Thursday, September 11, 2014

Arouse transpersonal leadership with creativity

When creativity word is referred, we think that is the domain of a few talented, versatile and extraordinary knowledgeable people. In reality, you and I all are creative. God has created human beings in his own image and has bestowed upon us all qualities and powers to the extent what we are capable of doing. We need to submerge within us and dig it out all hidden qualities.  If we can utilize those qualities in a proper manner, we will be one of the creative people. The only hindrance is our   mindset.  As a parent, you have to ensure that your children adopt this quality of creative leadership from their childhood. Unfortunately, our education system does not add this type of curriculum which not only increases the mind power, but also gives a killing instinct to combat the adversities in life.  Precisely, that is the reason, we feel very comfortable, happy, relax when the things are smooth and easy going, but whenever there is a bit volatility, the situation is not as per our desire or circumstances make us stressed, we lose our identity and sometimes even break down. Here, the leadership quality is very essential which teach you how to effectively lead a life and teach others to follow the said principle. To lead others is not an easy task. Failure of a person in terms of living a good life is the failure of his leader. It is a leader who identifies a person’s hidden quality, instructs to minimize his lacunas which hamper his progress emotionally and spiritually. The leader’s growth oriented principles guide him to walk on a right path and makes him aware of all the moral values and ethics. A good leader must be an extraordinary one because a good tree always produces good fruits. As you can identify a tree by its fruit, you can identify people by their acts. And a tree that does not produce good fruits may be chopped down and thrown into the fire. In short, only a good leader can produce new leaders who in turn teach others to follow the right path.

Leadership is a very thoughtful and purposeful subject in today’s society. If you go by the theories of modern research, gone are the days where the leaders are only supposed to tell others what is to be done as per their own knowledge. Today, there it is a new way of leadership that gives weightage of transpersonal creativeness. The modern research mainly the neurological research teaches us that most of the hidden treasures which are concealed in human beings are not explored at all. The leaders only consider that task should be accomplished as per their dictum. They don’t give much focus on human beings in terms of their emotional intelligence, cognitive dimension, creativeness and spiritual inclination. Without arousing these traits, you can’t develop your people; maybe they are your students, junior colleagues, children or employees, but unless you guide your people effectively, you cannot ensure their growth. In the early part of the 20th century, Abraham Maslow described the details of human psychology that all humankind is stated to opt for self-actualization.

Based on this qualitative pattern of thinking, you have to evolve a theory of transpersonal vision and make a radical change to define the role of leadership. The leadership is not merely to acquire knowledge, distribute the same, nurture the same, solve problems and counter the pressure of technological advancement by learning more and sharpening your skills. The creative leadership is a systematic development of one’s own self in terms of his ability to deal in with various fundamental aspects of human psychology so that more leaders are made. The proverb of “leaders are born, they are not made” is completely a fallacy.  The transpersonal leadership platform is one of the identified secrets by which the leaders are trained how to genuinely take care of them and in turn to take care of their people.

The transpersonal leadership values the intrinsic quality rather than polishing the extrinsic traits. Here, the leaders allocate responsibilities to their people unbiased and they also consider their leaders without any suspicion. Further, over a period of time, a sense of belief will be formed between the leaders and their followers. The most vital satanic element which is known as the ego does not play at all in this type of transpersonal behavior. This ego is a destructive role in augmenting this type of transpersonal leadership. The consideration must be that “I will start leading” and “if any change is needed, the same must be started with me.” This concept is to be put forward in the follower’s mind once they show a slight improvement to absorb their leader’s advices.
The wicked leader is the one who they despise. The best leader is the one who is respected by all people unanimously. A true leader always gives credit to others when the work is done and accomplished perfectly.
The transpersonal leadership based on the creativity starts with the leader, who is able to steer past, the growth of his people without asking any recognition, name and fame for him. In the process of leadership, he is not carried away with his emotion and he does not show either any favors or nepotism.

To him, people’s transformation is only meaningful. But in reality, under the role of leadership, the leaders are not governed by this ideal concept and so the need of more transpersonal leaders is very essential to augment the prosperity of mankind.
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