Monday, February 29, 2016

Can you disown God?

How to improve your personal relationship?

Monday, February 22, 2016

Hone your intellect to overcome problems

Can you find out any person, who is not confronted with any type of problem in life?  In fact, we all face various impediments, obstacles and barriers and we need to overcome the same to maintain the equilibrium in life.  Life is a paradox and if you do not master the techniques to control all the odds, you cannot have a peace.  It is next to impossible to find a person, who has attained a mental state of quietness. No one can assert that his life is at complete peace.  Most of the time, most of us will be hypersensitive, agitated and under stressful syndrome, and so it is a difficult proposition to maintain a smooth pace all the while in daily life. The reason is very simple. We always hope for pure peace, which is free from all types of non-peace items.

You cannot find this type of peace in your living cycle.  Let us take the example of rose, which is a vivacious and glamorous flower.  People adore its beauty and decorate their vases with these flowers.  The fragrance of roses makes your life very romantic.  Yet, if you are not careful to touch this flower, its thorns, which are the integral part of the flower, may hurt your hands or fingers.  Sometimes the thorns may bleed you also. If you introspect why this beautiful flower has thorns and the answer may be that it acts as its security.  The safety of this adorable flower would have not been there, if the thorns were missing.  It teaches us that there must be non-peace items with peaceful items, which neither you can ignore nor you can avoid.  You must be mentally prepared to transcend the resistance of non-peace items to reach the peace items.

As per the psychology and its various hypotheses, an untroubled mind is just like a closed container.  If you don’t use an iron container and make it closed for a long time, it will be rusted.  Similarly, the mind, which is not effectively used, loses its power to think effectively.  Then it becomes somewhat dull in the absence of creativity.  So, you need to assess each and every situation in your life and if you face problems, you must accept the same with challenges.  The non-peace item only induces challenge in your mind.  The main purpose of a creative mind is that it never ceases its power to create alternative routes or ideas to cross any hurdles. A creative mind is always alive.  It could be quite possible that a person, who is affluent and have no difficulties to face in life, can be a little less creative. While living in luxuries, he may not need to exercise his creativity at all. But very soon, he will feel bored of his life and his mind will be dull.  Contrarily, a person, who has seen many hardships, has an active mind.  This type of person develops creative thinking and his intellectual development continuous unhindered.

The human mind needs always challenges.  As our body needs foods, water and physical exercise for its growth and to resist the environmental constraints, our mind also needs food in the form of power to think and then take action.  When your mind constantly gets challenged, it will grow till it becomes a super-mind.  On the other hand, in an environment where there is no challenge, the human mind becomes like torn foliage of a less nourished tree.  Without challenges and no exercise of mind power, it ultimately becomes underdeveloped.

Peace cannot be brought from the market like a commodity.  Peace is such a measure of life; you have to feel by controlling your mind with your power of love.  The law of attraction says that the more power of love will be shown by you for all the things you like, your mind will be more tuned to think in the positive way.  You must hone your intellect to ensure that your mind guides you properly, so that you can deal effectively with all unwanted and unpleasant situations.

A peaceful mind is another form of positivity.  British author Samuel Smiles said, “It is not ease, but effort, not facility, but difficult, that makes a man.”  It is true that if you lead a life at ease and with comfort, you will not be able to sharpen your intellect.  You must remember that difficulties and problems only will sharpen your intellect, which is very essential to achieve success in life in any field

Friday, February 19, 2016

Can you define life in the dimension of divine love?

Can you define life in the dimension of divine love?

Jesus advocates for the above idealism  and  added a dimension to life by incorporating the divine love and kindness.  He expressed that what we do, we think and we utter must be based on this love and kindness. Mostly, we say that we are afraid of God and Jesus substituted this theory. He opined that we must be God-loving and embrace upon the religious practices  showing spontaneous kindness to human being.  He professed that “The Kingdom of God is within you.”  It is possible to wash your sins with the water of divine love and you can do this once you come out of the spiritual ignorance. A woman was once brought to Jesus as she committed a sin of adultery.  As per Moses law, she was to be stoned to death.  When time came for the final verdict of Jesus, all know that he will show his compassion, sympathy and kindness and so, he said to the assembled people that who had not committed any sin in his life so far; let him cast the first stone.  The crowd disappeared immediately.  The frightened woman was surprised and very submissively inquired of Jesus, “Why have you saved my life?  I deserve punishment for being a sinner.”  Jesus very kindly said, “Go and sin no more.”  The whole idea behind this message is to forget the past and move forward. Don’t punish the sinner, but condemn the sin, so that the victim can be taught not to do any more sin.  Because before anyone becomes a saint, he had a past, which might not be very glorious always.  Accordingly, every sinner has a future. 

Another story of Jesus recounted as once a devotee came to Jesus’s birth place to meet him and expressed his devotion. He pleaded with Jesus that he had brought some gift for him. Against Jesus’s query about the gift, the devotee uttered, “I have brought my whole heart to give you.” Jesus said, “Very good.  But won’t you give me something more?” The devotee was puzzled and said that I would give you everything whatever you call from me.  Jesus said, “Excellent.  But can’t you give me something more?” The man was puzzled again. Jesus then smiled and said, “Why don’t you give me your sins as your Christmas gift?” The devotee asked, “What will you do with my sins?” Jesus then said to his devotee, “I will forgive them all and relieve you from the burden of sins, so that you may not look back and move forward.”  In the same way, if you are able to forgive a sinner and allow him to rectify his sins, it may be possible for him to become an ideal man in the near future.  Our society has a tenacity to condemn anyone at a drop of the hat and humiliate him so much that instead of making changes in his behavioral pattern, he is provoked to do more sins. In this way, he becomes a notorious person.

Jesus committed his divine power when people put him on the cross and humiliated.  He was tortured and crucified to spread religious sermons and spiritual wisdom.  When a few portions of naughty people were more than fanatical to hammer the nail on the crucifixion, Jesus was profusely bleeding, but with  his all kindness on his face, uttered, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do.”  His only commandment was to show His unconditioned love for God with all His courage, mental and physical strength, heart, mind and soul.  His urge to show love for neighbors and entire humanity was an example of his divine power.  In this way, He spread His religious and spiritual wisdom and He extended His whole life to serve the mankind.  As a universal prophet, Jesus vehemently advocated for the essence of spirituality for practice by all beyond any sectarian rituals.  From His deep bonding for love and affection for all the human beings, He set an example of His oneness with the absolute and He said, “I am the light.” He gave a call to all the seekers, “Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest and ye shall find rest into your souls.”

Like Jesus, we also can take the similar approach to express our unconditional love to all our associates, including neighbors, colleagues, acquaintances and any human being with the power of divinity.  If we can perform this activity, we can evaluate our lives in a new dimension and lead the same more effectively.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

How can you excel in life?

You will be able to excel in life provided you are able to identify your hidden potentialities.  Each of us is blessed with these potentialities, but most of us are completely ignorant of the same.  A few can identify and then pursue relentlessly and become famous in their respective professions.  Some others recognize this potentiality at the fag end of life and then repent for their inability to prosper in their lives.  You must identify this potentiality at the early stage of life and hone that skill  steadfastly till the time you achieve brilliant output.  Every one of us must show a heroic role in society.  You will be in a position to do so when you discover this unique quality and put all your efforts to get the output through objective planning.  Only identification will not yield any tangible result.  For example, you may have an excellent voice and when you sing, it is so melodious that people praise you wholeheartedly.  If you  decide to be a  professional singer and want to earn name, fame, then you must practice  singing regularly, do hard work and show your guts to sing in front of a medium or large sized crowd. There is no short cut to excel in any profession.

If you are endowed with a unique quality, but  if you are not aware, you have to develop your mind power to understand the same. Needless to say, the people who have these potentialities in abundance, they will have a unique mind.  Utilizing this mind power, if you identify your this unique quality, you will be able to perform the role for which you are trying wholeheartedly.
To accomplish  performance in line with your unique quality, you must avoid  negative attitude like not to be bogged down by prejudice, not to indulge in reactionary thinking and finally not to have either inferior or superior complexities.  Further, you should not either underestimate or overestimate your capabilities or not allow external factors to curb your zeal to move forward. If you can save yourself from these degrading factors, you can certainly discover your unique quality and emerge as one of the reputed persons in the society.  Remember, for your prosperity, you need to have the support of outside forces and without its help; it will be difficult to flourish your unique quality. If outside support, for example, from your parents, teachers, gurus or your friends are not possible to obtain, you will not be able to show any success.  To get external support in a competitive society like today is not so easy.  You need lots of networking, their recognition and you need to channelize your resources very effectively through your circle.  When you set a definite goal in your life, you need to open a number of options.

Let us assume that you enter a profession of your choice, but after some time, you start finding the same is creating boredom.  You understand that you are not in a profession, where you can really excel. You then search for another profession.  In that changed profession, the same thing happens again.  Ultimately, you change the vocation and search for the option to the one you get, and which provides you chance to excel.  Then you give your best in that new profession and prove everyone  that you can also excel and  ultimately, you become the hero of the society. So, to excel in your chosen profession the society has a great influence on any individual. If society supports the individual and if he selects the profession based on the unique quality, he is bound to be successful.  The support of the society  is an important factor to increase the energy and channelize the same for the individual. For the proper functioning of this factor, there should not be any preset condition.  Because if society imposes any condition, the individual will not be in a mental frame to excel freely even otherwise he is able to identify the unique quality.  Of course, an individual also should accept that unless he merits the proper sequence to identify the unique quality as proper channelization, he cannot excel in life. It is  nothing but an  internal mechanism.

: 2 :

Every individual has an urge to become a big personality in society. On the side of this ambition, there will be discontent also, which is a natural phenomenon.  Precisely, that is the reason, when one person recognizes that he is not going to shine in a particular profession, he changes his mind.  He takes the different route. This different route leads him on the path to recognize his latent potentiality, which earlier he was not able to identify. If this hypothesis are understood properly and actions taken in the right direction, then every individual will become a hero in the society.  Ultimately, in this way, there will be a thorough development of the society. 

To develop a heroic personality and also to build a highly culture oriented society, it is very essential to follow the course of nature.  For any individual, it is rudimentary to discover himself through self-study.  He must do introspection of his strength and weakness and takes necessary steps to enrich his knowledge to eliminate the weakness.  When the weakness gets reduced, strength automatically increases. While doing so, his attention should not be distracted at all.  He should not give any excuse or follow any easy and painless method. Neither he should allow any person to dictate him, nor he should impersonate any other person, because each individual is completely different and a unique one.  He should aim to discover his own power and set target accordingly.  He should follow this target without any compromise.  Our system also supports an individual to ensure that he should flourish based on his merit.  Only identifying the unique quality is not sufficient for excel. You must ensure to increase your capabilities also to excel; otherwise simply identifying the unique quality will not provide you a heroic role in  our society.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

How to overcome the allurement of Maya?

How to overcome the allurement of Maya?
In our life, we all are influenced by many things.  Sometimes, we are so much afflicted with these worldly affairs that we are not able to come out from its  Maya. At that point of time, we forget the real purpose of life. This Maya is nothing but an illusion.  Do we really know what this illusion is?  Einstein believed that a “deeper and more complex theory” of reality would one day emerge from his equation, but till that time everything is in an illusory state. Today also It is true.  We define the intuitive reality, exercising the power of our various senses, namely observing, grasping, comprehending and doing the interpretation.  You can also do the introspection of the intuitive reality through the power of memory and mental agility, but that would be limited to your intuitive power. Most of us believe in the afterlife.  This is a philosophical thought process, but the people who always search the real purpose of living believe this more.  While the learned people not based on  academic brilliance only, but also based on spiritual affinity, believe that the undiscovered postulates underlying reality confirms  expectations of the deeper meaning of a profound reality.  If we delve into this theory, we can understand the meaning of life is not  a measure of a mere fragment of living.  That is why, we should  not live in a diminutive life?

It is always advisable to get rid of this Maya’s tentacle grip.  This will allow you to energize with a broader vision of individual identity as well as you can understand the importance of collective vision. Unless you come out from the snare of Maya, you will not be able to visualize the meaning of reality.  Once you  are able to do so, you will be free from all contradictions, ambiguities and dualities.  It is not so easy to transcend the snare of Maya. It needs a lot of motivation, willpower, perseverance and dedication not to accept the embellishment of all worldly greediness. You need to have a strong willpower to cross Maya’s allurement. Otherwise, you will be just carried away with its provocations and you won’t be able to ascertain the true meaning of life and without any meaningful achievement, you will  end  your life journey. To understand this, we must give less attention to “who we are,” and “what we think,” to advocate our existence. Contrarily, we must give attention what we are not.  It is better to avoid ego and its related identities. When you are able to surmount this inbuilt trait, you will be able to understand your true identity.  But can we do that? Can you forget your own existence?  Can we accept less value of ours?  In no way, we can do so. Because we cannot reject the myopic of ego and its influence, though we know the same is very harmful. We are aware that it only creates impediments.   By any chance, if  we are able to practice the  technique not to embrace the myopic of ego constraints, we can add a greater value to our lives. At that stage, we will be to think that rather than chasing a wrong notion of “who we are,”we must focus on “what we can become.”  This said thinking is an illusion, which is an error of perception that can be corrected.  You only need to minimize your fear of insignificance. The fear of insignificance gives rise to identity crises.

If you like to reduce the fear of insignificance, you need to give persistent efforts.  Just by exercising mental willpower, if you put efforts for a few days, you cannot minimize this barrier.  If you would like to establish your presence in this world, you need to search for a  reality.  The nature of dualities will always make you to distract from putting wholehearted desires to recognize your true self.  You will be always in a fear of losing the importance of “I”.  But this losing of the importance of “I” itself is an illusion.  This illusion only makes you to see everything through a myopic observation getting influenced by ego. For this reason, the best solution is to minimize the identity attached to “I”.  In this way, you can come from the cluster of identifying limitations. Once the identity limitation is not influencing you, you can overcome Maya.

Apart from the above identity limitation, you can exercise your mind power to expand your perception level. To expand the perception level, you have to reduce your dependence on the attachment of self-ego. The self-ego propels you in the wrong direction of reactionary thoughts.  While minimizing attachment to perception, which is derived from “thought experiments”, we are always in constraints to overcome many ifs and buts.
: 2 :

To search out for a more profound reality, you have to rely on humanness.  This aspect is completely forgotten today.  At the fag end of the life, most of us realize the importance of humanness, but before that we seldom give any value to this.  Can we expect our survival without performing daily rituals like eating, sleeping or excreting wastes from our body?  It is not possible as we cannot ignore the rules specified by nature.  Then, why we forget humanness?  Basically, to enjoy various materialistic comforts, we create artificial intelligence below us. We are guided by its power and we try to evaluate everything based on this artificial creation of knowledge.  We continuously create this artificial intelligence, so that we are benefited for all our deeds, most of which will be bad and sometimes of evil nature. Can we call this artificial intelligence as Maya? If you like to view yourself from a point of your close observation, which provides the means of seeing yourself, you will find that your identification is based on illusion.  You need to search for a greater and more reality to transcend this Maya.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

To bring changes, you need to energize your mind

If you want to avoid monotony in your life with respect to your profession, social and various issues related therein, you have to observe everything with a new mind set.  Unless you change your attitude, approach and methodologies to perform various duties, you cannot expect changes in your life.  If you closely analyze the reasons of the conflict, misery and perpetual sorrow, you will find that our affinity towards our beliefs and dogmas, our relationship, and companions are the root-causes. We take  different conditions granted and follow the routine day after day without any assessment of efficacy of the same.  We never try to break the shackles and never bother to find out what is the reason of our following the standard pattern.

It is not possible to ascertain the real reason when your mind is tethered to any types of dogmas, traditions or belief. This lack of desire to ascertain is not because of incapability of inquiring or investigating, but our mind is prejudiced to embrace upon the new changes.  We are not interested to infuse a fresh way to induce our mind to see the changes that is taking place continuously  around us.  Further, our attitude resists to accept the new changes, new processes or any new ideas for the betterment. Once you are able to destroy your biased mind and thoughts, which you used to consider earlier because of your sacredness, and this attitude is the main reason of your not identifying what is true in life? If you observe carefully about various happenings  both technically and mechanically, and also if you analyze the relationship of people to people, you will conclude that a clearly visible tenacity throughout the world is to defy freedom in the real sense is missing, the nationalities are getting divided continuously, and ultimately this is producing fragmented societies.  When the fragmented nature becomes more prominent, you will find more complexities and less acceptability. 

Our society controls our mind, shapes our hearts, our behavior pattern and norms stipulated by the society. Because of these norms, though, we are compelled to change our pattern of thinking and actions thereof, we don’t follow the same because of various constraints related to our reluctance to accept the changes. Our actions and various other issues are the determining factors and the prime criteria to ascertain the culture and religion, we live in. We may follow the creed either of Hinduism, Communism or Christianity.  Our religions have a tremendous impact on our thoughts of accepting any new idea and implement the same.  As stated already, our society and its norms have a direct bearing on our thought process. The same has also an influence on the traditions in which we live, what type of education, we receive, what type of food we eat, what is our friend circle and which religion we like? When you decide to bring in any change, you have to induce a revolutionary trend and you have to question the norms and the stipulations of the society. We are always bothered and worried not to bring about a different action, and a different entity as an individual.  We must inculcate the habit of not following any things blindly. Society is nothing, but a bonding relationship of many individuals. This bonding is based on ambition, jealousy, friendship, power of name and fame, position and egoistic feeling and all the related things, which a man is able to think and establish for a meaningful life.  This is the real fact of life. In this fact, we forget the presence of God, our religious scriptures and we don’t even give that much weightage to our gurus, saints and saviors. Our daily life is based on our various accomplishments; desire to grow leaps and bounds, unlimited wish for wealth and fame and positions. Unless you break down this pattern of living, you cannot have a restraint on your mind, which is always being allured for obtaining materialistic comforts. And then, you cannot have a religious revolution.  And without this revolution, you cannot get the power to initiate any positive change. 

A religious revolution is not concerned with reactionary nature at all. It is concerned with ascertaining of the fact and destroying the same, if it leads to negativism. This negative perception is related to the society’s proximity to greed, ambition, nepotism, favor, lust, anger, which destroy us completely.  We know that the structure of our society gives prominence to these qualities.  Because of these, even our desire for a religious revolution, we are not able to free ourselves from the bondage of the above qualities.

: 2 :

But to come out of the shackles of these influences, we need a new mind, to develop a new thought process and  then only, a new world can be be positioned. This postulate is not meant for some people who are well acclaimed in the society because of their valuable contributions, it can be for any type of person irrespective of their caste, religion, status and money power. In fact the ordinary people like you and me can also bring in any type of changes by a shear grit and determination. No one can force you to effect positive and meaningful changes in your life as well as in society. Only thing, we need to change our mind, our culture, our thought process and our way of interacting with others. Then only we will be able to bring a radical change in our society.  For this, our mind needs to be quiet, calm and  must be free of conflict. This type of mind only can think for an effective and purposeful change, which ultimately will be beneficial both for the individual and the society.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Gift precious things to life to increase its intrinsic value

On the eve of any auspicious occasion or festival, people prefer to gift precious things to their beloved, which obviously bring joy to them. In the same way, you also become jubilant to receive gifts.  The exchange of gifts to celebrate functions and festivals is a common syndrome.  But have you anytime thought of giving gifts to yourself to increase the intrinsic and positive value of life?  The answer to this soul searching question will be mostly ‘no.’ Don’t be panicky because the majority of human beings will fall in this category. No one has ever thought of  this subject of introspection that deeply.  But this is fact that to increase the idealistic value of your life; you must give the following gifts to yourself.


  1. Gift a power to build your health and maintain a system to be always healthy both physically and mentally.  The proper diet, a strict regime of exercise and devotion to God  is the precious gifts for you.
  2. Gift a habit to read and write at least for an hour every day.  The statistics say that any successful person in any corner of the world maintains the habit of reading and writing minimum 2-3 hours each day.
  3. Gift enthusiasm because if you devote your attention to anything with full focus, you definitely achieve the result.  Enthusiasm increases your agility and provokes you to struggle more to taste the success even you have to transcend  many obstacles in your life related  to your profession or social.
  4. Gift the habit of positive thinking.  The continuous thinking of positivity even in the midst of your distress, failures, despondency and gloomy situations increase your sustenance power and then you will be surprised to visualize your summum bonum.
  5. Gift endless love so that you love yourself and others. Mostly, this word is linked to the understanding of most of the people as the love for food, drink and sex.  But your gift is more than this and it is related to intrinsic love.  If you understand the inner meaning of this concept and practice this power, your life will be very colorful and then you will develop a habit to serve others and extend your helping hand in their distress. Your countenance will be so charming that people will enjoy your company.
  6. Gift knowledge and increase the power of your knowledge.  This knowledge is a vital tool based on which your survival depends.  The more you acquire this trait in any field or various fields depending on your grasping power, you will lead a meaningful and blissful life.
  7. Gift the habit to meditate for a reasonable time to control your tottering mind.  If you resort to this activity of carrying out meditation for twenty minutes daily, you will be able to calm your fidgeting mind.  A controlled mind will never recede you into a shell of negative traits like showing jealousness, involving yourself to show favor, nepotism and anger.
  8. Gift listening ability.  A good listener always wins half the battle.  In any situation of conflict, hullabaloo, quarrelsome, if you maintain your this gift, the opposite person will automatically calm down and the acrimonies arise out of any situation will be evaporated like a water vapor.
  9. Gift power of hearty smile.  If you smile on any occasion, the whole world surrenders to you.  Just apply this philosophy to see the outcome.


  1. Gift feeling to remember God in each of your endeavors.  If you are able to inculcate the habit of saying,” If God be for me, who or what can be against me,’’ in any situation, He will definitely help you to overcome your grief and sorrow.  And when you are in a joyous mood for achieving any success in your life, then also your thinking should be that because of His support and guidance, you are  able to achieve the said feat.


The material gifts are enjoyable and the same will bring in joy to you, but the above gifts will not only inflame your inner power, but also will increase the intrinsic values of your life  with respect to increase your idealism.