Saturday, September 27, 2014

Can Modi's India be world's superpower?

It is evident that by now, Modi has convinced two Asian’s giants to associate with India in their growth pattern. Japan and China accept India as a leading business hub in this continent. Japan has absolutely no problem to strengthen economic, social, financial and cultural ties with India and the same can be escalated years-after-years. China, whose population, economic growth, higher GDP as compared to India, give them a little more advantage and so Modi has rightly wooed their President to augment the relationship both economically and socially. But compared to Japan, China is not that dependable. They are interested more on the economic front rather than deescalate the social and people to people issues. Now, If Modi wants to quickly take India in his stride to make a superpower, he has to increase his clout to augment more investment from various European countries. Further, He has to extend his reach and grabbed the attention of EU members apart from the world’s two most developed countries, namely USA and UK. In this way, perhaps Modi and India under his stewardship will emerge as a superpower in another three to five years of time.
The one country of Europe is Sweden, who is very keen to take advantage of the long overdue and negotiated Free Trade Agreement between India and its largest trading partner European Union.
Sweden is one of the countries whose products are superb. They have technological advancement, qualitative enrichment and pricewise is also  competitive worldwide as many of their companies are now manufacturing their products  locally  and rigorously marketing the same in domestic markets.  In fact, their ambassador Harold Sandberg is very optimistic to enhance the power of economic fronts between the two countries. In a recent symposium held at Bangalore, he emphatically echoes his voice that no sooner some contentious issues of proposed FTA are resolved, the business growth undoubtedly is envisaged at a rapid pace. He also says that more than fifty percent of Sweden’s revenues takes place through trading channel and FTA will be definitely a more lucrative proposition. His perception, of course, is very clear that only to sign a treaty will not make prosperous both the countries  unless there is a win-win situation to flourish the economic situation, in reality.
This FTA is likely to be signed after Modi completes his visit to the USA. The EU is in the process to sign similar types of pacts with the USA and Japan.
Sweden is very keen to establish their third business hub in Bangalore after New Delhi and Pune. They are well equipped in research and development to increase value addition of their products and they will augment their facilities in these places to supplement their business activities. As per the last financial data, Sweden has already invested 1.8 billion US Dollar in India in the year 2013. They are contemplating to increase their figure to double by this year. They are closely monitoring the business friendly environment under Modi’s stewardship, scale of economic boost up, promising future in manufacturing sectors and overall growth prospect in many other business sectors. Considering these facts, Sweden is far more proactive about their proposed investment in India.
Sweden is very strong, technologically in the urban transport sector, renewable energy and solid waste management. The Swedish companies in these sectors are very keen to establish their business ventures here to accrue the benefits for both the countries. This country is the second largest in Europe with respect to GDP per capita and has a huge stake in the Indian market through their very brand image conscious companies, namely ABB, SKF, AstraZeneca, Volvo trucks & Scania.  In all probability, Volvo Cars might set up a state of the art and very modern plant in the Koral district near Bangalore. Another Swedish company Scania is also ready to invest a considerable fund for its bus production facility. IKEA has already obtained an approval from the government for its 10,000 crores and above investment. It is sourcing its merchandise locally and on the spree to add more local suppliers. The state government is also showing interest to woo various other Swedish companies so that that a considerable presence of these companies are seen in India, particularly in Karnataka. In fact, in the mid and small segments, the Swedish companies, namely Autolive, Partex, Envic and Comsol are excellently performing as far as business is concerned with this state.
The business climate study conducted by the Swedish Embassy shows a promising future of economic growth, coherence of business environment,technological upgradation, enhancement of employment and they predict the way the present government under Modi is scaling up its business front, the Swedish companies are ready to stay here. Not only that, many more companies of Sweden are energized to open their ventures in India.
They equally hope for the less red-tapism, good governance, friendly business environment and if that happens quickly, both the countries will be able to increase their business growth considerably.
 If Modi can extend his power of charisma to Japan and  China and the same is bestowed upon some of the prominent European countries like Sweden, Germany, Finland and Denmark, I don’t think he will take much time to emerge as a world hero in all fronts, economically, socially and politically. Let’s wait and see, but I am very hopeful that under his able guidance, India will be a superpower and there is no doubt about the same.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Effectiveness of Visualization

Success has no fixed formula.  The different people take different routes to climb the success ladder.  Some people do affirmations daily, some  hear motivating and inspiring talks and some others visualize their success through images and pictures in their mind. Needless to say, these powerful practices are to be continued in conjunction with your hard and smart work and actions.   
This visualization is a very powerful technique.  It is also known as the art of creating compelling and vivid pictures in your mind.  It is the most underutilized success tool, the human beings possess.  This tool is very much instrumental to bring achievement of  all your goals as practicable as possible. The visualization works in three different ways.

  1. This tool activates the energies of the power of subconscious mind.  For any successful endeavour, the contribution of the subconscious mind is far more than the conscious mind.  The most successful people always concentrate their focus to activate the ever agile subconscious mind with the help of affirmations, visualization and imagination.  You can control your conscious mind, but you have no control on your subconscious mind. It will never listen to any logic.  It is like a computer; what you feed, it stores and again retrieves, as and when you require.

  1. With the help of visualization, your brain is able to program its reticular activating system (RAS)  just to notice available resources you need for your usefulness and utilize the same for your success.  Of course, these resources are always available with you, but you are not able to recognize the same. 

  1. Visualization acts as a magnet and it attracts you to various like minded people, opportunities and resources by which you are able to accomplish your successful journey in your life.

The Neuro researchers and scientists have established this fact that when you perform a task in your real life, your brain does the same process, which it is supposed to do when you visualize the same activity in your mind.  In short, there is no difference in the brain about the process of your actual doing or visualizing the doing.  This principle is also applied whenever you learn any new thing, you try to accomplish a new skill or you indulge yourself into a new activity.  Harvard researchers conclude that people, who visualize the things in advance, have better performance than the one who are not visualizing.  The persons with a capability of visualization or ability to develop this tool are performers of one hundred percent accuracy of any task.  In visualization mode, you energize your brain and in that state of mind, when you start to perform in  reality, your achievement will be almost to the target.  But the unfortunate part in life is that our education system does not advocate this tool to implement in mass scale.  The sports psychologists use this technique of visualization to enhance the performance of the sports persons.  In fact, almost all the celebrity athletes or experts in any field  follow this technique. Before any game or event, they repeatedly visualize their winning and in most of the cases, the positive results only take place.

: 2 :

When you visualize on a daily basis regarding your wishes or desire as if the same are already accomplished, it creates a conflict and arouse your sub-conscious mind to take action to fulfill your desires or wishes. How this happens? These conflicts when magnified over a period through regular visualization, causes three things to happen.  Firstly, it sensitizes your brain’s reticular activating system to make you aware about the impact of the regular visualizations and ultimately forces to achieve the same; of course, you have to be action oriented.  Secondly, it activates your sub-conscious mind to suggest solutions for getting the goals you want to achieve. You will be able to generate new ideas in the morning immediately after you wake up. You may get the same while driving the car to your office or when you are simply lazing at your home. You will get the solutions so that  you are able to achieve your desired goals. Thirdly, it creates the power of motivation. You will see that you start taking extraordinary actions and your determination level will be very high to achieve your goals. 

The tool of the reticular activating system works in a scientific manner.  At any given point of time, 8 million bits of information pass through your brain. All these information may not be relevant for you.  Even you may not be able to attend to this. So, the work of the RAS is to filter and supply you the one which is exactly needed for your survival and achieving your goals.  RAS knows what to let in and what to filter out?  How?  Here come the power and practice of visualization.  Your daily visualization and affirmations by which you are constantly provoking your sub-conscious mind, RAS will provide you only those and discard the balance.  This tool also supplies you other relevant information according to your belief and images of yourself, others and the world.

The RAS is a very powerful tool as stated, but it will only look for the exact picture, images and self-talk you provide.  On its own, its power is almost negligible.  So, you have to provide the food of thoughts to RAS to accomplish your goals.

The mode of visualization supported by positive affirmations and continual self-talk is very useful methods to energize you, particularly when the things are not that smooth. In an ideal environment, you can easily achieve your goal, but when the sea is rough and if you are asked or happen to sail, then this power of visualization will be very effective.  In that phase of your life, if you want, what you visualize, then you have to definitely use this tool of visualization.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Leaders are always humble

What is the greatest quality of a leader supposed to be? The different people have different opinions. Some people say that a leader must exert his leadership, though his courage, determination, setting up examples for others to follow and motivate his people in any situation. In short, a leader must be in a position to lead in all aspects. Some others opine that a true leader must show enough sympathy, affection, kindness and love to their followers. There are others, who say that a leader, apart from all other qualities, essentially should be humble. Humility is very necessary for leaders. If you take the example of many CEOs, who are heading the fortune  500 companies, you will find that most of them are ambitious, courageous, self confident, cool, good listeners and able motivators, but the one essential criteria they  all possess that essentially, they are very humble. Most of them are multi-millionaires, but outwardly they don’t show any pride for  their wealth. They devote their lives in search of excellence. We  recognize them as  very wealthiest persons who have a lot of money power. We are in the darkness of assessment because we give a lot of weightage on the power of money. We classify people on the wrong notion as where they live, which cars they drive, in which restaurants they eat and which brand of clothes they wear. We respect people with big bank balances. A time was there when a man was judged by his character, his values and his knowledge. He was assessed for his ability to think for the welfare of underprivileged, his noble virtues, his moralities, his thinking pattern and top of everything his attitude towards people. In general, all these major qualities were the only benchmark to  assess his potentiality as a leader. Today, these things are insignificant. All these virtues are replaced by the concept of how much money, fame and power you possess.

The fundamental idea of today’s society is based on money. And the money becomes our ruler as a master, whereas we must ensure that money should be a good servant.

A leader must possess the quality of humility and it is must for any leader. This word is derived from the Latin word “humilitas” which means grounded that is the earth beneath us.

Today’s world is full of self proclaimed leaders. They believe in their muscles power and money power. Without these, they feel crippled. They prefer to be aggressive and they seldom show humility. They consider  the trait of humility  as a weakness.

In reality, it is not that true. Humility is now being studied as a virtue necessary for the best leaders. In fact, if you study the autobiography of any tycoons, spiritual gurus and political leaders, who are recognized and severely revered by people, you will find all of them are very humble. It is considered as high esteem, high level of confidence. If you are humble, then only you accomplish a great achievement in any spheres of your life. They are able to organize, manage, teach, train, direct and guide their people in the right direction and people are getting immensely  benefited to be associated with them.

The main problem is our mindset with this word ‘’ humility.’’ We feel that people are humble means they are timid, weak, cowardly, lowliness and itty-bitty types. In reality, it is just opposite. Humility makes you sharper, witty, knowledgeable and provide you the power of wisdom, which ultimately enable you to lead an organization, enterprise, union, church, society or even a country.

When Jesus’s disciples embroiled into an argument over who was holy and who would get placed in heaven, Jesus said to them, “Whosoever desires to become great among you shall be your servant. And whosoever of you desires to be first, shall be the slave of all. For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to sacrifice his life as a ransom for many”.     

How many of us accept this philosophy of Jesus to deserve to be a true leader. So, we must bring humility to the forefront so that we as leaders can carry out some noble works for other human beings..

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Exploration of the right Mind

If you study the  law of ‘’Exploration of the right mind’’ and apply correctly, you will receive God’s energy and feel real happiness in your life. Here, the word “right” means a state of mind which obeys the laws of Primordial God, who created this universe.

This rightness does not correspond to the results of scientific study or research. Science advances at a rocket speed, develop many inventions, produces various developments in technology for the benefit of mankind, but it is not that easy for science to define this rightness. Its basis is in the existence of God and the existence of the spiritual world. You may feel something very right and act accordingly to your belief, but the same may not be correct at all in the world of faith, which is eternal and immutable. This world of course is very different from the truth of everyday life and science also can’t explain that truth. Science is definitely a useful tool for our progress and it acts as a yardstick to take earthly judgments.  As per you, the things which are right in a scientific sense may not be proven true. For example, science claims that humankind emerged several million years ago and they were the diverged form of Chimpanzees four million years ago, but there is no concrete scientific based proof of this theory.  To get rid of unnecessary conflict, it is prudent and wise on our part to follow the rules of society. Whatever we are taught by our parents, teachers, religious preachers, we are told to follow the same. Just as Jesus Christ once looked at a coin bearing the image of the head of the Roman Emperor Caesar and said to his disciples, “Render therefore unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s”, (Matthew 22:21)  there are things which follow the rules of the material world. It is not worthwhile to fight against those established rules.

About twenty five hundred years ago, Buddha detached himself from the material comfort to become a monk, in order to find out the answer to why human beings face pangs, distress, pain of birth and death in their lives. Sacrificing his whole life, he developed the right mind and saw the whole universe as one with a sole purpose to serve the human beings. Like him, you may also try to develop the right mind and engage yourself to love others by giving. This giving does not mean, of giving money. This giving is to ensure a bonding with others to find out the possibility of a common mind of the rightness, all though there will be people with different personalities, nature, behavior and countenance. In this context of right mind, once you are attached to others, the conflicts and disharmony will not arise at all. So, even if you  occupy an individual body and soul, but with the help of the right mind, you are tuned to think only good for others. When the majority of the people will have the right mind, the world will become a utopian one.

Monday, September 15, 2014

XI Jinping caught by Modi, bowled by Modi

No, it is not a cricket match between China and India.  But all around India, there is a spur of activities mainly in the government sector to increase the trade bonding between the two countries. Again a pat on Modi as in the recent past, there was no so much so hullabaloo for visit of any Chinese high level dignitaries.  The President of China, Xi Jinping will be visiting India on the 17th instant, fly down to Ahmedabad to have a business meeting with Modi. The government officials are already lined up in Ahmedabad to supervise this high level meeting where a number of memorandum of understandings is going to be signified to augment the bi-lateral trade.  These MOUs include several industrial projects in the state of Gujarat.  The agreement between China Development Bank (CDB) and Gujarat Industrial Extension Bureau will substantiate the financial aid and pattern of these projects. There will be other MOUs between the Gujarat government and the Guangdong province of China and between the Chinese city of Guangzhou and Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. The big industrialists, business honchos from financial and banking sectors and a few prominent business conglomerates are invited to illuminate this strategic meeting.

CDB is committed to develop a special industrial park and other industrial projects in India.  The prominent Chinese companies are alluring our government officials to corner a major share of Ahmedabad- Gandhinagar metro rail project, ports and many other industrial activities in Gujarat. Apart from Gujarat, the Chinese Government is contemplating to industrialize Pune and Coimbatore cities.  They are mainly keen to improvise the business deal in the sectors of railways, port, food processing, textile park, energy development, water resources management and environmental up-gradation.  They also opine to strengthen the cultural ties and people to people contact.

The various agendas of this ensuing visit start from the guard of honor with Insas rifles followed by business meetings, dinner party almost like a grand gala dinner and a stroll in the riverfront park situated on the west bank of Sabarmati Ashram. The riverfront park will be decorated with the beauties of dazzling lights and the fountain just to have a panoramic view of the place by the Chinese President.  After all, he is coming with a basket of 100 billion trades in a span of 5 years.  Needless to say, it is 3 times more than the investment proposed by the Japanese Prime Minister.

It seems there is a new dawn in the backdrop of bonhomie between these two leaders.  Xi Jinping is recognized to be one of the strategic leaders of the 21st Century.  But the pertinent question whether this thick relationship can wipe out the dark clouds developed so far mostly based on a political vendetta.  The economic tie-up is a good and prosperous phenomenon, but the political skirmishes, if not settled then this huge investment alone cannot solidify the relationship like a brick and mortar.

: 2 :

Xi Jinping is interested to enhance the economic tie-up with India to increase both the country’s GDP to a level anticipated by the leaders.  But this is not only the factor for his endearment.  All these days, US is granted as a super power and reigning the whole world.  China wants to dethrone them and for that matter, the President wants Modi in his stride to accomplish his latent desire.

The main hypothesis lie whether China will develop a new role model drifting away from their assertiveness, aggressiveness and seeming annoyance when it comes to political resolution and settlement thereof.  If they want to establish themselves as a super power in Asia, they have to show their demeanor amicably and handle all political issues smoothly.  Sadly, they are not following the contents in a style, which is required to be dealt with the world.  No doubt, Chinese culture and civilization is a very old one and a respectable proposition, but they have to exert a fatherly figure to enjoy the rapport of every country in the world.

Barring an economic strengthening, China needs to discuss sensitive issues of PLA infiltration, trade barriers faced by Indian experts, their open support to Pakistan’s nuclear capabilities.  All these days, China show complete indifference whenever there is a cross border terrorism instigated by Pakistan. The issues related to Arunachal Pradesh’s territory and stapled visas are also some political concerns, which cannot be overlooked. If Xi Jinping can address all these issues and come to an amicable win-win situation, then a new path of building trust will be opened. Further, they need to have a serious confabulation on FTA, which will create a common market for 2-5 billion people.  If Mr. President does not glue his eyes to all these state of affairs, no matter how much cooperation is established for economic development, a serious bonding in terms of people to people contact  and country to country relationship will not materialize soon.

As stated above, establishing a technological park here and a textile park there or investing a huge sum for bullet train projects will not suffice the purpose. The dumping of Chinese goods, their not so spontaneous support for India’s membership in UN Security Council are some of the examples which are detrimental to augment the relationship. The Chinese lukewarm attitude for India’s membership of SCO and APEC and their entry into the nuclear room of the world convey Chinese leader’s attitudinal preference to curb India’s popularity.

Despite all these, if Xi Jinping continues to sing the beginning of a new era of social-political relationship, the same is most welcome.  Otherwise, even a big investment will jeopardize the wholehearted efforts of Modi, but for the time being, it seems that Xi Jinping is caught and bowled by Modi’s astute political style of function.

Friday, September 12, 2014

The seven sources of stress

There are many reasons which cause your stresses and negative emotions.  If you are able to identify the reasons, they are classified into seven major categories which produce your unhappiness, anxieties, irritation and many other heart burning issues. These seven stresses cause probably 95 percent, perhaps even 99 percent of all the gloomy situations in your life. Once you are able to identify them and cope up with them, you will feel more relaxed, tension less and enjoy a peaceful life.

The first major source of stress is worry. Most of the people worry mostly for things which probably have no meaning. They inculcate this habit from one of their parents and repetitive worries; bring them to a level of chronic worriers. The statistics prove that people worry unnecessary. Because 40 percent are the things that never happen, 30 percent already occurred in the past on which now you have no control, 12 percent are related to health which has no basis and 10 percent classify as petty worries for trivial issues. This leaves 8 percent, out of which 4 percent are things about which nothing can be done. Balance 4 percent of the things are changeable. One of the ideal ways to stop your worries is to live a day at a time. The Bible says, “sufficient unto the day are the care thereof”.  

The second cause of stress arises when you have no clear and meaningful purpose in life. You lead the life as it is and you have no clue in which direction you have to navigate your life. In this way, you get stressed. In business environment, a poor time management is a major source of stress and fundamentally this is due to lack of clarity in goal setting and priorities. There is an old proverb which says, “Filling listless? Make a list.” You make a list, which you would like to accomplish within the next twenty four hours, then continue to perform one by one from the list, until the time you go to bed.  Because of your this accomplishment, you will feel far more relaxed and not at all stressed.

The third cause of stress is the incomplete action, say, your son has to complete his homework to submit in next day’s class or you have to present a sales forecast in a next day’s business meeting or you have to catch a cab to see your ailing mother, but your son has not completed his homework because he has wasted time in watching TV or you have not finished your business presentation because you have passed away your time to watch a movie with your spouse or you have forgotten to purchase the vital medicine for your mother in a hurry. All these actions are definitely going to bring perspiration on your face next day morning with a thought what the class teacher will tell your son, what your boss will feel and same is the case with your mother. These incomplete activities of yours and your son are going to create anxieties, tension and stresses. Of course, these are possible to be nipped in the bud, if you learn the time management properly and teach the same to your son.

The fourth cause is the fear of failure. Before trying for any job or to that matter for any activity, we always have a tendency to account for failures. It starts with the feeling that “I cannot”. This settles in the solar plexus, ruining your digestion, making you feel afraid and insecure. Even it may damage your ambition and hope to succeed. This fear failure is a learned habit which develops in childhood and if you are not able to kill this habit, it will grow more and continue to accompany you in your grown up age. There is a system of doing affirmation  daily by which you can kill this stress forming syndrome. You simply revitalize your energy to remove this stress of failure by saying ‘I can do it” and repeat the same for many times, until the effect of the failure is neutralized. Thomas J Watson, Sr., the founder of IMB says, “Do you want to succeed? Then double your rate of failure. Success lies on the far side of failure”. 

The fifth major cause of stress is the fear of rejection. Again, this trait is developed during the childhood. When the child observes that his parents show conditional love or affection, he or she strives hard to obtain the affections. When they fail, they try very hard. After repeated failures, they feel rejected and don’t want to try any more with a belief that they will be deprived of their parents’ affection. From this belief, when they grow, they will develop a fear of rejection in all their activities, say, to do a public speaking, to attend an interview, to present their idea to a group and many more. Almost all the time, they will be under the shadow of fear of rejection. So parents or guardians should not show any conditional love to their children. By mistake, if this behavior is developed in the children and the same becomes their cause of rejection, even in their matured age, then they must practice to say continually, “I should not be rejected”, until they overcome this fear psychology of rejection.

The sixth major cause of stress is denial. It also loses your inner peace. Denial lies at the core of more stress, unhappiness and psychosomatic illness. It is completely related to the behavior of a person who refuses to face an unpleasant reality, say, in your job, your colleague supersedes you and gets promotion, and you feel very upset and not able to tolerate this unpleasant reality at all. You want to get rid of the job, but the social and economical constraints prohibit you to do so. Ultimately, you are stressed, which bring you gloomy, almost all the time. It also causes your embarrassment and out of this situation, your health deteriorates ultimately causing insomnia, headaches, digestive problems, depression, angry outbursts and irrelevant activities completely contrary to your behavioral pattern.
The seventh cause of stress is the outburst of anger. This is one of the most vicious behaviors of mankind and the most destructive element to create negative emotions. Outbursts of anger are primarily responsible for heart attacks, strokes, burst blood vessels, ulcers and all these sorts. If you are not able to control your anger, the same may ruin your relationships, marriage, and loss of job; destroy the personalities of growing children, etc. This anger is mostly unnecessary which comes from your inside. It comes from the person you and not because of what people say or do. Apparently, it looks that you are angry because of others provocations, but one thing is very clear that   you are angry because of your own action. No one can make you angry, if you decide other way round. On a slight provocation, you retaliate and your face becomes red. On further provocation, you become mad and you outburst in rage. Actually, if you see, you are only the cause to produce your anger. As per the law of cause and effect, if the cause is to produce anger, the result will be the same. If you consider the provocation of others not as a cause, it can’t produce anger. But mostly the opposite happens and each time, you become angry, your blood pressure goes up and then go down.  Eventually, your blood pressure stays up. The solution to high blood pressure is not a change of medication, but a change of attitude towards the inevitable ups and downs in your daily life.

In the situation of anger, you take two steps: first, you get your anger under control; and second, stop anger as a response for things which you don’t wish to happen or you don’t like.  You try to be more sedate, patient and withhold your judgment until you have assessed the whole situation and justify the cause and effect rule. In this way, you will be able to release your tension which is the root-cause to make your anger.
Stress is harmful, but in today’s strenuous environment and complicated situation through which our lives are passed, it is not completely avoidable. You can only minimize to the extent possible, if you follow the guidelines indicated in this article.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Arouse transpersonal leadership with creativity

When creativity word is referred, we think that is the domain of a few talented, versatile and extraordinary knowledgeable people. In reality, you and I all are creative. God has created human beings in his own image and has bestowed upon us all qualities and powers to the extent what we are capable of doing. We need to submerge within us and dig it out all hidden qualities.  If we can utilize those qualities in a proper manner, we will be one of the creative people. The only hindrance is our   mindset.  As a parent, you have to ensure that your children adopt this quality of creative leadership from their childhood. Unfortunately, our education system does not add this type of curriculum which not only increases the mind power, but also gives a killing instinct to combat the adversities in life.  Precisely, that is the reason, we feel very comfortable, happy, relax when the things are smooth and easy going, but whenever there is a bit volatility, the situation is not as per our desire or circumstances make us stressed, we lose our identity and sometimes even break down. Here, the leadership quality is very essential which teach you how to effectively lead a life and teach others to follow the said principle. To lead others is not an easy task. Failure of a person in terms of living a good life is the failure of his leader. It is a leader who identifies a person’s hidden quality, instructs to minimize his lacunas which hamper his progress emotionally and spiritually. The leader’s growth oriented principles guide him to walk on a right path and makes him aware of all the moral values and ethics. A good leader must be an extraordinary one because a good tree always produces good fruits. As you can identify a tree by its fruit, you can identify people by their acts. And a tree that does not produce good fruits may be chopped down and thrown into the fire. In short, only a good leader can produce new leaders who in turn teach others to follow the right path.

Leadership is a very thoughtful and purposeful subject in today’s society. If you go by the theories of modern research, gone are the days where the leaders are only supposed to tell others what is to be done as per their own knowledge. Today, there it is a new way of leadership that gives weightage of transpersonal creativeness. The modern research mainly the neurological research teaches us that most of the hidden treasures which are concealed in human beings are not explored at all. The leaders only consider that task should be accomplished as per their dictum. They don’t give much focus on human beings in terms of their emotional intelligence, cognitive dimension, creativeness and spiritual inclination. Without arousing these traits, you can’t develop your people; maybe they are your students, junior colleagues, children or employees, but unless you guide your people effectively, you cannot ensure their growth. In the early part of the 20th century, Abraham Maslow described the details of human psychology that all humankind is stated to opt for self-actualization.

Based on this qualitative pattern of thinking, you have to evolve a theory of transpersonal vision and make a radical change to define the role of leadership. The leadership is not merely to acquire knowledge, distribute the same, nurture the same, solve problems and counter the pressure of technological advancement by learning more and sharpening your skills. The creative leadership is a systematic development of one’s own self in terms of his ability to deal in with various fundamental aspects of human psychology so that more leaders are made. The proverb of “leaders are born, they are not made” is completely a fallacy.  The transpersonal leadership platform is one of the identified secrets by which the leaders are trained how to genuinely take care of them and in turn to take care of their people.

The transpersonal leadership values the intrinsic quality rather than polishing the extrinsic traits. Here, the leaders allocate responsibilities to their people unbiased and they also consider their leaders without any suspicion. Further, over a period of time, a sense of belief will be formed between the leaders and their followers. The most vital satanic element which is known as the ego does not play at all in this type of transpersonal behavior. This ego is a destructive role in augmenting this type of transpersonal leadership. The consideration must be that “I will start leading” and “if any change is needed, the same must be started with me.” This concept is to be put forward in the follower’s mind once they show a slight improvement to absorb their leader’s advices.
The wicked leader is the one who they despise. The best leader is the one who is respected by all people unanimously. A true leader always gives credit to others when the work is done and accomplished perfectly.
The transpersonal leadership based on the creativity starts with the leader, who is able to steer past, the growth of his people without asking any recognition, name and fame for him. In the process of leadership, he is not carried away with his emotion and he does not show either any favors or nepotism.

To him, people’s transformation is only meaningful. But in reality, under the role of leadership, the leaders are not governed by this ideal concept and so the need of more transpersonal leaders is very essential to augment the prosperity of mankind.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Charismatic Modi must set right enigmatic Sharif

Modi is now an almost unconquerable leader in Asia. Every big power of Asia is recognizing his charismatic image and desirous to extend friendship. Now, If he wants to become the monarch all he surveys in the Asian region, he has to set right and then woo the Prime Minister of Pakistan to become his real friend heart to heart level. All these days, Pakistan, shows their friendship wrapped in a mask. They say something, but do just the opposite. The latest development of sending mangoes to Modi to sweeten the relationship, is another glaring example.

The internal bickerings, political turmoil, loud noises, quarrels, beatings and the authorities in Khaki’s tremendous control in some cases, which is more than required are completely producing anarchy and  environment of vandalism  in Pakistan. Not that every  citizen therein,  likes this situation. Simply, they watch, can’t raise their voices and even raise under the banner of some parties say led by the ex - cricketer, Imran Khan, authorities ignore or trample their voices. These inner bickerings and tumultuous environment spread to India, of course through illegal route.  Almost all the earlier Prime Ministers of Pakistan denied  this fact saying some unauthorized forces create this situation to make a dent in the friendship of India and Pakistan. How far it is true, is known to every Indian. One thing is sure that even Modi convinces Japan and China for a better social-economical bonding, it is to be seen, how he manages to woo Sharif. Can Sharif’s sweet mangoes in a position to sweeten the ties between these two countries?
No doubt, India live in a bad neighborhood.  The other neighbors, who is not that affected because of Pakistan’s nonsense atrocities to encourage various  anti-social activities  and  also give recognition to various undemocratic parties, murmur that India shows too much  dominance. But, for the past six decades, India is tolerating Pakistan’s  idiosyncrasies without  spoiling the  relationship with them totally.

As Modi is trying to extend the business cooperation with Japan and China and he is somewhat successful, but it is  far more difficult to extend a closely knitted business tie-up and social bonding with Pakistan. There are  a lot of lobbies existed in Pakistan who do not want any hobnobbing beyond an occasional pep talk by the secretary level or foreign minister level,  ratified by the two Prime Ministers. It is observed that secretaries of both the governments talk  most of the time to settle the ongoing border issues  or  the modalities of travel between the two counters. And, quite often, this type of bilateral talks does not yield any fruitful proposition. The reason is that there is no gratitude whatsoever, Pakistan, shows to India’s efforts.

Why these reconciliation efforts fail? Because, India’s representative is guided by an elected and democratic government and their Prime Minister, whereas Pakistan is very much controlled by military authorities in the backdrop of their governance. The elected government in Islamabad can’t completely overrule General of the army. The turmoil embroiled Pakistan is facing two major issues, firstly, free their past General Musharaf from all the clutches of the law and secondly, there should not be any thick friendship with India, which Mr. Sharif wants sincerely. In Pakistan, the army and its child the inter services intelligence dominate the government so much that Sharif can send mangoes to Modi, but he can’t predict the sweetened relationship with India.

Pakistan is the only nuclear-armed power which instigates cross border terrorism and it creates panic to almost all the countries bordering them. It will not be prudent for Sharif to act toughly because in that case, a more like a civil war may crop up in Pakistan.  This may affect India’s peace and socialism with the advent of more nefarious activities out of their  severe internal  political unrest.

Many political analysts say that diplomats may not bring  desired results, even though they may sit hours together. They will be more concerned with the fruitfulness of the issues of eliminating cross border terrorism, establishing a truce with Pakistan and strengthening the business tie-up to a very limited magnitude. May be the Diplomats  are well acquainted with all these issues, but their expertise is limited to bureaucratic and institutional interests rather than national interest.

So, the left out choice is the one to one talk in happy mode between the two Prime Ministers. One may argue that our erstwhile Prime Minister Vajpayee had tried to develop a peace accord with them, but not much ice was melted. The reason that Vajpayee was leading a coalition government where he had to succumb the pressure of the coalition partners, but in the present  scenario, Modi  with his absolute majority and firm control of everyone, can bypass, if someone is obstructing his constructive  approach to extend cooperation with Pakistan.

Modi is determined to woo Sharif, but can he come out of the cave of his army and ISI. Otherwise, sweet mangoes of Sharif will be of bitter taste in the mouth of Modi. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Modi to kiss both the frog and the snake

Now, who is a frog and who is a snake?  Japan and China, the former is leaping forward and backward around Modi to woo him to get his favor, whereas the later is continually producing hissing sound and try to swirl him to attract more business. Modi is enjoying this scenario because at the moment, it seems, he is dictating these two Asian powers.  No other Prime Minister has done so in the recent past.  Many political pundits level Modi as a shrewd, astute and charismatic politician, but I identify him as an accomplished player in politics.  He accepts this hard fact that if he has to augment the present economical condition of India, he has to make a rat-tat to the ajar doors of Japan and China instead of approaching the super powers, namely USA and UK. And he has also to make a balance in between these two Asian powers.  May be he has to plant kisses for 60 times to Japan and balance 40 times to China

Immediately after landing in Kyoto, he almost stunned almost all the seasoned politicians when he accorded his approval to develop Varanasi, the temple city of India almost like Kyoto, one of the smartest cities of Japan.  Not only that, he has also signed a partner city affiliation.  Earlier, many people were not able to understand his critical chase game when he kept Varanasi against Vadodara. Now, making this not so healthy and clean temple city almost like an international city, he will be enjoying the mass recognition of northern India even at the state level.  He knows that he has the complete hold on Gujarat and Gujarati proletariat, but he needs recognition of northern people like his home state and with this hope, he left the Vadodara constituency.

This partner city affiliation program will provide for a cooperation in heritage conservation, city modernization and cooperation in the fields of culture, art and academics.

The Prime Minister of Japan Mr. Abe flew from Tokyo to sign this “partner city affiliation” followed by a dinner. As a gesture of goodwill, Modi also presented him books on Swami Vivekananda and Gita.  Now, can you imagine, if this development of Varanasi succeeds and definitely it will succeed, then who can prevent to modernize over 100 other cities on the same line under Japanese technology in a span of 3 to 5 years of time. Similarly, where the economics of Japan will go over 3-5 years? 

After finishing his visit to Kyoto, he landed in Tokyo to bolster bilateral security and economic ties with Japan.  Both the Prime Ministers will be closely set to extend their cooperation and colorful relationship to take the two country’s strategies and global partnership forward.  Mr. Abe has a soft corner for Modi which is evident from the fact that he not only accompanied him, but also guided Modi in his visit to the Toji temple at Kyoto to look at its Buddhist statues and five storied pagoda.  In the light of Buddhism, they enriched their personal relationship which in turn may give a wide coverage to the economic surge of the both countries.

Both Japan and China are interested to participate in India’s bullet train project and the economy.  China is cheaper than Japan, but the later has an impeccable record with respect to safety features. Modi has to ensure the procurement of more safety at a lesser price.  The bullet train project is India’s future and whoever is associated whether Japan or China, their economy will be flourished like India. Another important issue is nuclear doctrine.  India is not revising its stand, but Modi is not taking any initiative for a review of already set nuclear doctrine.  At the moment, our Prime Minister is more concentrating on infrastructure projects and more correctly, the economical up suing will come from this sector alone than any other sector. 

All these developments are being watched by China very minutely.  Chinese President Mr. Xi Jinping is to visit India in this month.  He will also offer a basket of developmental projects.  At the same time, he will raise a very vital question of the Tibetan government.  He will definitely pressurize Modi to ensure that Tibetans are not allowed to conduct political activity in China.

It is evident that when Chinese President will visit here, Modi will show his political acumen and advocate for more strategic investment from China. In this process, he will try to accrue the benefits of Chinese technology, particularly in steel sector apart from bullet train.  The Chinese economy is a very developed one in today’s world and Modi has to make a balance between the two economies of Japan and China. If he is more inclined to show his preference for Abe of Japan, China will also not leave him so easily. May be Modi has to increase the number of kisses on China’s cheek without creating any displeasure of Japan to establish himself as one of the top leaders in Asia, in the days to come.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Report on workaholism----Is it goodish or hellish?

You have to be dedicated to your job, but it should not entangle you with the thistles of workaholism. HR professionals all over the world are deeply perturbed about the growing emergence of workaholism.  They periodically advise their employees to follow the work-life balance doctrine. 


In today’s competitive job market, one is always eager to surmount other professionally and in this process, work occupies a central part of the lives of many of us. All our emotional energies are directed to achieve excellence in our jobs.  Sometimes, we are trained or advised to produce marvelous output sacrificing conjugal and social lives.  Work shackles us in all our endeavors.  Most of us always sink in the slough of work pressures.  Work dominates all our thinking whether we are in the office or at home.  It is not true that all of us are workaholic, but definitely a sizeable portion tends to be workaholic and are not able to discriminate social versus professional lives.  Workaholism is so deep rooted in their marrows that they hardly able to recognize such behavior.  HR experts indicate that men are much more afflicted with this creed but even women employees also become victim of this unbridled rage of workaholism.


Glamorous harborage:


Today’s ambiences of offices are so attractive that it allures you to stay for long hours to carry out your assignments.. The well decorated office, air conditioned environment with bright sunlight at day time, lustrous and garish composition of neon lights at night time invite you to concentrate more on your work and slowly making you workaholic. A lot of attention is paid to beautify the office space.  Cafeterias are the places where you visit to laze around with a cup of tea are neat and clean and healthy.   The overall ambiences of these cafeterias have tremendous impact on your mood and you get rejuvenated after waddling there for a break. Many multinational companies provide the amenities of gymnasium, tennis court or swimming pool. By indulging yourself in physical exercises, you can distract your attention from the office frustrations for a while and freshen up yourself.  With all these facilities encapsulated with the soothing cozy sitting arrangement tend to breed over work.  This work culture, thus demands a punishing and tiresome nearly 10 to 12 working hours a day, as a routine.  And then, by your shear bad luck, if you happen to stay in a mega city where commuting time takes minimum 3 to 4 hours, then you have hardly any time for your family and other pursuits. 


Now, to support this type of lifestyle where you are governed by total mechanism, people often come with the excuse that workaholism is the only answer to survive and to offbeat the fierce competition in the workplace.  Further, it would be unfair to pin the rap for workaholism on the stresses and strains of modern lifestyles and cultural norms.  It is not possible to overcome all these stresses and strains just by exerting yourself in heavy work.  There are definitely better ways to find the remedies of these stresses except to immense you into work.  You should not shirk away all other responsibilities under the wrapper of workaholism.  It is proven that many intellectuals as well as commoners evade their emotional vagaries crept up out of social and family relationship and involve themselves into huge workload and tend to be workaholic.


These people spend progressively more time at the work place to buy their mental peace, relaxation and in this process, experience a greater sense of security and comfort.  In the workplace, they find more enjoyment because there is a clear cut demarcation about what is needed from them and what they can do to achieve the same. On the contrary, performance appraisal in social life is not that clearly defined and identified and so people fled away from this instinctive social life cycle and only to emerge into workaholism. 


How workaholism works:


Cognitive Science Application



Genetic Algorithms



Intelligent Agents

 As per me, workaholism is a social disease.  Initially, you will not be able to judge its consequences.  It greets you slowly and once you are addicted, you won’t be able to come out from its affliction.


If you take the cognitive science application, the learning system is a part of this science which governs our mind to focus attention on new things. You will find an inter-alia relationship between workaholism and learning system. People usually put a maximum time to learn new things and get bogged down under its influence. This is further induced by neural network.  The neural network will pattern your mind to aggravate more and more for learning new things which ultimately make you busier day by day.  Then, you will slowly overlook all your other activities and to concentrate only on work all the time. This will ultimately engulf you to this addiction.     


A person who tends to be a workaholic, find the same as an end in itself.  Often they take excuses that it is in our family culture.  From the very beginning, we are taught accordingly.   But, this is a complete fallacy.  Workaholism unlike alcoholism has no genetic relationship.  It depends on the nature of the individual.  Workaholism is a learned behavior.  The more you show your proclivity to this doctrine, the more you will be sunk in its slough.  Some people have the habit to maximize their output so deftly that they always want recognitions and in this process, they forget their other schedules.


They always try to increase their output with an intention to be decked with more prizes, applauses and honors and after a period of time, they are classified as workaholics.  And ultimately they program their lives, habits, interests and behavior so as to hear the buzz of recognition only. 


The only mission in their lives is to follow 3A principle which is combination of appreciation, accolade, and Admiration. They asseverate that successful magic wind is workaholism.



Addicted behavior:


Workaholism is considered as an addicted behavior.  Alcoholism and drug usage are also an addicted behavior, but these are directly related to physiological dependence whereas workaholism is completely attached to social addiction.  The worldwide data survey report shows that there are support groups for workaholism in different parts of the world.  The workaholics international network professes that workaholism is a typical pattern of acquired behavior to do more than it is required within one’s purview of social and health norms.  The human resources functionaries must enforce the sufferer with proper edifications to “set your work culture skillfully”.  After carrying out research, I find that at least 8% to12% male and 5% to 8% female workers are proven to be workaholics.  The industry wise statistics derived from various figures from my research are furnished here-below.






Workaholic Pattern
End Result
IT Sector
Burnout, deterioration of health, family squabbles, social stigma, decays of the mantle piece at times.    
Addition to workaholism
Other industries



In IT industry, people show more tenacity for workaholism at the cost of health and family lives.  The medical profession also follows the said problem.  Here also the eminent doctors, particularly the surgeons perform their duties with a lot of dedication for their patients, but again sacrificing their own health and social lives.  Financial institutions are another sectors where people burn midnight lamps to complete huge accounting and financial statements to keep pace with the whims and fancies of the volatile market conditions and business dynamics only to invite problem for their health and social lives.  People from other industries also resort to workaholism, but by and large the majority of the victims are from the above types of professions.


In the final analysis, workaholism is a choice of an individual.  It will definitely prevent by making an appropriate choice at an appropriate time in one’s life.  The curing is depended on the fact that inappropriate choice of workaholism can also be reversed.  The success map to recover from this creed requires lots of support from spouses, kith and kin and particularly from the expertise of human resources.  The only thing, the victim is to believe that the recovery path is not full of potholes.  You have only to prescribe your work schedule and balance routine works.  You have to inculcate the habit to pass on time with your family members gleefully without any inkling of your office assignments.  You must learn to celebrate various occasions of festivals with your friends including family members.  All these things are to be done to distract away your attention from workaholism.


It is true that work is worship, but workaholism is not an oblation, rather it is detrimental for health and wealth.


Some people will not accept, but this is the fact.