo is continued, very soon, we will able to visualize and feel a swachh Bharat with proper sanitation, water and sewage system to help every citizen to lead a healthy life.    

Our media are also showing Modi’s pictures, BJP’s other members and common people’s  inclination to participate in this swachh abhiyan to make this noble cause a successful one. In this way, the present BJP government can touch the issues of clean water, well-functioning drainage, sewage and solid waste management in almost all the cities of India irrespective of the local government’s political affiliation as allies  of the BJP or not.
But this campaign needs resources in terms of financial and manpower, which is a formidable task. People must come forward to energize the activities of making Bharat as swachh Bharat. The adequate support of financial help must come from the industrialists, owners of medium sizes business, people who can afford to contribute significantly and a meaningful donation from the common people. In fact, Modi’s attempt is to juxtapose everybody to fulfill this campaign. Mahatma Gandhi saw the dream of a clean India when he wrote in 1925, “A lavatory must be as clean as a drawing room. I learnt this in the west. I believe that many rules about cleanliness in lavatories are observed more scrupulously in the west than in the east.”

This campaign of Swachh Bharat must be supplemented by strengthening public health, which means clean pond, pollution free water management system, disinfected storage water, use of mosquito repellent and safe and hygienic drinking water. In fact, almost in all the places of Western countries and some parts of Asian countries, namely Singapore, you can safely drink water flowing even from the bathroom’s tap.

Modi has started a very thoughtful program and now each state government has to strengthen their administrative machineries to initiate planning and policies to carry forward this abhiyan. They must provide an independent budget to continue these activities and if needed, a government cum public fund can be established to continue this work for a long term basis. This type of scheme can’t yield any fruitful result in the short term.

Like Mahatma Gandhi, Modi is dreaming for a swatch Bharat so that the people of this country can lead a good and healthy life in the remaining part of twenty first century. All we have to do, is to support and ensure to carry on this campaign as we did to eradicate polio. Modi is fundamentally very clear that he can turn  our  Bharat as swachh Bharat. The only one thing he needs from us that is our wholehearted cooperation to make this abhiyan very successful.