Thursday, February 4, 2016

How to uplift your life?

On the eve of any auspicious occasion or festival, people prefer to gift precious things to their beloved, which obviously bring joy to them. In the same way, you also become jubilant to receive gifts.  The exchange of gifts to celebrate functions and festivals is a common syndrome.  But have you anytime thought of giving gifts to yourself to increase the intrinsic and positive value of life?  The answer to this soul searching question will be mostly ‘no.’ Don’t be panicky because the majority of human beings will fall in this category. No one has ever thought of  this subject of introspection that deeply.  But this is fact that to increase the idealistic value of your life; you must give the following gifts to yourself.

  1. Gift a power to build your health and maintain a system to be always healthy both physically and mentally.  The proper diet, a strict regime of exercise and devotion to God  is the precious gifts for you.
  2. Gift a habit to read and write at least for an hour every day.  The statistics say that any successful person in any corner of the world maintains the habit of reading and writing minimum 2-3 hours each day.
  3. Gift enthusiasm because if you devote your attention to anything with full focus, you definitely achieve the result.  Enthusiasm increases your agility and provokes you to struggle more to taste the success even you have to transcend steep obstacles in your life related  to your profession or social.
  4. Gift the habit of positive thinking.  The continuous thinking of positivity even in the midst of your distress, failures, despondency and gloomy situations increase your sustenance power and then you will be surprised to visualize your summum bonum.
  5. Gift endless love so that you love yourself and others. Mostly, this word is linked to the understanding of most of the people as the love for food, drink and sex.  But your gift is more than this and it is related to intrinsic love.  If you understand the inner meaning of this concept and practice this power, your life will be very colorful and then you will develop a habit to serve others and extend your helping hand in their distress. Your countenance will be so charming that people will enjoy your company.
  6. Gift knowledge and increase the power of your knowledge.  This knowledge is a vital tool based on which your survival depends.  The more you acquire this trait in any field or various fields depending on your grasping power, you will lead a meaningful and blissful life.
  7. Gift the habit to meditate for a reasonable time to control your tottering mind.  If you resort to this activity of carrying out meditation for twenty minutes daily, you will be able to calm your fidgeting mind.  A controlled mind will never recede you into a shell of negative traits like showing jealousness, involving yourself to show favor, nepotism and anger.
  8. Gift listening ability.  A good listener always wins half the battle.  In any situation of conflict, hullabaloo, quarrelsome, if you maintain your this gift, the opposite person will automatically calm down and the acrimonies arise out of any situation will be evaporated like a water vapor.
  9. Gift power of hearty smile.  If you smile on any occasion, the whole world surrenders to you.  Just apply this philosophy to see the outcome.

  1. Gift feeling to remember God in each of your endeavors.  If you are able to inculcate the habit of saying,” If God be for me, who or what can be against me,’’ in any situation, He will definitely help you to overcome your grief and sorrow.  And when you are in a joyous mood for achieving any success in your life, then also your thinking should be that because of His support and guidance, you are  able to achieve the said feat.

The material gifts are enjoyable and the same will bring in joy to you, but the above gifts will not only inflame your inner power, but also will increase the intrinsic values of your life  with respect to increase your idealism.

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