Saturday, June 25, 2016

Excessive emotions kill your creativity

How do you define the intensity of your emotions? Is it a benchmark of your real identity?  If you perform all your functions starting from wake up to retiring at night in an ideal and perfect way, you are a follower of rules and regulations of moral living. So your every moment in your life, if you utilize perfectly, you will get adequate output.  Why is it so?  Because all the functions, which you perform daily, you act with utmost sincerity. But most of us fail to follow this pattern of behavior. We perform our various duties as per requirement performers. Just for the purpose of doing, we act, for example, somebody smiles; you also reciprocate your instant gesture by providing a return smile, which might not be an act of from your heart.  You are doing a showmanship.  You may not want to laugh, but since the other person is a reputed one in the society and a quite influential man, you act and so, you smile.  What you have done; you smile showing a good gesture. It has no real emotion. In another way, he has pampered you by smiling, and you are being cajoled to give a return smile.

If you analyze the issue carefully, you will find that it is a matter of exchange of pleasantry. He has expressed his positive vibe, which you have acknowledged in a controlled manner.  You have judged his emotion and retorted back.  Now, if you analyze your emotional effect in depth, your reciprocating action could be a bargain, trade, and a businesslike attitude or a mere social mannerism. Somebody smiles at you, and you have also done so. Mostly, it is an artificial smile, as if you are giving a smile for the sake of giving, and it will look like a fake performance. Without utilizing your emotional feeling, you smile. It is just an impromptu act at that particular moment. It has not created any sincere feeling for the other person.  This type of emotion has no sincerity. It is entirely hollow as you have manipulated your smile.  There is no authenticity on your part.  In this way, you are shaping your body and mind, and you are also responsible for his manipulation.  In our society, this type of manipulation is widely spread, and people simply are not able to identify the emotional depth of existence.  Precisely, that is the reason, being religious also; we distract from the spiritualities and functions of the spiritualism.  Quite often, we forget our spontaneity.  We all become artificial.  In this atmosphere, we create the situation of hell.  Your love has no meaning because the same is impure.  Your love is false.  Your hate is wrong. Your smile is fake.  Your feeling is wrong.  Your tears are fake. You are not in a position to take any decision.

The question comes how can you stay in this false environment and enjoy happiness?  Instead of living in artificial surroundings, accept the spontaneity, which comes from your heart. Coming back to the issue of smiling, it was not a sincere smile from your side.  But this type of situation cannot be hidden for a long.  Sooner or later, your pretension or non-spontaneity will come to the surface.  But if you smile with spontaneity, you will feel that your whole being is smiling; only your lips are not taking part.  When you resort to this path of inspiration, everybody around you during that particular time will glow, and there will be a feeling of friendly atmosphere all around. Since all the people around you will be happy; you will also be satisfied in the midst of so many happy people.

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Even emotions need spontaneity.  If positive emotions shown by you are false, they will be treated as a pretense.  In the same way, when the negative emotions showed by you as authentic, the same will be termed as beautiful.  People say anger is a destructive emotion.  But this anger can be termed as nice if your whole beings feel angry. It means that you are not pretending to be mad. If you are infuriated, although it is a negative emotion, your all sensations will be vibrant and people will not take you as a bad tempered person. They may appreciate your negative emotion as you are showing spontaneity.  For example, analyze the behavior of a child.  He shouts to fulfill his any need and no sooner his need is satisfied, he stops his little bit unruly behavior. You observe his behavior, and you will find something wrong. When a child becomes angry, he runs from one corner to another, his face will be reddish, he may spit, and may throw anything he finds nearby.  When his anger subsides, he starts again running, dancing, hugging you, as if nothing has happened.  For an adult, it does not happen. The reason is, most of your actions are false and baseless. There is no spontaneity.  If your anger is real, it lasts for a few seconds.  Why?  Because you are angry for a real cause and there is no false reason behind your anger.  At that point of time, your showing anger is justified.  And your anger will be harmless because it will not continue for long.  If anything evolves with spontaneity, it cannot harm anyone.  The negative emotions are also good if they are authentic.  People have a wrong notion about negative emotions that these are bad and causing dangers both mentally and psychologically. It is bad provided the reason has no truth. But if the negative emotions are authentic, it may transform us. 

If you carefully analyze the power of emotions, both positive and negative, you will find that feeling derived on genuine reasons will do well and will not destroy.  All your feelings will become more and more confident and time will come when you are not affected either by positive or negative emotions.  You cling to authentic.  At that stage, you forget to discriminate between good and bad.  You are not bothered what is positive and what is negative? This feeling of authenticity will strengthen your introspection power to search only for the real. And, you have to know the truth. Then, emotions will not mold you; you will mold the emotions as there is no feeling of positive or negative for you. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

We are living in a challenging world

Today's world is full of opportunities as well as constraints.  It is not that easy to convert opportunities into realities, and at the same time, it is not that hard to overcome all the limitations.  We face tremendous challenges in both ways.  You throw this question to a philosopher.  He will introspect for a while and will term it as a problem of evil.  But this ideation is wrong.  If you accept the definition of the philosopher, then it means you are giving a negative name to an active effort.  You have to face problems at every stage, and with all these, you need to survive and remain active in life.  In fact, the life will be a mute spectator if an issue does not arrive at all.  Problems will be there, but they are not evil; you have to consider the same as challenges.   If you like to play with the problems, you will feel it as fun.  Once you solve the same; your confidence level will go up since you have achieved a milestone.  Further, this phenomenon is to be explained by keeping in mind the creation plan of the creator.  You can easily differentiate between the material world and the physical world.  According to the scheme of Creator, he has provided neither any freedom nor any constraints to the material world to make any choice. We need to fix the same keeping the particular purpose into consideration. As per Creator's scheme, man is free enough to think, play, and carry out fun and many other things as per his choice.  He has freedom.  The difference between these two entities is the problematic trouble makers.  There is no restriction on self-development in the material world, where man is born with vast potential.  This potential is a very dominant factor, and you can utilize in difficult circumstances.  It is a fact that the people who love to take challenges, whenever challenges appear, they don’t flee away, but fight mentally with all courage; they are real victorious.  Our society admires them and worships them as heroes even though they belong to a general class.  During the time of crisis, man’s hidden potential appears, and subsequently, these potential gets converted into realities.  If one is terming these types of situations as evil, then he has lacked the understanding of the law of nature.

The earth exerts a pulling everything thing downward due to gravitational force.  This pull is vital as without the same; the civilization could never see the limelight.  But this scientific phenomenon in the form of a blessing of the Creator was a disguised state of affairs.  When the famous physicist Newton brought this formula, the people were taken aback.  Newton also got a shock treatment from nature.  The famous story says that he was hit on his head by an apple when he was sitting under the apple tree in his garden. Immediately after the hit, he was startled off the miracles of nature and silently soliloquy, “Oh man, why don’t you think. If you think, you will come to learn a great reality.”  To that extent, all of us are like Newton.  Only thing, he sincerely thought of this falling and interpreted the behavior of nature and discovered the famous Newton’s law of gravitation.  We seldom understand and ponder of many expressions of life and fail to utilize our power of the mind.  It is the course of nature, and there is no exception in this regard.  Unless you pass through this course, your mind will not unfold, and you will not be able to achieve great success.  There are three factors, namely fear, procrastination and lack of proper skill become detrimental to arouse our mind to grow. If you can get rid of the first two factors and you are eager to increase your knowledge and skill in your chosen field, you will also be in a position to discover something may be the smarter than you anticipate.  We all are aware; life is not an easy selling boat as it faces many storms and vicious impediments.  Theoretically, we all say and talk, but when a problem appears, we are unable to show our courage to accept the same and achieve the barriers.  Even some of us take the challenge, but after a few attempts of failure, we leave the arena.  In this process, we might be losing a golden opportunity. For example, you desire to be a civil service offer, and you try to appear for this competitive examination.  In your first attempt, you fail and in your second attempt also, you fail, but who knows that on your third attempt, you get success. It is the nature of the law that we seldom put multiple efforts and give up after one or two attempts. But in a challenging world like today, if you need to accomplish any feat, you have to have a stubborn attitude and try till you achieve the milestone.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

How to use the concept of possibility thinking?

How many of us think before doing anything in daily lives. Mostly we do and then think. If you believe the concept of possibility thinking and the same become a part of your working habits, you win comfortably half of the battle of your life. Precisely, for this reason, some people do not get agitated at all, when they face a severe crisis. Working habits have a cascading effect on the success rate. Your desire to grow working practices encapsulated with the positive mindset is a benchmark for a growth in life map. These working habits are not in by birth. We need to cultivate these habits. When you are born, you are free from all the hassles of life’s patterns. Based on your upbringing, environmental factors, society’s influence, your working habits are imbibed, and when you understand right or wrong of these habits, you try to correct the same for your progress and success. Many of us are not able to adjust and ultimately bury our lives in hell. You may classify the working habits as ritual, mental, psychological, spiritual and more. The routine habits like cleaning of teeth, body, clothes and eating food are all essential practices. Once you know, you follow these for the purpose of betterment of physical health which is necessary to combat with the grueling and cumbersome socioeconomic factors of our daily lives. Both mental and psychological or mental habits must be developed assiduously failing which you won't be able to achieve success.
You can classify the mental habits in two categories as HE and HI.
HE is habit efficient, and HI is habit ineffective. How will these habits be under your control so that you can accomplish most of your responsibilities efficiently?  Let us assume a rating scale of one to ten for different mental habits, namely frequently getting anger, show jealousy on others success, nepotism, favoritism, using foul languages in the working environment, speaking without any supporting thoughts, improper listening, disrespect to others words and ideas and much more. Now, you assign marks on your own against each of these negative attributes, and if you find, they are more than seventy or eighty percent of the rating scale, you need to embrace the concept of possibility thinking which leads you to think in a right direction, even in adverse situation.
When your mind is under the control of possibility thinking, you will always try to find opportunities and forget hatred, resentment, jealousy and grudges. You will make amends for any wrongdoings

With the help of possibility thinking, you can overcome any obstacles and convert your barriers into an advantage. In fact, successful people also have ineffective habits, but they convert the same to their advantages. To achieve success, you have to increase the effective practices and four steps are to be followed, which are planned purposeful, prepare prayerfully, proceed positively and pursue persistently. The eminent inspirational writer William A Ward had professed these for a better success rate in life.
Under the influence of possibility thinking, you have to ensure that you are a changed person, follow the principle of PCM (positive configuration of mind) and start a new life at any given point of time. You have to accept with all convictions that your new life, in this life only will be full of glory with the help of God. Take this concept of possibility thinking as your working habit and chant regularly ‘’I believe God loves me, God wants the best for me, and God will guide me, I believe.’’  See the difference.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Train your mind like a Lily

You may feel little awkward if someone says that people should make themselves busy in the thought of space consciousness rather than objective knowledge.  One may question how it is possible to do so keeping aside all the worldly affairs.  But if someone tries, he can do. It is only the desire.  Before that, one has to understand the difference between these two i.e. objective consciousness and knowledge and space consciousness.  Most of us think of our career, profession, family, and materialistic comfort through acquiring different electronic gadgets, immovable and movable properties, and liquid assets.  There is nothing wrong to keep busy in these types of thoughts.  When you train your mind to think of the above things continuously, your mind will be tuned to think accordingly.  It is known as objective consciousness.  Space conscious means when you come out from your body and form, and you think for being i.e. your focus is only on inner self-consciousness without any attention on the mundane and worldly affairs.  Most of the time, we are completely ignorant of this space consciousness.  Once you can understand the concept of this high-level thought, you can absorb in the idea of Universal consciousness even after performing your regular duties efficiently. Not only you can do, but you can also do more beatifically.  To become a devotee or follower of Brahman or universal consciousness, you need not become a monk or sage and to remain confined in a secluded place or in a dark forest to avoid any noise and disturbance. To follow the path of divinity, you can very well stay in a family, do discharge all your family responsibilities, but behave rightly and appropriately with every manifestation of Brahman universally.  What is meant by proper behavior?  When there is no anger, no outburst, no jealousy, and neither attraction nor aversion, is termed as appropriate behavior in the eyes of Creator who creates this total universe.  Doing all your duties, if you can become non-attachment, non-judgment and non-resistant, you will be able to connect with divine power.  Then you will be able to identify yourself.

We live in a vast and limitless ocean of essence.  A roaming wave dances down, and provides the radiant of manifestation surging within and without you, and radiating in all ten directions.  These ten routes are the indescribable vibrational expressions of small and great accented and unaccented, eternally flowing thoughts-waves.  You must behave appropriately and reasonably with every expression, with every manifestation of the cosmic mind.  You always have to remember and accept the vibrational events.  You have to train yourself like a lily flower.  It is always immersed in the mud, it is not a great flower like the rose, and it is mostly getting trampled by the foot of the human beings or the animals.  So, it always struggles to keep its existence.  For this, it is to parry, brace and tolerate the shocks of storms and other squalls.  But observe the beauty of this flower.  Despite tolerating various vicissitudes of fortunes, it does not forget the moon.  It keeps its love for this planet alive.  This sapling does not want anything because it knows that it has no separate identity.  Though Lily is an animated object, it has life, and so the flower acts through the totality.  In this connection, we must recollect the preaching of Jesus, “Look at the lilies of the field.”  He also said, “They toil not, neither do they spin."  The primary inference of this eternal truth that life wants the sapling to become a tree, but the sapling has no wish to be identified as separate from life. So, the flower wants nothing for itself. It identifies what the life wants.  Precisely, for this reason, the lily has no stress or anxiety.  When it dies prematurely, it dies with ease.  It has no regret during the time of death.  Naturally, it surrenders in death as it does in life.  It senses no matter how obscurely, its root dress in being i.e. state of consciousness, the formless and eternal one life.  Though metaphorically, lily’s life is compared to that of humankind, it is correct in reality.  Lily is an ordinary flower, but its romantic relationship with the moon is unparalleled. It focuses on its attention on the planet.  Can we not establish the same romantic relationship with our Creator? Even you have to pass your days with tremendous ups and downs on a regular basis; we must remember Supreme one.  You have to keep merged yourself in his thought.  For that, you must visit deep into the mood of that infinite love.  If you feel, for all these, you have to sacrifice your worldly activities, you are wrong. 
Whatever may be the circumstances you face in life, you should not lose sight of the infinite one.  You will not suffer degradation if you accept the Supreme Being as an ideal mechanism in life.  When you indulge in thinking in a negative way, you will pollute your mind.  You will also generate the low level of vibrations and for that; you have to take rebirth to suffer low-grade rituals created by those vibrations.  So, you need to arouse higher versions of thoughts in your mind.  As for mythological edification, even a king like Bharath would have to take birth, because, at the time of death, he was deeply anxious about a fawn. Precisely, that is the reason, forget your outer self.  The same is only the forms.  There is no being involved, and so you will not be able to meditate properly.  Whatever position or post you acquire today or are going to receive in future, you should not bulge down from the path of idealism related to proper living.

Do not stray even a step away from the path of realism of absolute bliss under any circumstances.   The route of enlightenment after you understand the importance of inner and outer purpose of life is the only path for you.  Whatever be the consequence of your past mistakes, evil deeds and committal of unnecessary accomplishment, your uplift is guaranteed.  If you have the unconquering zeal to attain Brahman, you can never be degraded. Do not look back; always look forward to phenomenal progress. Never take a decision to take any limited material for your factory of mind.  Accept only the loftiest entity for your accomplishment. If your love and affectionate for Him is genuine, you will ever remain; you will stay in exuberance.  If your love for God is real and if it is reconciled spiritually, you will always put yourself in an Elysian exuberance. You won’t feel any pain and happiness as both will not sensitize you anymore.  When you think of Him, when you show steadfast love and gratitude to Him like a lily, the same is known as the blissful emergence of Divine love. Can you ignore this phase, and if so, why not to train your mind like a lily?

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Why to Create cnflicts in a relationship?

Why to create conflicts in a relationship?

The one important fact in life is not to create misunderstanding in a relationship as far as possible.  Even you want to break a relationship with anyone, ensure that the split is pleasurable.  Because who knows when you need that person again to help you in your distress.  The relationship can be with people or with things.  We provide passionate affection to the objects, comforts, and pleasures at the expenses of relationship. We show our busyness despite knowing the fact that the other person may get hurt with your behavior and relationship may turn to a trace of bitterness.  Nowadays, there is a standard sentence being often heard, “I am extremely busy and don’t disturb me.”  The other person can easily catch your pretense because he knows that you are not at all busy. 
We don’t give much importance to the fact of being a good parent, sibling or partner.  You have no choice to say that I need a wife, but not the mother-in-law. It is not feasible.  Even otherwise, mother-in-law may not be there, but you cannot disown the relationship once you decide to marry her daughter. We have enough time to send thousands of e-mails, but we have no time to pay respect to our elders and meet them even occasionally. In a society, we have many roles to play.  And, we have to fulfill all these responsibilities at different point of time. It is important to ensure that trifle issues should not take precedence over the relationship. How can you bring harmony in a relationship?   If you want to make your relationship cordial, you must see the peace within yourself first.  If you grapple with unwanted issues which are agitating you, then how do you expect harmonious relationships with others?  While interacting with others, if you have less feeling for a friendly relationship, then the same will be reflected in your behavior, and you won’t be in a position for an amicable conversation.

How to achieve internal harmony? The inner balance is related to four different layers of our personality, which are physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual.  All these different aspects have their identifications.  If any of the need out of all these aspects is satisfied, then there will be harmony for that particular issue at that point. How to satisfy these requirements?  Our primary need for foods, clothes and shelters are important in our lives, and so is the case with the mutual relationship. You will be physically fit if you take care of these needs. At the emotional level, if you get enough love from others and if you reciprocate in turn, then your emotional health is nourished.  There will be no imbalance on this account. At the intellectual level, we all need to have a good inflow of positive thoughts.  As much as possible, the negative thoughts must be discarded. All intelligent people survive on good ideas.  For example, when you are hungry and if you don’t get nourishing food, you will eat whatever is available, and that is how people are accustomed to eating junk food.  That time, you won’t see whether the food is healthy or not.  In the same way, intellects when do not get positive thoughts, they allow surviving on negative thoughts. It is one of the greatest problems of human beings; that is intellectual frustration.  Many times, people get intellectually frustrated because they choose wrong professions.  They select these with a hope that the same has a lot of potentialities.

Arouse spiritually of personality:  If you want to have a harmonious relationship with the other persons, and want to continue the same for a long time, you must arouse your spiritual affinity with other individuals.  Only bonding socially and professionally, the desired result will not be there. 

There comes a stage in our lives when we are clouded in despondency at least mentally despite owning all successes including material abundance. Then we begin to ponder about the veracity of the accumulation of the wealth and achievement, and at the end when there is no foolproof answer, we become restless.  We try to seek the real meaning of life.  Then we become eager to find out the truth why God created this ambiguity in this world? How can I be happy?  Why there is so much distress in the world? If you are unable to get proper replies to all these questions, then you feel frustrated, and your life will be slowly heading to dullness and meaningless.  At that time, the company of religious and like-minded people will make you find the meaning of life.  It provides answers to your queries and also allows you to lead a life of excellence. But mostly, we overlook this vital relationship of harmony. If you like to harmonize yourself in all these layers of personality, you have a bright chance of living in harmony with those, who are firmly attached to you.  So, why to create conflicts in a relationship? It is better to live in peace and happiness and let others live in the same way.