Thursday, April 11, 2013

Anger Management

The various obstacles, constraints, catastrophe, calamity and impediments always pervade our life which sometimes even cause blockade in our progress. We try to overcome these barriers to smoothen our lives.  When we are not able to do so, frustration arises. Some people digest these frustrations, some completely ignore and some other outburst in the form of severe anger.  It is always debated that anger is a bad characteristic of a person.  Needless to say, it is required to ascertain the cause of this outburst or anguish and also find out the remedial effect.  Firstly, how I will be able to control my anger, when the surrounding circumstances provoke me to show anger, whether it is a serious or a trivial issue.  The optimization of our life maintaining calmness during the time of adversity, take the things in its right spirit and self discipline are the best strategical movement to curb anger.  Basically, anger is a negative energy and all the words of it are by association represent negative emotion.   The constituent of the word ‘anger’ are allegations, negativity, jealousy, enmity and revenge.  But if you can transform this negative energy into positive energy, then the word ‘anger’ becomes affable, noble, generosity, enliven and respect.

The definition of anger management is a negative, physical, mental, psychological and environmental symptom to a situation for which sometimes we have no control. If we are not able to allay this, it can cause harm not only to the individual but also to the entire society.  Does it mean, you should not be angry at all?  No, the mild form of anger for any valid reason is always a healthy sign.  But beyond a limit, it can cause health hazard.   For example, you are severely rebuked by your boss in the office and you suppress the humiliation, bring the same in your family life and start yelling to your wife showing your anger for no fault of her, then it is completely a bad management of anger.

When we become violently angry, release of stress hormones such as epinephrine, nor-epinephrine and cortisol get severely disturbed, which ultimately causes various ailments.  So, by showing anger beyond a limit, you are spoiling your health only.

Anger management is basically a science, by which you must know when to show your anger, you should not be violent and after a certain time, you must withdraw from the situation.  For example, you are scolding your son for poor marks in the exam and so, just give him a slice of punching words, a bit of mild shout and then walk away.  You have to ensure that anger management is completely controlled and at the same time, your son gets the correct message to improve upon.  We have 60 trillion cells in our body and six trillion chemical reactions are taken place every second as per the law of nature.  Most of us are not even aware of this fact.  But who is the programmer?  It is our mind, the conscious mind.  Throughout the day and night, till the time we awake, this conscious mind is programming the routine of our life.  A nourished mind with abundant positive thoughts is responsible for a perfect health whereas a negative mindset produces disease, anger and poor health.  If your mind is accumulated with positive thoughts, you will see that there is no need of your angry at all in your life, barring a few occasions.

So, anger is a management, control it otherwise it will control you.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The True meaning of Success

The inner meaning of a successful life with respect to fulfillment of all accomplishment is interpreted as a lengthy period of joy, happiness, pleasure and feeling of achievement.  Any successful person from any field whether it is sports, music, literature and business attribute the process of success as an adherence of various steps.  The real thing of life like joy, serenity, peace, harmony, integrity, selflessness, altruism and happiness are intangible.  They derive from the inner self of human beings. If you focus your concentration and do meditation on these qualities, you build up a treasure of heaven in your subconscious.  That is the true place where “Moth and rust do not consume, and where thieves do not break through and steal”.  Matt. 6 :20.

For any successful life and achieving success, you must do the thing, you love to do.  If you do not have a love for the work you do, you cannot be successful.  Success not only comes from the hard work, but also from the work which is performed with sincerity and love.  There are three steps to any successful venture.  The first step is your unconditional love for the venture; say your job, business or any other work.  No sooner, you are disheartened to perform the job and you do just for the sake of doing, you cannot possibly consider yourself successful at all. You may get appreciation to complete the job, but success will delude you.  For example, you want to be a psychiatrist, it is not enough to obtain a diploma and display the same on the wall.  You have to continue attend seminar, conference, come in contact with the eminent psychiatrists, practice counseling more and more, so that you take a keen interest on the subject to make yourself a great and reputed psychiatrist. Then only, the real success comes which completely depends on your love for the profession.  

The second step of success is to get acquainted with the specialty of the subject and put considerable efforts to excel in it.  Suppose, you choose a profession of chemist, you must deliberate your attention on one of many branches in the field and study enough to acquire the in-depth knowledge of that particular branch.  You have to concentrate so hard with all your enthusiasm that you become almost expert in the chosen branch.  “He is the greatest among you; let him become your servant”.  There is a tremendous similarity of mind with this type of attitude with that of the person, who believes that I will be always successful.  Contrarily, living only on the theory of ‘get by’ won’t fetch you success.  Your motives must be greater, noble, honest and also more altruistic to get success. 

The third step is to serve others for your success.  You must serve others, thereby casting their bread upon the water. If you are only interested to serve you, then chances of your failure will be more.  Suppose, you are a functional head of a sales department of a big company and you are acknowledged for your contribution to the growth of the company’s business volume for a particular period, by your top management.  If you ignore the contribution of other sales people of your department, and their extra efforts, you may lose the feeling of the success, because your junior staff will be demoralized.  Your desire should not be a selfish attitude.  It should benefit each and everyone.  The path of a complete circuit should be made. 

Your efforts and hard work must go ahead with the purpose of other persons benefit and their benevolence.  Then only, it will be back to you magnified.  If you do work only for your benefit, your success circuit will not be complete.  And, this apparent success will evolve like a short circuit and lead you to distress and sick.

Success is achieved step by step and you will be more successful when you perform in unison with others.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

How to become rich

Who is not interested to become rich?  Who is not eager to earn more money or amass wealth to live the life pompously and with grandeur?  Show me any person, who likes his coffer to be empty, and leads his life in poverty. You have all the right to be rich.  You are here to enjoy the life and always be happy, enliven and have enough freedom to express your views.  Therefore, you have a right to possess enough money, of course, by earning morally.

When you born and grow up, your parents have lot of desire for your development spiritually, mentally and materially.  Accordingly, you get mentally prepared to fulfill their and also your dreams. For that matter, you must garner your courage and faith to increase your ability, so that you become successful in all your endeavors and surround yourself with beauty and luxury.  Why should you be satisfied with less, when you are able to enjoy the power of your subconscious mind?  Don’t be shaky to let your desire for richness and it must be widespread.  You should not be ashamed of your inclination to be rich, strictly speaking; on the contrary, this desire would help you to lead a fuller, happier and more wonderful life.  It is indeed a cosmic urge. There is no good or bad feeling about it.

Money is a means by which you will be able to free you from all want.  If you harp for more money and become rich, you are in a position to bargain the pros and cons of your life more efficiently and effectively. If you are economically solvent, and like you most of the people become so, then the economic health of the nation also gets improved upon.  When blood is circulating freely in your body, you are healthy and in the same way, when there is a steady flow of money in your life, you are financially well off. 

Once you understand the power of your subconscious mind with respect to your urge for earning more, you are within your grasp for road map which leads you to the royal road of niches of all kinds, be it financial, spiritual or mental. If you have learned the theory of law of mind, and can utilize the knowledge, you will never face want.  Regardless economic crisis, financial crunch, stock market fluctuations, natural calamity, production scale down, severe price inflation or even war, you will not be washed away.  You will face problem momentarily, but definitely you will survive.  Now, how you will be rich.  Simply by telling that I want to be rich, you cannot.  Your subconscious mind is to be accumulated with the thoughts of richness, you have to plant the seeds of richness in your subconscious mind, pour water, fertilizer and medicine everyday to those seeds as you do for your garden. Your continuous desire for richness will prompt you to energize your subconscious mind which will ultimately show you the various ways by which, you will be able to increase your earnings sizable.  You may say, if this practice is so simple, then why so many people live in poverty.  The reason is simple.  Their subconscious mind is not able to accumulate the desire.  Say, you are hankering to become rich. You are consciously trying for the same.  You are putting your hard work also. But you feel extremely jealous of one of your closest friend’s wealthy status though in front of him, you are suppressing your zealousness. 

Your subconscious mind, of course, is recognizing the fact that since you are jealous of your friend’s wealth; you yourself are pretending to be rich.  This fact, of course, is ignored by all the skeptics who say that there is no reality of subconscious mind.  They say that by uttering a few sentences daily with an absolute conviction, one cannot fulfill his desire, say become rich. 

The skeptics are completely wrong.  If you are sincerely interested to be rich, you can.  You have to simply kindle your subconscious mind a strong desire and focus to achieve your anticipated goal.

There will be no force to stop you to fulfill your desire.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Women only can liberalize women

Everyday, almost all the daily newspapers cover the heart rendering and sensational news regarding women’s plight in train, bus, public places and even in houses. I get horfied to peruse this horrific news and ponder how these atrocities can be avoided. Despite our so much technological advancement, financial liberalization, this faculty of improper sexuality of male fraternity is upswing. In fact, many of the states in India are below mark to curb this barbarism against women.
Further, if you notice that today we have many powerful intelligent, diligent and mass appealing women leaders, business women and entrepreneurs, say Sonia Gandhi, Mamata Banerjee, Indoo Nooyi, Mayavati, Kiran Majumdar, and so on. No doubt, they help people to progress, they think for the benefits of the people and also they show their real concerns, when this type of heinous incidence occurs. But the same is transitory. As long as the heat of this sensational news exits, they do their level best either to frame some amendment in the existing laws or extend financial help to the victims or condemnri this activity. Why it is so? Because when these women are in power or leading, they mostly forget their own fraternity and they think for all the people as a whole. Of course, we had many a woman like Lakshmi Bai – Jhansi Ki Rani in the past, but those were the golden ages and the crime rate of this nature was very rare. Further, to palliate this atrocity, many women like housewives, teachers, students and girls; everyone has to think that if someone from their bastion is attacked, they have to jump into the fray.

In a country like India, no matter whatever amendment is being made in the law, unless women are unified and raise their voice in unison, there cannot be any change drastically. We are mostly known to break the law and so strengthening the law will not serve a great purpose.
If you visit Singapore, you will find that women are very free, they also wear scanty clothes, do high fashion and even walk midnight past, but people over there do not dare for any nuisance. Why? Because, they are very much scared of laws prevailing therein and punishment thereof for committing crimes. But Singapore style can be brought in India. As stated above, there are women leaders in India today, but they are not so concerned of the women alone. If you study the life of Virginia Woolf of twentieth century, you will find that throughout her life, she established the fact that women must have their right of expressing their freedom of speech, writing, and thinking. In fact, through her famous essay, “A room of one’s own”, she established the path of women’s advancement, of course, in literacy level.

Today, we require not only a few powerful women in higher echelon, but we need women to be united in all the sphere of the society. They must come forward whenever there is a rough treatment, harassment, sexual abuse and atrocity to their own fraternity and they must slice the victim with their power, whatsoever under their disposal.

We want many women like Virginia Woolf and I am sure, then only our society will be able to lessen this barbarism almost to a zero. In short, women only can liberalize women to save them from their persecution; no one else.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Problem is always quenchable

We often hear that there is a short supply of food, commodities and even utilities. Many a time, we face shortage of primary and basic amenities like water supply, milk supply electricity. But one thing is never in short supply, and that is ‘problem’. All of us experience a galore of problems in our lives. In today’s life, the intensity of these problems is heavy as compared to some forty / fifty years back. An old spiritual says “Nobody knows the trouble, I have seen.” It is commonly heard, “One should not suffer, the way I have suffered with my problem.” Whenever a problem occurs, you have to keep your patience in tact, not to loose temperament; you have to remain cool so that flow of positive thoughts are not blocked and pass from your conscious mind to the subconscious mind to get a correct solution.

In the first instance, when you want to vitiate any problem, frame your mind with a positive approach. Any other approaches rather than firm and positive one, will not only yield negative solution, but also increase the intensity of the problem. Later on, the fixing of the problem will be an upheaval task. Once I happen to visit a multi-national company overseas. I saw a board displaying a sentence “Attitude is more important than facts.” Spectics may wonder that you just cannot get around a fact, because a fact is a fact. But the people who see everything in a positive frame of mind, may say, “Yes, it is a fact and that must be recognized.” The negativist is likely to question the veracity of the fact while the positivist will try to find out a solution out of this fact. When you face a problem, how you anticipate it with respect to its solution is of paramount importance. You may defeat the problem or may be defeated by the problem. Ultimately, it all depends on your approach and attitude. How you are guided by the power of your subconscious mind to offset the problem that matters. Your positive frame of mind will produce enough courage, belief, assertiveness to analyze the problem in detail and the solution is bound to come.

Like attracts like and this is known as the law of attraction. It is perceived that thoughts are of a natural kind of affinity. The negative thinkers always spread negative thoughts and stimulate the surroundings negatively. In this way, he brings negative result only. The way you think, you will get the same in reaction. On the contrary, the positive thinker sends out positive thoughts, belief oriented thoughts to his brain to get the positive result. This is based on the theory of law of attraction. For example, let us take the example of two marketing personnel. One person has the responsibility of a territory which produces very less business for the company. This territory has the reputation that “no one can sell much.” This man has gone to the territory knowing this fact well. This negative fact was planted in his mind. He went there and approached customers with a mind influenced by negative thoughts. He could not do anything to improve upon the sales and ultimately left the company. Another marketing man brought in from another territory. He did know nothing about this new assignment and this territory. He gladly accepted his work with an open mind without visualizing any constraints. He went to sell, sell and sell, of course, with pains and constraints and crossing the barrier of the same. Ultimately, he was very much instrumental to make this territory as a gold mine. This marketing personnel’s attitude was profound that he was not accepting the fact that this territory was once known as a bad one. This positive thinking is the triumph card of anybody’s success.

Our brain is the greatest asset. This is always to be kept under disciplinary control to achieve the desired result envisaged by you. Thomas Edison says, “The chief purpose of the body is to carry the brain around.” To achieve success, when you face any problem, take positive mental attitude throwing all negative thoughts. Rely on the law of attraction so that you can attract positive results based on positive thoughts and this is the only formula to counter problem and achieve success.