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Today’s world is full of fickle. There is no point to confide on consistency. Since the situational constraints are so pervasive that it is a volatile world and change management and theories support this system should not be construed as platitudes. People, who are optimistic and always in search of the opportunities even in scarcity, will embrace the change.

They will put their all manhood to that extent that even graves yawned and they will dig out all changes. The whole objective behind this approach is that they want to reap the benefits because of these changes. At present, the whole world is under the influence of economic turmoil and a gale of recession makes the condition tumultuous. So, it is prudent for anyone to seek changes rather than only resort to worries to the constant flux of socio-economic downtrend. This is very true particularly during attrition, lay off and job loss because financial crunch as faced by industries prompt them to advocate for above decisions. It is next to impossible to handle a situation arises out of losing a job. And this alone is the toughest change to manage and cope up with. Under these circumstances most of the people inhibit to accept the ground reality, curse their luck or accuse others for these predictable changes. These were imminent, but only thing they could not foresee in advance.

In this process, they get stressed and become worried. But, there are proactive people who boldly accept this change in their lives and they become inveterate to overcome these perplexities and engage themselves to trace out new opportunities. They ensure not wasting anytime but to make use of most of the changing and difficult times. They do not sink in the slough of indolence and strive very hard to search for any opportunity and to utilize the same in the right perspective.

When a job is lost or such a mishap looks imminent, it is quite natural that one get engrossed by severe grief and despondency. The cloud of fears smears on their faces as if they slither down the slope in their professional career. It is true that searching for a new job and get unlocked into the same on immediate basis is a daunting task because of the uncertainty and ambiguity of the current situation. But without bringing much despair, one has to embrace the change management scenario effectively and search for a job with a grit of determination and dedication. Some of the following manifestations may be helpful to summon some extra courage to dawdle in right direction.
Use discretionary power to change the career profile:
Generally, people stick to the same kind of job, role or even industry. But during changing time which is confronted with recession, you must widen your profile to help the search engine. For example, at present IT sector is undergoing a downturn, and every now and then, these industries are facing a jolt. So, if you are a victim and under the destination of job loss, then instead of trying for this sector alone, the searches must be little broader i.e. to seek employment opportunities in related fields say ITES, BPO, call centers. In some cases, there should be a reshuffle in the thought process and you must try for the openings in service industries, hospitality sectors; who knows this may increase the opportunities of employability quickly.

This is the first major change one must take in right spirit and distract his attention from the conventional and stereo type searching pattern. You must do introspection and also to ponder on the ground reality. You have to thoroughly examine your strength and passions and give concentrated thoughts on the outcome of the same. You have to identify which other role or industries you could put your strengths to use. At this point of time, you have to be very practical and also pragmatic. You have to probably frame a questionnaire for yourself asking whether you would like to change roles in the same industry or you would like to change the industry. Are you going to follow the pursuit of existing profession say in sales or you wanted to try your hand in some related profession like sales administration? Further, do you want to change the role say presently you are in HR and you lose the job and now would you like to take a role of a trainer in an HR consulting company? Once, one is able to fix up these issues then one can take the next step.

Knowledge base is to be widened
The most common pitfall is that people do not increase the knowledge base. When their present job is lost, people are so much mortified that most of the time, they feel sullen. Instead of that, they have to continuously search for openings in existing as well as in the new fields and for that matter, they have to acquire new knowledge. If not, it is possible to pursue university degree, one must enroll in the crash courses. Further, if you aspire to groom yourself for a new role of job opening, you have to know the nitty-gritty of that role. For example, you were in sales in an IT company, and now you want to change your role and plunge into marketing of engineering goods, you have to first know the details involved with the marketing function of engineering goods. Read and enrich your knowledge and information about this new trade, its pattern of functions, current market trend, skill required for this function. You need to speak to the professionals and experts who belong to this sector to increase your basic knowledge of this job function. By attending seminars, talks delivered by experts, you can gather more detailed information. You may also use internet for online learning. After completing these theoretical exercises, you need to acquire practical exposure of the trade before fully plunge to search jobs for this new role. Practical exposure is possible to obtain by assisting someone who is in the trade for a considerable period. To start with, you can opt for a small assignment on contract basis with a small company or with a consultancy firm. All these will make you agile and confident to appear for a job interview for a new role.

Accept change in rank
You may have to rat-tat to your sensualism and take bold steps to accept a job even in lower rank. During crucial period, one has to forego the vanity of the position and power. Suppose you were holding a post of manager and you lose the job because of market slump. And in this situation, if you get a job in your own field but in one rank below the position you were holding, it is very much wise and prudent on your part to accept the same. This is nothing to do with your ability but because of market slowdown, you are compelled to satiate with the lower rank of offering from the new employer. It is very true that many employees do not like to go down because of statusco symbol but it will be foolery on one’s part to refute the appointment since when market is squeezed, job offers also will be limited. So, by turning down this type of offer, you may develop severe despondency and sometimes this may cause enormous stress and health breakdown. It is best to be patient and do the work at hand well. Apparently, this change in position may seem disappointing and disdainful but it may open a new door for you to learn and build skills, increase information base and gain knowledge of the workings of the particular company and the industry as a whole. And when the market condition is improved upon and clouds of recession scattered hitherto inducing the fear psychology with menacing growl is over, who knows you may be elevated in the hierarchy because of your perseverance and hard work. But one thing is sure, in your new role and lesser position, you have to acclimatize yourself with your full energy and vigour so as to learn the product, company’s working pattern, system and culture to get the fruit when the time comes.

It is very much advisable during the current time of recession to get prepared for any unprecedented incidence, particularly, with regard to loss of employment. However, in case of job loss, one should accept and explore job opportunities even in the fields where he does not have good hands. For this, one should widen the knowledge about the functions of the new job. Or otherwise, he may stick to the same portfolio in some other company where he is offered a step below rank. He has to be courageous enough to adjust to this situation and wait for good times to come. So, one should be flexible; and should adjust sails according to direction of winds in the current situation of economic meltdown.

Belated Honeymoon induces demulcent love

Somu, who is a top executive of a multinational firm at Kolkata mumbles the above dialogue to his better half Sunayana, nickname Su. She resists “since you have not taken me for honeymoon after marriage, you try to find escape route. People who are delinquent, they only preach all types of excuses.”

Somu is workaholic and also pernickety. Every strategical decision of his sales department needs to be verified by him where he is working. His early morning leaving and late evening coming to house induces Su’s anger management. She is enraged, till today, to miss the honeymoon when they planned for the same to visit Darjeeling. Because of tremendous work pressure, Sonu had to reluctantly cancel the said trip at the last moment. Even after eight years of her marriage, she is unable to erase that feeling from her mind. Further, she becomes dreary when she is fed with the information of her bosom friend’s marriage and enjoying honeymoon immediately thereafter. It is not that she is avaricious for this particular ceremony, but she being a graduate in Philosophy, confers tremendous weightage for every work at its own time. Otherwise also, she is very methodical and stickler because of her born and brought up in the environment of United Kingdom. She is a tremendous believer of disciplined life of British and she send her only child of six years to her parents over there for study purpose.

Contrarily, Somu is extrovert, vivacious and somewhat materialistic. At this age of 40, he possesses posh flat at an up market place at Kolkata with an imported car. His main criterion is to earn money considerably so as to maintain the same standard of life even after retirement. He has seen the hardship of his parents and uncles and so he does not want to spoil time for trivial issues even at the cost of worriment of Su. But, now Somu realizes and wants to be benignant to take Su for a sight seeing visit to Darjeeling under the wrapper of belated honeymoon.

His surreptitious plan is licked to Su by one of his close colleagues. Su does not belief only to say “when I will board the flight, then only I will accept this as a fact.” Somu takes leaves for the entire week and both of them board a flight to Bagdogra. From there, they take a car to reach to Darjeeling. The car passes through greeneries, mountainous pass, and sharp bends. They enjoy the beauty of tea gardens at both the sides of the hilly roads. Seeing the depth of these valleys from the top, Su screams, “oh my god, if something happens to the car, what will be the outcome?”

“The graves will be yawning in the midst of this 6000 feet below to kiss both you and me.”, Somu replied.

After a drive of nearly 3 hours covering a distance of 90 Kms. they reach to Darjeeling to abode in a star hotel “Sinclairs Resort”. As soon as Su ushers in the room, she gets excited with the enchanting beauty of the city of Darjeeling at one side and the mountain Kanchanjhanga at the other side. Somu tries to coax and hug her but she just snubs him with a squint for his effrontery because the hotel bell boy follows them to dump the luggage in their room. After arranging the luggage sequentially in the cupboard, Su makes herself comfortable in evening attire and orders for a special Darjeeling pot tea. As per regular habit, Somu finishes his evening bath and then enjoys the warmth of hot tea. It is not as per the reputed world class flavour of Darjeeling tea. Su also advocates the same opinion.

“If we do not get the quality flavoured tea in Darjeeling, world class quality chocolates in Switzerland, what is the use of tasting those particular things in that particular place”, Su cried.

“This is the eternal truth and bliss of life, Madam.”

Su starts enjoying the scenic beauty of this place from the balcony of the hotel room without much fiddling. Suddenly, her face is hovered with cloud since the weather gets beclouded. The thick blackish all over the sky pours water in her enjoyment of taking the ambrosia of the Kanchanjhanga Mountain from the hotel room itself. Seeing her gloomy face, Somu cajoles her by planting a kiss on her forehead and force her to come out from the confinement of the room. From the outside, the hotel looks to be more as an ancient building encapsulated with architectural work and greeneries. The ambience of this hotel is appealing and so as their staff members who seem to be very deferential types. The only drawback which is observed by Somu that the hotel though belongs to three star category has not ameliorated enough to attract high profile overseas tourists. Moreover, the location of the hotel is in cul-de-sac so that unless you know, you may not be in a position to locate so easily.

Somu ambulates towards the main road leads to mall followed by Su. After a long stroll, both of them become little tired because they are not accustomed to walk through hilly roads. By the time, they decide to back to the hotel, drizzling starts and suddenly strong wind and thunder shower amazedly surrounds them. They run towards the direction of the hotel but fail to save them and get drenched completely.

Seeing the water clogged sari draped over her vivacious body, Somu’s excitement increases and he coddles her and this time Su accepts with mirth and hugs him. They enjoy the situational advantage because here no one is entering in their privacy.

After freshen up, they proceed to the dinning hall for a buffet dinner. They eat non-vegetarian dishes mainly fish fries because of their superb quality. In fact, they devour fish fry and then taste the mutton biryani to their satisfaction.

After a luscious dinner, they laze in the adjoining garden of the restaurant and enjoy the night of Darjeeling. By the time, the sky is again clear. After sometimes, they start yawning and they go to the room and fall asleep. Next day, they get up early. Su as usual start looking to the mountainous beauty of Darjeeling from the balcony. In the meantime, Somu finishes his morning rituals and makes a phone call to the room service for special tea. Without any utterances, they keep watching the evolving sun slowly like an effulgent round metallic dish, from their balcony.

Sue cries “what an eternal beauty! Is it possible to enjoy such beauty from our home at Kolkata?”

Somu replies “It is possible, but not so distinctly, because now, you are watching the sun from an elevated place of nearly 5000 feet.”

“I don’t understand all this logic, but these beauties have definitely enamoured me.”

Thereafter, they drink special tea and somehow the quality is not that bad like yesterday. Within another one hour, they usher into a car to visit five different places for sight seeing. They visit first to a ropeway only to find the same is under repairing because of recent land slide. Darjeeling city is placed in zigzag fashion and the toy train line is criss crossed in the same way. To their bad luck, they are not able to see the train in motion because of disruption of their services, again because of land slide.

Then they visit a tea garden / tea estate. All round the tea state, short heighted tea plants are only visible. From the top, if one looks, he will feel like standing on a green rock to watch green path. Su shows her extra courage to slide down a bit on the narrow make shift road in the tea estate. But, local supervisor admonished not to venture, because it is a risky proposition. Thereafter both they enquire about some nitty-gritty of tea producing, its manufacturing process, drying, blending and then forwarding the same to wholesalers to merchandize. Finishing this spot, they further move to the zoological park and the Himalaya Mountain Training Institute. The beauty of this zoo is that it is situated at an elevation of nearly 6000 feet.

Su arouses a bore by clapping her hands which the animal does not like. It changes its posture and flatly lies down fall asleep. They observe some different types of birds, leopards and dears. From there, they proceed to the mountain training institute. Basically, it is a museum. It shows various kinds of accessories, implements which are generally used to climb rocks and mountains. The institute also depicts the pictures of Tenging Norgaw, Sir Edmond Hillary who are all famous to conquer the irresistible Mount Everest.

Then they visit the mall for the second consecutive day to watch the qualities of cloths and other goods namely electronic gadgets. As usual, Su starts dickering after selecting some woolen cloths. From a distant place, Somu enjoys the haggling between Su and the seller. Ultimately, the shopkeeper surrenders uttering some unpleasant dialects in her own language which is beyond Su’s reach. But, she feels happy because she wins in the bargain.

“Why are you laughing”, Su enquires staring to Somu.
“You male fools are damn weak in bargaining,” she murmurs. From mall, hotel is at a walking distance and so they bid adieu to the driver only to inform him to visit next day for further sight seeing.

At 4.00 A.M. in the morning, they make themselves ready to watch the rising sun from the peak of Tiger Hill. When they reach there, the place is already crowded. Somehow, Su manages to stand in the front now. The beauty of Kanchanjhanga is far away but distinctly clear from the height of 8000 feet. The sky is clear and the last phase of the night disappears and the sun start evolves. At 5 A.M., it appears slightly. Slowly and slowly, it becomes glowing and at 5.30 A.M. it emerges like a bright yellow round metallic dish. From all round the corner, only “click” sounds erupt. Somu is also busy in capturing all these scenic beauties in his Sony digital camera. Su is enchanted and speechless for a while.

From there, they visit Batasia loop, a circular toy train garden, of course the engine is standing silently. The narrow railways lines are surrounded by flowers, small trees and the place has its own beauty. Then they visit a Tibetian monastery to watch minutely how the Buddhist performs their daily religious activities. Many teenagers are found to take instructions from their seniors about the teachings of Buddhism.

After reaching to the hotel, Su feels discomfort and feverish. With a cup of tea, she manages to regain her vigour but not much of use. Somu suggests for calling a doctor but Su declines. They retire to bed with a plan to rise early in the next day morning to visit the Tiger Hills once again to observe vivacious beauty of diamond ring of the Sun. But, because of indisposition of Su, the sight seeing visit of the next day is postponed. Su is just confined to the bed throughout the day. Somu passes the day by scribbling his various thoughts and studying some scientific Journals.

Next day, that is fifth day of the trip, Su tries to come out from the shackles of indisposition but her procrastination does not yield any result. Somu calls now hotel reception and advises to send a doctor. After thorough examination, doctor suspects cold influenza fever but cautions not to venture out from hotel. By taking full rest supplemented by medicines, Su is all right on the sixth day and visits only to the mall just to get rid of four walls obtrusive environment of the hotel room. When they return after two hours of evening stroll, Su seems to be again agile and energetic. Then, they start discussing about the plan of return journey.

Somu questions, “Su, how do you like this belated honeymoon?”

“No comments”.


Seeing her reluctance, Somu further advocates, “I feel if we were coming before eight years just after the nuptial stage, we would have not been able to share the thoughts in current scenarios, because now we are more matured.”

“I am not able to digest.” Su retorts.

“Simple, after a passage of eight years of our lives, we are more seasoned and experienced of happiness and distress. Today, we are much more capable to visualize with our experience of conjugal life of past eight years. Was it possible at that time?” Somu further narrates.

“I know your volubility and I am also aware that once you start, you are indomitable, but ensure that it does not create my prolix”, Su answers.

“Neither I am giving any formidable array of alibis nor do I confute about your belief that every ceremony must be time oriented but I only like to emphasize that all these are human’s creation. One can very well enjoy the eternal and spiritual beauties and devotions at any time provided there is a strong desire to do so.” Somu stares to Su for her opinion.

“But, Su does not reply only to laugh.”

Seeing the mood, Somu tries to canoodle and embrace her and strongly put his lips on her and fondle each other as if they enjoy their honeymoon. Nearly one hour, they devour each other and Somu guzzles each and every organ of Su’s body. After sometime, they lay awake, savour their throbbing energy only to comprehend the fantasies of their wedding day.

Su starts to organize the suitcases and bags for their return journey and then proceed to dining hall. After a light dinner, they retire to bed so that they can get up early on the next day.

On the last day of the journey, they complete their morning rituals, finish breakfast and then usher in the waiting car to be dropped to the airport to catch the flight to Kolkata. After a journey of total three hours, they are back to their home with a sigh from Su’s mouth “yes, belated honeymoon is joyous provided the original one is in its place.”

Someone says correctly that “woman’s mind is the most mystic and imponderable”, Somu slouches into the bathroom gleefully.

Enhancing concentration power for professional success

Many people find it extremely difficult to keep concentration for a particular task for a reasonable period of time. It is the perennial problem being encountered in today’s business environment. Peer’s pressure, shortfall of target in terms of outstanding collection and sales volume, maintaining deadline are common syndrome which distract you easily from your focused attention and compel to whirl and swirl you from your concentration level. Ultimately, it leads to the summation of committing mistakes, not achieving the deadline, unable to fulfill the target and all these make your life parlous and pathetic. This distraction of concentration level engulfs you more and more as there is no magic wind to overcome this, unless you are self disciplined.

You should consider the followings as the best practices to enhance your concentration power.

Prioritize the list of works: Make a “To do list” with heading of priority, semi-priority and non-priority. Now, focus the attention on the task number one in the priority list and maintain the sequence. This list will help you to accomplish the job systematically and methodically. Non-priority task can be simply passed on to the lower rank with a clear cut understanding what is being sought for from them. If you have to attend a vital business meeting, a small note pad is essential to carry with you to jot down the central points. Depending on the urgency of these points, the priority list can be reshuffled. But, while changing the priority in the “to do list”, the focus should not be diluted to the sequential importance of the list of the tasks. Otherwise, again concentration will be diverted and divested in between too many priorities which will yield far less than desired productive output.
One at a time: In today’s business world, it is expected to carry out multi tasking. To keep pace with fast growth, it sometimes becomes inevitable. But, you may have to develop skill to concentrate only on one task at a time. Human brain is systematically wired to concentrate attention on a single issue at any given point of time; otherwise yield of the productive results will be naught.
Search of quiet place: It will be prudent on your part to have a secluded sitting arrangement to focus attention. The more it is focused; the power of the concentration will be intensified. Distraction of attention by phone calls, disturbance created by intruders, colleagues visiting your cabin at equal interval will definitely dilute your concentration level. To avoid all these hassles, you need a calm and quiet place to work with full concentration. This atmosphere will also help you to ruminate so as to delve to the work with the fullest concentration.
Clarity of the objectives: Many a time, it has been seen that people have not understood the objectives of the tasks being assigned to them. They pretend that they have the grasp of the task. Their procrastination will only drift them away from the concentration level required to be given for the task, since it is beyond their level of understanding. Under this scenario, you have to first “drill down” the task in three categories; for example, “most difficult”, “somewhat difficult” and “less difficult” categories. Then by adopting “fish bone analysis”, you have to concentrate to complete the task by attempting the toughest (the most difficult) one first and then for the others.

By this analytical method, you will be able to endeavour your concentration to the job and complete the same even though whose objective will not be that clear to you initially.

Take break: You have to take a break periodically because this is best suited to enhance the level of concentration. Primarily, it varies from person to person but as a customary guideline, three minutes break from every thirty minutes of work with concentration will not only enliven you but also enhance the gravity of the process. A stressed mind will diminish the level of concentration and once that is curtailed, then the decision for the task being envisaged from you, will be foolhardy.
Apart from above tips, maintaining good health with controlled diet supplemented by physical fitness, will zoom up your concentration level. The task of above tips is not so arduous and by regular practice and perseverance, the level of concentration will exuberate which will lead you to the professional success.

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Increase Happiness Quotient to Decrese Worries

Increase happiness quotient to decrease worries

Today’s dire economic condition following all around recession has compelled the world to curtail its resources, which in turn, has proven a peril inviting factor. In the prevailing situation, organizations look for individuals who can work to the best of their ability and produce magnificent results. But, they tend to overlook the fact that people only can bring their best if they are physically and mentally content and joyful.

Everything dazzles on a shiny day, but turns pale in a murky atmosphere. All your endeavours can produce good results when the sailing is smooth. But the torrent of crisis makes them fruitless. It makes you watery and worsens your stance against the constraints. You may feel as if all your endeavours go astray, and your joy is mangled by distressful atmosphere. In such a scenario, it is extremely difficult to sustain balance between delightfulness and distressfulness.

But, it is not that much difficult to tone your thoughts through optimistic approach and stay cool to scatter smile and joy on your face. With controlled mind, it is possible to be happy even during the tough times created by odd circumstances. Conversely, period of crisis is perceived by a many as a blessing as they view such period as a time of bringing people together to put in their best efforts for development and growth collectively.

Difficult times bring in sweeping effects. However, companies can overcome and avoid succumb to the recession and remonstrating financial conditions only by way of innovation and adaptation. As per Dr. Teresa Amabile of Harvard “Creativity is positively associated with joy and love and negativity with anger, fear and anxiety.” Research shows that happy people are, by and large, pragmatic, receptive and also more optimistic. When the employees of an organization contrive agility based on their power of optimism, they always welcome changes. They never resist for changes rather they adopt and make best use of the same. Employees, who possess high degree of happiness quotient, also show excellence in their motivational power. Any sort of want does not cradle them. They are motivated and explore the opportunities in adversity. The gravity of situational doldrums arises out of environmental constraints, financial scarcity, etc., cannot dissuade them. They will always motivate themselves with all their mettle to overcome the obstacles. They are focused and committed to their goals and very keen and eager to put extra efforts to realize them. They settle the problem instead of whining and cursing the luck and lacks. These types of employees take fewer leaves, arouse when confronted with challenges and work beyond the scheduled timings. They do not need much coaching and counseling because they are energized, dedicated and good achievers. When people have abundance of happiness, they automatically mingle with others freely, able to extract work from them, and they extend their co-operation to others.

They are quick learners, their efficiency rate is above par and they take right decisions at right time. They are likely to shoulder all sorts of risks and responsibilities and in the eventuality anything goes wrong, they come forward and accept their mistakes instead of accusing others. In a murky situation, joyful do not alienate them and they seldom scorn others but show their alacrity to find out solutions to come out from the turmoil. By these virtues, they are more loyal, productive and engaged.

Happiness redresses stress and make desultory almost non-existence. Stress invariably increases the awesome despondency which ultimately provokes employees to commit mistakes, reduce productivity and bunk from the duties. The condition of mind under the influence of stress incites the erratic behavior of the employees which causes above syndrome and bring the detrimental effect to the growth both of the individuals and the organization. Employees besmeared with the happiness maintain their composures, take more work load and think and act smartly, which is the need of the hour. They are not at all haughty, on the contrary very deferential type. Moreover, they are salutary and cheerful. Happiness is a precursor to maintain a healthy and competitive working environment. During recession coupled with less working load, it is mostly observed that some employees prefer to saunter and just do nothing except to whistle down the mind. They mar the office environment with their unwanted eloquent talks putting their real personalities into oblivion, start fueling office politics which leads to skirmishes at times. Obviously, this increases stress and rekindles the work milieu. Fortunately, it is not that tough proposition to garner happiness. Any transnational, SME organization can achieve it, provided the management, its employees including managerial staff are determined to fulfill the commitment of tasks. To attain this, there must be a close relationship between the employees and the employers. The allusions of fear of any kind, particularly in the recession period must be allayed from the mind of the employees. The thought proposition of ‘Love your Work’ is to be percolated in the mind of each employee. When they believe this, they will take pride to do the work and their increased happy quotient in this way, will diminish their worries.

Managers and head of respective functions must put their efforts rigorously to keep their flocks of employees together, inform them the real facts and cheer them during recession and awkward situation. The main thrust should be the enforcement of strict discipline without which it is difficult to overcome the peril associated with the recessional working environment. Realistic target is to be set so that they are achievable. If the target by any chance is not possible to achieve, extra time schedule is to be allotted to fulfill the objective of course with a break in between. This strategic decision will increase the motivational power of the employees. They will be satisfied and their satisfaction level will zoom up their happiness which ultimately makes them agile and nimble to achieve the target even with little extra hours of efforts. During uproarious economic condition because of recession, the employees should be always made to feel valued. They must be treated as an asset and they are to be suitably rewarded for their efforts for producing results. Sometimes, if they resort to little bit tittles-tattles, the same should not be condemned very seriously and make the environment monstrous. Because this may endanger the hitherto congenial relationship between the manager and the employee in concern and evoke the stress. As long as the employees are delivering their duties in time, they should not be reprimanded and frowned for chatting with their coworkers. In fact, if employees are allowed to share their thoughts and feelings then the same is the most inexpensive way to improve upon their emotional bonding. Apart from making the work and workplace plausible, some small measures can be adopted to appease the employees so as to increase their happy quotient. Example, if big parties can not be arranged, small get together between the employees camaraderie can help. Then playing online games and sharing success stories of other employees and organisation will dazzle the faces with smile and cheers. All these small but quite effective actions invigorate the employees’ moral which develop their confidence level.

The more the employees are confident, the more their decisive power become steadfast and stern. And the consequence of this state of affairs is the phenomenal growth of the organization. Happiness is all together an attitude of an individual. So the course of actions, enunciated above with periodical motivational pep talk by the top management can help to keep up the happiness levels in employees to the highest level.

Joyfulness is the best medicine which cures all disorders whether physical or mental. It brings normalcy in the state of turmoil. This implies to personal, social and corporate life altogether. A happy employee contributes magnificently to the growth of an organisation. The self-generated natural happiness propels an employee to perform well. If all employees are filled with such cheerfulness, the organization’s growth is surely secured, and they become an asset of an organisation. But for this, a firm has to take necessary initiatives to create a state of happiness among the employees; this, in turn, will ascertain development of the organisation.

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Today’s business scenario is full of challenges. Deadline is to be maintained for most of the activities. Your supervisor will be exerting immense pressure and many a time; will breathe on your neck compelling you to complete the assignment well within the time schedule. You will not like this unprepossessing situation in your working environment. Despite your disliking, you will not dare enough to vent your anger because this is the law prevailing in modern competitive business world. If you are not skilled enough to complete the assignment entrusted to you and produce results in time, you will be simply thrown out of the race. You may be genius having a very bright academic career with affable personality. Also, you maintain very cordial relationship with your customers, but if you are not successful enough to discharge your duties within the stipulated time frame, your all above qualities will be treated as ineffective. The formula of success lies only to maintain the deadline, and this alone will sustain yourself to be in the race. You have to embrace the technique to comply with the stipulation of “deadline syndrome”.

The following are the suggestions to adhere to the deadline of any assignment.

Always set a deadline which is achievable. The deadline should be fixed in such a way that it does not hamper the desired goals envisaged by your employer from the total perspective of business cycle. Of course, a broader view is to be put into the place to squeeze the deadline so that target fulfillment gives confidence and increase the courage level to fix up little more stiff deadlines. But, neither it should stifle you nor your team members.
At times, deadline looks to be so painstaking that it becomes difficult to start even.
In the first instance, make a list of the assignments. Then, the same is to be broken down into different categories, namely…

(a) hardest part of the assignment
(b) assignment which is achievable with little pain and
(c) assignment that can be easily achievable.

After these bifurcations, a time limit is to be prescribed for each of these assignments so as to complete the whole within the time frame. Always start with the hardest / toughest part of the assignment first, because normally that creates much hindrance. I identify the crunch of time resources in the beginning itself to avoid any embarrassing situation at a later stage. And accordingly readjust the time frame within the overall deadline.

Do not forget that the time is the most decisive factor in completing any assignment. So, distraction of focused attention must be avoided during the completion of any assignment.

: 2 :

The scarcity of resources is to be avoided. To complete the assignment in time, you have to call for adequate resources viz. manpower, money power, technological support, help of experts, if need be. By any chance, if you find any paucity of the resources, bring the same to the notice of the top management so that remedial action can be taken by them immediately. One thing is very sure; there are two aspects, namely time and resources to complete any assignment within the deadline. If one is not adequate, you have to balance the same by bringing in more of the others.
You have to charge yourself and inculcate the same behavioural antecedents to your team members so that each of them is determined to finish the assignment within the deadline. You have to be totally involved, set the challenges and make yourself dedicated to achieve the desired results.
To maintain the deadline, you have to delegate the responsibilities. Then you start to monitor the same. The total assignment is to be distributed to your various team members and you have to solve their problems then and there without any quick fix solution. Any temporary solution will diminish the completion cycle of the total assignment within the stipulated time and the team members will lose their enthusiasm. You must remember that your team members are equally under tremendous pressure, and so, any directionless decision will de-energize their activities. Instead of their getting motivated, they will be under stress. Further, this will drift them away from the required focused attention, which is the essence to complete the assignment within the deadline.
Communication tools and channel, from start to end, is very vital to avoid any lapses; because mistakes call for enormous corrections and lead to delay. You have to make your team members crystal clear about the expectations. You also have to ensure that they understand the nitty-gritty of the assignment. Information, datas, facts and figures, whenever required, must be provided to them so that completion of the assignment is hassles free. If the beginning starts through turmoil condition with less clarity, definitely the assignment will not be completed in time. You have to constantly keep in touch with your team members to know the latest status, provide them updated information, and apprise them the last moment changes of the deadline, if any. From time to time, you have to closely monitor their progress which is beneficial for all, because they will get time to reshuffle their activities, if need be, with a whole object to complete the assignment within the deadline.
You should not be pernickety when you face challenges to complete any assignment within the deadline. There is no need of immaculate perfection because when you are constrained to achieve the deadline, you have to have a rational approach. You have to give your best and allow others to follow your steps.

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In today’s competitive business environment, you must ensure to adopt two pronged strategies – one is your ability to finish with quality work and the other one is your capability to manage and supply the quality work within the deadline. No doubt, the deadline is heart beating and increasing your stress level, but if you are calm and composed and continue to strive for the best to improve upon the deadline, you will be treated as marvelous achiever.

Hence deadline is blessed in disguise only, if you know how to invigorate yourself and your team members. This could be an opportunity to demonstrate your unflappable professionalism, and people / customers will depend on you for your this ability to provide quality and timely work.