Wednesday, December 30, 2015

How to integrate Imagination and reality?

 Is it possible to integrate the imagination and reality? It is, but that needs a lot of dedication, perseverance and discipline. Without these traits, it will be difficult to convert your imagination or dream into reality. All big people are ordinary people only, but because of their grit and  never give up attitude, they are successful to turn the impossible things into possible propositions.
Have  you analyzed the difference between an imaginary space and a real space? The former is a public domain, whereas the latter is a private one. But if the imaginary space is confined very much in seclusion and it is isolated from the reality, it loses its power and vitality. In order to grow its power and transforms into reality, it must be shared, so as to understand the depth and significance of your imagination. Though imagination is entirely your own, but to make it meaningful, you have to publicize the same.

There are two sides of the imagination, one is positive and the other one is negative. The positive side strengthens your mind power unless it is colluding with whims and fancies. Further, this positive side of imagination must be translated into reality through action. Any imagination without action is like a vacuum or a hollow dream. Action only brings the desired result evolved from your positive power of imagination. Otherwise, your imagination may be very bright, encouraging, forceful and full of hopes, but fruition will not be achieved unless the meaningful and purposeful transformation takes place to convert the imagination into reality.

Action without imagination is a fallacy and imagination without action is like an empty basket. At night, you chalk out many plans, exercising your imaginary power and during the next day morning, if there is no action plan, then the imaginations will be like a torn foliage from a tall tree. Further, if the imagination is hard to achieve, the reality will be like a dark cloud and in that case the life will become complicated. When imagination transcends your limit of reality, your actions will be more prone to meaningless and direction will not yield results as envisaged by you. You will be like a radar-less and clueless.  So, the corresponding reality would also be complicated.

If you focus on the theory of physics and mathematics, you will find both real and imaginary spaces. You may argue to remain in the imaginary space, just not to confront with the real space. But you can transform from one space to another one. As per French mathematician Joseph Fourier, the above syndrome is known as Fourier transform. Using the said principle, you can transform imagination to reality through your knowledge base. As per Gita, knowledge and the power of knowledge and inherent strength of knowledge induce your mind power to initiate action for any meaningful imagination when you concentrate all your attention on the principle of “doing only.” In that case, the transformation of imagination to reality is possible. We all know that knowledge is a great stimulant and a purifier. Any action which comes out from the purity of your heart and mind will be definitely having a lasting impact.

Now, whatever dream you have for your life or your dream  you envisage every night, of course consciously, education is only the binding factor of your dreams and imagination. The most of the acclaimed personalities of this world have fulfilled their dreams with education. This education and depth of the knowledge along  are the custodians of what goes into society. Education has two factors: values and profession. No one can ignore or doubt of the values and benefits of education. If you are able to devour the values,  out of your education, benefits would automatically accrue. However, in today's society, most of us are invaded more with the benefits rather than the values. Obviously, people will be more tuned to the worldlings and they are not supposed to be saints and so they will be nurturing their desire for more and more benefits, but through the imagination and imaginary power, one has to balance between these two. The qualitative education plays a very vital role to identify the balancing act between the benefits and values to lead a quality life.

Imagination is a precursor of a good scientific research. If you exploit your power of imagination to a higher degree, your experiment in any field, whether to create a painting, compose a music, write a poetry or simply to focus on a subject of problem solving in your daily life, will be very successful. Of course, this imagination must be supported by your analytical and computational skills. We all know that how Newton had exercised this power of imagination over the falling apple and discover the famous law of gravitation. Our imagination power leads us to innovate, introduce and incite to take action and this in turn leads to new imagination.

In a nutshell, both spaces real and imaginary are complementary to each other and both are needed for the progress and growth of  your mind and society as a whole. And, you can convert your imagination into reality based on  the strength of your education, knowledge gathered thereby and utilization of the same in the right direction.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Why are you not satisfied and ask for more?

If you have an inquisitive mind, then you can visualize that people are not contended at all. Whether you are rich or poor, whether you are a celebrity or a common man, you always insist for more.  Your inclination and the urge will provoke you to acquire more wealth, more power, more status and more of everything. You will say, “I am dissatisfied with everything.  What shall I do that will make me content?”  The spiritual gurus, monks and saints will say that as long as you are in the slough of desire to acquire ‘more’, you will never be satisfied.  Your lust for material comforts and other trivial issues will ensnare you in the confinement of discontentment.  The thought of having itself is a dangerous compassion for which your mind will be always full of undulations and you will never be able to focus on any issues with attention.  This discontentment arises from your greed for the things you do not possess and this greed only makes you to walk in a swirling path in your life.  You will chase and continue to chase, but it won’t be possible to get everything in your life for which you express tremendous  inclination.  Discontentment will be the end of your life.  Think that you are blessed with so much.  You have all comfort.  But your greed makes you blind and you are incapable to see as you have developed false ego.  Just rejoice and value your life what you have.  Be grateful to the creator that many things you possess. Discontentment will lead you nowhere.  You will be under illusory control throughout your life and fail to understand the real worth of life.  You won’t be in a position to enjoy the life.  Death will not wait and one day, it will knock your door and you will be taken away feeling discontented.  So, don’t wish for more and live with contentment

One who is very contented, he feels that he has everything.  His countenance will be always full of smiles.  He feels happy all the time.  He feels that abundance of everything in his life is because of God.  This sense of acceptance is the spirit of a seeker.  He gives his life to God without any greed.  He prays to God, not for his own welfare, but he wishes for the other’s welfare.  He does not keep any choice of desire for his own.  Acceptance is blissful.  Nothing external can dampen this bliss.  When you don’t put any precondition means things happen on its own, you are always contented, you don’t murmur, and you take the acceptance as blissful.

If you don’t have any choice, you don’t demand anything.  So you have no anxiety or fear.  In that case, the mind has no cause for disturbance.  The seeker is always at peace for everything that happens around him.  He is not bothered to check whether any event is soothing him or causing disturbance.  There is an indifference towards the event itself.  His liveliness is not dependent on any person, place or situation because he is completely aware that happiness or sorrow does not come from the external.

People always complain of various shortcomings in their lives.  Despite everything under their possession, the rich fraternity complains that they have no mental peace, the poor section murmurs as they always live below the poverty line.  So, our society is full of discontentment.  If a man gets hurt and fractures his hand, he feels severe pain and he complains.  If his hands were so important, why didn’t he express thanks to God when the same was normal. You complain no sooner your hand gets fractured, but you have not expressed any concern of gratitude all these years, when your hands helped you to perform so many works.

: 2 :

If you decide to remain in depression, become always sad and discontent, any good thing happens to you, it will be of no use to you.  Infinite bliss have been bestowed upon you, but you remain unaware of it.  Contrarily, if you develop a habit to feel gratitude, you will remain content and jubilant all the time.  So, increase your inner capacity to show gratitude.  The more you will be gratitude the less will be your desire for more.  The spiritual person believes the theory of “art of gratitude”.  He transforms his way of thinking and living by performing this art continuously. He is steadfast and does not deviate from this principle in whatever he sees and whatever he gets.  He never shows any discontentment. He does not become gloomy.  He does not demand, does not show any preference for anything and he is always blissful.

To remain content and happy is an art itself.  If you are able to content in all the circumstances, say in standing, sitting, eating or drinking, you are bound to get an invitation or blessing from the supreme self. 

Friday, December 25, 2015

Can you survive without telling lies?

Is there any limit to tell lies?  Do you think that you can tell lies as and when you need?  Or, you lie just for the purpose of surviving and saving yourself from an unpleasant situation. Have you anytime analyzed the fact why do people lie? The other day, I heard my neighbor’s wife scolding his son for telling lies. She cautioned her son about the ill consequences of this behavior. With a screaming voice, she said, “When you tell lies, you invite  trouble. A monster with horns on his head with red eyes will drag you from your bed during night and punish you mercilessly.  I am damn sure, you won’t tell lies further.” The son assured his mother with a promising tone that he will not repeat the mistake. Thereafter the son replied with a simper, “Mom who is punishing you when you tell lies on a daily basis.” I find her mother sneak away.

There are many reasons to take this route in life. People want to protect their image and after committing a mistake, try to cover the same telling lies. For example, you have studied seriously, which is required to pass the final examination. Still, your scorecard shows poor result and you are lying to your parents to avoid admonition. The wife spends more than the stipulated house budget and suppresses the fact to his husband to avoid an embarrassing situation. A friend has not disclosed his being sacked from the job just not to dilute his importance to his friend circles. All these reasons, which cause one  to tell lies is understood, though not that justified.  It is true that these lies are not at all a part of a cognizable offense, but telling lies repeatedly will make you to do so again and again and you will be addicted.  Once you become a habitual liar, it will be difficult to come out from this well laid out traps. Further, after telling lies, when you want to protect yourself just to avoid being caught always escalates your anxiety and mental tension.  You develop a strain on your brain. Your mind is getting burdened with unnecessary thoughts, anxieties and the feeling of hurts. Ultimately, your creative door is getting closed.

To avoid telling lies, you have to  increase knowledge and understand the root cause why you lie? And also to understand the difference between “Knowledge and Being.” The knowledge will increase your self-confidence level. In that state, even you fail, you will not like to lie. Simultaneously, you have to put  efforts to increase your “being.” When you can transform the knowledge into “being”, knowledge will be almost like limitless information. You will be enlightened to get influenced by this transformation and metamorphosis. You can acquire any subjective knowledge or objective wisdom, though it is a painstaking situation.  But once you are able to realize the different kinds of “beings,” which is your present information about your life, you will understand the moral value of life. Your life is consisting of good, pure, inspiring and transparent essence. All others are created by you. When you reach this stage, there will be no need to tell lies. Of course, there are people who seldom tell lies because of their proximity to ideal living.

One should not create a cognitive dissonance  and  must understand the real difference between the “existence” and  “being.” Many people confuse between these two high level intellectual discourse. For example, the building exists, the tree exists, human beings exist, but each of their existence is quite different. When we say being, it means the originality, whereas the existence is from birth.  Let us take examples of some domestic pets like dogs, cats and cows.  All these animals have a common existence.  But the being of a cat or a cow is quite different.  Being is a subject of a realization of inner thought and that's tantamount to evolving realities and evolving presences. This sequence of reality is applicable for every living beings. If you get hurt by invective words uttered by some of your close friends, the situation becomes little boisterous for the time being. It may be unpleasant for both of you to handle that moment with ease.  It  shows the level of one’s being.  If you retaliate and raise your anger, the tension will be mounting up, but if you condone then you are showing your magnanimity. So, you display your side of being, which is at a higher level than another person. The other person who has a lesser level of being will take a path of lying while narrating this acrimonious incident to others.

If you are a selfish type, it shows your being at a certain level.  Why the religious persons  who are mostly termed as a sage and monks have a very high level of beings?  Because of their maintaining sacred life, doing all the deeds as per the moral code of conduct and serving the human beings and non-living beings, they reach that level. Though, it is a mater of judgement to understand the being, it provides an immense chance for growth for anyone. How you will be able to work on your being?  By practicing the fundamental and core values of life related to habits, thoughts and showing your inclination towards  spiritualities. You can then transform and support the process of transformation in daily life.  Try to reach the level of higher dimension from a lower one, so that you need not to lie at all for your survival. Initially, you may prefer to lie to get your job  done by others, enjoy the comforts and surpass them. But in the long run, it will create more unpleasant outcomes. So, if you  practice and embrace upon the ideal path of living, your tenacity to lie  will be gradually diminished and finally eliminated.


Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Mind rejuvenates your mind

Meditation is a qualitative aspect to revitalize your distorted mind.  It is also a natural and rewarding aspect of a human being by which one can enjoy a blissful life.  The more you practice, the more you have a calm effect on your mind.  As per Swami Yoganand, “Meditation is a deep concentration on God or one of his aspects.” I substantiate mediation as “enjoy your worldlings, detachment from the same for at least ten minutes a day for the Creator whose creation only you enjoy.”  The meditation makes you serene, calm and brings in inner peace and a feeling of oneness with the Creator.  The attentive practice of this powerful mechanism not only provides astonishing results on mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects, but also soothes your feeling so as to induce your strength of character. The meditation stabilizes your sense of well being and connects you with your inner self to increase your vitality. If you do meditation regularly, it will provide you a joy of divine love.

There are three aspects of meditation, which are defined as relaxed, interiorisation and expansion.  The continued practice of meditation relaxes your mind, body, muscles and your soul.  When all these organs and senses are energized by the power of meditation, you will feel that the enjoyment of the worlds will be ephemeral and you will not be pervaded with this enjoyment at all. In short, your relaxed mind will prompt you to delve into your inner power to have an eternal illumination of interiorisation.  The relaxed mind and body will allow you to focus and concentrate one-pointedly, usually at the point between the eyebrows.  The power of mediation increases your concentration on the aspect of your own-self very deeply. Through the power of meditation, you will be able to expand your consciousness.

Many people take meditation as a rule of life. The edifications clubbed with eloquent speeches delivered by numerous saints, sages and yogis strongly recommend to perform a meditation on a regular basis.  But it is not so easy that you achieve your this objective smoothly. It needs dedication,  nonchalant behavior and self-imposed discipline and then only, you will be able to master and focus on this activity. If you practice regularly, you will become addicted to this power of life. By practicing even for ten to fifteen minutes, you will be able to enjoy the happiness of a spiritual life. When you meditate, you must ensure that your attention is not getting distracted at all. Then, you will be able to confluence your power of mind with Creator’s blessings because of which you get this precious life. The continual meditation, therefore, brings your mind and body to a state of equilibrium and the spirit generated by the power of mediation will sedate your waver mind.  When you reach this stage in your life, your discrimination power gets increased.  You will be able to immediately differentiate the good and bad deeds. When you maintain a family life, you have to get involved in many rituals and mundane issues, which can’t be evaluated in the eyes of spirituality.  Here, the mediation and its religious power evolved therein, save you.  You are always able to guard your senses against committing wrongdoings.

: 2 :

Further, many people will be having a yearning to expand  their awareness to know the reality of life, desire to experience love with the Creator and also to aspire a joyous life  besmeared with the thoughts of God.  So, through the practice of meditation, you will be able to bring in the inner stillness for a solace and calmness. The profound knowledge in meditation  transcends all the barriers of life and reaches a level whereby you delve in the profundity of searching the power of mind, and you will be finding that the perception of reality comes from the intuition, but not from the logic. In today’s world, which is full of complexities, disharmonies and conflicts, we always find out the power of logic to conclude the desired results. This conceptual phenomenon needs to be changed.  Meditation is the only answer to make your body relaxed, the five senses are becoming less proactive and the mind becomes fully focused. You experience a ray of energy flowing through your mind and body.  This energy is very helpful to convert your conscious thoughts to supra-conscious spirit of awareness. In this way, your inner powers of  intuition are awakened.

Meditation causes to reduce your anxiety, stress, tension, desire for materialistic comfort and many other inherent and latent worldly affairs.  It also reduces your panic-stricken syndrome when you face  unpleasant and unbearable situations.  It provides adequate strength to combat your negative feelings arise out of fear psychology.  It also strengthens your immune system.  When you sit for meditation and you carry out the same, your breath slows, your blood pressure and metabolic rates decrease and the circulation and detoxification of the blood increases. Apart from these tangible benefits, the most praiseworthy help the meditation does, that it takes you slowly to the path of spiritual liberation.

The life afflicted with various desires sometimes makes you so blind that you forget the real purpose of your existence.  Your achievement of one goal leads  you to the yearning to achieve another goal and in this rat race, you are never able to still your mind.  Your energy is stored, vitalized and consumed and this cycle is continually going on unless you get exhausted. So, why to destroy your life permanently?  Sit for meditation, practice, relax, interiorize and expand your awareness.  Arouse your superconscious power and accept that the Creator’s creation is only the magic, and all of us are enacting a life drama based on His dictum and wishes.

No sooner, you will realize the above fact of life and the same gets increased by the power of meditation, you will be able to sedate your tottering mind to enjoy a God-oriented blissful life.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Can you ignore other religion and its tenet?

Have you ever pondered about spiritual freedom?  Do you believe and appreciate the sanctity of this freedom?  Most of us feel that we must have the right to express unbiased thoughts on this subject.  In a broader sense, the spiritual freedom defines one’s unbiased opinion about religious dogmas. I am a Hindu and believe in Hinduism, which had been taught by my parents, teachers and elderly persons of the society. This is basically to maintain a disciplined life within this particular “ism.” Everyone is taught accordingly. But one of the major pitfalls of this teaching that it does not provide the guidelines how to respect the other religions and take the good things from the same. When you cling to one religion and not bother of another religion, you are not following the aspect of harmonious living in the society. It may happen that your thoughts developed in this process get prejudiced and you are taking a narrow thought evolving from your understanding of the guidelines stipulated for the other religions. When the common people fail to acknowledge these nuances, there is a great danger of misunderstanding of the creeds of other religion and slowly  they are ensnared in a cluster of negative thoughts.


The question arises how to be religious and at the same time, enjoy the freedom on spiritual issues. You have to increase your knowledge and exercise the same to know the various postulates of different religions. You may say that my religion is better than the other one. When illiterate people express these feelings, one can understand, but if it is coming from the mouth of literate population, it creates chaotic situations. Now, knowledge is to be acknowledged with dedication. This dedication will lead you to choose  an ideal value, or a path of clear cut understanding to evaluate the creeds of all the religions. Your acquired knowledge will help you to practice the realities of the correct circumstances. Ultimately, this will free you from the bondage of any particular religion.  Finally, you will be able to release yourself from all entanglements of wrong notions about other religions. Bertrand Russell said that people used to always be skeptical of another religion. As per him, they were so fanatics of their own religion that seldom they could appreciate the bright side and creed of another religion. In fact knowingly, they used to interpret the bright side of the other religions wrongly. They practically did all those things so as to not to be dominated by other religion's followers, and  in this process  become heroes in the eyes of their own people. 


Mostly, we practice religion to express our feelings and attachment with the followers of the same religion. While performing this act, many times, we pick up a new sort of burden, particularly animosity with the followers of the other religion and ultimately making our lives to fall in disgrace. We face darkness in the name of religion.  When a wrong idea related to  a particular religion gets oversimplified, it undoubtedly calls for disintegration. It also pollutes the thoughts, so that all of us are forced to think wrongly. The spiritual freedom makes us to recognize the ill effects of our wrong thoughts related to religion and religious activities and gives us a strong signal that our mind is becoming busy to absorb evil and petty thoughts. 

Apart from thoughts, we also get influenced by superstitions, baseless ideas inconsistent to false beliefs. These prejudiced beliefs ultimately cloud our mind with fragmented thoughts and not allowing  us to reach higher planes.


How to overcome this sensitive issue?  One has to be religious to the extent possible and not to blindly support own religion, if required; one must take the good tenet of another religion. Becoming religious is a good gesture. While accepting the religiosity and have a faith in your own  religion, you need to learn the techniques to remain spiritually free.  For this, you have to remember the followings. First, you must respect other religions and appreciate the good things. If you take the concept that my religion is the best and all others are inferior, you can never attain spiritual freedom. Second, you must visualize oneness of God. We all pray to God thinking His different manifestations at different point of time, but God is omnipotent and omniscient. He is not particularly for one community. We only differentiate and pray Him in different names.

Remember one thing, the journey of your life is very beautiful.  It begins at the house where you are born and may be ending at another place of the universe. Who knows where the freedom lies?  All of a sudden, of course, you cannot expect your freedom. This process is gradual, sluggish and you have to observe step by step.  Once you open the doors and the windows, the light will emit all around.  You get the feeling of joy.  No sooner, you understand the same, its effect will embellish, enamor you and you will  feel this. In the material world, we always talk about pain and sorrow, loss and gain and desire and failure. But in a joyous state of spirituality, you will never share these feelings.


It is not that easy to reach this joyous state.  When you become detached from all the material comforts, you may reach this indescribable phase, but for that, your mental frame needs to be made religiously bright.  In this state, you do not have any specific urge, feeling or sensual desires.  For example, you use a cat ladder to go to the roof of the building, but once you reach there, you don’t need the ladder anymore. Finally, you reach a stage in life where you don’t believe the theory of give and take.  Everything there is beyond good or bad.  In that state of your mind, you realize the limitless and  then you do not cling to any particular religion.