Saturday, October 25, 2014

Twenty useful tips for a busy mother

Career women under the affectionate shackles of marriage, motherhood as well as a profession will warm the cockles of her family members by performing the various roles of vivacious wife, loving mother and poignant worker.  To maintain the parity amongst all of these, sometimes it is very painstaking and monotonous. Often they contemplate, what could be the ideal role of mother to her children. 


The following twenty tips are very useful to become an ideal mother.


1.       Quality time with children:


Despite busy schedules, a working woman should extend her quality time to her children.  If not on a regular basis, sometimes take them to school, attend parent’s meetings, sit with them during their studies, give company to their dance classes, painting competition, swimming club, etc.  Children should be in a position to accept the fact that they are not deprived of the company of their mothers.  Also buy gifts for them occasionally for which they will be sentient.    


2.     Make them self sufficient:


        From the very beginning of the school days, teach them to do their work on their own.  For example, let them tie the laces of their shoes, wear their clothes on their own, keep the study bag ready and place the lunch box into the bag.  As they grow, teach them to do their work by themselves. Self help is the best help and this should be inculcated in their minds.


3.     Teach mannerism:


        Teach them manners to respect the aged and others.  Make them social and watch their behavior in social gatherings.  If they are shy, increase their confidence level so that they mingle with each other, very freely.


4.   Be friendly with them:


       Mothers and children are closely knitted as far as sharing information is concerned.  Share thoughts with them, do gossip about your office colleagues and let them share their experience about their         teachers and friends with you.  Do not indulge yourself in any other activities while sharing the information with your children, because in that case, they will feel neglected and it will get them detached instead of enjoying your company.   


: 2 :


5.   Give importance to their opinions:


        It has been seen that for any decisions, whether it is strategically very important or trivial, children are not encouraged to take part in the decision making.  This is wrong.  Rather, they should be tremendously incited to take part in the decision making.  From the very beginning of their childhood, if this is being practiced, then they will be at ease to take decisions in their adolescent stages itself and subsequently for the remaining period of life.  Whether it is for purchasing of a school bag or going to the movie, if they are involved in decision making, they will understand their importance and in the process, they will reciprocate the same.


6.   Teach them to be confident:


        When children fail to achieve a desired performance, try to teach them to take the same in good stride.  Whatever may be the situation, how difficult it may be, if one desires, he/she will be definitely successful – this self confidence is to be built up in their mind.  Supposedly, if the child failed in the examination, the mother is to console, extend support, and say soothing words, so that he/she overcomes the failure phase.   Inform them of the story about Robert Bruce and the spider at equal interval of time so as to make them understand that failure is the pillar of success.


7.   Create self respect feeling to them:


        Teach them to concentrate on this angle.  They are to be explained that they are not inferior to anyone. If someone upbraids them for no good reason or to that matter, if some of friends behave rudely, teach them to protest but not to accept at face value, by bowing their heads.  Teach them not to perform any work by which they will be degraded in their own eyes.


8.   When needs, you have to be a guardian: 


        As and when required, punish them, but not rudely and harshly.  Do not utter any unpleasant words which may demoralize them and dishearten them.   If they are punished, they should be well aware about the same.  In this way, they will be accustomed to why they are punished.  As a result, they will definitely avoid the activity for which the punishment is meted out.


: 3 :


9.   Listen to them very minutely:


       Whenever you are sharing your quality time with them, no matter even it is for a short while, make your all focus on their each and every word with respect to their friends, teachers, what they have done in the school, in the playground etc.  Never indulge yourself to listen to them while watching television or when you are in the midst of other works.  This way, children will feel that you are not giving any importance to them and they will lose their enthusiasm to share thoughts with you.


10.   Share problems with them:


        Please share your problems with your children, if you face any unpleasant situation in your working environment.  For example, if you get chided by your superiors, colleagues get jealous of your promotion, excessive work pressure on certain occasions, unscheduled tasks bestowed on to you etc, just share with them, not vividly but only narrating the abstracts.  This way, they will sympathize with you and you will be an ideal support system for them. When they observe that you share your feelings with them, they will also exchange their thoughts to overcome your loneliness.


11.   Praise profusely:


        Do not forget to appreciate your children, if they perform well in extracurricular activities such as sports, dance competitions, and quiz competitions, apart from their education.  Make them aware that because of their aptitude, they have performed well, even if, the matter is insignificant. Praise them in front of outsiders. In this way, children will be encouraged and their confidence level will be zoomed up.  But,        the very important thing is to be always remembered that excessive praise should not be showered to make them overconfident.   You have to be alert to encourage them so that they can maintain their achievement level to the best of the best of their capabilities.


: 4 :


12.   Keep healthy relation with spouse:


        Do not quarrel or create any scene in front of your children.  This may bring a bad precedent.  Children are fond of both the parents and they do not like to see the skirmishes.  If they find such type of atmosphere at home, they feel themselves unsecured and ultimately become obdurate.  If there is any difference in opinions for any matter, settle amicably without the knowledge of children.  Healthy and peaceful environment is the most essential factor for their blossom. 


13.   Teach them to handle frustration:


        Children may suffer frustrations for many reasons and during that time, they require mother’s affection more than any other things.  This affectionate role of mother will make them ease. During the         childhood, children may have fights with their friends, they may be scolded by teachers in schools, they may not perform well in examination and all these will lead to evaporate the smile off their faces and  your role will be to know the reasons of their sullen faces, give encouragement and find out the solutions so that they become tough mentally.


14.  Express love for children:


       “I love you my child,” will be the central message to be always chirped to them, even for the petty issues.  Talk to them sweetly; hug them, plant kisses on their forehead and cheeks.  By the touches of mothers, mental bonding of children increases.  Their mistakes should not be glorified, not to be criticized brazenly so that they become hopeless.  Contrarily, by smiling, patting on their shoulders, mothers must inform them the reason of their mistakes, give solutions and in this way, children will become more self-confident.  While extending your affection or love to children, conditions should not be put.  It should be unconditional.  For example, children should not be told, “if you become first in the examination, then I will gift you a cycle.”  This is normally done but in love expression, there is no place for stipulation.  Children will take it, the other way round.  It is to be explained to them that they are very dear and pet to their mothers.



: 5 :


15.   Develop morality:


        From the very childhood, mothers are to ensure the development of a sense of the morality.  They should be taught not to touch the body of the elders by their legs, show respect to age, avoid telling lies, not to extend harms to others, do not take things of others without their knowledge.   If children commit these mistakes which are against the good morality, explain to them not to do so, of course, with soothing words.  Good moralities of the future life will depend how these qualities are built and developed from the early stage of the life.


16.  Don’t lose patience:    


       While talking to your children or during the time of sharing any types of communications with them, do not lose your patience.  You may         have to remember that children are far moodier than adults.  So, if children are not able to understand your communication in the first instance, do not reprimand them, but repeat the entire process by explaining to them slowly and bring the confidence level to them that if they are unable to understand, they are free to inquire from you.  This is more important for their education point of view.  Until that time, they do not understand any subject; explain to them again and again without losing your patience.


17.  Become their support system:


        When children become grown up, your responsibilities do not cease.  This is a life long process.  Once they become an adult, you extend your support and cooperation to them.  You have to maintain the status quo that you are there, whenever they are in great need of you.  You have to make sure from their childhood that in any crisis management, you are always with them.


18.  Time management for self:


        For your own, preserve some time from the jostles and hassles of the daily chores of life.  You are in the profession, a mother and top of it, a wife, but, after performing all these roles, you must define a time frame even for as low as 30 to 40 minutes on a daily basis only for you to get refreshed.  This time is to be solely utilized for reading any light novels, visiting a beauty parlor for makeup, inviting friends for a tea or simply lazing around the house. 


: 6 :


        You may also invest your this time schedule in creative work.  In this way, you will be rejuvenated and equally your children will be inspired to follow your steps.


19.  Give them proper and required sex education:


        From the childhood, particularly from adolescent stage, give them a proper sex education.  Don’t give any vague replies to their questions because these will make them more prone to unnecessary doubts and your unsatisfied replies will make them more inquisitive gradually. It has been seen that mothers normally avoid answers to their queries about sexual education, make vague replies and simply waffle.  


        Mothers need to extend the quality sex education to overcome their curiosity.


20.   Mothers should be role model:


        Children are copy cats.  What they see, they learn and so for any of your actions or inactions, please ensure the correct measures from your end.  Before preaching, ensure that you are not doing that.  For example, if you are a late riser, you cannot tell children the theory of “early to bed, early to rise.”  If you want to educate them, “to share some things with others”, first and foremost, you have to share something with your children so that they can learn from you.  If someone visits your home for any help, extend them help through your children.  Seeing these, children will follow your steps and consider you as their role model.                




















Monday, October 20, 2014

Modi's ideology-trust and believe

One of the Modi’s most adorable and admirable personality traits is that he trusts his lieutenants, once they show their mettle.  The loyalty factor is definitely an advantage, but Modi gives a lot of weightage to the acumen, mass appeal and above all, who are able to read the political situation.  In pursuit of this ideology  of his dependence on his trusted political colleagues, he expresses his solidarity to all the decisions of Amit Shah. He  is the bright sun in the sky whose gambit tightens Modi’s hold.  How many of you  are aware that Amit Shah has convinced Modi to detach a very old relationship with Shiv Sena and HJC in Maharashtra and Haryana respectively?  Modi based on his above ideology accepted Amit Shah’s decision and  ultimately, BJP fought the election alone in the last assembly elections in Maharashtra and Haryana respectively. If you take a cognizance of the exit poll’s indicatation of the election result  of the assembly seats recently conducted, the BJP chief’s dictum to go alone, may yield a positive result. By taking this decision in support of Modi, Amit Shah  has formulated two pronged strategies. One, after a long, BJP has come out from the clutch of  Shiv Sena, second, Modi’s dominance looks set to be entrenched.

 The exit poll forecast for the two states, Maharashtra and Haryana indicate that Modi’s popularity as well as his slogan for prosperity and development is bound to affect the results of the election and it has been discussed in political circles that Modi’s BJP will emerge as a larger party after the result is declared.  If you go with the earlier sequence before this decision takes place, BJP was never a strong contender to dominate the election result in this poll. Taking this last minute political decision submerged with maverick power of Modi, Amit Shah gambles and now it seems that it will pay a huge dividend. Modi’s connection and appeal to  the masses, his urge to make a clean India has prompted Shah to milk the political situation milky.

If by any chance, Modi’s BJP is able to form the government, both in Maharashtra and Haryana, Congress has to think twice for their survival and the political distance between these two parties, namely the BJP and the Congress will be beyond re-approachable. It will widen the gap which Modi opened up during LS polls. And BJP will be able to create an edge in the formation of plans and policies in parliament without bothering Congress’s so-called murmurings and mumblings.  This ensuing defeat may also bring in  a successive jolt to  the Congress after their debacle in the state assembly elections in the states of MP, UP and Rajasthan. The political pundits also say that Congress will have a tough time in the election, which is going  to be held at the end of the year in Jharkhand and MP.

The principal author of this political script is no doubt Amit Shah. His decision to go alone, ratified by Modi is exceptionally based on the fact that Modi believes in the ability of his people, trust them and keep faith in their decisive power.

All these days, BJP played a junior partner to Shiv Sena in Maharashtra and to various regional players in Haryana and BJP and has never got a chance to contest all seats in these states and so Amit Shah’s decision of fighting election for all seats is a marvelous piece of political acumen. Of course, he was able to take decision seeing the mass appeal of Modi and his various policies framed in the recent past.

People may remember that Amit Shah’s calculated risk of political strategies yields a rich dividend in LS poll in UP. In the same way, he put together an efficient political machine so as to implement a plan supported by an offensive strategy on the eve of the election in Maharashtra and Haryana.

Amit Shah knows that Modi is an astute politician and if he sees any opportunity, he will not hesitate to implement the same. In this assembly election, he supports his political protégé because he knows that Amit Shah’s decision will bring in a right perspective, not only for his party but also for him. Once Modi wins, he will be able to garner enough courage and confidence to dominate both the two already prosperous states, namely Maharashtra and Gujarat  and make them a business hub in Asia.
This is the characteristic feature of Modi’s personality  and his ideologies, which says  ‘’trust, whom you can trust and in turn bring  loyalty.’’

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Are politicians shameless or fearless?

A question always crops up in my mind whether our politicians are really bothered about their reputation or they are simply shameless. We had seen the central Telecom Minister was imprisoned; many state ministers languished in jail.  The king maker of politicians and once a strong contender of the Prime Ministership, though self proclaimed, Lalu Prasad Yadav was behind the bars for fodder scam. He, of course, denied his involvement in the scam, but gracefully went to jail to show respect to our judiciary system. The pertinent question, what makes these politicians to land into the jail when they scream from the roof top that they are the custodians of the welfare of the proletariat. Even if you take the fact of a communist party leader like Jyoti Basu, he has never bothered to feel the lifestyle of a poor class, though he was the messiah of one of the poor parties of India, namely CPI (M).

I was more than startled when the news flashed some days ago in the paper that the present Tamilnadu Chief Minister was sentenced to a four years imprisonment for 18 years old corruption cases. In a bold judgment by the special judge John Michael D. Cunha, has given his historical verdict. Immediately, she was unseated from the post of the Chief Ministership and automatically debarred also from the post of MLA. This judgment can have an impact upon the assembly election due in another 18 months.

Since, she has been sentenced for a period of more than three years, she has to forego the coveted post, but she can apply for the bail from the Karnataka High Court, in the course of time. She has also been slapped with a fine of Rs. 100 crores, which is the highest ever imposed on any politician. The case of disproportionate assets of nearly 80 crores, which is condemned by the court, was the accrual between the periods of 1991 to 1996. The entire state of the Tamilnadu was fed with the information over the past few days about the reckless and rampant corruption of a politician, who has the mass support.  Her supporters, of course, burnt the effigies of the opposition leaders to show their solidarity behind their leader and her leadership.

If you delve into the deep of this kind of asset swindling case, you will be mesmerized to note the mastermind of her along with her three acquaintances.  These trustworthy friends were even given an opportunity to stay in her posh and swanky bungalow during the said period. Their fundamental role was to transfer funds from the then Chief Minister Jayalalitha’s account to various other fake accounts. There are various companies registered to carry on these types of fraudulent transactions, ultimately making the Chief Minister a very wealthy person.

The sentimental issues related to her imprisonment prompt a sporadic violence, but widespread rampage is not seen, at least in the state capital, Chennai. Though, the ruling party, organized a so called protest condemning the verdict of the court, which includes some film fraternities and voted politicians of AIADMK, but mass scale violence was not observed. Though the sporadic incidence of violence and rampage was observed in many parts of the state, but the spontaneity of the support of the common public or the gravity of the arrest of a mass leader and that too the Chief Minister doesn't feel that much. Why it is so? Because, people are tuned to the fact that politicians means there will be involvement of corruption, nepotism, favors, giving hard hitting speech to baffle the audience and all these are carried out to divert the attention of the public from the various facets of crisis in life, inflation, price rise and many other social constraints and somehow or the rather remain in power. The more the time they cling to the coveted posts of ministries and governmental positions, the more they become hungry for power, wealth and fame. And, at the end, they become so adamant that they do not bother to follow any rules, regulations, policies and moral values, which they often teach to their party members, cadres and common public through personal interaction, campaigns or through the media. Perhaps, this dilatory tactic only makes their skin, thick and their tolerance power increases so much that they become shameless and fearless.

The effect of this high profile arrest will slow the work and decision making process in the government and this process will continue to remain, because she will try to run the government from the jail through his trusted party members and ministers on her whims and wishes only. Ultimately, this languishing will affect the interest of the common man.  The Redressal of the grievance of this arrest or the appeal, therefore how far will be justified, the future will only tell, but there is no point blaming the judge or the judiciary system, saying that malafide intention is the basic purpose to arrest her. Her party members are also accusing the judiciary system with a complaint that the judge, in question, is only interested to malign her with the allegation of disproportionate assets.  The section of the people who are describing this act of arrest is an act of irresponsible verdict, they are completely wrong and they are only the supporters of the scam, wrongdoings and corruption.  No doubt, you can love your leader, support her and accept her decisions right or wrong, but you cannot defend her corruption or malafide motives to amass wealth.  This wealth is nothing, but the hard earned money of the common people.

Now, why our politicians are shameless or fearless?  Firstly, they know that our proletariats are mostly busy with their own concerns of food, shelter and cloth. When this type of idiosyncrasies occurs, either they condemn or keep quiet; they do not bother to raise their voice against the ruling party to invite their wrath.  The party cadres, leaders and supporters, always put a protest without knowing what they are doing.  Otherwise, what is the purpose of this type of hullabaloo when the verdict is very clear and documentary evidences are supporting the fact of her prosecution? The politicians are very astute and they know that their supporters, their leaders and the cadres will definitely dilute the issues once the hue and cry of the situation, is stabilized.  Secondly, they know that even though they will be debarred from the coveted position of MPs or MLAs, there will be a chance of a comeback after a defined period of time.  In this period, they can even rule the state, Panchayat or even municipality, through their trusted lieutenants or family members or puppet in their hands.

Under these circumstances, the corrupted politicians know that no verdict can curb their power except for a limited time frame; at the most, they may have to face a sordid state of affairs.  Either way, Jayalalitha will be getting released from the jail today or tomorrow. S Why she will be shameful or afraid of anybody?

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Modi's synonym-Missal of desirable India

Modi is megalomania, no doubt, but it is for his country only, not to satiate his own desire. Of late, he is determined to make a radical change to make amendments and corrections in the rules and regulations involved with the decorum and behavior of the members in the parliament. Upon this recent announcement, some people feel that he is  a braggart, yes, but that is only for the welfare of his people. A man with so much so conviction, moral character, loveable countenance and the top of it has a very deep passion to do the best for his country, must be like a missal.  We all should love him, respect him and follow his ideology to make his slogan of ‘’Shinning India’’ very successful.  A man who gets up at dawn, do yoga, then study various information on his laptop, teetotaller and only busy ensure good deeds and network for the benevolence of all sections of people, is an ideal leader, who is the befitting one to rule  India.

With this new direction of the rule book and the code of conduct formula, he  will definitely bring in a see through change in the country’s present dishevel condition of  governance.Ever since, he becomes the Prime Minister, he is working to his fullest capacity just to save his country from an almost economic collapse.Since his  Prime Ministership, he has taken decisions after decisions for the benefits of his countrymen. The common people are passionately watching all his deeds and acknowledging the same. All his decisions, taken so far are invariably going to fetch positive results.  As a part of his mission to create a ‘’Shinning India’’, he now wants that all our MPs and MLAs are to behave democratically and think only in terms of people’s welfare without wasting their time for mundane issues

Parliamentarians are supposed to maintain a decorum and a code of conduct inside and outside the parliament. They enjoy various privileges, which are governed by the guidelines and policies.  All the members are acquainted with these guidelines when they take the oath in the parliament.  They are supposed to follow these rules, but it has been seen that many times, these guidelines and decorum are not followed.  Since, Modi is a very much disciplined person, he wants to put discipline in force into the parliament and he is deeply thinking to consider all the guidelines, which are already laid down to convert into a strict  rule book.

He has also advised his Parliamentary Affairs Minister Mr. Naidu to chalk out a fresh code of conduct for all MPs and MLAs and convene a meeting of all the chief whips of all the parties to discuss his this brain child and make a proposal on immediate basis.  The idea is that he wants to implement this rule book and  inculcate an atmosphere of real good governance to improve the quality in the functions of the parliamentarians and the legislatures in the eyes of public.  In the past couple of years, the decorum of the parliament and also the state assemblies have gone down. People know very well that how ugly inklings, slang and slander languages are used therein.  Sometimes, the whole India watches the same through various channels on the television.  It has also been seen that in many state assemblies, members scuffle and make the proceedings of the assemblies almost like a hooliganism.

Under these circumstances, when the situation becomes so volatile because of unruly and unrealistic behavioral pattern of the members, then country’s progress gets jeopardized.  This is evident from the past ten year’s governance. What we have seen during these ten years, it cannot be attributed as governance in the right direction. I still remember that during my adolescence, one gentleman named Mr. B.C. Roy used to be the Chief Minister of West Bengal in the sixties. No sooner, he enters the assembly hall; there was an environment of silence and creative discussions  were only allowed. Nobody could dare to think to shout leave aside hurling the chairs  and using bad languages.  These sorts of leaders are very less today, but I can foresee that Modi is one of such kind. 

What I understand that he has also told all the concerned people that there should be a “do” and “do not” in the rule book, which is to be strictly followed by the members of the parliament, failing which they will be punished severely and finally, they will be debarred from their post of elected members.  Being a Denizen of Gujarat, I have watched Modi’s deeds, his policies and how he has made Gujarat as one of the prosperous states. And, I was knowing that he would soon bring these steps of disciplinary measures to make India as a dynamic and vibrant country. I am sure that this is a bright step and if the implementation is done in the correct direction, many members will think twice to continue shouting and using foul mouth and the gravity of the good governance will be improvised to the benefit of the country and its  people.

Why Modi has thought to formalize the code of conduct of the members of the parliament afresh? He understands that the common people are the most sufferers and all these unwanted actions of the members increase their plight only. If the parliament and state assemblies are suspended due to this shouting and hooliganism and members are not in a position to take the right decisions for the benefit of the common man, country’s progress diminishes and  the prosperity will be hampered. Modi will not allow to continue this syndrome of bad governance and he is very firm to implement this strategical formula for the betterment of the country and its people through his plan of devising a strict code of conduct for all the members of the parliament.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Bureaucrat's bureaucratic braggart

Who does not like to brag?  Each and everyone in this cantankerous society, requires name, fame, money, recognition, extraordinary coverage in the media, and many more. One is interested to use his bragging power to downsize other. Whether you are a politician, bureaucrat, professor, lawyer, academician, businessman or a common man, it now becomes a style to pinpoint fault with others work.  But the most pathetic situation is the time of this bragging.  When the situation occurs and takes place, when it creates havoc in the society, brings distress to the common people and the taxpayers, these braggers keep quiet. No sooner it is over, somehow or the rather the light glows and bragging starts.  The recent trend of the former bureaucrats is to write autobiographies to reveal sensitive information to sensitize the society. In the recent past, Natvar Singh, Sanjay Baru and now Vinod Rai, all are very keen to air their views of the deficiencies of the then government particularly with inkling to the former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. 

As per Mr. Rai’s assessment through his profundity on the subject of authoritative governance, the loss accrued to the exchequer for 2G scam is 1.76 Lac crore.  Mr. Kapil Sibal, the ex law minister refused this statement of account and said there was zero loss.  To support his figure, Mr. Rai said that “It is a presumptive loss which people have misunderstood as there is a difference between presumptive and presumptuous.”  The meaning of presumptive, as per him is a higher degree of certainness, which is widely used in government’s direct tax code. It is also financially and legally acceptable.  I am not going into further details about the losses because the government’s own agency CBI said, “The loss was 30000 crores.”

Very shortly, Mr Vinod Rai is putting all these sensational news in the form of a book which may definitely attract a niche of elite, section of bureaucrats, who are familiar with these types of cumbersome legal and financial worlds.  These books may not serve any purpose to the benefits of a common man, because whatever losses are incurred that is to be offset by the tax payers hard earned money. 

Mr. Rai indirectly blames Manmohan Singh for his inefficiency to provide a strong leadership and dictatorial rulings to curb this type of scam.  The book will reveal that his weakness to have an assertive ruling on the then telecom minister Raja, is the root-cause of these happenings. Many journalists very rightly questioned Mr Rai  that why he had not pointed out, these things during his tenure as CAG?  He said that he has taken up this matter to the ex PM on a few occasions, but it was not given due cognizance. He also says that whenever Raja used to write letters to Singh to apprise regarding the whereabouts of allocation of the license and formalities, Singh promptly replied to him. Under these circumstances, Rai understood that it will not be prudent for him to raise any more issues because that would have been an unethical and inappropriate action from the chair of a CAG

I am sure that the impending book will bring various information of earlier government’s callousness to combat the financial irregularities. He will be projecting himself as a crusader of these scams.  Now, along with him, the other stalwart politicians, namely Kamalnath, Digvijay Singh and others are vociferously blaming Singh for his reticence, administrative weakness and utter failure to run a coalition government. And, precisely that is the reason of their parties defeat in the last parliament election.

I can understand the  basis of various opinions of the politicians, but what makes these politicians turned bureaucrats so agile, so versatile to air their views just after or immediately after their retirement from their services. Do we construe that all the wrongdoings of the past government are only the creation of  Manmohan Singh and his cabinet, and they were only the followers of all the policies framed by the then respective ministries and ratified  by Singh.
Can anybody buy this logical and notional argument of our erudite bureaucrats? 

: 2 :

But who is not aware of his this characteristic trait?  Can anybody say that Singh is a masterminded orator?  Can he mesmerize audience by his extemporary speech?  No, he is an economist, erudite, literate and gentleman politician.  To handle the scam, its regulations, its repercussions, the colossal losses to the revenue are not that easy, particularly by a person like him. And the whole world knows that how he was chosen to become the Prime Minister.  Further, he was running a coalition government where some of the parties and their members were almost behaving like  rogues.  Under this situation, even he was adopting high headedness; I have my own doubt whether we could have been avoided 2G scam.

These books, which are getting published and I am sure that some more may come, will not serve any purpose of removing the scam from our system.  We are classified as the most corrupted nations in the world and so, a few books by these super learned bureaucrats will hardly yield any results.

These bureaucrats will be flourished.  Because, if by any chance, the books are well publicized in the market, their name, fame, recognition and money will be poured in their kitty  So, these bureaucrats have found a novel way to brag their past activities and put the same in the books, even at the cost of their ex boss or bosses.  After all, this is the law of life.  Brag and climb, brag and climb and you will definitely reach the top rung of the ladder either socially or politically. Time will only say, what is what?

Monday, October 13, 2014

Pakistan's ploy will be deployed by Modi

All of us are very sure that Modi will be able to convince almost all the leaders, who is occupying the pivoted positions in their respected countries in Asia  to lessen the cross terrorism, infiltration, trespassing just to maintain a healthy and cordial relationship between each other. Barring Pakistan and to some extent China, so far, he is extremely successful in his this mission.I am vociferous to vociferate my political views against Pakistan. It is somewhat true that Modi had made a strategical wrong assessment to go against Muslims in India to make the country as a Hindurashtra, way back in the year 2002, but now, he has understood the real scenario and he is taking utmost care to bring this fraternity in his stride. After occupying the chair of Prime Ministership, he radically influenced them to garner their support and the Muslims over here have acknowledged his sincere efforts. At present, Muslims in India are  spontaneously supporting him to fulfill his desire of making India as one of the dominating powers in the world.


But when it comes to Pakistan, I have  my doubt that whether they will at all change their political ideology or not. They are only interested to maintain a masked friendship with  India. They have a feeling of less brotherhood and more animosity.For the past couple of days, all their vindictive actions are getting exposed even though Mr. Sharif has shown the inclination to make an integrated relationship with India in his last visit here during Modi’s oath ceremony.  The recent infiltration has given the encouragement to terrorism by crossing the border and resort to firing and cross firing at J&K border, is the glaring example of their inherent desire for vicissitudes and to continue the politically motivated helter-skelter. Seeing their political manipulations, Modi has rightly decided to give a “security apparatus”, that means, a free hand to our army forces to set right the Pakistani troops in the J and K border. 


In one of his rallies in Maharashtra on the eve of the ensuing state assembly election, Modi has emphatically told the gathering that India will not keep quiet to the Pakistani terrorism, if they continue to instigate the same. He told that if required, our soldiers at borders also know how to retaliate. They will put their fingers on the triggers and show what India is in reality under the leadership of Modi?


Some days back, he has advised the Home Minister Mr. Rajnath Singh that border security force must counter Pakistan firing with full vigor and energy.  Modi is of the opinion that everything will be sorted out soon.  As per the Cease Fire Agreement signed in 2003, he is a bit worried that despite Mr. Sharif’s wholehearted support, why Pakistan is resorting to these activities?  In one of the cabinet meetings, held recently in the presence of the Home Minister, National Security Advisor and senior defense officers, he emphatically informed that if Pakistani troops continue to violate the Cease Fire Agreement, let our army troop  take decisions and have their free hands to sort out the border atrocities.  As per the last information, what is being fed to me from the various sources that a dozen of people have died, around 30% are injured in the latest cross border firing in Jammu & Kashmir and it has forced many residents over there to vacate their houses and take the shelter of army camps. Indian troops have also retaliated bravely to save themselves and their countrymen.


Though Modi is clinched with flak from the opposition parties, particularly from the Congress and its leader Rahul Gandhi that Modi is not able to stop the death of our soldiers at the border, he is not able to stop the violation, he is not able to make any impact on Pakistani people who are occupying the power. But all these allegations are frivolous and baseless. And at the same time, there is no iota of truth, of these accusations of the Congress party.  The fact is that Modi is closely watching this issue and has given the total authority to Indian Army to control Pakistan’s malafide intentions so that Pakistan are not in a position to malice the peace of the country. He urges the armies to stop the cross the border violations and take stern actions to curb the terrorism and its  nefarious activities. He clearly advises them to have a tough stand to eliminate the terrorism and heinous crime. He has given a clean mandate to our armies. 


The river of life

Sthir and Asthir are chum friends.  Despite their difference in attitude, behavior and lifestyle, their relationship is quite thick. They invented a hedonistic idea of journeying down the river.  Asthir was exuberant and overwhelmed with the river’s speed, energy and her own enthusiasm.  She told her friend, “I am desirous to plunge into the river and would like to carry on with its flowing stream.  I meet you later.”

Then, she took the plunge without waiting for her response. Initially, she was bit panicky about the strong current of the river which swept her along. But then she was determined to conquer all the odds of the river. The current took her to a long distance, making her far away from the shore.  She was not able to see her beloved friend any more.

The waves got bigger; the water deeper, the river widened and everywhere there was water only. The gushing became so forceful that she was knocked about on the waves.  She was hurt being choked by foreign particles and creatures in the river.  She cried for help and started yelling, “Help me, please help me to the shore.  I will otherwise die.  This monstrous wave of this forceful river will ravish my chastity.  Oh God! Please send someone to save me.” No one heard. Life is like that.

In the meantime, Sthir had set out on foot.  She decided to walk down the river bank to enjoy its gushing wave.  She ultimately walked a long stretch along the river observing its water, waves, colour, and twilight but with a sullen face because of not knowing about the condition of her friend.

Two decades passed on. Suddenly, both the friends met again. They hugged, kissed and embraced each other with a great affection and love.  They shared their experiences on the river of life. Asthir admitted that she did have some fun, but the journey was utterly painful and tiresome.  Even she accepted that it was God grace that she managed to escape from the waves of the river. 

Sthir affectionately told, “I was very keen to follow your steps. The river was also inviting me to undertake the hedonistic journey.  But I was not in a hurry.  I rather chose to walk.  I was more interested to enjoy the scenic offerings around the river.  I marvelled at the sunrise and sunset that were so different each day.  One can’t decide its beauty unless observes day by day.  It was simply amazing.  The open blue sky was re-assuming as being the stars at night. I played with the countless birds and butterflies on my way. I stopped to smell the forest and waited with baited breath for the kingfisher to dive into the water for a quick meal and the seagulls that flew over my head. I was all the while pondering to throw myself in the gushing river like you.  But I decided other way round and follow the natural course of life.”

Asthir said, “I realize after twenty years of my worldly experience that why you are better than me in your thoughts, perception and conviction. Life is defined to be calculated systematically with a measurement book which you have done better than me.”

Both the friends then sat in silence, mulling over the choices they made and the experiences they gathered, perhaps the river of life is not that easy to ascertain.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Modi's shrewd plodder outgrows Shiv Sena

Have you anytime scrutinized Modi’s picture anywhere, say on hoarding, newspapers and election campaign posters or simply in photo frames. An elegant looking, confident posture, affirmative stance and extraordinary guileless personality. Can a man of this stature fear the wrangle caused by the recent separation of Shiv Sena? In politics no one is your permanent friend or foes and so this party now  acts like a bête-noir  of BJP, after snapping the tie. Since then, the Shiv Sena has accused  Modi for his election campaign in Maharashtra’s assembly election that he unnecessarily drains the state coffer for spending money for his high profile rallies. They say that, if he has that much mass appeal, he should have relaxed  in Delhi instead of attending on an average twenty five rallies in different parts of Maharashtra. Simply, they are not able to suppress their anger of frustration and publicly outcry; otherwise can a sensible party leader  comment like that? Further, the opposition parties, which mainly includes MNS howl that Modi wants to divide Maharashtra separating Mumbai from the state. You will be startled to observe   his reaction to the said allegation. He said that till the time, he is at the helm of affairs in Delhi, he ensures that Mumbai is an undivided part of Maharashtra.  Just to see his posture when he reacts to this allegation, a firm, polite, but with a stentorian voice.

The Congress leaders already understand that they are in the slough of defeat and so now engage in the activities of spreading  lies and rumors on cotton and onion, which, of course, they did for the past ten years. Of course, they do not have any other option, because in the past ten years, they have not established their credits to flourish the progress of this state much. The other opponents, namely MNS beseech the gatherings in the rallies to take utmost care against the impending division of Maharashtra, which is a baseless political stunt only. The past government led by the Congress is taking the said strategy is basically to save their party's  existence and divert the focus as they did not have any concrete evidence of good governance in Maharashtra in the recent past. Further, Modi simply refutes all these allegations with his convincing style and  firmly says in the rallies that his party BJP will be in a position to rule this financial capital  after the election results are declared to make Maharashtra as one of the most prosperous states in India.

In his rallies, he lambasted the Congress for the cotton and onion farmers’ suicide in the past couple of years. He also urged the people to rip the mask of these leaders and punish these murderers. He emphatically expressed his views to release Maharashtra from the clutch of these selfish leaders and franchise freely to liberate Maharashtra and celebrate the liberation day for the state on October 15

In almost all fronts, say, GSDP (Gross State Domestic Product) growth to provide employment and also to increase the number of establishments, Maharashtra is ahead of even Modi’s Gujarat. So, Modi is campaigning  fiercely to rout his opponents in this election so that after the election, he can concentrate more to the upliftment of the economical and social progress of this state, which was almost stagnant during the past couple of years.
Now, what  transpires behind the curtain in this split-up between the BJP and the Shiv Sena. The new leadership under the stewardship of Modi has decided to snap the tie of 25 year  old relationship. Modi was not interested to succumb the unwanted pressure of Shiv Sena. While the old leaders of the BJP were not that unkind to this party, but the new breed of BJP, which includes Modi was not at all comfortable to muse Uddhav Thackeeray’s aspiration for the coveted post of the Chief Minstership. Further, for the past few months, the Shiv Sena was  doing all the negative campaigns against Modi through their mouthpiece Saamna. This continuous provocation and stringent criticism of Modi and RSS Chief as well as the demand for the post of CM ultimately snapped the friendship band.

The BJP was also initially not in favor to end its electoral pact with the Shiv Sena because of later’s massive success in the last Lok Sabha polls, but the situation and the continuous criticism spoiled the relationship. The seat sharing and the adjustment did not materialize and ultimately both the parties now fight the ensuing election slated on the 15th instant  on their  respective identities. But to my mind, since, Modi is an  astute and shrewd politician and have a tremendous mass appeal, he knows  how  to fight an election better than anybody and so, the Shiv Sena alone will not be able to garner a clean majority. And eventually, they will be forced to make a  rat-tat to the ajar door of their desire to take part in the future ministry and to have some portfolios under the consideration of the BJP. Contrarily, if BJP wins the election and fall short of a majority, then they have to take the help of their old friends to form ministry to keep the arch rival Congress and NCP at bay.  It is but natural that  neither Congress nor NCP or their combination can form a government in Maharashtra for another term.

So, pre election bickering and criticism of Modi by Shiv Sena, may be their strategical deployment of their political stunt, but they have to  forge their relationship again with the BJP to be a partner of a  probable coalition state government.

What a superb role Modi has played? Whether you  decide to be away from him  or attach with him, you have to depend on him to ensure to remain in power in Maharashtra..  Metaphorically, It is like the adage, ‘’you can either love him or hate him, but you cannot ignore him.’’

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Love to create and create,to love

There are many forms of creativity. If you regularly create art of various nature and theme, you are called as a creator, but not necessarily you will be a true creative person. Unless this faculty of producing art is a passion for you and you love to do it irrespective of name and fame, then you are a true creative person. Thais love ‘’to do’’ is the main hypothesis behind the creativity. Creativity is that when you stop binding yourself within any limit and start thinking beyond any subject. A diver cannot find a pearl unless he goes in the ocean as deep as he possibly can. He has to submerge himself in search of a pearl. A big stone is useless in the eye of someone; but to a Sculptor, it can be a masterpiece. It is his creative sight to see a useless stone to a beautiful sculpture. A creative person puts his soul into whatever he does with all passion, zeal and enthusiasm. A poet goes beyond into the world of thinking and imagination, puts all his emotions on a paper and produces an ultimate poetry. With his pen, he can make his readers laugh or cry - which is called creativity. The theme of Love being converted into music cannot be composed unless a composer feels the love. You must enjoy with your heart what you are doing. You are well familiar with Dilip Kumar, a legendary actor. In emotional scenes, he was  involving  himself  so deeply  that in real life, doctors advised him not to play tragic roles anymore because he used to suffer from depression., immediate after these types of scenes. Today, he is recognized as a tragedy king and none of the actors in Bollywood can play a tragic role as Dilip Kumar used to play. It is called  the true creativity - what you give to your work and how much passion and efforts you are putting, ultimately the same counts  to accomplish your creativity. In this particular way, the small things become great when they are soaked with love and enjoyment.

If you believe that you are not creative, in that case, your inner perception is obstinate and create hindrance continually for the free flowing of your energy to create something. The energy which emanates from your inside, will demoralize and provoke you to murmur “I am not at all a creative person.” In this great world, very few people are recognized as creative. May be a few authors, athletes or singer – one in a million. This is absolutely ridiculous and has no scientific base to prove at all. In fact, every one of us is a creator. If you observe any child very minutely and note his activities, you will find him as creative. As he grows day-by-day, we confine him with nape of negative instructions, allow him not to do many things, repeatedly caution him to do this and not to do that and these types of sermons and instructions ultimately put a barrier on his spontaneous behavior and he  becomes crippled in the hands of his parents, older siblings and relatives. We force our thoughts on our children and we destroy their creativity. We continue to poke in their all state of affairs, making them more political and ambitious. They lose their creativity. When you become more ambitious, you kill your inherent creativity. You won’t be in a position to do anything which you love to do. If he is painting a picture or an art, he will be devoting his time to perform this activity with a thought when he is going to be awarded a national recognition. When he is writing a novel, he will be under pressure of his peers, parents and well wishers that when he is getting an award. He is then more focused to write the novel rather than to create with his heart. He slowly loses his creativity. If you can shed your all these notions and avoid to glamorize the same, you will suddenly become creative. Our life is money centered. We give a very big importance to money and try to organize and reorganize our lives as per the money flow and so it is known as one of the most uncreative things. A person who runs behind money is a sufferer because money robs your creativeness, it makes you greedy. The more money you possess or you try to acquire, the less creative you become. No doubt, you require money for your comfort, but it should not be a precursor and destroyer of your creativity.
A creative art increases the beauty of the world. It repays many things back to the world. It never snatches anything from it. A creative person lands in the world, increases the beauty of the world – a song here, a music there. When he leaves the world, he leaves a better world behind him.

If you are creative, not necessarily, it will provide you power, prestige, status quo, name, fame and wealth, but one thing is certain that you will be a richer person available in this world. You will be able to fulfill your desires, you will lead your life joyfully with celebration and will be in a position to receive God’s blessings on a continuous basis. Your life will be a benediction. It may be possible that outwardly you may not be a celebrity, but to establish yourself as a creative person in this world, you have to fail miserably. What is the real benefit to say, ‘’See the whole world becomes my slave,’’when you are losing your own self? A creative person maintains his own self because he believes in creativity. He creates with passion and his creativity is to love what he does.