Monday, November 30, 2015

How to judge the authencity of your emotion?

How do you define the intensity of your emotion? It is a benchmark of your true identity?  If you perform all your functions starting from wake up to retiring at night in an ideal and perfect way, you are a follower of rules and regulations of moral living. So your every moment in your life is utilized perfectly and you get effective output.  Why it is so?  Because all the functions, which you perform daily, you act sincerely.  But most of us perform our various functions as doers. Just for the purpose of doing, we act, for example, somebody smiles; you also reciprocate your instant functioning by providing a return smile, which might not be an act of spontaneity.  You are doing a showmanship.  You may not really want to smile, but since the other person is a reputed one in the society and a quite influential man, you act and so, you smile.  What you have done; you smile as a doer. This issue has no real emotion. In another way, he has pampered you by smiling and you are being cajoled to give a return smile.


If you analyze the issue closely, you will find that it is a matter of exchange of pleasantry. He has expressed his positive vibe, which you have acknowledged in a controlled manner.  You have judged his emotion and retorted back.  Now, if you analyze your emotional effect in depth, your reciprocating action could be a bargain, a trade, and a businesslike attitude or a simple social mannerism. Somebody smiles at you and you have also done so. Mostly, it is an artificial smile, as if the same has been produced by a machine.  Without utilizing your emotional feeling, you smile. It is just an act on that particular moment. It has not created any sincere feeling for the other person.  This type of emotion has no sincerity. It is completely hollow as you have manipulated your smile.  There is no authenticity on your part.  In this way, you are manipulating your body and mind and you are also responsible for his manipulation.  In our society, this type of manipulation is widely spread and people simply are not able to identify the emotional depth of existence.  Precisely, that is the reason, being religious also; we are not attracted to the spiritualities and functions of the spiritualism.  Because quite often, we forget our spontaneity.  We all become artificial.  In this atmosphere, we create the situation of hell.  Your love has no meaning because the same is impure.  Your love is false.  Your hate is false. Your smile is false.  Your feeling is false.  Your tears are false. You are not in a position to take any decision.


The question comes how can you stay in this false environment and enjoy happiness?  Instead of living in an artificial surroundings, accept the spontaneity, which comes from your heart. Coming back to the issue of smiling, it was  not a sincere smile from your side.  But this type of situation cannot be hidden for a long.  Sooner or later, your pretension or non-spontaneity will come to the surface.  But if you smile with spontaneity, you will feel that your whole being is smiling; only your lips are not taking part.  When you resort to this path of spontaneity, everybody around you during that particular time will glow and there will be a feeling of friendly atmosphere all around. Since all the people around you will be happy; you will be also connected to the profundity of happiness.


: 2 :


Even emotions need spontaneity.  If positive emotions shown by you are false, they will be treated as a pretense.  In the same way, when the negative emotions shown by you as authentic, the same will be termed as beautiful.  People say anger is a destructive emotion.  But this anger can be termed as nice, if your whole beings feel angry. It means that you are not pretending to be angry. If you are really angry, despite it is being a negative emotion, your all sensations will be vibrant and people will not take you as a bad tempered person. They may appreciate your negative emotion as you are showing spontaneity.  For example, analyze the behavior of a child.  He cries to fulfill his any need and no sooner his need is satisfied, he stops crying. You observe his behavior, which is completely based on spontaneity.  When a child becomes angry, he runs from one corner to another, his face will be reddish, he may spit and he may throw anything he finds nearby.  When his anger subsides, he starts again running, dancing, hugging you, as if nothing has happened.  For an adult, it does not happen. Because most of your actions are based on the false and you swirl in the movement of incorrect actions continuously.  If your anger is real, it lasts for a few seconds.  Why?  Because you are angry for a true cause and there is no false reason behind your anger.  At that point of time, your showing anger is justified.  And your anger will be harmless, because it will not continue for long.  If anything evolves with spontaneity, it cannot harm anyone.  The negative emotions are also good, if they are authentic.  People have a wrong notion about negative emotions that these are bad and causing dangers both mentally and psychologically. It is bad provided the reason is based on falsity.  But if the negative emotions are authentic, it may transform us. 


If you closely analyze the power of emotions, both positive and negative, you will find that emotion derived on authentic reasons will do well and will not destroy.  All your emotions will become more and more positive and a time will come when you will not be affected either by positive or negative emotions.  You cling to authentic.  At that stage, you forget to discriminate between good and bad.  You are not bothered what is positive and what is negative? This feeling of authenticity will strengthen your introspection power to search only for the real.  And when you know the real, you will be able to find out the truth.  Then emotions will not mold you, you will mold the emotions as there is no feeling of positive or negative for you.  

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Do you think, duality is a mystery of life?

Yes, I think.
Please read the article published in today's Central Chronicle newspaper, published from Raipur.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Do you believe in non-violence and non attachment?

When I discuss the issue of non-violence with my friends, peers, and with my colleagues, unanimously everyone shows his opposition against violence. The question comes that if most of us are in favor of non-violence, then why there is so much violence in our societies? Gandhiji and Nelson Mandela are the most prolific leaders who are the  believers of non-violence. As per them, non-violence has many benefits, namely peace, happiness and joy. Do we then construe that people forego all these traits and engaging in violence? To some extent, it is true because most of the violent behaviors are acquired behaviors, it is not an inbuilt from birth. Some political leaders who our  moral preachers and most of them are wealthy people of the societies make an artificial environment in society and provoke us to engage in violence directly or indirectly. Through their eloquent volubility, they ensure people to become agitated, irritated and restless only to accrue benefits for their own or their political parties. Because of their instigations, common people are allured to create a nuisance in society. And the issues will be mostly baseless. Also, our attachment to worldly affairs and various material comforts make us so attached to the same that if we don’t receive the same, our mental conditions become uproarious and then at a slightest provocation either we engage in violence or support the same.
Now, the real reason of so much violence is the dearth of a true leader like Gandhi. He took active part in the freedom movement in India primarily based on his theory of non-violence. One out of many interesting stories related to Gandhiji’s non-violence and non-attachment is here. One day, he was about to board a train and while boarding, his one shoe slipped on the track. He was unable to retrieve the shoe; he took off the other one and threw it at the same point where the earlier one was lying. Someone present there questioned him about his this decision. He promptly replied,” The poor man, who finds the shoe lying on the track will now have a pair to use.”  Through this exemplary behavior, he taught many lessons. In general, we will be very annoyed to lose the shoe and will be continually murmuring on the loss. What Gandhiji did? He did not dwell on the loss and instead make his mind clear to throw the other shoe to extend his help for a poor person to wear the pair of shoes.

Without becoming emotional, he weighed the pros and cons of the situation and decided to act on the basis of a compassionate thought. Rather than becoming angry for losing the shoe, he showed his generosity and caring.  He took the decision to drop the other piece just to make a contribution to a needy person, who might require shoes and find them by chance.  His thoughts were noble and he also put an example of his non-attachment.  Now, how many of us are in a position to convert a bad and ugly situation to a good one?  How many of us are ready to change a negative into a positive environment?  Gandhiji’s attitude shows us to how a problematic situation can be converted for the benefit of others. In general, if a person loses a shoe in a journey similar to the one Gandhiji undertook, he would be frustrated throughout his journey. He would be restless and continue to ponder on the loss. Most of us, in a similar situation, get agitated, curse our bad luck and remain in despair for long. Gandhiji on the other hand, maintained his calmness and showed no grief for losing his shoe.  He simply gave them up and moved on. He utilized his time for some productive thoughts. Instead of becoming a victim of the circumstances, he challenged the same for a solution.  In our life, many times, we are not able to show our non-attachment. We feel allured to show attachment to various things.
Some of us are very much attached to wealth and other possessions.  If the wealth is lost because of any reason, we grimace so much as if some disastrous has happened in our life. Instead of forgetting the issue, we continue to repent and murmur. We dwell on what we lost instead of converting this odd situation into an opportunity. There are people who are very much attached to name and fame. They are so much attached to these aspects that they become insolent when their fame is maligned. They always worry what others tell about themselves. They get very much hurt, if someone comments on them. They cannot tolerate any type of criticism. If any odd remark on their reputation is passed, they become angry and may detach their relationship with the person who has commented bad things. Instead of making the situation as a normal one and turning it into a positive one, they are devastated.
Now, without getting hurt or angry by the comments, if they analyze the same calmly, they may find the whole episode as a frivolous and trivial.  But we are so much engrossed in our thoughts that seldom we ascertain the truth. The magic wand of attachment to the name and fame, wealth, materialistic comforts make us irrational and even sometime violent when we are deprived of the same. After examining the truth behind our irrational behavior and haughty attitude, we may find that our the same is completely wrong. So, we  must put efforts to clear the environment of misunderstanding and violent behavior.

The more you are non-attached to various materialistic comforts, your personal likings, your name, fame and related issues, the more you will be inclined to follow the path of non-violence in your life to make this world a better place to live.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Negative emotions

Negative emotions kill us, if not physically, but definitely mentally. Knowing  well, we still make friendship with our this poisonous friend. Why? We feel pride to describe negative things, negative reports and many other negative happenings to our family members, peers and friends on a daily basis.  In this way, it becomes a habit and  friendship grows. Bur the people who can make them at a safe distance are the real winners and lead a meaningful life.
How you can control negative emotions, read the article published in the Central Chronicle newspaper on last Saturday.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

How to seek spiritual freedom?

Have you ever pondered about spiritual freedom? Do you believe and appreciate the sanctity of this freedom?  Most of us are clear about the concept of political, economic, military and intellectual freedom. We have the right to express unbiased thoughts on these issues, but regarding spiritual freedom, our thoughts are not that expressive. In a broader sense, the spiritual freedom defines one’s unbiased opinion shifting away from the  dogmas of his own religion. I am a Hindu and believe in Hinduism, which had been taught by my parents, teachers and elderly persons of the society. This is basically to maintain a disciplined life within this particular “ism.” Not only me, everyone is taught accordingly. But one of the major pitfalls of this teaching that it does not provide the complete knowledge how to respect the other religions and take the good things from them. When you cling to one religion and not bother of another religion, you are not following the aspects of harmonious living in the society. It may happen that your ideas developed in this process get prejudiced and you are taking a narrow thought evolving from your understanding of the guidelines stipulated for various other religions. When the common people fail to acknowledge these nuances, there is a great danger of misunderstanding of the creeds of other religion and slowly  they are ensnared in a cluster of negative thoughts.

We must ponder how to be religious and at the same time  enjoy the freedom on spiritual issues. You have to increase your knowledge and exercise the same to know the various postulates of different religions. You may say that my religion is better than the other one. When illiterate people express these feelings, one can understand, but if it is coming from the mouth of literate population, it creates chaotic situation.
Any new learning is to be acknowledged with dedication. This dedication will lead you to choose  an ideal value or a path of clear cut understanding to evaluate the creeds of all the religions. Your acquired knowledge will help you to practice the realities of the correct circumstances. Ultimately, this will free you from the bondage of any particular religion.  Finally, you will be able to release yourself from all the entanglements of wrong notions about other religions. Bertrand Russell said that people used to always be skeptical of another religion. As per him, they were so fanatics of their own religion that seldom they could appreciate the bright side and creed of another religion. In fact knowingly, they used to interpret the bright side of the other religions wrongly. They practically did those things just not to be dominated by other religion's followers and also to become heroes in the eyes of their own people. 

Mostly, we practice religion to express our feelings and show attachment for the followers of the same religion. While performing this act, many a times, we pick up a new sort of burden, particularly animosity with the followers of the other religion and ultimately making our lives to fall in disgrace. We face darkness in the name of religion.  When a wrong idea related to a religion gets oversimplified, it undoubtedly calls for disintegration. It also pollutes the thoughts, so that all of us are forced to think wrongly. The spiritual freedom makes us to recognize the ill effects of our wrong thoughts related to a particular religion and religious activities and gives us a strong signal that our mind is becoming inclined to evil and petty thoughts. 
Apart from thoughts, we also get influenced by superstitions, baseless ideas inconsistent to false beliefs. These prejudiced beliefs ultimately cloud our mind with fragmented thoughts and not allowing it to reach a higher level of understanding.

How to overcome this sensitive issue?  One has to be religious to the extent possible and not to blindly support own religion, if required; one must take the good tenets of another religion. Becoming religious is a good gesture. While accepting the religiosity and accepting your own  religion, you need to learn the  following techniques. First, you must respect other religions and appreciate their good things. If you take the concept that my religion is the best and all others are inferior, you can never attain spiritual freedom. Second, you must visualize oneness of God. We all pray to God  after considering His different manifestations at different point of time, but God is omnipotent and omniscient. He is not particularly for one community. We only differentiate and pray Him in different names.
Remember one thing, the journey of your life is very beautiful.  It begins at the house where you are born and may be ending at another place of the universe. Who knows where the freedom lies?  All of a sudden, of course, you cannot expect your freedom. This process is gradual, painstaking and you have to observe step by step.  Once if you open the doors and the windows, the light will emit all around.  You get the feeling of joy.  No sooner, you understand the same ideology, its effect will embellish, enamor you and you will feel this. In the material world, we always talk about pain and sorrow, loss and gain and desire and failure.
But in joyous state, you will never share these feelings. It is not that easy to reach this blissful state.  When you become detached from all the material comforts, you may reach this indescribable phase, but for that, your mental frame needs to be made religiously bright. Then, you will  not have any specific urge, feeling or sensual desire.  For example, you use a cat ladder to go to the roof of the building, but once you reach there, you don’t need the ladder anymore. Once you reach a stage in life where you don’t believe the theory of give and take, you will consider  everything as neutral; there is no  good or bad.  In that state of your mind, you realize the limitless. 

A spiritual freedom cannot ensnare you and inflame your mental activity when you are not that bothered about all the mundane issues related to worldly life.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Why we are scared to be a servant?

At the twilight of my career, which will be mostly followed by a reclusive life, barring some freelance writings, I ponder, “Why I missed to be a servant?” I could make this prayer little early, “Lord, make me a servant.”  Once this servitude is embedded in your ego, then you find everybody needs your services and you are gladly accepting their pleas to provide the same. It is exceptionally contemptuous to face the dictum of today’s competitive world  at every step where you are dominated by others, quite often for no good a reason. Then do you think such type of prayer would have been helpful for you to succeed?  If you analyze critically the behavioral pattern of most of the people, you will come to this predisposition that this world supports not the dominant, but the one who serves and show gratitude to others.

Frankly speaking, we all hate to hear the word “servant.”  We take the meaning wrongly as the society teaches us so. The ugly connotation as effervesces from this word makes us to think that the people who work for us need our kindness to survive.  We take it granted to dictate them, to humiliate them, to disrespect them and to oppress them. Those who serve us, we take them as inferior. But these people are really a gem as they serve others selflessly. Further, it is not that easy to find such types of people who serve you and me without any expectation of reward.  Some of us accept this job, do the same gladly and surrender their body and mind to God.  By providing services to others relentlessly, they become servants of God and their social environment is pervaded with happiness.

We give a donation who deserves it so as to bringing joy to his face. So, we should take  the burden of those people who are really distressed to find the end of the road. If you can extend help to those who are simply trapped wrongly or being deluded with bad advices, God will extend  His  blessings and wishes to you. You can feel  the enjoyment of the same.

Why do we call servants to the people, who work for us?  What is the reason to brand them in that fashion?  Does it not show our supremacy and desire to dominate others?  Is it not a culture shock in a free radical society?  Does it not reflect the true characters of the people, who obtain the noble services from these servants?  On the contrary, we must change our opinion and put them on a platform of respect and to pay homage to them for their services. Such people only do well for others and don’t want any extraordinary reward or appreciation. And they serve us without any ulterior motives. They always perform their duties in any circumstances without asking for any credit for the help they provide.  This mental frame of ours needs to be reformed and we have to evaluate their real worth and give due credits whoever deserves the same.  By calling other people as servants whosoever may be being engaged by us to provide various services, we show our excessive pride and hubris and ultimately fall down from the grace of God.  Even during that time, we don’t get lessons, because most of us are inflicted with over inflated egos.  By showing this pattern of thinking, it is very difficult to enlighten your mind.  On the contrary, if you take the examples of enlightened souls like Swami Vivekananda and Ramakrishna, you will observe that these erudite yogis never took an approach to reign others.  All through their life, they took the approach of “servants” in life.

: 2 :

 In today’s world, there are people, who do their duties for noble causes, serve the underprivileged and help people who are not even able to manage their two square meals for their family members.  We don’t know them.  Since, we are so much occupied with the information on various sensitive news like scams, corruption and atrocities in the society, we seldom search for those people who work as servants.

Many people take this approach to become servants to help others and they take pride in doing so. They never feel that they are servants to others wishes. Such is the spirit of theirs. Though the numbers of these types of people are less, but it is not completely disappeared. The said truth is so powerful that if you follow, the same  will transform your life from a selfish attitude to a selfless type. The only thing, it must be activated.  Most of the people are not that enlightened to understand the importance of this ideology and so, prefer to remain in dominant mode all the time.  The  following questions if you and I ask constantly, then maybe it will be useful to inculcate the habit of becoming a servant at least mentally. What can I do for someone who is in need of any kind of help? Can I bring some happiness to someone?  Can I extend my help to provide food to a hungry person? All these thoughts will make you take the path of a humble servant attitude. The whole human race has survived on the ground that the people who have servant attitude, help millions to get uplifted. Their contributions and magnanimity are so generous that most of us are today survived.

If all of us pray to God each night to make us servants to someone in need, there may be a chance of making the majority of the people happy. This prayer when made with  sincerity, there will be a turning point in anyone’s life.  Jesus said, “The son of Man came to serve rather than be served.”  So, why should we be scared to be a servant?

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

How to face challenges?

How to face challenges?

In today’s world where we live is full of complexities. Some people take these complexities as challenges. They face it boldly and counter the same. They consider these challenges as future opportunities. They don’t get afraid and sneak away. Because of this attitude, they ultimately overcome the barriers and find out the solutions and become successful.

When we face problems in our life, either we get puzzled or we feel energized to overcome the same. Some people term these problems as evil. Though they explain it in a negative way, it is actually the negative name of a positive phenomenon. You must consider the problems as problems, but not as an evil. No sooner, you think in this fashion, it will not be difficult to challenge the problem and find out the opportunities arise out of these problems. The best course of action is to challenge any problem so as to dilute the gravity of the same using your power of intelligence.

The phenomenon can be further explained, taking the plan of creation of God. Based on this hypothesis, you can identify the intellectual difference between the human beings and the non living beings.  According to spiritual practice and its tenets on which we have faith, God has not given any choice for the non-living identities. But He has given enough intellect to human beings to have a preference of choice. Man can choose his course of actions to perform various activities. He is free to choose anything, whether good or bad.  It is this choice only creates problems, which needs to be challenged in a positive way, so that the problems can be resulted in benefits.

To challenge the obstacles, you need enough power of dedication and development. Self-development has no place in the world of non living beings as they have limited choices.  Human beings, on the other hand, are born with unlimited potentialities of self-development. This development again is not that so easy to realize. It needs a lot of deliberations, perseverance, determination and desire to achieve the goal. When human beings are exerted to live with pressure or are forced to do many things or different types of works for the purpose of survival, they understand the importance of their potentialities, which most of the time will be hidden. Due to pressure, these hidden potentialities will be converted into actualities. This is really a difficult phase of life. If you say these difficult circumstances as evil, then it is the result of lack of understanding of the natural existence.

As per law of nature, everything falls down on this planet because of gravitational force and unless the same is being faced with a challenge, this sequence will continue to remain in force. This gravitational force is one of the main reasons for our planet’s existence. This particular gravitational pull was first identified by famous physicist Isaac Newton, who revolutionized the planet’s inhabitants with his famous law of gravitation.  Before his invention, we all used to knew this as the Creator’s blessings. When an apple fell on the head of Newton, he started to analyze the cause and established the above law. 

: 2 :

In reality, every one of us has unlimited capabilities.  We have tremendous potentialities lying dormant, but we are not able to activate.  The incident of falling apple could have been ignored by Newton just as a passing time. But he did not do so and the rest was history. To inflame the potentialities, we need to have a cultural shock treatment.  We must need some hard facts, which will energize us to carry out with painstaking work to arouse our potentialities. Our mind needs to be properly used, agitated positively and then put into the work of thinking deeply on any subject to get an effective output. When we pass through any type of hurdle, do introspection, find out the causes and our mind will automatically  unfold and we will be able to achieve a success path.

Let us recount the story of Mahatma Gandhi. After finishing his studies in law, he went to South Africa to practice law. He never thought that he would be a great freedom fighter one day. His mind completely got changed when he encountered one incident.  He was  to visit Pretoria and he purchased a first class train ticket and ushered into the coach.  The railway officials ordered him to vacate the place as the first class was supposed to be the seats earmarked for white people.  Gandhiji did not bulge except to find his luggage was thrown on the platform and he was also pushed out of the train. He had to bear the extremely chilled weather of the platform and ultimately, decided to come back to India and formed a group to start the freedom movement and that was the year 1920. After that, people spontaneously joined his movement with an oath to oust the British and Gandhiji became the emerging leader of the freedom movement.

It is very easy to bypass any incident treating the same as a trivial matter and just not to accept any challenge. Supposed a substance falls on our head, we may cry in pain, we may shout to the person, who has done this mischief or we may curse our luck for this happening. But if we take this fall and utilize the power of mind to act as a super mind, anything can happen in the life.  Our life is full of challenges – small, big, trivial, non-related and sometimes, even of no use to us.  But if we accept all these challenges as a new phase in life, we may achieve a great success.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Spread the love beyond the boundary

We all like to be guided by our sensual feelings. When we feel hungry, we eat to satiate our hunger.  When we feel thirsty, we drink water to quench our thirst. We study books to increase our knowledge.  We visit temples to seek God’s blessings.  We love each other to show our sympathy, compassion, bonding and sexual gratification.  All these sensual feelings give rise to various types of emotions, which is very common to all living beings.  Through these emotional feelings, we can reach other.  Supposed, a man is thirsty and you provide him a glass of water, you reach him.  In this way, we are able to connect to other human beings and then, to nature and finally, the universe.  This emotion is increased when you power, the feeling with love. With this feeling of love, you can cross any boundary, barriers, obstacles, impediments, if not physically, but mentally. Ultimately, you  create an image of universal motherhood.


The greatest flowering, which is possible to bloom on this earth, is love.  A red colored beautiful rose blossoms quite naturally even from a small plant. In the way flower blooms, love also sprouts in our hearts and then, expands for the good causes. Love expands to create brotherhood. Love spreads the message of compassions. It removes hatred.  It brings harmony. It provides equanimity in the society. We should encourage the spreading of love.  We should not confine this love in a boundary.  We should love each other without any expectation.  It is really encouraging to observe the power of love when the strength and beauty of two hearts emerge that love each other.  Love can be compared both with the cool freshness of the full moon and the brilliance of the sun’s rays.  Why this similarity is drawn? Because, when love extends for the purpose of showing kindness, compassion and to help others in the distance, it is as pure as the moon’s coolness.  When this same love is interpreted for bodily and sensual actions, then, the same is treated like the scorching heat of the bright sun.  When a sun ray pierces the body, giving a burning sensation; we get exhausted. In the same way, the love with impurity and ill feelings destroy us.


A beautiful pair of husband and wife may say, “We are living together in mutual love.” They may be often fighting, but just to show off, they pretend their love and affection for each other.  This is a gross misconception of true love.  Love is an object given to us by God.  It is free.  One can take it, utilize it and savor its fragrance like a flower.  But the pretension in love will be construed as a make-believe love. It is beyond imagination.  You cannot love anything in your imagination.  Mentally, you can dream, but if you want to love a human being, you have to do so physically.  Love can not be imagined as a fake, it is to be lived. Wearing a mask, if you pretend to love, it must be removed.  Because, when you pollute the love, it loses its purity. It only happens in the absence of humility or the spirit of compromise.  Love is such a sacred aspect that you have to think its eternal beauty with your mind.  Unless you exert your openness and embrace upon anyone or any object with your love, the same will be known as an artificial behavior. For example, if you are not really thirsty, you will not touch the bottle of water lying on your table.  On the contrary, if you are very thirsty and you happen to pass through a river, you will bend down and take some water in your hand to quench your thirst.   


: 2 :


In the case of conjugal love, when a man and a woman are involved, it is seen that after a certain period of time, they suspect each other.  In the disguise of loving relationship, they are not able to show this behavior because the sacredness of love is missing in today’s world.  When you cast a suspicion in a loving relationship, the longevity and the health of the persons involved  will suffer. This suspicion is also a one type of disease. When someone is afflicted with this kind of disease, he or she loses the concentration power to listen to the other person’s opinion thoroughly. An antagonizing feeling is being developed in the mind of the person.  In that case, the feeling of love will be less and the feeling of hatred will be more.  In this type of behavior, the relationships are destroyed.  Despite all these odds, we have not lost love forever.  By any chance, if love fades away, the world will be nothing less than a battlefield. Love exists  always in every person.  Simply, we have to inflame this for the better relationship.  We can never allow love to get extinguished.  We must ensure the importance of love.  We must respect, worship and show our faith in a divine power.  This power is not extrinsic; it is intrinsically developed within yourself.  If we want to discover this power, you must practice the same relentlessly. So, we have to spread love all over the surrounding.  To spread the power of love, we need to adjust our perspectives.  For example, while writing something on a paper, we focus on our thoughts, but not on the paper or the pen.  These papers and pen are the media only; the perspective is to write exercising the power of our thoughts.



Today, we live in an artificial world.  We give more emphasis on the artificial activities and follow cut short in every affair. The definition of humanity is brought down to the level of insincerity. Men and women have lost the power to provide the real cause of life and its sustainability.  They completely forget the fundamental reason that life is love. When we read, we must focus our attention to grasp what the words and its juxtaposition want to convey.  We must also know the fact that the paper, on which the words are written, is the substratum. In the same way, all of us, including our next generation must recognize the fact that the life’s core message is love.  Once this feeling of brotherhood is established, all afflictions will disappear and everyone will live in peace.




Monday, November 9, 2015

Why we so often incline to godmen?

India is a place where people follow many religions and sometimes they fight with each other on these issues. You visit any house, you will find either the photos or the idols of Gods and Goddesses.  Traditionally, every home has a small temple, every street corner has a medium sized temple and in some places, you will find a full fledged temple with crowd stand in queue to see their preferred Gods or Goddesses. Every family has a Kula Devta and mostly every important events of our life is governed by God. Apart from this, there will be various festivals to celebrate doing fasting and performing pujas so as to get the blessings of Gods and Goddesses. In fact, we are so obsessed with the power of divinity that we  greet each other on the streets, addressing in the name of “Hare Krishna” or “Ram-Ram” or “Radhe- Radhe.” In some places of India, of course, we simply smile or nod saying “Namaskar.” Broadly, the Hindu civilization is based on God-centric. If we discuss the details of the Vedic period, we find of Agni, Vayu, Surya and Marut and we used to perform all types of Yagnas for fulfillment of our wishes and also to bring solace to our families and other members. 

In the mythological scriptures, namely Upanishads, which teaches us to search the discovery of truth. Through this discovery of truth, we are able to find our inward contemplation.  Of course, not all of us are in a position to ascertain this fact, because this requires a bit of Sadhna and meditation. With the turn of the millennium, we have the Puranas, which provide the description of anthropomorphic Gods and get ourselves divided based on the belief to Vishnu, Shiva, Devi, Ganesha and Surya. Each person has accepted any of these Gods or Goddess and start performing Pujas and chanting hymns in their names. Then we bring in the semi-gods like Kubera and Kama and the celestial beings like Gandharvas and Kinnaras. Thereafter, we have the period of many sages and pious persons whom we respect almost as Gods because of their power. These sages were gifted with the vision and they brought the various truths closer to us. Despite the plethora of godmen, our belief in Gods and Goddesses remain intact. We turn to our God to solve all our problems and we turn to them in awe and veneration. We feel God only could  control our lives. 

The culture of this period was full of religious fervor.  Buddha, Mahavira, Bharata and Panini used to teach us the philosophy of life.  Their teachings used to enlighten the morality of people. They believed in a loving relationship.  Against this backdrop of the post-Vedic period, the modern India is getting spoiled because of fragmented traditional values, cultural shocks based on groups with respect to caste, religion, race and socio-constraints. The economic disparity is another reason for determination of traditional values.  In modern India, we are afflicted with various types of sufferings; we have more pains and less delight and that too also artificial.  We have sorrow rather than serenity. There is more uncertainty and less certainty today.  Because of this, we are forced to search for gurus to relieve our anxieties.  We hope that our gurus will guide us to grow in a more balanced way.  We start to think that the Gods are like a metaphor of idols and images, whereas the gurus are persons with whom we can interact meaningfully. The various types of Gods provide us a contemplation to convert a particular form to the formless and churn our minds to consider stillness. 

Godmen and godwomen very rightly understand this psyche and invite people with a hug and a beautiful smile.  Some of them offer mantras after making them as their disciples.  Some other godmen entices  them  and  say them to perform different ambiguous practices.
Precisely,that is the reason, we run to  these gurus.When they are not able to satisfy our desires and make us feel that they cannot  take  the roles of God,we again rush to the temples to seek the blessings of Gods and Goddesses. So, our Gods have never failed us, we are not able to understand the so-called charismatic power of these gurus, which is a momentary consolation. God is omnipotent, omniscient and He will protect us always. Is there any need to incline for these godmen?