Thursday, May 21, 2015

Get rid of the objectives;prefer to follow the subjectives

When you are doubtful of your capabilities and fight for your existence in life, you feel dejected.  To come out from this impasse, you need to shift your focus from the objective to the subjective. In our lives, we mostly focus all our attentions on fulfillment of objective issues.  We must know that objectives are not the solution of any proposition; it is only an inclination. The entire concentration and analysis of the situation must be to ascertain the subjective issue. To transform your complete attention from the objective to the subjective, you have to increase the power of your mind by following the path of carrying out meditation. By doing meditation, you have to control your emotional thoughts, which only prompt you to choose the objectives for any matter. When emotional thoughts are under control, you will be able to evaluate any issue based on its merits and demerits, analyze the reason for the evolution of the issue, how the issue is going to be solved to your benefit or will  it cause it  any harm to you. When all these answers are correctly ascertained and replied affirmatively, you are bound to accept the issue based on its subjective value. You must always look deeply into your inner world. This inner world, though private to you, is the real world, which provides you to judge the subjective value of any issue.  This subjective value is private whereas the objective value is public. For example, when you dream in your sleep and what you see in the dream is yours and personal. You will not be able to invite anyone at that particular time; it is not feasible to do so. You may love your spouse and  she may be sleeping by your side. But when you dream, it is yours and what she dreams, it is her.  At the most, you can share your dream with her next day. Dreams are exclusively private; they are completely subjective. The objective here is the issue of dreaming. Further, while watching, you can watch one thing and other people can also watch the same thing.  But for  thought, people cannot watch the same thought  and the thought of one person will remain his own jurisdiction. It is for the same person to whom the thought belongs. To become more subjective on any issue, you have to remove consciousness more and more towards the private.  An artist lives a public life.  The great philosopher Mahatma Gandhi used to say that he did not have any private life.  That means, he used to lead a very poor life. The rich people are mostly constrained to remain private by default because they are not that secured to face their lives publicly. They may be socialites, party goers and media savvy, but it is very ideological that they prefer to live more privately. We watch politicians and their lives very frequently on TV, in newspapers, in the media, in public places and in the street.  Even in his home, he is nobody, because he is so widely spread in coverage.  You must identify your private face.  Your emphasis must be more on the private rather than public. The more you become private, the more your inclination towards spirituality will be there.  This is the reason, the rich are very much God oriented.  Of course, these rich fraternities are those who earn money in a legalized route and based on their wisdom and knowledge. 

The concept of publicly is more prone to science and logical notions, but not to the religion and spirituality.  The public door is for calculation, but it is not the opening of ecstasy to love.  Some of the artistic things in our lives, which we enjoy through our senses, namely arts, tunes before music is composed, poetry and literature are very secretive in nature. These things remain very private and the owners of these creativities are also very secretive in their nature. They almost avoid public lives and  by their inherent behavior, they want to be in oblivion.
The wave of thoughts emerges in the privacy of their thought process and then spread to the public to understand the same. They always become isolated. Of course, there is a deviation for some people., but mostly this theory is predominant.

Public life is the reverse of the private life.  Here the issue rises outwardly and enters inwardly. The original source is always outside.  The crux of any information related to the public domain is never within yourself. The politicians’ lives and their messages never come from their inner source; the same always evolves from the outside world.  For a politician, if people don’t vote for him, his existence is nowhere.  He becomes nobody from somebody.  This type of situation can never have any effect on a painter or an artist.  They don’t hunch for people’s votes.  The people themselves appreciate their creativities to create immortal things.  If anybody introspects on this particular aspect and simulates the same with Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings, not a single painting was sold during his lifetime. He was not at all gloomy, but he enjoyed creating, painting continuously. His thinking was never connected  how many of his paintings were sold. He was more interested how to create a marvelous painting each time. He achieved a goal and whenever he used to create a painting, it was always compared to divinity. 

When you create something, you become a small God in your own way.  We know that God is the creator and when you create, you reach Him.  When you create something without a thought that how much the same will be having a commercial valuation, how much the market appreciation will be there and whether you will be famous, then you are relying on the feelings to the objectives of the issues of creation. On the contrary, if you can push the value of your subjective aspirations that no matter what would be the consequence, you will be making a world class creation; you become somebody from nobody. So, you must be a follower of accepting the subjective value of  all issues pertaining to your life to become cheerful perpetual.
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