Monday, January 13, 2014

Embrace the voluptuous beauty of Turkey’’

The voluptuous and panoramic view of Turkey will definitely prompt you to visit there. This country has a wide spread coastline namely Aegean and Mediterranean. Turkey has glamorous ancient sites like Troy and Ephesus. One must also visits places like Cappadocia, Anatolia and the surroundings of Lake Van. Turkey is a focal point of connectivity between Europe and Asia because it is strategically located in between the two continents. Turkey is famous for its cultural heritage, religious fervent, and hospitality. Turkey people are very generous in their behavior when the tourists visit there. Their sympathetic approach is well acclaimed.

Turkey is a predominantly Muslim Country, but it does not shy away from Westernized pattern of thought process. They do not have any inkling to ban the said culture. No sooner you land in Turkey particularly at dawn or dusk; you will have a feeling that you land in a religious place. At that point of time, most of the streets where the mosques are situated are agog with the sound of prayer. For a while, the tourists will be attracted to know the nitty-gritty of the prayer from their guides or acquaintances. Despite their dominance on religious rituals, they are secular. You can enjoy a luscious meal with a glass of wine or beer in a hotel or a resort well in the vicinity of a mosque. During your visit to a local shop, you will be served tea in a tulip-shaped glass as a part of their rich social bonding.

Turkey has a reputation of attracting tourists throughout the year. As per the statistics around 35 million tourists flock per year to enjoy the glamorous and panoramic view of various beaches and mountains.
In the Aegean region, various mountains of Anatolian interior which is parallel to the dazzling beauties of sea beaches is a scenic view to enjoy. At many places, the mountains kiss the water and one has to definitely capture the view in the camera. The most popular resort towns are Bodrum and Marmaris.

The tourist department has made no stone unturned to ensure the decorative changes in the landscape in Anatolia region. Almost all the hotels with eateries of high quality and golf courses have added the beatification of this region with a focus to attract more tourists. Some of the rockier shores are not keen to change because they desire to maintain their pristine beauties. However resorts like Kas, Kalkan, Gelemis and Dalayan are famous for various activities like sunbathe, swimming and also to take boat touring. The opulent tourists are confining themselves in floating villas and also prefer for yacht tours.

Turkey offers a wealth of various kinds of destinations to the tourists. They will be allured to watch the landscapes of Anatolia, the rock-cut Byzantine churches, volcanic rock formations of Cappadocia. The tourists can laze around the Lake Van over viewing the blue water. Whether you stay in a posh villa, budget hotel or guest house, you have to criss-cross various tourists’ spots in a hired car or through a conducted tour to feel the beauty of this country, enjoy their nourishing meal, to observe their heartiest hospitality and to feel the country’s rich heritage.

Good and Authoritative Governance

Despite India’s upturn in global scenario for various socio-political issues, the good and authoritative governance is lacking particularly when it is meted with developed countries namely USA, UK.   India with its so much so intellectual manpower, incredible scientific advancement, talented and erudite leaders, why they are not able to dominate the world’s superpower when they are correct in their convictions. The recent incident of harassment of an Indian diplomat is a glaring example of timid governance.

The other day, one of the veteran leaders of present Government Shri Kamalnath has asserted that days are changed , today’s India is not the same which was twenty years ago. These are simply emotional statement arousing public’s sentiment. He too knows very well that we Indians are mostly self centered.
Unless, we are trapped, we seldom raise assertions.

After the said ignominious incident of Mrs. Devyani, India, of course has taken some tough measures by downgrading the privileges enjoyed by American diplomats over here, but that is simply throwing a stone against a stone thrown to you.  Further, by disallowing Nancy Powell’s authority to enjoy the facilities in airport, the whole world has watched the consequence thereafter. She has promptly cancelled her trip to Nepal.

The good governance means equivalence management.  One government has to understand the others
Government’s feelings, emotions, logical explanations and conclusions derived from various discussions.
When India sits on the discussion table with USA in White House or any other places, it is a well known fact that they do not get the adequate privileges. India is now not a backward country and so they must deserve their share of power. But the same is missing not because of other countries lackluster attitude, it is our lack of focus to dominate other countries particularly USA.

So, despite of our technological and economical progress, we remain the same as we were twenty years back satleast to USA.