Saturday, May 23, 2015

Don’t see everything in the mirror of past to decide the future

People always repent that they are not able to progress in their lives because their  deeds, which were performed by them in the past were mostly faulty and so, they are not able to celebrate and enjoy their lives fully. In the light of  the said negative thinking, they further miss the opportunities of the future. Since, they have made mistakes in the past, they think that in future also, the same sequence will be continued. They are not able to foresee the bright future ahead and celebrate their future boldly. To come out of this tricky situation, you must celebrate all the happenings in your life, as per the prevailing situation. There are two types of celebrations. First, for all your accomplishments, you express thanks spontaneously to others and show your reverence to God for the particular achievement.  Second, don’t cling like a crippling plant to the past and  always see  in the forward direction. You have to take the movement of life as a perpetual method of existence. In the tug of war of constraints and happiness in life, you may take any excuse for a celebration. Of course, this celebration should not be construed as an enjoyment of mixing with people, taking foods, gossiping and making fun. This celebration is some sort of a purification of your mind and sanctity and sacred must be attached to this. This is a typical pattern of the rejoicing of your mind, body and spirit. When you continually perform this type of celebration, it rejuvenates your mental power, which uplifts and unities of everyone  around you. You will be immensely benefited as it frees you from the clutch of the memories of gloomy incidents of the past and increase your hope for a better future. This type of celebration is like you are performing a typical type of service, which is a sacred one. The most important aspect of this celebration is that it must be society oriented and not limited to your own benefits. This celebration should never be your pleasure seeking adventure.  When this celebration is mixed with purity and prayer, it provides an environment of respect.  It then produces any entertainment for the mind or the excitement in the body, and the soul gets refined and searching for a divinity. This celebration is not at all related to external sensual enjoyment, but it is mostly linked to showing kindness to others and performing a moment to moment analysis of your various deeds. This celebration is an attitude of obtaining your perfection from various constraints, experiences, feelings and activities generally happen in your life. To carry on with this type of celebration, you need not be a wealthy person. You may not be having a rich inheritance or you may not be borne with a silver spoon. It must come from your inner sense of idealism and how you enthuse joy, energy, vigor and determination to achieve something in your life. Then only, you will get a satisfaction from this type of celebration.  You have to celebrate more  when you are in distress, you are perturbed and you grapple with the fear of failures. You have to reconcile various experiences of the past and mix the same with the present  and move on to the future with a determination of success. You must share your joy with others.  Life needs to be forwarded in search of the best. In your forward movement, you will come across rough terrains, but they will always show you how to conquer the worst. The difficulties provide you depth and  to show you the roads to fight against turbulence. The people, who are wise enough are able to see the past as their destiny, the future as their goal and the present as their existence and in this sequence, they remain happy.  

: 2 :

The unwise people always see the past as their faults, think that nothing will happen in  the future because the same is destined and these people are not able to enjoy the present.   The memory of past  teaches us many lessons; which path we should follow and which one we should not. It is true that you get lots of thorny moments in your life and you must take the same in your stride because all those troublesome moments bring more wisdom and knowledge. Now, the experiences related to the joys and pleasures provide us a new dimension of life and hope for the future. You must accept the future with pleasure.  This pleasure evolves when you are aware that you are loved.  If you understand that you are not loved, you won’t be able to celebrate your life. You will remain in anxieties.  In this phase, you become restless, you become self centered and greedy only to visualize your own benefits. When you are always searching a comfortable position for you in all respects and if you are not getting the same, you become angry. Once you are angry, you become frustrated and then feel gloomy passing through a chain of reaction of unpleasantness. Some people opine that being quiet is known as spirituality. Some think a celebration is spirituality. But spirituality is mixed of outer quietness and inner celebration; and inner quietness and outer celebration. The real celebration is the one, which comes out of silence from the bottom of your heart and the core of your mind. This creation is infinite and it is a mystery.  These mysteries are beyond recognition; these are only to be loved.  Love is a mystery. In the same way, sleep is a mystery.  Your mind is a big mystery.  But when you try to analyze all these mysteries, you are in a big confusion. When you are able to come out of this confusion stage, you feel enlightenment. During the celebration as stated above, people often show their ignorance about the real purpose and convey their feelings accordingly. Out of ignorance, they answer many times in a negative way or remain silent. In this way, they invite more sorrows and fewer joys in their lives. Instead, they must remain  focused and simply be in the mode of assertion as this life itself is a big challenge and mystery. You just live, enjoy, analyze, perceive and then continue to bear with the same. When you will be able to master the total credentials of your life, joy dawns. You need not focus all your attention to the past and make the future gloomy.  Past is past, forget the same, be remain in the present and move forward to celebrate the present and the future.

Friday, May 22, 2015

The magical power of sincere prayer

If you pray sincerely with all your focus to God, it will be beneficiary for you in many ways. When you wake up in the morning and pray for at least ten minutes, your that day will be flourishing with a positive and peaceful mind. The effect of your prayer will energize you to perform all your activities in an exuberant frame of mind. It will fortify your self confidence and generate new energy to face many constraints evolved in the course of the day. The power of prayer will boost up your mental and emotional energy to reduce the gravity, if not eliminate various ordeals you receive. When you sit in the prayer remembering God, your mind gets filled up with  soothing, moral, religious and spiritual thoughts. When you reach this stage of the power of prayer, you become self-purifying, self-improving and spiritually devoted. After finishing the prayer each day, you will feel better than before.  The seriousness of doing prayer must be at a very high level; otherwise, the spiritual affinity will not be experienced by you at all. True prayers do not have any boundary. You need not to visit temples or sacred places.  God is present all around us.  You must identify a place even your cozy bed will do, then sit quietly and start praying; you only ensure the sanctity of the same.  You don’t have to pass through any religious rituals, don’t have to refer to any particular scripture and you need not to follow any prescribed rules of religion. With a  reverence and sacred, you pray in your own words and language, which you understand, because God understands every language. He can very well identify your sincere intention. If you pray without concentration or for the purpose of maintaining a ritual, God will understand the same also.  God, even understands the broken words, half spoken language and even a prayer, which is said in the language of silence. The prayer is mostly related to your sincerity, its words, its thoughts and the intensity of your respect to the Almighty. Any sacrilege activity towards prayer will not yield any result.

Many religious preachers say that a sincere prayer is not a mere recitation, or uttering some hymns; it is a heartfelt yearning, must be evolved from your inner self. In prayer, your complete self must reach and touch God mentally. You can reach God when you pray with faith.  It is often said that prayer is the voice of faith.  Mostly, we pray when we are in pain.  We seldom pray in our happiness.  If we continue to pray irrespective of our  conditions, we can lessen the intensity of our pain and sufferings. The Creators cannot guarantee that your sufferings will be completely eliminated, even if you pray continuously with all your sincerity.  Whatever share of sufferings you have to suffer, you cannot deny.  But your prayer will make all your sufferings bearable to you.  So, the significance and importance of prayer have an encouraging value, particularly when we are in distress mode, say we are severely ill or we are in the midst of a heart rendering tragedy.  Prayer helps us most in this type of situation.  It puts us back in the right frame of mind and so, it is beneficiary for us to avoid the further depression.  It also gives us courage and develops ability and the right temperament to bear the thorns of life.

Prayer increases our psychological energy. If you pray regularly, you will not be  circumvented that much by stress.  Prayer is beneficiary not only for the person who prays, but it also helps the whole environment and the surroundings, where we live.  During the prayer, the various thoughts related to spiritualities are emanating to purify  the environs.  The results of the prayers illuminate the surroundings with energy and induce everyone with the thoughts of harmony, brotherhood and love. 

If you always in favor of peace and you pray accordingly, a wave of peace will be there in the world, which you can simulate and think of. Today’s world is smashed with violence because most of the time, we visualize and think violence.  The unruly thoughts develop misguidance, worry and negative attitudes in people. In a situation like this, if you pray for calm, quiet and peaceful surroundings, you will get the same.  Through prayer, you have to understand your thoughts, if the same is not morally enriched, subjugate the same. Then, use the magical power of prayer continually to bring in  harmony, moralities and spiritualities to transform the people of this great world.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Get rid of the objectives;prefer to follow the subjectives

When you are doubtful of your capabilities and fight for your existence in life, you feel dejected.  To come out from this impasse, you need to shift your focus from the objective to the subjective. In our lives, we mostly focus all our attentions on fulfillment of objective issues.  We must know that objectives are not the solution of any proposition; it is only an inclination. The entire concentration and analysis of the situation must be to ascertain the subjective issue. To transform your complete attention from the objective to the subjective, you have to increase the power of your mind by following the path of carrying out meditation. By doing meditation, you have to control your emotional thoughts, which only prompt you to choose the objectives for any matter. When emotional thoughts are under control, you will be able to evaluate any issue based on its merits and demerits, analyze the reason for the evolution of the issue, how the issue is going to be solved to your benefit or will  it cause it  any harm to you. When all these answers are correctly ascertained and replied affirmatively, you are bound to accept the issue based on its subjective value. You must always look deeply into your inner world. This inner world, though private to you, is the real world, which provides you to judge the subjective value of any issue.  This subjective value is private whereas the objective value is public. For example, when you dream in your sleep and what you see in the dream is yours and personal. You will not be able to invite anyone at that particular time; it is not feasible to do so. You may love your spouse and  she may be sleeping by your side. But when you dream, it is yours and what she dreams, it is her.  At the most, you can share your dream with her next day. Dreams are exclusively private; they are completely subjective. The objective here is the issue of dreaming. Further, while watching, you can watch one thing and other people can also watch the same thing.  But for  thought, people cannot watch the same thought  and the thought of one person will remain his own jurisdiction. It is for the same person to whom the thought belongs. To become more subjective on any issue, you have to remove consciousness more and more towards the private.  An artist lives a public life.  The great philosopher Mahatma Gandhi used to say that he did not have any private life.  That means, he used to lead a very poor life. The rich people are mostly constrained to remain private by default because they are not that secured to face their lives publicly. They may be socialites, party goers and media savvy, but it is very ideological that they prefer to live more privately. We watch politicians and their lives very frequently on TV, in newspapers, in the media, in public places and in the street.  Even in his home, he is nobody, because he is so widely spread in coverage.  You must identify your private face.  Your emphasis must be more on the private rather than public. The more you become private, the more your inclination towards spirituality will be there.  This is the reason, the rich are very much God oriented.  Of course, these rich fraternities are those who earn money in a legalized route and based on their wisdom and knowledge. 

The concept of publicly is more prone to science and logical notions, but not to the religion and spirituality.  The public door is for calculation, but it is not the opening of ecstasy to love.  Some of the artistic things in our lives, which we enjoy through our senses, namely arts, tunes before music is composed, poetry and literature are very secretive in nature. These things remain very private and the owners of these creativities are also very secretive in their nature. They almost avoid public lives and  by their inherent behavior, they want to be in oblivion.
The wave of thoughts emerges in the privacy of their thought process and then spread to the public to understand the same. They always become isolated. Of course, there is a deviation for some people., but mostly this theory is predominant.

Public life is the reverse of the private life.  Here the issue rises outwardly and enters inwardly. The original source is always outside.  The crux of any information related to the public domain is never within yourself. The politicians’ lives and their messages never come from their inner source; the same always evolves from the outside world.  For a politician, if people don’t vote for him, his existence is nowhere.  He becomes nobody from somebody.  This type of situation can never have any effect on a painter or an artist.  They don’t hunch for people’s votes.  The people themselves appreciate their creativities to create immortal things.  If anybody introspects on this particular aspect and simulates the same with Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings, not a single painting was sold during his lifetime. He was not at all gloomy, but he enjoyed creating, painting continuously. His thinking was never connected  how many of his paintings were sold. He was more interested how to create a marvelous painting each time. He achieved a goal and whenever he used to create a painting, it was always compared to divinity. 

When you create something, you become a small God in your own way.  We know that God is the creator and when you create, you reach Him.  When you create something without a thought that how much the same will be having a commercial valuation, how much the market appreciation will be there and whether you will be famous, then you are relying on the feelings to the objectives of the issues of creation. On the contrary, if you can push the value of your subjective aspirations that no matter what would be the consequence, you will be making a world class creation; you become somebody from nobody. So, you must be a follower of accepting the subjective value of  all issues pertaining to your life to become cheerful perpetual.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Grace of God is the greatest wealth in our life

If you are able to obtain the blessings of God in each and every state of affairs of your life, you must be a wealthy fellow  mentally. This wealth is not related to your fat bank balance, huge tangible assets or glamorous grandeur you possess. This is a feeling of sanctity of divinity and if you are a moral and a religious person, then, you can accumulate this wealth or grace of God. This concept of obtaining the grace of God is indicated in all the religions.  In fact, all most all the  religion and their scriptures, hymns and mantras vehemently proclaim that human beings must accomplish their duties in such a way that God showers His blessings because these blessings are mandatory for the upliftment of human beings. This grace of God ultimately makes you to resist your temptation not to indulge in any unlawful activities.  It is the  influence that is channeled through human beings to reproduce moral values and sanctify to inspire noble qualities to guide you to the correct path of living. This grace of God is a divine blessing, which  strengthens your character, not to involve in any kind of immoralities  and nullify evil wishes inflicted to you by societies’ various odd elements. Grace in other word, is “God’s unbiased favor.”  It will be bestowed on a person even he does not deserve so.  It is not a dormant quality, but a real life working principle. God does not discriminate and He also not requires your signal; He is extending His blessings perpetually despite the fact of your appreciate the same or not. One should not misinterpret that God’s grace is a favor. It should not be equated with mercy. Grace and mercy are different propositions. Mercy is a favor and it is God’s decision, which He may shower on you or not  depending on your good deeds or the sin committed by you and the gravity of the same. In the case of grace, it is His spontaneous and endless desires given to all the  human beings. People often say that we don’t get God’s mercy. The reason is that God does not consider any reason why the human beings perform misdeeds and then seek the shelter of mercy and so, you are deprived of His mercy. But God does not deny anybody from His grace,  you receive an eternal life and  also the promise of very many good  things although many times you do not deserve the same.  

In every religion, the significance and importance of grace are explained predominantly. As per the Christian religion, grace is a continuous process. In any religion, most people’s life is driven and empowered by grace.  As Roman says, “We stand in grace.  Dwelling in grace is a form of life.”  In Islam also, a person cannot achieve the stage of the summum bonum of heaven by his own deeds.  It is only possible to achieve by Allah’s grace.  It is mostly indicated that unless you receive Allah’s wishes and blessings, you cannot get into paradise. In the case of Hindu mythology, it is said that one cannot attain Moksha without Almighty’s grace and a firm faith in His ability.  This belief in His ability will make you nearer to the spiritual realm transcending all the bondages of good or bad Karmas earned in your several births.  It is also said that grace is the only medium, which can take us from the spiraling effects of all the past and accumulated Karmas.  This phase of receiving the grace of God is very important to attain Moksha in life.  You may have to be  philosophically induced to understand these high level thoughts.  God does not like to be a deciding authority to opine who is to be blessed and who is to be cursed? It is not His wish because He loves everyone despite his functions, status, deeds and moralities.  He let it leave to human beings and their course of various activities. Because of this, there is a subtle difference  between grace and the actions of Karma. If one is thinking that God’s grace is the sole arbiter of human destiny, then what happens to the various choices and options exercised by human beings on their own. 

God has no stipulation by which it is proven that some people are authorized to receive His grace, whereas some others are not supposed to get the same.  In other words, God has no biased action plan for any particular person to whom grace is to be bestowed fully or partially.  He gives this to all unconditionally. It is you to feel and enjoy the same. 

Many pious persons edify that we human beings must mingle with a religious type of persons to do good deeds and to ensure the benefits of others and help  people who are in distress.  In this way, it is possible to achieve salvation, but for that also, God’s grace is a must.  Without His grace, it is not possible to get good company. This attitude towards grace will make you think to attain Moksha. Can an individual perform anything to seek the grace or even carry on such activities which are dependent on grace?  Is it possible to break your dependence on grace?  You cannot come out of this cycle; you must try always for God’s attention and His grace. And, you can do so by loving and helping others, behaving friendly with them and show your compassion to all.  If you serve others through your deeds and words, God will be pleased with you and there is no need to seek grace; it will automatically reach you.  Grace is such a power of God, which will illuminate your inner sense of seeing all as your own.  People, who are always positive and not have any harmful, vested and destructive attitude, are chosen by God for bestowing His grace even though they may have some odd qualities. That does not mean that God’s grace is limited to those people only; it is for everybody and for all the time. You must have a feeling and religious attitude to understand and accept the same.    

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Yogic exercise is an aid to improve your appearance

Yoga as an aid to improve your appearance and posture


The yogic exercise can definitely make your pose and posture and appearance very bright, cheerful, full of energy and love.  You will be distinctly identified in the crowd.   You will have an almost athletic posture.  You need not be a professional athlete, but by virtue of your undertaking yogic exercise, you will be able to reduce and control your weight.  Over and above, you have to monitor your all diets and weight loss plans very closely.  You will discover the underlying common factor as calorie control.


If you delve into the pages of various diet books and food plans, you will find lots of rules for weight control.  In addition to this, these rules will prescribe “which foods to consume” and “which foods to avoid.”  Now, what is the success formula?  The answer is very simple. If you consume fewer  and measured calories, your weight will be less.  The various postulates regarding weight loss are given below.  


How many calories to consume?


It is as per individual requirement.  One may consume more calories, but the weight will not increase.  It depends on one’s weight, age, sex, activity level, metabolism rate and lifestyle.  On an average, women require around 2000 calories a day and men require 2500 calories a day. This is an indication how much you should eat daily. But more important,  the lifestyle factor, which is a deciding and an uncial index for calorie consumption. A person, who is working in the field and performs manual work, may not put weight even he consumes little more calorie than the average level.  Further, if a man is doing yogic exercise regularly and consume 2500 calories on an average, he will also not put extra weight.  But sedentary lifestyle with more calorie consumption will definitely increase your weight. 


What about athletes?


No doubt, they require more calories.  Depending on the sport and  diligence level involved therein, he needs to monitor his calorie expenditure and add that to his calorie needs.


What actions are needed to reduce weight?


To lose weight, you need to create a calorie deficit.  Weight loss of one to two pounds per week is ideal.  To lose one pound per week, you need to cut back on 500 calories a day.  If you calculate, it comes around 3500 calories per week.  The best way to achieve this is by reducing your calorie intake and increasing your calorie expenditure through exercise.  For example, if you can avoid chocolate bar of 250 calories and run for 3 miles per day to lose 250 calories or perform a yogic exercise continuously 60 minutes per day, you will be able to create a calorie deficit of 500 per day and 3500 per week.


: 2 :


How many calories should you consume to lose weight?  If you are desirous to lose weight, you must follow the statistics of the American College of Sports Medicine.   They recommend a minimum consumption of food about 1200 to 1500 calories per day for women and 1800 to 2000 calories per day for men.  Some people are of the opinion that if they skip meals, they can consume most of the calories during dinner time.  But, this is not a correct decision.  You require more calories during the day time as your body is continuously performing some activities and need more calories than at nighttime.  You must redistribute your calorie intake in such a way that your system is constantly fuelled and your metabolism is maintained.


It is also very essential to consider the nutritional value of foods while calculating the calorie intake and expenditure.  When you sit either for lunch or dinner, look at the calorie content and body’s nutritional requirement.  You cannot plan a diet or food only based on calorie counting.  In that case, you may lose the nutritious value of foods and end up in a not so well balanced eating plan.  Your body needs nutrients from various food groups.  The food you consume should include calories from proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals.  You have to combine all these and make your diet a well balanced and a planned diet to maintain weight in line with your height.


To maintain a health of balanced weight, you need to leave your greed for freshly prepared bakery products or brown chocolates. You may eat these sometime.  If you indulge to consume more calories of foods during lunch and then cut back on dinner or vice-versa, this habit is not good.  Make a balance.  Further, even you indulge in eating baked goodies occasionally; you won’t be under anxiety to put extra weight provided you have a conscious pattern of intake of foods supported by yogic exercise.


Some people have the habit of consuming alcohol on a regular basis particularly before dinner.  Alcohol has neither a fat content nor a carbohydrate, nor a protein.  It is a source of  adding unnecessary  calories comprising some attributes of fats and carbohydrates.  One gram of alcohol is equivalent to 7 calories and so if you consume 2/3 grams of alcohol regularly, you accumulate 21 calories each day.  After that, you take a rich calorie food of say 800 to 1000 calories; you are bound to be overweight.  Despite your doing exercises of any nature, you may not be able to control weight, if you indulge in drinking habit.

Follow correct food habit with enough yogic exercise to maintain a trouble free sound health.