Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Why people lie? Do they want to brag their importance?

Why people lie?  Do they want to brag their importance?

It is quite natural for anyone to show his importance for his sustainability. In this way, some people want to exaggerate their existence. To do this, we sometimes take the course of actions which are not well defined and follow the path of transparency. And we lie to save our identities and continue our said actions tactfully with a hope not to get exposed.   When our children lie for mundane issues, we scold them seriously; we admonish them with punishment and beat them in some cases.  Some parents, of course, handle these types of state of affairs not that seriously. They call their children and explained the reasons to follow the moral path in life. Through fable, they explain that if they continue to tell lies, then the dragon will come and drag them from the bed in the midst of the night. In fact, parents forced the children to promise not to indulge in these impure activities. The children, who are equally smart, convey their promise  knowing fully well that their parents are bigger liars.  

Many times, in front of our children, we engage in the talks, which mostly consist of lies.  For example, you want to avoid office, but your boss wants you for the purpose of an urgent meeting. You advise your spouse to convey to your boss and exaggerate your illness, which you are not. Don’t think that children are dull. They understand that their parents do not follow the preachings what they preach.  Now, why people lie?  What they achieve by lying? Once you lie, you have to stress your brain to remember the lie; otherwise there must be a chance of getting exposed, if the truth is unveiled. So, you need to put a whole lot of efforts to cover your lies just not to become a liar in front of everyone. Your mind is burdened with unnecessary thoughts, anxieties, tension and worries. Ultimately, your mind gets totally shrouded with wrong thoughts how to save you from this odd situation as you are now habitually lying almost for all the issues. Ultimately, it becomes a blockage for your creative work.
People always desire to increase their knowledge. There is a subtle difference between knowledge and wellbeing. As a human “being”, you must encourage yourself to increase this “being”. Both this knowledge and being are complementary. When both are used in tandem, your role will not be limited only to scan and gather information. Unless you gather the information for the purpose of assimilation and transformation through the use of knowledge and being, the purpose will not be solved. You can identify the various levels and depth involved with knowledge.  But to ascertain the different levels of being is not that easy. A few amongst us can do so. The difference in beings lies in presenting you as a good, inspiring and transparent character, which is the essence of the quality livings.  One should not misconstrue his existence of life with being. A mountain exists, an ocean exists and a man also exists, but they all exist differently. With this difference, the notion of being comes. The existence of a mountain, an ocean, a man and God are all at different levels. Being is meant for the origin, whereas existence appears no sooner, someone is born. Take the case of animals as an example. All the animals, namely a cat, a horse, or a rat all exist and they make a more or less same type of existence. But their being is not at all related to their birth, it is in their conception.  They have no power to talk and express their feelings through communication, but their presence is felt through their existence.  In the case of animals, being needs to be analyzed differently than that of the human beings. Since, being is an evolving situation; it is expressed through its perception. This is applicable to all human beings. 

When you are showered with sarcastic comments, invective words and rude behaviors of your colleagues, friends, teachers and acquaintances, you feel hurt.  You become dejected through their unpleasant statement and it shows how they are.  But if you forgive and pardon for their miscreants, you fall in a different category as far as your own being is concerned.  In this case, your being is to be treated at a higher level.  Some people are very selfish by nature.  They are self centered.  They always think for their own share of benefits.  They seldom think for other’s benevolence.  In this way, they show their beings in a certain level, which is far below the desired level.  At the same time, there are people, who care for other’s distress, they always help others, they serve others with love and goodness and it prove that their beings are at a higher level. Through your judgement only, you cannot make progress and achieve spiritual growth. A crystal clear clarity is needed if you want to grow and transform your life spiritually. You establish an affinity with God, a higher level of being is needed. One needs to work on his being and continue  to do so. You need to have  a deep level of thought provoking deliberations with your parents, elders and particularly with your guru. You need to ask questions continuously unless you are able to acquire knowledge and understanding of your being.

If you are not that much sensitive on this issue at present, try to plunge in this activity sooner so as to transform and support the transformation of the same in your daily life.  Try to aim for higher dimension and through this effort only, you can reach higher plane and get transformed. Once you reach this stage in your life, you won’t require telling lies at all.  And then there is no need to propagate and exaggerate your existence because of your higher level of being; you will depend on truth only.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Understand the material and spiritual entities of consumerism

Understand  the material and spiritual entities of consumerism

To introspect on the above creed, one has to be a firm believer of austerity without sacrificing his essential needs. Austerity is a big measure in anyone’s life. Through this measure, you can bring in many changes, because this qualitative aspect tantamount to conservation and saving on everything you do. In this process of saving, all of us will be able to manage a substantial savings, which will be creating a good riddance when we or society as a whole, will pass though any type of catastrophe. For example, if we are able to conserve heat or energy, it is a saving of important resources. But to implement the austerity measure, it requires lots of discipline and dedication. It also points out towards your affinity for over consumption.  In the light of spiritualism, this interprets the saving of your inner strength to induce your desire of enlightenment. 

The austerities are classified into three different types. First one is, to show veneration for holy spirits, teachers, religious gurus, parents and to show straight forwardness in all your dealings with other persons. Further, you should not overindulge in sexual attractions and must maintain a physical cleanliness.

Second one is, you have to always ensure a control on your speech; through your speech, you should not hurt other’s feelings, you should not demoralize others through your communication and you should restrict yourself to communicate in a dignified manner.  Further, you must be very faithful to religious scriptures and always study them with full reverence and sincerity.

The third one is related to the mind.  You must always make your mind calm, serene, free from impure thoughts and try to subjugate the power of this forceful part of your bodily system. You must ensure your mind to be free from the evil senses to remain steady, so as to combat the distressed situations.  Through austerity, you must not punish you to live with constraints.  One should not think to remain in a harsh and restrictive life style, which is not at all the motto of the austerity measure. You have to only do self control and to see that your system is not getting sensitized to extraordinary needs. Your senses must not allure you to become more passionate. As per the religious scriptures, when you perform austerity giving pains in your life or showing stubbornness to your essential requirements, the same is construed as foolishness. The austerity does not teach us to harm others, snatch other’s wishes or even put you in a painstaking situation.  God reminds us that our senses are like horses; the more you energize your senses, the more this horse will move fast and at one stage, it will make you fall down.  So, the desire of your senses will make you addicted to many unwanted and unbridled things and so, the step of the austerity is very much needed.  Any desire is like an allurement, which makes your mind perturbed.  The uncontrollable desires are the root-causes of aggravating your senses like a restless horse.  Your body gets sick when the same is getting deprived from the requisite supply of energy. In the case of mind, it gets diseased by worries, anger, tension and fear.  Our mind is always restless when it is being fed mostly with negative thoughts and is devoid of positive one. Austerity is very helpful to cleanse your bodily system, which is the abode of different microbes and they are responsible to produce plenty of waste materials in the form of excrements.

: 2 :

We remove these excrements on a regular basis, mostly to avoid not to get attacked with any type of serious illness due to creation of infection in the body. In the same way, austerity is responsible to clean your negative thoughts.  Religious gurus often teach us to keep body and mind as pure as possible. Why it is so? It is mandatory to have above thoughts as a benchmark to the progress of your life; you invite austerity to have a control on everything you perform. For example, when you desire to reach any summit, discipline is the main and foremost trait you follow. If you do not follow this trait, no matter how much desire you have, you cannot reach the summit. Non-adherence of discipline only leads to failures and gloomy situations in the lives. It is true that we dislike strict and stringent rules. We don’t like our bosses who scold for our negligence in duties. We also sneak away from our teachers who punish us for our wrongdoings.  We sometimes do not like the superiors who want us to obey them and follow the prescribed rules. Though there are many constraints and rules to follow, but the approaches people take to their adherence only cause negative feelings to higher-ups and superiors. Very few of us do a proper orientation to strengthen and resolve the hurt feelings. Mostly, we are insolent.  If you maintain discipline in all spheres of life in a systematic manner, it will be a pleasure for you and the continuance of the same will provide you all power to stick to the rules and the norms of the society. Then it will be a routine affair for you.  Believe or not, this discipline is the benchmark to achieve a goal. It soothes and simplifies all your manifestations as a simple process to adhere to and progress further.  It avoids you to distract from all addictions, laziness, procrastinations, anger, gratification and pleasure of bonding with worldly sensualities.

Discipline plays a havoc role in national building; energize you to become a good citizen.  It also leads you to a successful life.  It can even lead to win a war against enemies.

In pursuit of consumerism and more wealth, we run with speed and show greediness for everything.  Since we want to accumulate wealth within a short time, we forego the basic moral values of life. We want to spend more than we earn.  The impact of conserving energy and other resources are directly related to the longevity.  Here comes the austerity value, which provides us more power to move in the right direction of material and spiritual values of consumerism. 

When we consume more through the fulfillment of sensualities, we do not tend to save means we are not in the austerity mode.  The more we are guided by our sensual desires, the less is our energy level. When the energy level, replete, the frailties, flaws, shortcomings, less ambition, and procrastinations will be more and you will be always worried about the outcome and the future of your life.

So, the main formula of the consumerism is to maintain a strict discipline in life, which can take you to the correct path of material and spiritual and also make you to undulate in your career, profession and life.

Subjugate mind; both your friend and foe

Subjugate mind;both your friend and foe


To propel your mind in the right direction to know the real purpose of life and how to lead a meaningful life without causing any umbrage either to God or any other human beings is an uphill task and painstaking proposition. Why? The reason is that mind is your best friend as well as the enemy. If you are able to control your friend rather than being controlled, it is laudable and you are able to strike a deal to reach the success ladder upwardly with some comfort. Our mind is always restless and behaves like a chirping bird who flies here and there.  If you are in a dilemma to subjugate your mind, then it will fritter mostly on trivial issues with an output of negativities. The rule of mind is that you need to engage it properly, but not with fiddle-faddle. If mind is guided in a systematic manner, the outcome in terms of thoughts will be positive.  Another important aspect of  your mind is that its thought process is not directly proportional to academic qualifications. You may not be academically brilliant as you might have not got a chance for sufficient education, but you may develop your power of mind by various methods. As per yogic principles and analysis, thereby, our mind’s behavior is classified into five different types. 


First one is Kshipta type, where the mind is disgruntled, fragmented and wavering most of the time. Here, our mind is distracted and search many things at a time without any effective conclusion. Our mind is completely restricted.  In the Mudha state, our mind is always dolorous and not able to remember anything even for a short period of time. The third type is Vikshipta, where the mind is gathering only one input and thinking in one direction; at one time, it is steady and some other time, it is volatile. When you focus on a new practice of anything, your mind will be mostly in this state.  Fourth one is Ekagrata, where mind is steady and induces you to concentrate on any one aspect at a time and that too very thoroughly. The last state is known as Niruddha and here, mind is completely controlled.


You are not able to concentrate when mind passes through restlessness. When a beginner is trying to practice something new, different thoughts erupt and make him unassertive from the unaccustomed new thing and force him to get rid of the new practice. He will be then interested to come out from the impasse. In this type incongruous happenings, you have to be adamant enough to put your focus steadfastly on a single thing. At the same time, your mind will force you to a berserk situation; you have to put it back again and again in line of your thoughts and efforts. Your mind will provoke you to think in a hundred different directions. But you must be rigid; otherwise there will be no progress. It is very essential to feel and observe the mind analytically. You should avoid rambling and take adequate actions to stop confused thoughts and calm the emotions. The purpose of concentration is the stilling of mental waves. You must ensure that the mind should not hover around anxieties, worries and fears. Our mind is mostly tuned to get attracted to wishful ideas. So, you must concentrate on a particular thing, which is very appealing to you. To increase your control of mind, in the beginning, concentrate on gross objects. The rising star in the clear sky during night, a soothing and pleasant color or a concrete, spiritual object can be considered for concentration with open eyes. You may then use your power of mind to subtle objects and abstract ideas. To be always in the Ekagrata state, closing your eyes, you concentrate on the space between the eyebrows, the heart or any spiritual entity, the centre of  energy, which is one of the effective tools and systems to sedate your mind.  If you can manipulate your mind to your advantage to think of a single point or a thing, it is beneficial to you.  But don’t wrestle and struggle to exert your mind much. The more you struggle to calm your mind transcending the natural course of actions, the more it will be distracted and you will be frustrated. You may then leave the practice to focus on a new subject, at least for the time being. Some people who are not mentally strong may leave the practice forever. 




There will be physical discomfort and discordant due to overuse of emotions and thoughts. In course of time, when you understand the real techniques, how to control mind, the same becomes cool, pure and strong and you will be full of joy. If you take a count of all the pleasures, which you may think, nothing is comparable to the bliss derived from meditation, which stems from the power of the mind. Always practice the same. Be always patience, cheerfulness and amicable.  You will be able to subjugate your mind and success is bound to come.  If you resort to serious introspection, it is possible to identify the various disturbing factors, which is diminishing your power of concentration.  You have to eliminate them with your Ekagrata with patience. You may destroy them through the right method of discrimination supported by meditation. 


The powerful mind is the precursor of tremendous concentration power.  With this power only, you can focus on any one aspect for a long time. When you concentrate, perhaps all your senses may not be that activated as you are attached to the pleasure of your body and the allurement encircling you. The crux of the method to subjugate your mind is to fix the same on the absolute. When you reach this stage, you become serene, balance, hearty and amenable. Once you become experienced, you get immense joy and spiritual oblation. The power of concentration opens the inner lid of love and it leads to meditation, which is the sole key to your perpetual spiritual progress and effervescence to understand the rattling nature of mind so as to defuse the same for the benefits of everyone surrounding  you.




Saturday, June 27, 2015

Why people become more spiritual at old age

Why people become more spiritual at old age?

Is there any direct relation between the old age and the spirituality?  Are we to become very much devotees to God in our old age?  It may be true or may not be.  Some people are not spiritual or believe in God throughout their lives. Despite all these connotations, we mostly talk about the spirituality when we grow old.  As you grow old and when you are free from the shackles of your family responsibilities, you pass through a change and your approach to spirituality gets changed and you become more tuned to religious activities. Why it is so? Because your negative experiences of worldly life are no longer surmounting you and you are free from all the hassles of negative attributes and at that period of time, you want to ensnare yourself with the blessings of God. You integrate all your thoughts in a noble way and you interact with people in a different manner and your love to guide them gracefully as you are a father figure.

When we grow older, we feel that we cross most of our lives and see the same from a more pragmatic way and other’s success, which were earlier creating a jealous feeling, no longer bothers you. Then all these hatred feelings do not make any influence to diminish your other activities. The spirituality as developed with the passage of your ages makes you more receptive to admire others frankly. You complement them without any burning sensation.  It comes from the bottom of your heart. 

Of course, in old age, we have to be very cautious with all our approaches for climbing, brisk walking, and  we desire to take the support of railings or any other objects for an ascending journey.  By chance, if we lift heavy objects, we need to get help from others just not to invite any peril.  Some of us may lose the memory power at old age.  But these should not be stumbling block in your path of progress and may not crumble your activities as long as you are concerned of your health and regular exercises. You must take this as another reality. In the old age, you are more tuned to do more spiritual activities as you have a lot of spare time available with you  Spirituality makes your mind more stable, less volatile and you become wiser in dealing with others. That is why, grandparents are more tolerant of children’s behavior, their idiosyncrasies, various appeals, desire to obtain some specific things and their instincts to get their attention.  At times, children forced them to play for long hours, which the older generations to accept gracefully. The reason is that the grandparents are not clock watchers and they want to be more noble.  Life itself is a canvass.  If we do paint on various pictures at a younger age in a proper manner and reminisce the same at older ages, most of us will find the soothing and amicable nature always arise at the old age based on your experiences you had painted in your life canvas earlier.  If these experiences are plausible, then you will be very considerate and patient with others in your old age.  Of course, there is a deviation.  Some people are always grumbling even at their old age. They are nit-picking types.  Their negative experiences have enamored so much in the past that in older age also, they are most contrite.  They refrain themselves from uttering platitudes.  Of these people, nothing is right.  They may become spiritual, but they always prefer to complain and like to find faults.  Fortunately, most of the people at the old age are able to perceive the brighter side.  The blissful older people can guide young generations and teach them to lead a more ideal life, they may even involve in games depending on their health, engage in creative activities and also to help others when they need.  The old people by doing this can kill their boredom at the ripe age and can develop a very healthy relationship with their grandchildren and others surrounding them. They can increase the relationship by sharing stories, jokes, general knowledge and finally train them to overcome the bitterness in the relationship, if any. 

Needless to say that you will lose the power of mental and physical faculties as you grow old.  At that time, you have to accept that the same activities, which you had performed at a young age, cannot be considered now. All these things, which were the possibilities in yesteryears, now will be like a daunting task. One has to accept this ground reality and so people cling more and more to spirituality in old age to get the lessons written in the religious scriptures..

At old age, you cannot expect the same stamina, same energy and pace, which you used to possess earlier. You could be a workaholic at a younger age and took the trouble to burn midnight lamps to accomplish your responsibilities gleefully, but as the time passes, there will be more pauses, more interruptions and more obstacles, mainly because of the slowness. Even you maintain a great shape of health what you did ten years back so easily, cannot be performed now.

So, the fervor of spirituality, automatically ensnares you and you always make adjustments in your life, mostly based on spiritual thinking.

At old age, you prefer solitude, seclusion and place of own identity. You need more breakers depending on your mental perception.  You may like to befriend and become camaraderie with others, but that's to create different spaces without distorting your own identity of becoming old.  Sometimes, you must be in the midst of books for hours together or simply laze and doing nothing.  At old age, a feeling erupts that I will die shortly and so, your spirits dip.  But you should ensure that your life must continue in a positive vibe till the time you exhale last breathing.

Many people will not accept you, disregard you and neglect you.  Some of them may be your own, but their odd behaviors should not dishearten you and demoralize you. You must enjoy your life as you have done earlier based on your  guts and sprits; only thing, if you  had a spiritual affinity  from the very beginning and you care for others, your old age will be full of  colorful activities though at a slower pace.  

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Pessimism in life will distort the growth

If you analyze the characteristics of various people, you can categorize them broadly in three different categories.  For the first category, they never say no to any work, they may not be successful all the time, but the die-hard attitude prompts them to try and in this process after many attempts, they become successful partially, if not fully. These people are full of confidence and love, they never get angry and feel that one can touch any benchmark and one can transcend any hurdles, provided the mental power and thoughts are always positive. They are ready to face all sorts of challenges in life. For the second category, they always see the situation as gloomy, they worry most of the time. They drown not because they decide wrongly to jump in the water; they drown because they never taste the depth of the water with an assessment of their abilities confidently. These people are lack of stamina to combat the odd situations. They are expert to criticize other’s activities and discourage and provoke others  not to try or do  anything.  The third category is the type of persons who are mostly the followers without exercising their own power of confidence and mental ability. They merely accept any work from their buddies, bosses or their superiors and discharge the same. They never bother to find out whether their accomplishment is purposeful or not.

To substantiate the above hypothesis, let us afresh the story of two frogs. One of them is big and the other one is small.  Due to some mistake, both of them fell down into a pail of milk. The sides of the pail were slippery, making the frogs unable to climb and come out. The frogs were trying their best to stay alive.  They desperately need oxygen for their survival. On every occasion, whenever they try to rise above the level of milk to inhale oxygen, they could not do so because of slippery surfaces, and ultimately they fell down.  They struggled very hard to come out.  During this struggle, the big frog could not sustain and ultimately died.  The small frog also struggled very much, and in this struggle, he was getting more stubborn, rigid and determined to remain alive. So, he paddled continuous hours after hours.  Because of his continuous paddling, the milk starts getting a bit solidified and butter was formed because of churning motion.  No sooner, the milk got converted into butter and become a little solid, the small frog  got a base and jumped out. This fable proves that if you don’t lose your confidence and if you are determined to cross any barriers, you can do so.  The habit of less confidence, always be pervaded with anxieties and negative happenings, will not only reduce your tenacity to get successful, but also will pollute your judgement. Many negative thoughts like “I cannot do this particular work, because it is very tough,” “I will never pursue my studies in mathematics as I am very weak in that subject,” or “I will not be able to score a good mark in my ensuing examination,” always spoil your energy and enthusiasm and these are predominantly found out in the people, who mostly have a pessimistic outlook for their life. To such a person, success and achievement are almost like shifting a mountain.  As per the research findings, the people on  an average pass through around 80000 thoughts  daily. Out of all these thoughts, eighty percent are negative and most of these are repetitive. This reminds us that we think in the same pattern days after days. When you continually think in negative pattern, the same gets entrenched in the brain so deeply that you tend to act in a particular pattern, which always goes against your wish.

: 2 :

Special effort is needed to remove negative thoughts, so that the brain is tuned to think in terms of positive only. To get rid of negative thoughts, one must avoid to identify the thoughts either as good or bad.  You have to pretend that these thoughts evolve from your collective consciousness and you have no control what enters your brain. So, You must ignore them by your power of assessing  just like the spectators watch  sports. In any field of competitive game, a spectator is always watching from outside and so in the case of any of your thoughts, if you can inculcate this  similar type of behavior, you will not be bothered whether the thoughts are negative or positive one.  Further, to avoid negativity, you fill up your mind always with constructive thoughts.  We all know that an idle brain is the workshop of a devil.  When your mind is vacant, the negative thoughts get a chance to enter and influence you to act negatively. Further, to overcome the power of negativity, you involve yourself in deep meditation to get connected with positive energy, the source of which flowing the cosmic current  within you. Further, invoke the power of your mental stamina and vision power based on the above postulates regularly. Engage your mind forcibly to oust negative thinking.  In your daily meditation, you resort to the power of the divine force to outflank the negative influences on your life.  If you are perturbed that you cannot achieve anything in life and you are mostly smeared with the thoughts of failures, you will be snared in the doldrum.  But if you are always fighting with your zeal to grow, achieve obstacles, overcome barriers, then you will be definitely able to transcend all your difficulties and emerge as a winner. So, never give up.  Try and try and accept your failures. Through these failures only, you will achieve success. But if you are afraid to get outflanked by the failures, then, failure will surmount you; you will not be an achiever then. Lastly, the pessimism in life will always delude you to accomplish less.