Tuesday, March 27, 2012


When I am told and also reminded that we are one of the most corrupted countries and part of BRIC,I ponder why? I am clueless because now we have a strong financial base,world class infrastructure atleast in metro cities,very intellectual manpower who can beat anyone in the world technically,then why are we so much corrupted? Today, when I peruse the morning newspaper,I onle see the news of scam.In fact forty years back,when I was in mid thirties and all,this type of corruption was a rear phenomenon.Does it mean that if country progresses,then corrution increases. A big no from my side for this hypothesis,take the example of Singapore. The fundamental reason is mind set and now people are more tuned to materialistic value rather than following religious ideals more closely.I would like to know whether my readers accept my connotation,if not then what is the way out to prove that our country is clean like Finland,Denmark etc.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Examofearlessness Psychology

When the examination is making a rat-tat to the door of every student, there will be a frightful countenance and mind will be afflicted with all sorts of numbness, dullness and insecurity. Some even get panicky and in the process, sometime commits suicide. This social phenomenon is very common all over the world. From my teaching experience for a short period, I have seen this syndrome which is prevailed even in the mind of bright students.

To overcome this situation, I have practiced the following three principles of my own doctrine of “examofearlessness psychology.”

1. Collapsing the Mind:

You have to totally collapse yourself physically and mentally in your sitting position. This means, your mind, body and your senses, all are to be relaxed to a level in which you will only enjoy with a blissful sequence. I know that it is not very easy to do so. Initially, you may not be able to do, but repetitive practices will definitely make you somewhat expert to learn this technique. To do this, you have to visualize a bag full of potatoes by closing your eyes, then, cut the seal of the bag and ensure that all the potatoes are coming out one by one. You have to do this thing in three manners i.e. prayerise, visualize and actualize. This simulation practice is to be adopted to free your mind from anxiety and make the mind tensionless.

2. Use of “examofearlessness psychology:

Before the examination, obviously, the mind will be full of “examofear psychology” like “what will happen if I do not pass, my parents will rebuke me and I will not be able to study further” and all these things will be pervasive throughout the mind with a consequence of deterioration in health also. To overcome this impasse, there is a need of chanting hymns. It will be on the lips even in the midst of the study. It must be uttered at equal interval of time,without distracting the attention from the study. Alternatively,this can be done when the concentration is losing. As stated above, the repetitive practice of this, will increase the concentration power but most importantly, it will reduce the anxiety level.

3. To activate Mind spiritually:
I do not expect that students will be so much so spiritually devoted at this juncture of their lives. But, believe me or not, all good and bright students are religious to the core. They may not be doing in the form of spirituality but they perform this activity by focusing their concentration completely so that any odd thought does not hover over their mind and in this process, they reduce their anxiety level. Even at the age of 60, I am continuously giving exams not for paper degree but for acquisition of knowledge. I follow the above principles religiously and rigorously, and so, there is no examofearlessness psychology, no anxiety and no tension on the eve of the examination. I do agree that people may react that it is very easy to say when there is no anxiety for getting good marks in exam,no need of further admission in college for higher study, as the case with me, anybody will not be perturbed. I do not agree. Anxiety is a cause and it is to be uprooted by different means and ways.The above is my theory.

I firmly believe that my student readers will be definitely able to accrue some benefit out of this posting.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Happiness quotient

Most of us have heard many times about IQ,EQ,SQ.But,I was pondering why not to deliberate about happiness quotient. Eitherway,happiness is a very seldom intangible commodity.It can not be purchased from the market,it is only to be felt,if really someone wants to feel.What are the ways to increase happiness quotient? I suggest that it is to be derived from a formula associated with any person's life cycle.
Faith is to be increased and anxiety is to be decreased,so formula is Faith-Anxiety,no sooner you try to increase your faith for everything social,material,spiritual involved with your day to day life and more importantly,for most of the part of the day, prayer should be in lip even in the midst of work, then you will find the deminishing pattern in anxiety.You will be more relaxed and intensity of happiness will be definitely increased and there is no doubt about that.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

God plays with Lucifer

After a hectic day at work place clubbed with meeting, discussions and then a rigorous travelling made me completely tired both mentally and physically. No sooner, I ushered in my apartment; I get rid of tiredness by a hot bath followed by a low calorie dinner. I was relaxing with a sports journal for a while and I did not know when I slept.

I was dreaming. I saw God banished Lucifer from the beautiful cozy palace at heaven and was sent to hell as a punishment. Lucifer being a tremendous orator influenced some of his other comrades to follow him. Accordingly, Devil, Rogue, Knave and Evil along with his small retinue were his companions to hell. The place was dark, full of foul smell of dead corpses and skeletons. There was a burning lake at the entrance. Lucifer and his teams placed themselves in one corner and tried to adjust the heat of the closed dungeon. Then, Lucifer invigorated his teammates by an inflammatory speech to visit earth and to destroy the inhabitants over there.

“What is our benefit?” Devil enquired with a sullen face.

“Keep quiet, dull headed fellow. If we can destroy people and create disturbances in the earth over and above the existing so many disturbances, they will not be that much faithful to God. So, they will become more and more non-religious and slowly atheist. They will only devote to material comfort, money accumulation, wealth creation. In this way, God would lose is popularity,” Lucifer shouted and told.

“How it can be?”

“It is simple. When we will carry out our mission to create disturbances in their so-called harmonious lives, God will come in disguise to help them to destroy us. Further, the earth is not the heaven so that He can chain me to torture. On the contrary, we can create severe disturbances and in this process, there will be a civil war and many lives will be destroyed. People will lose faith in God. Devil, you are very coward, let me take opinion from my strategist Knave.

There was a sudden silence in the dungeon. “What is your opinion?” Lucifer enquired from his strategist Knave.

“Allow me to think to devise a complete plan.”

Then, I saw in my dream that Knave was whispering something to Lucifer. Immediately his countenance got blithful. Knave called Devil and other members of the team along with their retinue. The strategy was devised. They all took the disguise of learned, religious preachers and entered in the earth. Lucifer appeared in the earth in the name of Vidhata. They selected the most deprived locality where the inhabitants were not so loyal to God and on the other hand were very greedy to earn more profit as compared to their labour. Upon entering, Lucifer addressed public rallies after rallies and advised them to embrace his theory of religion and establish his idolate to worship to enjoy more prosperous lives.

He said, “All these days, you are so devoted to God. What you gain so far? And see, God is enjoying the fruits of your labour. With all your devotion, dedication, you worship the idols of God. You always remember Him with folded hands in your distress. Has he helped you? Your sufferings are increased incrementally. You get poorer to poorer. A few riches of your area of course, become millionaires and billionaires. You can watch their lifestyle. They always are very avarice. They employ your labour, your diligence, your hard work. In exchange, you get a paltry some and with a great difficulty, you are able to manage your family. You are not able to enjoy any festival, not in a position to visit any fare to purchase gadgets. What is this life you people are leading? What your God whom you respect so much is doing for your upliftment both socially and financially? Throw all these idols of God and worship me,” Lucifer mesmerized public of course, in disguise.

People were interested to hear him and flocked together in his meetings. In this way, Lucifer made a divide and rule slowly in that locality and then spread the same to other areas. Some people started keeping his idols so as to worship him. In their all endeavour, they were remembering Lucifer. The other team members of Lucifer were advocating the charismatic power of Vidhata to the groups after groups.

One day while taking rest, Knave informed Lucifer, “I have now the second phase of the strategy ready. So far, you have given speeches. Now, you ejucate them your pedantic views, love them and slowly force to quarrel on religion which is one of the burning issues in the earth today and then show your own power devilishly to carry out all types of evil works.”

“What will be the ultimate result?” Lucifer enquired.

“Sir, once the harmony is disturbed in the earth, most of the places will be pervaded by treason and bickering duly instigated by us. There would be a communal wrangling between various groups. The day to day lives would be miserable because of paucity of food, shelter and peace. The more the intensity of the wrangling, the more people would become atheist and the popularity of God would be diminished. Then, He has to surrender to you because he would not like to be unpopular with His so many disciples in earth.”

“I think, this is an excellent strategy and I believe that autocratic universe ruler is to surrender to me and call back everyone of us to the palace in heaven.”

I saw in my dream that Lucifer had influenced people so much that their devotion for him got deep rooted. They worshiped him with all their reverence. Whenever people achieved some goals, they took it granted that it was because of the influence of Lucifer’s wisdom, showing them the right path in their lives. But God was laughing sitting in his palace because people were completely under delusion and could not able to recognize the real plan of Lucifer.

Slowly, when Lucifer’s preaches were accepted by people and they developed a trust on him, Knave suggested him to implement further course of action.

“Now, you are accepted by each and every one and so, you must act on phase three of our strategy quickly.” Knave advised.

“Yes, we must carry out.”

By his inflammatory speech, people were aroused to oppose others who by now were not loyal to Lucifer. He severely instigated people to quarrel with others, fight and if required, slay for the purpose of religion. He acted in the same fashion like religious and political leaders who carried out their mission with an eye to increase their vote bank. Lucifer purposely did this to destabilize whatever left out harmonious relationship of people in the earth by provoking them and in the process, tried to destroy the popularity of God. In couple of months, there was completely violation of law, part of the earth was engulfed with anarchy, and people were fighting in between and even taking lives. There was less friendship but more hatred. Seeing all these persecution of some people to others duly instigated by Lucifer, God was terribly worried and called all his high profile ministers to attain an SOS meeting. In the meeting, Brahmha was very vociferous to teach Lucifer by chaining and then put him in the dungeon. He said that since he was not chained, he roamed freely in the earth. Vishnu, another minister proposed to kill him. There were heated exchanges in the meeting, but the ministers were surprised to see the lacklustre attitude of God.

“You people are also behaving like Lucifer. In any battle with rogues, one has to deal in with the brain but not with the heart. I have been hearing minutely and find that you all want me to act on the basis of emotional intelligence. But we have to act on the basis of wisdom. Otherwise, instead of doing well for my people, chaotic situation will be further increased.” God told to his ministers.

“You are correct,” Brahma replied which was acknowledged by Vishnu.

I saw in my dream God entered into a very religious family of a particular locality in disguise. All the members of this family believe in worshiping God and completely lead spiritual lives. Lucifer was hell bent to destroy this family and the complete locality.

When Lucifer and his retinue advised people in this locality not to worship God and insisted to become the devotees of Lucifer, some people out of fear did comply to their request, but some others turned a deaf ear and got the burnt of death in their hands. In fact, Lucifer was carrying the activities of violence, brutality and carnage in the areas where people were loyal to God. In other areas of the earth, he was preaching everyone in the disguise of Vidhata.

I further saw in my dream that Lucifer revisited the same house where God personated their one and only daughter Laxmi. He started ransacking the house, started beating the male persons and threatening them with dire consequences, if they do not start his worship with immediate effect.

Seeing the hulla-baloo in the house, Laxmi came out and enquired, “What is happening? Do you think you can overpower in this violent way?”

Lucifer replied, “I do not want to talk to any girl, please go away.”

“Let me tell you clearly, no one will worship you here.”

Lucifer was enraged and about to throttle Laxmi’s voice so as to teach her a lesson. Laxmi slapped her to make him fall flat on the ground. Lucifer could not digest this insult and cleverly changed his strategy.

“I do not want to harm you and your family members. In fact, I am only requesting your parents and others to worship me. If you do not want, no problem,” Lucifer told this and went away.

After a week, Lucifer again visited and started pampering Laxmi. “What an eye you have! You have soothing blue eyes. Your black hair which is spread through your hips makes me the remembrance of nymphs who used to dance in the palace of heaven.”

“Who has done this to you and why?” Laxmi simpered and enquired.

“I was not tolerating the autocratic power of God who used to proclaim Him as a creator of Universe. In fact by using his power, he mesmerized the innocent people of the earth and makes them to believe the same. I am pedantic more than him; only thing I have not advocated for myself. I will not force you to worship me if you support in my endeavour to eradicate the name of God completely from the earth.”

“What will be the benefit?”

“If God loses His popularity and people worship me, I will have huge devotees and will challenge God and curb his power by defeating him in a war and then reign this total universe staying in heaven.”

“I don’t think it is possible. You may convert people to worship you momentarily because that is entirely based on your inflammatory speech, alluring them for short term gain by pampering and threatening. Contrarily, God has made his base by peace, humanly love and affection.”

“I will definitely conquer. You just support my mission.”


I further saw that one day Lucifer invited her to visit various places in the earth for sight seeing.

After the daylong excursion, Lucifer requested Laxmi to visit his house for evening tea. She promptly agreed. He also embraced her to show his immense love for her. Laxmi was enjoying his entire flirt while relaxing with tea. In this way, their intimacy was deepened. They used to move, pass time and play together. Though, Laxmi’s family members objected for this newly developed affinity for Lucifer, but she continued to mingle with him. One fine evening, Lucifer invited all his other members for a party. He invited Laxmi also. All were busy in singing and dancing turn by turn. They were also engaged in drinking, of course without her knowledge.

The evening was very colourful and full of grandeur. All his comrades drank to their fullest satisfaction and then went outside to carry out their evil deeds. Lucifer being teetotaller was only drinking the ambrosia of Laxmi’s beauty and youthful countenance. As soon as he was alone with her, he tried to flirt little bit more and tried to touch her body against her vehement protest. He got aroused and then tried to outrage her modesty.

“How can you do this to your beloved?” Laxmi cautioned.

“But I am hungry and thirsty to drink your youth,” Lucifer replied.

He forcibly took Laxmi in his well decorated bedroom. He used all his potent to denude her and enjoy. But all his attempts failed because no sooner he took one cloth, immediately another appeared and this drama continued for a while. Initially, he could not understand this charisma, but then he understood and said, “Who are you, Sibyl?”

She put one of her legs on her head. “Don’t you know me Vidhata, the real Lucifer? I am the creator of the universe.”

This discourse enraged him so much that he was about to kill her with his sword. But, Laxmi simply bent the sword and took him in one of her palms and started flying initially slowly and then with whirlwind speed. She showed him the whole universe, flying over mountains, huge sea with bluish water and dense forest full of cruel animals.

After an hour or so, when Lucifer was damn tired and requested for water, she came down straight to a brook to allow him to quench his thirst. She was giving him a chance to express his penitence for all his evil deeds. But Lucifer was steadfast not to surrender to Laxmi mean God. She then again flew and within no time went very high.

She then enquired, “How you prefer to die? Shall I throw you on mountain or drop in the sea?”

“You cannot kill me; you do not have that power.”

God flew further high and high and reached over a rocky mountain and dropped him to put an end to his scurrilous and dreadful life.

The doorbell rang repeatedly. I got up and opened the door.

“Saheb, this is the second time, I am coming. How much you are sleeping? It is now 10.00 in the morning.”

“Oh God, what a dream it was! God plays with Lucifer.” I ran towards the wash room.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sensible and Sensual dress code

It is said that a person's outward personality is fully recognized by his dress sense.But,it is not an established fact.Other day,I was in the midst of a business deal in a posh hotel's restaurant in a good locality of Mumbai.I was in intimate communion with one of my clients to clinch a big business.Obviously we were very nicely dressed.I was as usual with a white shirt,black trouser and a red tie and with black leather shoe.This is my all time favorite dress code which is always under the sarcastic comment of my better-half.She says that people who are dull in proper dress selection,they only wear the above combination.God only can measure her intelligence.I was lucky enough on that day as I was on tour.In the midst of our discussions,a middle aged gentleman appeared in the scene and took the seat just beside us. His handsome countenance, heighted body was in no way possible to distract.Both of us, stared,but no sooner he started shouting to call the waiter,our all respect disappeared for his bad demeanor.
Not only us ,the other people who were there also got startled how an impeccable dressed with handsome appearance could behave in such an erratic manner.So, dress plus behavior both together bring the personality,not the dress alone.This is my conviction,what about you?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Unsolicited material

Apart from my day job with Anupam,I vivify my energy to write on various issues.I proclaim me as a writer of lesser God, reason of course that I am not very popular even though my articles are having the laurels of getting published in many overseas magazines.I often, have been advised by mentors that before sending any submissions to any publication,a thorough reasearch is mandatory to assess the likings and dislikings of readers of that particular magazine. But,upon my scrutiny,I find that most of the magazines are not agreeable to accept the unsolicited material. Now,there is a catch,non acceptance of unsolicited material does not mean that the magazine is not entertaining any unsolicited freelance writer.The editor is very clear in his concept to accept provided the writing material is being pitched properly and have some new dimension so as to suit his/ her readers,otherwise which editor will refuse a well crafted and professionally developed material with some new punch.I invite all new freelance writers to make a note of this posting and act accordingly.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Anger Management

People consider anger is a bad management and wrong quality of a person.No,it is a fallacy.I can tell with my full wisdom that it is good and bad.Anger in a wrong circumstance for right reason is quite benevolent for society and human being. For example,in a professioal environment,if anyone raises his alarm by showing anger for in-suboardination and sexual harrament against female workers/employees,it is not all a discouraging phenomenon. As per me, anger management shoule be divided in two categories, positive and negative.It is somewhat like positive thinking and negative thinking. Though positive thinking is always recognized, but that does not mean that negative thinking is absolutely detrimental. If anyone expresses negative anger and outbursts on someone for not a very valid reason,then it is definitely bad.But,flatly condemning anger management is bad.I can not digest. What is your opinion because I would like to debate on this subject.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Psychosomatic Drug

I was standing near a drug store in Sukhumvit,Soi 33 on one sunday to whistle away the time. The owner of the shop was somewhat known to me.It was sultry weather,road was a bit desert looking during afternoon and I was exchanging my views with the Thai gentleman Tony, the owner of the drugstore. Since,I was from India and his mother belonged to the same place,he always have a special corner for Indians.My repeated visits in his shop incresed our relationship.

I was also lazing across the width of the shop without hindering the advancement of the consumers to Tony’s shop. At half past three p.m. a beautiful, very fair complexion, middle aged woman impeccably by dressed in a black suit approached Tony.

“Sir, can I get psychosomatic drug.”

Tony stared and with a little simper “Madam, there is no drug like that.”

For a moment, she was silent, but suddenly her face became reddish and scornfully replied, “What nuisance, such a big medical store, psychosomatic drug is not available.” She disappeared almost like a whisked car.

“Have you heard such type of medicine?” Tony questioned.


I crossed the road to enter my hotel, just opposite to his shop and I tried to recollect my thoughts about this word. I remembered that this type of drug is related to ease out the tension, anxiety, anger, and hatred but, medical practitioners write some generic name which perhaps the woman is not aware.

To my knowledge, as per Norman Vincent Peale, the most sought out author of all time indicated in his famous book “The Power of Positive Thinking” that about 50 to 75 percent people are afflicted with this syndrome. The percentage may go up now because the said statistics was of the year of 1960. But, then why we suffer from this peculiar syndrome and what is the remedy?
I have no hesitation to say that this disease is not a disease,it is a disorder in system of any person arises because of lack in mental,spiritual and physical health.Everywhere " lack " is prevalent.People harp for more comfort,new gadgets,more money,more power and many more. This unlimited desires make people bit gloomy and despondency creates anxiety,tension,mental worries and ultimatelly deterioration of all the said health is inevitable. How to sort out and overcome this obnoxious situation,any idea?

I have some ideas how to cope up this situation.It is very simple as well as very hard unless the mind is controlled.To do this,first and foremost a sincere practice is to be adopted to take God as your partner.Mostly we remember God when things are not moving in right direction or when we are too happy. Of couse, periodically,we all visit temples,masjid and churches to show our respect.But,I am telling more than that and to make him as our partner in all our day to day endeavours. One thing is to be known emphatically that God does not produce any junk and anybody and everybody can make him partner in the similar fashion as we create life partners,business partners.Only difference that in business there is anxiety,tension,jealousy,anger
nepotism,favourism,credit mongering,politics and various other factors lead to mudslinging.The same is the case in social and family relatioship.But in partnership with God,this type of phonomenon does not arise becacuse He does not involve in agrument,He does not entertain criticism and even he does not show any
special feeling for anyone.Then why to partner with him,the reason "if God be for me,who can be against me?"

When you have to collaborate the partnership with God, you have to focus all your concentration with purity of mind and affirmation on God’s blessings. One has to remember that God does not produce any junk so He accepts partnership of anybody and everybody. Though to digest this type of conceptual thinking is not so easy, but by practicing the following religious rituals, one can build this partnership like we do in business and in our life.

a) “I expect the best and with God’s help will attain the best.”
b) “After your mind is polluted with environmental emotional disturbances, you have to call for God’s support.”
c) “With God’s help I am now emptying my mind of all anxiety, all fear, all sense of insecurity. I believe that my mind is now emptied of all anxiety, all fear, all sense of insecurity.”
d) I can do all the things through God’s help to strengtheneth me.
e) “God is always there with me to help me and shows me light”

All these utterings are to be chanted each for five times after immediately you wake up in the morning and also before retiring to bed at night.

Once this is imbibed in the subconscious mind, the intensity of concentration will zoom up automatically and you will feel tranquility and serenity in your life.

Initially, this path will be full of mental thorns but by successive practices will make you perfect. If someone can follow this practice religiously and rigorously, he does not have to depend on psychosomatic drug and will lead a blissful life. It is not my pre conceived conviction but this is based on my own practices and I believe what I believe.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Everybody is doing everything,nobody is doing nothing

When a company emeges as a leader in his field,the above functional syndrome under title exists,but to a bare minimum.This is also very true for a devolping country.To my wisdom,my country has crossed this phase and ushers into developed phase because of tremendous growth in all sectors. But analytical views supported by statistical figures still prompts me to ponder the above theory because my country is growing because of vigorous working pattern being followed by only five percent population .Then ,what other ninety five percent does,I coclude my opinion with subject title. Do you agree?

Six chapters of my proposed novel In Search of Peace

I have crossed many bumpy roads full of thorns ,of course with occasional green pastures and cosy flower's fragrance while crossing my mental path to write these six chapters. Another two chapters are in inocubation. I am deeply indebted to one of the famous writers of the seventeenth century whose novel vivifies me to consolidate my thoughts to draw the symbolic characters of this novel. The inspired thoughts accrued from the eminent novelist's writings are indelibly imprinted in my subconscious mind and resultant products are these six chapters to be followed by many more.
Any of my beloved readers are in a position to inform the name of this writer who wrote the novel sitting in jail.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

In Search of Peace - Chapter - 6

Chapter - 6

They had crossed pastures after pastures, greeneries, hilly roads and narrow paths in the mountains. The journey was full of enjoyment. They had the pleasure of the scenic beauties of various flowers, green fields, some small brooks at some places. At one point, they decided to sit in the shadow of a banyan tree. The plucked fruits from the trees and satiate their hunger. When they began their further journey, they found that someone was going before them whose name was By-Ends as per Mind’s remembrance. So he said to him, “which place do you belong Sir? Where are you proceeding for?” He then answered that he came from the town of Gloryland and he was going to Celestial City. Mind and Godlover were surprised to know that he was also moving to the same place like them.

Mind then said, “Is there any that be good live there?”

By-End said, “Yes, I hope so.”

“I am a stranger to you and you are to me. But fortunately both are moving in the same direction. And, if you like my company, I will be always your companion; if not, I must be content. I think, I have heard the name of Gloryland and I believe this place is a fairly wealthy place like our City of Pride.”

“Yes, it is true. I have very many rich relatives and friends there.”

“Please inform me who are these relatives and friends.”

“Almost the whole town is known to me and in particular they are my Lord Backbiting, my Lord Timepass and again my Lord Bigmouth and so many others are there like Losetongue, Greedyman, Mr. Nothing and then Doubletongue. This particular person Doubletongue was my maternal uncle. To be very frank, Mr. Mind, I become a gentleman of good quality because of the influence of these may be rich people. My great grandfather was a waterman, looking one way and roaming another. I got most of my estate by the same occupation. Though I am so wealthy, I have not much mental peace. And that is the reason I am undertaking this journey to Celestial City.”

“Mind continued exchanges with By-Ends. He said, “Are you a family man?”

“Yes, I am a married man, but without any children. She is a very pious lady and the daughter of an equally virtuous person. My spouse is the daughter of Lady Trouble Shooter; another rich kindred of mine. She belongs to a very honourable family, and is arrived to such a pitch of breeding, that she knows how to carry it to all even to king and beggar. Now any more questions so that I can reply to your satisfaction.”

“There are lots.”

“It is true, we differ in our religion, culture, upbringing and also our pattern of thinking, but still we can manage to move and talk except for two small points where our difference of opinion will always subsist. First, I never strive against wind and tide; secondly, I am mostly feel jealous when religion goes in someone’s silver slippers – I am very much fond of walking with any person in the street if the sun shines, and if they like.”

Mind said, “I am completely bemused to know your concept of your religion, Mr. By-Ends.”

“Please note that it is not my name, it is only a nickname which has been given by my neighbours of Gloryland. I don’t relish in being addressed by this name. If someone addresses by this name, I take it as reproach.”

“But, I have heard many people who know you, they are addressing by this name only.”

“Never, I have not given any chance whatsoever to anyone to call me by this name. They call me against my comfort.”

“As I told to my bosom Godlover sometimes ago that you are the man that I had heard off. We would definitely like to have your company in our jouney.”

“But, I don’t know you at all. Still, you find find me a fair company-keeper, I am glad.”

“If you go with us, you must mentally prepare yourself to go against wind and tide. We can’t defer our journey even if we get any obstacles. Though this is against your conviction, but you have to compromise. Further, you must also own your religion in his rags as well as when in his silver slippers.”

“You should not dictate your terms upon me. And you also should not lord over my faith. Leave it to my liberty and let me go with you.”

“You can’t move with us unless you accept what I proposed.”

“If that is the case means you impose upon your terms so rigidly then I will not desert my old principles, since they are harmless and profitable. If I may not go with you, I must do as I did before you overtook me.”

So, Mind and Godlover overlooked him and kept a safe distance before him. Mind looked back and surprised to see three men followed By-Ends. As the persons came nearer to him, By-Ends gave a bow and they in turn gave him a compliment. The men’s names were Mr. Grumbling, Mr. Arrogance and Mr. Showoff. All these men were known to By-Ends. In his minority, By-Ends was the schoolmate of these three men and they all were taught by a school teacher Mr. Truthpretence in one of the schools in Gloryland. This teacher taught them to get anything either by violene, fraud, flattering, lying or by taking the shelter of religion. These four gentlemen had acquired so much so teachings from their teacher that they could even open a school to implement the said thoughts to get anything they cherished. When they saluted each other, Mr. Grumbling enquired from Bye-Ends, “Who are they upon the road before us?” Mind and Godlover were still within the view.

“They are from City of Pride. They are going to Celestial City.”

“Why are they not waiting for us?” We could have their company and exchange views for enhancement of information and in turn knowledge,” Mr. Grumbling repeated.

“I tried to make friendship with them. I also explained the need of their company, but the men, as per me are very proud and rigid in their belief and thoughts. They are unable to digest any contradiction. They won’t budge down a single inch from their conviction. They love their own notions and they have no regard for other’s opinion,” By-Ends replied.

“That is really bad; No one should cling to their own thoughts so much which really ignore others. I pray for their wellness, because the people who are so stubborn may not achieve righteous even they desire so. They may judge that their opinions are the only correct one but this attitudinal behaviour may lead to sorrow and grief,” Mr. Showoff suggested.

“They are headstrong fellows. They conclude that it is their duty to rush on their journey all weathers; and I am waiting for wind and tide. They are for hazarding all for God at a clap; and I am taking all advantages to secure my life. They are very clear in their mind to hold their notions though others may stand against them. I am in the religion so far as the times and my safety are able to bear it. These people Mind and Godlover are for religion even when they are in rags and contempt; but I am definitely for them when they walk in their golden slippers in the sunshine,” By-ends explained.

“Now let us not get agitated by their notions, By-Ends. For my past, I can count them as fools and let them have the liberty to keep what they have their perception. But, let us be serpents; this is best to make hay when the sun shines; you see how the bee lies the whole winter season. God sends sometimes rain, and sometimes sunshine; if they be such fools to go through the first, let them, but we will wait for fair weather along with us. For my part, I like that religion best that will stand with the security of God’s blessings to us. You know Abraham and Soloman grew rich in religion in their own perceptions for the same. And Job says that a good man shall layup gold as dust. They must not be such as the men before us, if they as you have described them,” Mr. Showoff gave his viewpoints.

“I think that we are all agreed in this matter. I fully support the edifications narrated just now by Mr. Showoff. There need not be no more words about it,” Mr. Grumbling said.

“It is correct, there not be no more words about this mater indeed; for he that believes neither scripture not reason, neither knows his own liberty not seeks his own safety,” Mr. Arrogance supported.

“My friends, as you see we all are going to Celestial City and for our diversion of topics from our proudy fellow pilgrims ahead of us give me leave to propound you Mr. Showoff this question. Suppose a man, may be a minister or a tradesman should have an advantage lie before him to get the good blessings of this like; yet so as that he can by no means come by them except – in appearance at least – he becomes extraordinarily zealous in some points of religion that he meddled not with before; may he not use this means to attain his end, and yet be a right honest man?” By-Ends questioned to his companions.

“I understand the depth of your question and with all my knowledge, I like to give you an answer. Firstly, to speak to your question as it concerns a minister himself; suppose a minister, a very influential man, but possess a very small benefice, and has in his eye a greater, more fat and plump by far; he was now an opportunity to get it; yet so as by being more studious, by preaching more frequently and by altering some of his principles, I don’t find any reason why he may not do this provided he gives the final call to the opportunity,” Mr. Showoff replied.

Further, Mr. Showoff continued like a professor of a college on the conceptual question of By-Ends, “The man, the minister may desire a greater benefice within the lawful acts and he may get it provided his conscience does not betray him. His desire may make him more studious, a more jealous preacher and so on and then ultimately makes him a better man. This makes him to improve upon his parts which is according to the mind of God. Now, his main duty is to serve people which is one of his main agendas, he must possess the following three qualities. He should be an ideal leader within balanced temperament. He should be of sweet and willing deportment and he must be fit enough for the ministerial position.

And, now I conclude to your question that a minister that changes a small for a great should not for so doing be judged as covetous but rather since he is improved in his parts and industry thereby be confused as one that pursues his call, and the opportunity put into his hand to do good. Now for the second part of the question about the trademan. Suppose he is doing trade but of small magnitude, have a poor employ in the world and by becoming religious, he may mend his market, perhaps get a rich wife, bring more customers to his shop for transaction of more and more merchandise. For my part, I again see no reason but that this may be lawfully done. I opine that to become religious is a virtue. It is not at all unlawful to get a rich and charming wife and bring more customers to one’s shop. Further, the man that gets these by becoming religious, it is not at all a unprofitable design.”

This answer of Mr. Showoff to By-Ends was applauded by all. Therefore they concluded upon the whole that it was most appropriate explanation. And because, as they thought, no man was able to contradict it; and because Mind and Godlover were yet within call, they joyfully decided to question them with the said propostion as soon as they overtook them. So they called after them; and they stopped, and stood still they come up to them. Then they decided that not By-Ends should question them and instead Mr. Showoff should propound the question to them. They also took it granted that Mind and his friend would not be able to answer. So, after exchange of pleasantries, Mr. Showoff propounded the question to Mind and his friend and bid them to answer, if they could. Mind got little surprised in the first instance with the question enquired by them abruptly. He then answered, “Even a child who knows little about religious way answer many question like this. For if it be unlawful to follow Christ for loaves, as it is, how much more abominable is it to make of him and religion a stalking-horse to get and enjoy the world! Nor do we find any other than heathens, hypocrites, devils and witches that are of this opinion.”

Mr. Showoff got a rebuff by this answer and the very simplest way Mind had replied to his question, he got surprised. Mind advanced a bit and called Godlover to follow without bothering any more for these hypocrites. Godlover said to Mind, “I will warrant you when By-Ends comes up, if he has the same invitation as we do have.”

In the meantime, another pilgrim questioned Mind to join them and undertake the journey together.

He said, “This whole world is full of various types of personalities, some are sober, some other are gloomy and there are others who are flippant. But devising any journey, everyone should go together to avoid any obstacles. If you decide to go alone choice is yours, but we prefer that let all of us flock together.”

Hearing all his arguments, Mind questioned, “Can you please tell your name?”

“My name is Aristocrat and I am the son of Abraham.”

“Oh! Now, I recollect; Gehazi is your great grandfather and Judas your father. If my memory serves me right, your father was hanged for a traitor and he deserves no better reward.”

During their conversation they reduced their walking speed and because of this By-Ends and his other companions came again nearer to them.

“Why are you avoiding us?” By-Ends questioned. Mind did not answer. But Godlover whispered, “I was afraid of it at the very first; and therefore gave you that gentle caution. I would have spoken plainer and blasted them, but that you are older than I and more wise and so I kept quiet.”

Mind said, “My bosom, don’t be offended; I am sorry that I have not acceded to your caution and ultimately I have put you in such unnecessarily bickering with these unreliable persons. Pray, my brother, just pardon me. I did not do it of an evil intent.”

Godlover said, “Be calm, my brother, I have no grudge on you. I venerate you so much so that I don’t want to contradict you. But, from the beginning I know that these people are first class crooks.”

Mind assured him and from any more exchanges with them and decided to proceed, but Godlover advised that he should go first.

He said, “You shall not go first, my dear brother because now your mind is troubled and you may be again out of the way and so let you follow me.” They walked briskly so that they soon became out of their sight and after a long journey, they reached near a short heighted mountain. They crossed the mountain. In the meantime, the environment was engulfed with strong wind, sky was loured and rainfall started. The intensity of rain increased and the surroundings of the mountain were getting slowly water clogged. After some time, the water level was greatly risen and it was a real danger for them to proceed any further. So they decided to again climb the mountain. By the time, it was very dark and the flood was high and with all their skill of climbing they reached the top of the mountain and found out a little shelter. They sat down there till the day broke; but being weary, they fall asleep. When they woke up, it was almost dawn and they were hungry. The water level now had almost gone down because rain stopped long back. They came down from the stile and started walking fast in search of some fruits. They could manage to find out grapes which they plucked and consumed. After regaining their vigor a little bit, they again started their journey.

They walked for a long stretch covering hilly areas, pastures, dense forest and some tribal areas till they came to the delectable mountains which was basically belonged to the lord of hills. They went up to the mountains to view the scenic beauty of the surrounding places from the top. The top was equally beautiful to behold the gardens and orchards, the vineyards and fountains of water. Seeing the fountains, Mind immediately ran to quench his thirst and the same was the conditions of Godlover. They drank to their fullest satisfaction, and washed themselves, and did freely eat of the vineyards.

They decided to relax in the garden, and after a while, they found that some cowboys were busy in controlling their cows which were running here and there in search of green grass. The cowboys were already in the vicinity of Mind and his friend. And so Mind asked, “whose delectable mountains are these?”

“These mountains are Kindhearted’s land and the mountains are within the sight of his city and these cows also belong to him. He laid down his life for them. “

“Can you tell us how to reach Celestial City from here?”

“Cowboys replied, “You are just on your way.”

“But how far is it?”

“Too far from those who think it is far.”

“Is the way safe or dangerous?”

“Definitely it is safe for those who want to treat the same as safe; but transgresses shall fall therein.”

Mind further enquired, “Is there any place in this beautiful mountain to take rest?”

“Yes, the Lord of these mountains has given us a charge, not to be forgetful to entertain the strangers; therefore the good of the place is even before you.”

Mind came to know the name of the cowboys as Knowledge and Experience. These boys took Mind and Godlover by the hand and lead them to their tents. They shared their whatever available food with them. The cowboys said, “We would like you to stay here for some time to be acquainted with us and yet more to solace yourselves with the good of these delectable mountains.”

Mind then told, “they were content to stay and so they went to their rest that night, because it was very late.”

In the morning, day after Knowledge called up Mind and Godlover to walk with them upon the mountains. So they went with the cowboy and walked a while to observe the beauties on every side. Then Knowledge showed Mind one of the dangerous hills which were very steep. Somehow, the cowboy took Mind and Godlover to the top of the dangerous hill. But from the top of the hill, when they looked down, they were very nervous to see the depth which straight goes down, and if one slips, simply he has to face the death. Mind insisted Godlover to descend immediately without waiting any further for the cowboy.

“Let us leave this place, I feel this cowboy’s intention is not that clear,” Mind informed Godlover.

“Generally, I warn whenever any danger is imminent. But this time you are cautioning me.”

In the meantime, Knowledge came forward again and assured Mind not to be afraid.

“I am only showing you the depth so that you can understand at which altitude we are,” the cowboy told.”

“Is there any need to show this,” Mind answered.

He informed Godlover to follow him and both of them whisked past the cowboy. Then, they turned around and saw the cowboys were still waiting for them.

“It is very clear, they are also rogues under the pretext of a cowboys,” Mind expressed his concern.

“Yes, you are correct,” Godlover replied back.

Without any further exchanges, they started moving forward with a little more speed. At dusk, they reached near a brook. They were elated to see the stream and the natural beauty of the surrounding. Without wasting time, they jumped into the brook and swam to their utter pleasure. The water was so clean that they decided to float for a longer period. In this way, they were feeling relaxed and came out of their ennui. Taking a bath, they were fresh and then felt hungry. By the time, they were able to search some fruits. It was completely dark. They ate fruits and energized themselves.

“Shall we move further? I am not able to find any diversion and so this must be the route to the Celestial City,” Mind enquired

“I am not sure, it looks this is the route but we will come to know once we again undertake the journey,” Godlover replied.

“If you want, we can take rest.”

“As you please.”

They sat under a big banyan tree with its roots deeply inserted in the soil.

“It must be a very old tree.”


“A decent breeze is blowing and I am enjoying the atmosphere.”

“Me too.”

Suddenly there was a roaring of tiger and Godlover was bit afraid and touched Mind. A man of ugly countenance with leather type underwear with arrows on his back was seen. Seeing them, the man was about to fling an arrow, but Mind requested with folded hands not to do so. Then there was a shrilly sound of forest animals. The black man understood that Mind and Godlover Knowledge could not do any harm and so he decide to leave. Mind enquired from him about the way they should follow. The man was not able to understand only to say which transpired that the place leads to a dense forest and then walked away.

Now, they were completely baffled about the next course of action. They again sat below the same tree. They were bit drowsy and suddenly they heard the roaring and it has so piercing that they could feel the presence of the beast nearby. Godlover helped Mind to climb to the tree and when he was about to do so, he found the glittering eyes of the tiger and its greedy look. Mind climbed to the top, but he could not and fell down. The tiger jumped to the body of Godlover. From the scanty ray of the twilight, Mind saw the tiger smelt his body for quite some time and then disappeared with menacing growling.

Immediately, Mind came down from the tree with utmost care. He touched Godlover and started sobbing.

“My friend, I am disgraced to leave you in front of ferocious beast, kindly pardon me.”

Godlover got up and smiled, “Why are you feeling guilty. I only pushed you to the top.”

He then further explained to Mind about his inner power to stop breathing and act as a completely dead person.

“How is it possible?”

“If you practice breathing exercise properly for a long period and maintain a proper balance of inhale and exhale, then you can muster your courage to carry out this affection to become a dead man. I have deceived the beast employing the said technique.”

“You are simply genius.”

“It is not a question of genius. It is presence of mind and also using the concept of third eye. With the two eyes, one observe all mundane things and with the third eye, you have to see your trust level either on self or on other. In this case, when I saw the death in imminent, I took cognizance of my breathing stopping ability and kept full trust on my ability and so I am alive in front of you.”

“Still, I am guilt conscious. I am under great penitence, why I have left you in your danger?”

“Have you ever thought what would have been the outcome if you were deciding to come down to save me.”


“The beast would have gladly made a feast with both of our flesh and blood ending our desire to visit the Celestial City.

“You may console me with all your edifications but ever since the beast has left without making any harm to you though, I am relieved. Still I am being haunted with my inner conscious. Somebody is cursing me saying that I have ditched my bosom friend.”

“In one hand, you are addressing me as your bosom. You are showing your worries for my benevolence, but in the other hand, you are afflicted. I feel, you are disturbed not mentally but physically. Let us take rest and sleep, if possible.”

“Where is the place. We are now almost fighting with danger.”

Again there was a roaming sound of tiger followed by some obnoxious sound of some animals which was beyond their understanding. In fact, they were completely shuddered.

“I have a suggestion, let us go back to the brook from where we came to this place. We may have to walk with speed,” Godlover suggested.

Mind immediately acknowledged.

They whisked past the mountainous path in the dark. Both walked with a great speed. After a while the shrill sound of the animals were lessened and they were bit relaxed. Though it was dark in the surrounding, the full moon supported them in their endeavour to reach the brook. After a span of one hour, they were glad to find out their desired destination. They found out a bough covered with leaves. They decided to take rest entering in that temporary shelter. Before that, they consumed fruits which they preserved. They were tired and fall asleep in half bending position. They woke up in the next day morning with the chirping sound of matin lark. Then they dipped in the brook and freshened themselves. And again consumed fruits plucking from the nearby pastures covered with vineyards. Thereafter they sat for meditation and pray. Once they acquired a bit of religious spirit, they again undertook the journey to find out the path of Celestial City.

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In Search of Peace CHAPTER - 5


They climbed and clambered the top of the hillock and from there they found that the sky with white cloud was almost kissing their feet. The hilly yellow flowers were dangling with the cold breezes. It was really an enjoyable scene. After taking rest throughout the whole previous night, they were in fresh mood. As usual, they were in search of trees with fruits so that they can satisfy their hunger. From the top of the hillock they came near a narrow path surrounded by a small keen-deep brook. After crossing the brook, they took the straight hilly road and found some strawberry trees. They plucked the fruits, wiped them of the dirt and consumed them hurriedly to appease their hunger. They drank water from the brook and began next course of journey.

In the late evening, they reached a colossal palace beautifully decorated with artworks at the exterior and at the gates. Upon knocking, they were ushered inside by the gateman, but they startled to see a big lion and quickly ran behind the gate. The gateman assured them that the lion wouldn’t harm them as it was chained. The gateman entered the palace and returned accompanied by a gentle looking person with calmness on his face. He was attired in a pale orange dress with a re ‘tilak’ on the forehead. He was of nearly six feet height, lanky and well-mannered person who with a very soft voice enquired,

“From where are you coming?”

Mind answered, “We, the pilgrims of the city of pride, are on the voyage of Celestial City to acquire heavenly wisdom and a religious life.”

“But, you could have done that staying in your hometown. Why do you need to travel to the Celestial City?” The person asked.

Min then narrated his ream and explained to him his mission of this journey which was supported by Godlover. They were discussing between themselves standing at an entry point of a parlour. They later came to know that the person who was enquiring them was a respected man in that locality which was called Pilgrims’ Point. He was the main monk and a knowledgeable person. His duty was to bless the pilgrims. He invited Mind and Godlover to listen to the religious discussions.

After getting satisfied, Knowledgeable signaled them to follow him though the parlour. They entered in a room where religious songs were played. The aroma of the room filled up with incense sticks at one corner and with continuously religious songs were so appealing that both of them got mesmerized for a while. When knowledgeable advised them to sit on the mat, they became attentive. Then, he summoned his three daughters who were introduced to Mind and Godlover. Upon introduction, it was known that Pride was the eldest, Passion the middle one and Chirpy was the youngest one. Proud was very beautiful with medium height and was dressed in a pale orange robe. After some pleasantries, she left the place. Passion was little dwarf and was attired in a red saree exposing her shoulders. She started questioning them the reason of their visiting this place, which place they belong, what is the mission of their journey? Although these discussions, Chirpy who was a fair complexion belle was enjoying the conversation an time to time, she was _______ as if sky was showing her bluish emerged from the closed container of clouds. Mind observed that all three were the daughters of Knowledgeable, still nature wise they were very different. Proud was very reticent, she questioned and waited for the answer and preferred to talk less. Passion was mostly interested to show off beauty and was more expert to reveal less, but expect more. The youngest one was friend of prattling and she questioned Mind and Godlover a lot and advised them to narrate the whole episode of the journey starting from the beginning.

Proud again approached them and scolded the sisters for questioning much. She politely informed Mind and Godlover to wash their hands and face so that lunch could be served.

Mind and Godlover obliged to adhere her advice.

They entered in a place where five small sized mats were laid down. Proud insisted them to sit.

Mind enquired about Knowledgeable. She said, “He has gone to the temple by the side of this palace to perform meditation. He will come and meet you people in the early evening.”

Mind replied, “You must be also doing meditation.”

“Yes, I do, but at early morning at 4.00 o’clock everyday,” Proud answered

“What about you two.”

“No, we don’t but we carry out puja everyday under the guidance of our father,” Passion replied this time.

“In fact, I learned meditation from my father at the age of ten. Since then I am practicing. And, it gives me total bliss. Immediately after meditation, I get so relaxed, as if I am in heaven,” Mind explained with a serious tone.

Passion laughed loudly only to get admonishment from her elder sister and immediately kept quiet. After a simple lunch consisting of rice, vegetables, fruits and some varieties of sweets, Mind and Godlover were feeling sleepy. Proud offered them a mattress in the adjoining room to relax. They relaxed and slept. Passion called Mind, “Get up, why are you sleeping so much, you won’t be in a position to sleep in night. Here night means sleeping hours start at 9 in the evening. “

“No problem, we will gossip with you. You are so nice in your looking as well as in behaviour that we will be uch obliged to get your company.”

“If I gossip with you, who will perform the routine work of the temple?”

“What are these works.”

“As per instructions of my father, I have to charge the flowers, wash the utensils in which we offer sweets to God, to charge the clothes of various idols. It takes atleast one hour. After completion, I call my father and then he lights the God, performs puja and again sits in the meditation like morning hours. If I ignore this work because of any reason, my father gets very upset.”

“OK, then you go and visit temple. We will wash our face and come there.” After an hour, they visited the temple which was full of idols of many Gods started from Laxmi to Shiva. Ushering inside the temple, they found Knowledgeable was in meditation. Passion simply signaled them to sit. Mind also sat for meditation. Godlover closed his eyes and started chanting some hymns. After two hours at 8.00 o’clock, the surrounding was completely dark. The different types of birds were returning back to their nests with chirping sound. The cold breeze of early winter made the atmosphere very pleasant. Mind and Godlover were thinking as if they were in the celestial city for which they undertook this journey. Knowledgeable opened his eyes, “I am observing your friend as an expert in meditation.” Godlover nodded. Mind came out from the stage of meditation and touched the feet of Knowledgeable. He blessed both of them.

All of them sat for dinner which were mostly fruits, sweets and milk.

“Can you manage with these or you want cereals?” Proud enquired.

Not at all. It is preferable to consume light food at night for good physique and peaceful mind. In fact, pungent foods being indigestive, uneasiness and disturbed mind. To get up early in the morning, I always consume fruits and milk in night as you have offered, “Mind replied. “All religious minded people will be alike in their nature,” Knowledgeable expressed his opinion.

In the next day morning, Mind and Godlover were getting ready to depart but Knowledgeable did not agree for the same. He then went to the temple with an advice to her daughter Proud to look after them. After morning breakfast, Mind concentrated on meditation whereas Godlover devoted his attention to stud some religious books. No sooner they finished their bath, Knowledgeable returned from the temple and sat with them. He started religious discussions with Mind and Godlover. He said, “Are you aware about conscious and unconscious stage of mind and how it affects one’s character and various traits?”

Mind feebly replied, “He is aware but he has no in-depth knowledge about this.” Godlover silently heard them.

“The human mind is divided mainly in two parts; the conscious and the unconscious. These are integral parts of every individual mind whether male or female. The difference between this two stages is that conscious mind deals with everything that is within the purview of our awareness whereas the unconscious mind deals with all those thoughts that the individual is unaware and the same is beyond his control. But this definitely influences his behaviour.”

“I am not very clear. Would you mind to explain it more in detail”?

“Look our body is a highly complex organism. There are numerous functions going on at all times in our bodies like seeing, hearing, digestion, respiration and different types of movements. Most of these functions are controlled by the unconscious mind. Some little efforts are required on the part of our consciousness for the smooth functioning of these bodily requirements.”

Mind interrupted, “How is it possible that an unconscious mind dictates us for this sensual activities of hearing, seeing, etc?”

“Perhaps, you are mistaken. The conscious mind has a tremendous role and its main function is the ability to think and analyze facts without any limitation. But, if everything is placed in charge of the unconscious mind, according to the divine plan of creation what is the role of the conscious mind? God has made us with us all blessings to have a conscious mind which is free to search the truth of life and its all activities. And to search the truth, is our greatest task. You have taken a mission to visit the Celestial City to embrace divine life. But, do you have any search mission behind this plan? Have you anytime analyzed the fact behind this purpose?”

“Yes, I am absolutely clear in mind that to follow religious path of life, I must get detracted from the worldly atmosphere.”

“No, that is not enough. The fact is that you are not able to search the truth by staying in the midst of your family members, neighbours and friends and so you contemplate to undertake this journey and are desirous to have the company of people who are not bothered and affected anymore by their sensual lust. So what is the truth? In other words, it is the reality of life. We must try to find out the secret of life, its purpose and goal to know what is right and what is wrong, what are all the pluses and minuses, what is the consequence of negative and positive thinking and then what is good for the individual as well as for society. You won’t find answers to these questions in any prescribed form in a book. You have only to pursue and search using the profundity of your mind. It is upto us to discover the truth. Knowledgeable of truth is so important that God has consigned our bodily affairs to the unconscious mind.”

Proud was listening to her father in between her household work being assisted by her two sisters. She politely insisted to take a lunch-break.

All of them went to the luncheon room to have a simple food of rice and different types of vegetables dishes followed by some sweets. After lunch, they laid down for a while. In the meantime, the sky was thickly covered with black clouds with a strong breeze blowing making the atmosphere a bit cold. They also relaxed some more time. The rain started with gusty mind when forced the girls to shut all the doors and the windows of the house. The chained lion roared which prompted Godlover little curious. But, soon he was assured by Passion not to be frightened because the beast was hungry and asking for food. Knowledgeable again started his unfinished religious preaching.

“People frequently live in an utter state of frustration. This stage cannot make them capable to find the truth. In fact, even great people also pass through this phase. Everyone is a seeker by birth, but everyone lives his life without knowing what the real purpose of life is. They lead lives aimlessly. This only develops the state of confusion. They speak and write but without any defined clarity. They live lives fraught with full of contradictions. They always yell and always hawker for something without finding the truth behind that something. On the contradictory, a tension-free mind is one that can function with positivity despite contradiction. For example, people work without job satisfaction. People chase money, but without experiencing the inner satisfaction. People believe that to enjoy the life one must adopt the magic wind of enjoyment without knowing what the life is and what the real enjoyment is. It is nothing but a paradoxical situation and everyone is living in this state of self-contradiction.”

“I am overwhelmed with the teachings of yours and privileged to have your company. Your these preaching will definitely make us courageous to overcome the obstacles in our ensuing journey, of course, with your permission.”

Who am I to give permission? I only take pleasure to distribute the knowledge and wisdom for the welfare of the human beings. With my teachings, if your knowledge increases, that is my satisfaction and service to the mankind.

Mind woke up as usual at 4.00 o’clock next day morning and upon completing his rituals focused his attention in meditation. Godlover joined him after half an hours. One they finished, Passion brought breakfast mostly of varieties of fruits and milk and requested them to eat. She was draped in a colourful saree with hairs spread throughout her back which made her more sensual and the same was augmented because of her blue eyes with broad face and vivacious countenance. Godlover noticed this which she also could make out. She blushed like a morning blossom flower being feigned with the first ray of the sunlight. She again requested them to start their breakfast and quickly disappeared.

“She is very gorgeous. Though she belongs to a very pious family, sometimes her behavious and demenour make me little suspicious otherday. I saw she was almost swallowing you mostly and also your words as if the honeybee is taking the ambrosia of honey from the flower seed. I also observed that whenever you are meditating with bare body, she watches you with an oblique eye. I can swear that her other two sisters are totally different. They attire completely and they seldom find any time to gossip with us except the time when his father is busy in preaching religious discourse,” Godlover told all these to Mind. He heard with rapt attention and informed. “I feel, you are getting perturbed much. Don’t provoke yourself to include any thoughts which may only bring your despondency. In journey, you will come in contact with very many characters, obstacles, peculiarly, hindrance and even sexual inducement and all these are to be ignored by your mental stamina and strength. I know that Passion’s behaviour is not that in the line with religious strictness, but sometimes some people are not able to curb their sensual desires. Her dress code, her watching and way of giggling only reflects her adolescence stage and I am sure that she will be able to change all these under her father’s guidance.”
“I know that your wisdom and knowledge are more powerful than me. Still I feel before something happens let us flee from here.”

“What will happen.”

“Supper she involves herself in any sexual posture with you, there will be scandal and his father will blame us because we belong to male fraternity. As usual in any scandal, men become mostly accused even though the fault entirely lies with the opposite sex.”

“I don’t think you are completely incorrect. Now, I am in a bit of confused stage of mind. I ignored your plea last time and entered into the market to purchase happiness and the end result was evident.”

“Another one aspect that you are very good looking, thin, lanky and your face glows whenever you utter sermons, religious discourses. My friend, frankly speaking, any female will be easily attracted to you. There is a proverb ‘iron cuts iron’ and so is the case with yours. The loveable nature supplemented by amicable behaviour of yours easily attract people including opposite sex. So again, I repeat, let us disappear from this place quietly.

Mind accepted but he was not interested to do so without taking the blessing of Knowledgeable. Further, he was so inflamed with the power of his religious knowledge, he ultimately decided to take his permission and then leave. Godlover also nodded.

That was fourth day. Mind was bit puzzled and woke up little early. Godlover was fast asleep. Because of some reason, he was morose and he remembered her wife and sons which he almost forgot since leaving the city of Pride. Godlover consoled him and proceeded for completing the morning rituals. When he came back, he found that Mind was preparing himself for the meditation and went to the temple. Godlover did not follow.

Temple was in the country yard of the palatial building. Everyday at 5.00 o’clock, Proud opened its doors and used to complete the cleaning and changing he flowers. His father then performed puja and other religious ceremonies. Seeing the door of the temple closed, Mind decided to sit in one corner area to do meditation. With folded hands, closed eyes and in a particular straight posture which he does always, he was concentrating on meditation. After a few minutes, he felt the touch of a soft hand on his bare shoulder. Slowly the touch was intensified and it was almost a hug from the backside. He opened his eyes and saw Passion and to his utter surprise, he found that she was kissing her cheeks. He got nervous because he left the fragrance of sexual life, long back. Suddenly, he was entangled with the bodily lust which was not only desirable but also scandalous and that too in front of a temple. Further, he found that Passion was completely nude and the saree was lying in a small heap at certain distance.

Mind very politely requested her to wear the saree immediately.

She refused, “Why? You don’t like my body. Am I not beautiful? Don’t delay, just touch me. I am burning out. Before someone comes, you touch me, hug me and do whatever you like.”

Mind scolded her this time and ordered her to wear saree. He also observed her tight shaped body with good bosom and since he was not at all prepared for these happenings, he started sobbing. While hearing , Passion wore her saree and started trembling and then quickly disappeared in the washroom. Proud came to open the gate of the temple and saw Mind was sitting in one corner with a dejected and sullen face.

“What happen? Why are you so gloomy in the morning hours?”

“Nothing, just some foreign particles entered my eyes and created a sensation.”

Mind too disappeared fast. Godlover just finished his mediation.

“You are very correct. She came to the temple at wee hours. I was meditating. She started al her lustful activities and also shed her cloth. I somehow managed not to be caught by Proud. It could have been a shameful incidence. If her father knows, he will kill her,” Mind informed.

“Let us quickly finish our breakfast and detach all our feelings of this place right now and disappear,” Godlover replied.

By the time they finished their breakfast, their father came and enquired the reason of abrupt leaving.

Mind explained, “Sir, if we stay here for long time, our mission to reach Celestial City will be delayed. Moreover, we will again visit as and when needed. Who can forget your hospitality and wisdom?”

All of them with bit of tears bid adieu them. Mind mumbled religious songs which was gleefully watched by Godlover.

He continued, “Though I am not that older then you, but still I am addressing you as my child. Don’t indulge in this activity now itself. Complete your study and religious knowledge under your father’s guidance. Then, if you don’t want to follow the step of your elder sister not to become a monk, you can lead a worldly life and still can be a devotee to God. There are numerous instances of people who continue family lives with complete devotion to religious activities. They are not ______ any monk. I have been observing your passionate behaviour ever since I visit here. No one can fool me because by leading a complete religious life for the past ten years now I can presage anything which is going to happen in near future. Somehow, I was knowing that you will follow me today in this place and hamper my meditation but I could not be able to make out that you would take this much perverted path to satiate your lust. Precisely, that is the reason I am giving you a befitting sermon that do not be provoked by your bodily lust. Please concentrate all your attention on divine issues because you will get enough time to perform mandate activities.


In Search of Peace - Chapter-4


The evening was damn pleasant. Mind and Godlover were roaming in the pasture and plucked some flowers for their fragrance. While walking on the pasture, Mind again started religious discussions.

“Our mission is to reach Celestial City to have the blessings of religious monks, listen to their teachings, to be in touch with religious people and ultimately get accustomed to divine life. What next?”

“I have not thought in that direction. I only know that whatever life you lead, I will follow you during my remaining life. By now, I make you my Guru,” Godlover said.

“I am not your Guru, but a friend only. Since I have studied many religious books, engaged myself in worship of God and performed puja in the houses of City of Pride, people admire and consider me as a religious person.”

“But, have you thought what our lives would be after getting to Celestial City and receiving divine knowledge there.”

“Yes, I do have some plans and I will reveal the same to you after reaching there.”

Mounibaba called them from the hut and asked them to come for meditation. They came to the hut and immediately started meditation as per Mounibaba’s guidance, though it was not a new thing for them.

They took some fruits and milk as dinner and arranged their mats to sleep. Mind woke up suddenly hearing a shrill noise. He could not understand and sounded Godlover to get up. They both followed the noise and found a door which was ajar. They went spellbound when they peeped through the door. Mounibaba had put a female’s head in a wooden pillar duly chained from all corner and standing with a sword to behead her. Godlover was behind Mind who was about to enquire, but he resisted. They also saw that the room was dark and at one end there was a brass lamp lighted with white cotton soaked in oil, full of skulls and bottle of wine. They also found that Mounibaba had arranged other ingredients like fruits, sweets, red flowers and sindoor to perform a puja. They simply came back and heard the shrill noise again as ahhh.. ahh…. ahh…. Mind informed Godlover that Mounibaba killed the female.

“Why is he doing this?” Godlover asked Mind

“We are at a wrong place. He will do the same thing with us too. These people are known as tantric. They perform pujas with human skulls and wine and get empowered with evil powers. They slain living and dead and use their skulls for their pujas. They keep wine in the skulls and drink it through the skulls during their puja. Actually they get the power of evil spirits by performing this type of heinous crimes under the name of puja,” Mind explained to Godlover without making him afraid.

The next day morning, Mounibaba ate breakfast with Mind and Godlover. He was preaching them about the life, its missions, how to overcome stresses in life, how to be a good human being and lastly advised them to stay in this hut for some more time to acquire knowledge of spiritual force. Godlover was suspecting very much his actions. He was bit nervous.

Mind then started, “Mounibaba, why there are so many quarrels and bickering in this world? Why do people kill one another to satiate their lust? For example, some do so to acquire wealth of others, some other repeat this process to take revenge and a few more take lives of other persons under the name of performing puja.”
Mounibaba replied, “Oh, my friend you are mixing two things. I am advising you to lead a life under an ideal condition. But, when you are in the company of devils and do not devote to God, it is next to impossible to lead a balanced life unless you decide to come out from the polluted environment. In this type of hatred situation, you cannot take the religious path. You see, in your case, you got so frustrated with the heterogeneous life style of your neighbours in the city of Pride, you decided to come out of it. In short, you decide to embrace divinity.”

Mind observed that while delivered this disclosure, he did not show any annoyance, anxiety and his gesture was calm.

Mind again started, “Then, what is your logic behind people when forced others to immolate their lives for the sake of puja.”

Suddenly, Mounibaba enraged, “Why are you asking irrelevant things?”

“I am narrating the fact. Yesterday, I saw that you slain a female and used her blooded head with wine for your delirious puja.”

“How you know! This is complete fallacy. You have seen a bad dream out of your tiredness. You take more rest. In the meantime, I organize lunch for you.”

Godlover warned Mind not to enrage him, otherwise the same would be the fate for them. Mind nodded. Both of them went to complete their rituals. Then, they started puja. Mounibaba called them and offered a lunch of rice, fresh vegetables and curd like the previous day. Immediately after the lunch, he called both of them in the pasture. Mind could smell out that something was wrong. He took one hand of Godlover and started running. But, this crooked tantric threw a black snare after running behind them. He put them in the snare and tied one end of the same with a hook in the tree near his hut. Then, he descended towards the mountainous path. The evening past and the night time’s darkness engulfed the environment. Godlover as usual got terribly afraid. Mind again consoled him. At the dawn, when they were totally exhausted, they found that someone was passing through the other end of the pasture. Since the pasture was totally empty, the shouting of Mind and Godlover were heard by the person passing. He approached to the snare and Mind could manage to trace him as Margdarshak.

“Who has made your condition like this? What wrong thing, you have done!”

Mind said, “Sir, as usual we have lost our path near a diversion and someone guided us to this hut and this Mounibaba is a tantric and perform puja with human skull and wine.”

“You are correct. They perform all heinous crimes like looting, murder and ransom. These so called tantric are notorious people in their early lives. When they are caught under laws, they fled away with the help of authorities at top. At subsequent stage they convert themselves to baba, sadhu or priest. But, they continue their activities sitting in a desert place. This fellow is one of them,” Margadarshak informed.

“I do not know; one Mr. Grace has brought me here.”

“Oh my God, This Grace is an agent of this Mounibaba. These so called self proclaimed religious teachers keep contact with authorities through agents to serve their purpose. Grace, who is normally a sweet talker allures the pilgrims to show this hut to take rest.”

“Grace was not talking with us pleasantly. In fact, he was bit rough in his talks.”

“That is because from your countenance, he could make it out that you people are pilgrims but penniless. Grace usually came in contact with rich pilgrims and then discourse with them very secretly so as to bring them to this hut. Mounibaba snatches all the ornaments and cash from them after feeding them for a day or two. Ultimately, he killed them to complete his delirious crime known as tantric puja. In fact, in the back side of the hut through a closed secret door, he keeps on stacking on the skulls and throws the other parts of these innocent pilgrims from the top of the pasture to down below in the ditch which is 5000 to 6000 feet.”

“Why is he doing so?” Godlover inquired.

“There are certain types of people in this great world. They always take the pleasure in doing all evil deeds. Throughout their whole lives, they perform the same. To make you and common people mesmerize, they take different roles so that you cannot identify them so easily. Of course, there are good people like you who really want to follow peace, harmony, friendly behavior, good company and probably because of that this whole world is balanced and still survived,” Margdarshak smilingly patted the shoulder of Godlover.

Then he rebuked Mind and said, “I have given a parchment and why are you not using the same in your distress. If you don’t do so, you will delay your charismatic goal to reach Celestial City.”

Mind folded his hands, “Sir, I apologize. It won’t happen again.”

“This is second time, you are not obeying my advice. Since, you have done so much so good works upto your life of these forty years, I am giving you another chance to visit Celestial City.”

Mardarshak then blessed them and showed the correct route so that they could start the journey again. They passed through a mountainous path, crossed small hillocks and after continuous journey, they reached near a big city market. They were exhausted and sat near a corner at the entry of the market and after some time, slept with a bit snoring. People watched them while coming out from the market and thought as lazorous beggars. Some even gave a few coins out of their magnamity. When evening was nearing, the lights glew and surroundings, were glistering with illumination. Upon scrutiny, they understood the name of the market as “One Stop Lust” and everything starting from clothes, crockery, furnitures, mechanical and electrical equipments, lawyers, bridegrooms, scientists, philosophers and doctors were available there.

Mind got curious and decided to enter the market, but Godlover warned him not to undertake the venture.

Then, Mind said, “Why are you extra cautious? We won’t get this type of opportunity to visit a market where every commodities are available under one roof.”

He shot book, “Every mission of ours land us in danger and ultimately we are getting beatings or some humiliations. Why is it so? Without doing any harm to anyone, if we have to succumb these humiliations, then I am afraid to reach our desired destination.”


“Because, in this way, we will be so exhausted physically, if not mentally, that desirousness of achieving some goal will be completely destroyed. Physical weakness may jeopardize the strength of survival.”

“It is correct. But, do you think it is easy to achieve some goal or to that extent any mission without any hurdles. Momentarily, our path will be full of thrones, but with our courage, conviction and faith on God, we have to overcome these obstacles, face humiliations so as to obtain Moksha.”

“I do accept your connotation. But, suppose in some places of our this journey if we are not able to digest the torture and we collapse, then how to fulfill the mission.”

“What do you suggest then?”

“In earlier incidence, we have entered a wrong hut and were about to be killed. Now, if we enter the market, I am non-committal how people will react. Either way, people are already considering us beggars because they throw coins to us. Hereafter, in some places of the market, if they think us as intruders or thieves, think of the consequences.”

Mind kept quiet but only stared at Godlover to understand his inner feelings. He knew that Godlover was right. He also felt that God is there but one cannot expect that in all the troubles mostly when the same is invited knowingly, He would extend His help.

Seeing the condition of Mind’s ambiguity, Godlover pushed his friend towards the entry of the market.

They found that some of the shops were well decorated with neon lights, cloths were displayed with ladies idols and monstrous looking securities at the entrance.

“Why these females are confined in showcases,” Godlover.

“My friend, they are breathless females, they are simply idols draped with beautiful dresses to invite the attention of human beings to induce their materialistic urge for good cloths and lavish style of leaving. This must be a rich city and market is very posh,” Mind explained.

“Let us go out of here, otherwise we may be in further trouble.”

“Why? We are not doing any misdeeds. If someone doubts, we will simply tell them that we are pilgrims, and we are going to Celestial City and in between our journey, we see this market and so we enter to purchase a precious item.”

“What is this precious item?”

“Happiness. In such a big market when they keep so much so commodities, living beings and non living beings, they must be selling happiness too.”

“I don’t know what you are telling.”

They were overwhelmed with the decorative and glittering views of various shops, merchandises and establishments of the market. For a while, they were spellbound. From the market comprising mostly posh shops, they entered an open place where they found people bargaining for various commodities. Mind observed that some shopkeepers were obliging their customers, but few were declining with lewd comments.

Out of enthusiasm, Mind asked a typical shop owner “Is it possible to purchase happiness?”

“What is that?” The particular shopkeeper retorted.

Against his explanation, he declined to offer. Mind enquired this commodity because as for him this happiness is also one type of commodity, from another shopkeeper. He got a thrashing reply from the second shopkeeper. Not only that, he summoned one person to keep a watch on the activities of Mind and Godlover. Of course, they were not known about this behind their back. They moved freely in the market. Some people were looking to them with a bit curiosity because of their countenance, dress and care free attitude. Suddenly Mind got almost a blow on his back. He turned back and Godlover also stopped.

“We find that you two are loitering here for quite sometimes. Where from you are? What is your motive and what is your purpose of visiting this place?” Two gigantic odd looking black persons started interrogating. Godlover was damn afraid, but Mind calmly answered.

“We are pilgrims. My name is Mind and my bosom who stands behind me is Godlover. We were residents of city of Pride. We became frustrated with the quarrelsome, jealous lifestyles of our neighbours and so we decided to leave the city and the people so as to get religious path. In the mid of our journey, we found this market and entered to observe the style of living of people in this city.”

“But, why are you interested to know this lifestyle when you are frustrated with the lifestyle of city of Pride? One of them rudely shot back.

“I am trying to purchase happiness from this market because someone told me that everything is available here. With this extra happiness, I may be able to make my friends, well wishers, companions and other pilgrims more happy by distributing the same with them,” Mind again replied with smiling face.

“Bastard, I am seeing for the past ten minutes, you are jabbering. What do you think? Are we fools?

He then asked other fellow to chain both Mind and Godlover and tie them with a lamppost in the center of the market. Then they started beating them with a stick. Mind and Godlover started crying and after sometime fell down. A small congregation was seen. Some overlooked and some passed sympathetic comments and a few were protesting the activities of the two gigantic Negroes.

One of the black fellows justified their action by saying that these people are thieves. With bad intention, they have entered the market and so they need this punishment.

When Mind and Godlover regained their consciousness, they found themselves chained in an iron cage and were confined like monkeys.

Godlover sobbed and said, “I cautioned you in the beginning, but you turned a deaf ear to my request. Now, what is to be done?”

Mind for the first time cried and also repented because of his non-chalant behavior and not attending to the advice of his bosom.

Godlover felt pity and he consoled Mind this time, “Don’t worry; God will do something for us.”

“This great world which is the creation of God is full of jokers, evil persons side by side of kind hearted and good persons. Have you not seen that some persons were arguing with the black knaves about their tortures on us? Godlover, unless you taste the water, how do you know its taste. We have come to know various types of persons since we entered the market; who knows how tough will be our next phase of journey,” Mind said with little moroseness.

In the meantime, there was storm and the market place was almost scattered. The things flew here and there because of the storms. Then there was rain fall and intensity of the same was severe. People took shelter and some even dashed to their vehicles and speedily left the place. It then started raining heavily and the lights went off. It was totally dark. No one was able to see other.

Godlover whispered, “Use your triumph card means parchment which is given by Margdarshak.”

Mind prayed to God and opened the parchment and touched the same to the chain by which they were bound and they were free. Then they touched the same to the lock and the cage was opened. In the midst of the darkness and rain, they fled quietly so that no one came to know. Of course, in this process, they completely got drenched. After fifteen minutes of running, they reached a hillock and sat there. By the time, rain stopped and the sky was clean and bluish as usual. They felt hungry. Mind managed to keep some fruits with him given by Mounibaba. They shared the same and decided to pass the night on the hillock.

TO BE CONTD...........

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In Search of Peace-Chapter 3

Chapter 3

They continuously travelled for three days. They ate fruits and drank water of bore wells on the way. When they reached near a hillock to cross, they were almost exhausted. Somehow, they clambered to reach the top of the hillock where they found a green pasture there. It was almost dark now. So, they decided to take rest and fell asleep. With a kick on their back, they woke up and found, in front of them, a person of gigantic appearance, Lucifer. They realized that the place where they rested was falling under the control of the gigantic person and it was known as Devil’s Land. Both Mind and Godlover pleaded to Lucifer to release them. The more they requested, the more Lucifer went stubborn. Then, he lifted both Mind and Godlover in his arms and put them in a dungeon and locked them in it. The dungeon was so dark that they were unable to see anything. They sat on the floor. Suddenly, Mind realized that some strange insect came and sat on his arm; he got bit scared. Godlover, who used to deal with different types of insects in his farm in his abode at city of Pride, recognized that it was a bat. He consoled Mind. Both then started praying to God and could not sleep the whole night mostly out of fear. Next day morning, Lucifer came to the dungeon and started thrashing them. The beating was so merciless that they fell down on the earth and went dumb and unconscious for some time. Though it was daytime, there was complete darkness there. When they came conscious, they felt severe pain in their body.

“In the beginning of the journey, if this is the condition met to us, how to complete the same as to reach Celestial City,” Godlover inquired.

“The proverb is very true – you have to repay the dues of your bad or good deeds in this life only. Some say that if you do evil deeds, you will bear the consequences in your next life. I feel, we must have done wrong doings, hurt our friends, well wishers and family members and so the consequences of the same are now faced by us. But, my friend, don’t worry. This is a temporary and passing phase in our lives. God must be taking our examination and testing our will power. Otherwise, after this type of beating, how we are surviving,” Mind encouraged Godlover.

“May be you are correct.”

He gave some fruits to Godlover which fortunately he saved from Lucifer’s eyes. Godlover ate them.

“What about you. I feel sorry for you. Like selfish I eat the total.”

“Not to be perturbed. If you are feeling alright, I will get some moral courage. Moreover, I am a devotee Brahmin and have the practice to stay in fasting for a couple of days.”

“Tell me one thing, why Lucifer is beating us so severely?”

“See, this world is full of treacherous, jealous, pride and evil people. Their percentage is nowadays very high and this period is known as a black period. Don’t you see every day there are rape, robbery, accidents, bickering, divorces, fighting between communities & families? Lucifer belongs to the same class. It is true that we have not done wrong things. We have not committed any crime. We have simply slept in his area. For this trifling cause, he punishes us so much. This is known as a demon’s thirst,” Mind calmly explained
“For the past two days sitting in this dungeon, I am hearing a huge sound of trumpets and clangors. There must be something odd at this place,” Godlover enquired.
“What you are hearing is the sound of devil enjoyment of Lucifer and his so called friends and vivid followers. These friends only know how to pamper their boss so as to get good food, drinks and women. These people enjoy their lives during night time. In the day time, they simply sleep. Their goons collect weekly bribe from businessmen, traders and builders. If anyone protests to their wishes, they simply kill them without any fear of law because they invite these high officials in their lavish parties. These officials who protect law and regulations are mostly in their clutch. Precisely, that is the reason they perform all misdeed but still move freely in the society,” Mind explained.

Next day morning, Lucifer opened the iron gate of the dungeon in intoxicated condition and mostly was not in a position to walk.

“You people are still alive even after yesterday’s merciless beating,” the monstrous evil laughed sarcastically.

Then he became suddenly enraged and again started beating, but most of the time he could not hit them. And in this process, he fell down. Despite the opportunity to flee away, Mind and Godlover simply stayed there out of tremendous fear. After sometimes, Lucifer stood up and spitted on their faces and then closed the gate of the dungeon.

Lucifer was relaxing with his wife in the night time on that day.

“These people are very stubborn. I have been beating them for the last two days. They are starving. I have not given them any food and water. To my surprise, they are still surviving. They must be some bishop or monks,” He told her wife Sibyl.

“She laughed and slowly punched on her husband’s head. Your body is big but brain is small. You have beaten them but it does not produce any desired effect. So, you take them to the top of the mountain and show them the heaps of the dead bodies lying in the ditch. Tell them that their fate will be the same very soon.”

“Big people by body like you must marry short heighted women with full of acumen like me, my darling.”

Both started laughing and embraced each other before fell asleep.

Mind and Godlover were sleeping soundly out of their tiredness and they could not hear when the iron gate was again opened. Lucifer dragged them to the top of the hillock. They were very much exhausted because of not having food and even water for the past three days. Lucifer showed them the vicious scenes of skeletons, of dead bodies, lying in heaps from the top of the hillock. They were damn afraid. They almost took it granted that Lucifer would kill them and throw them in the ditch. Contrarily, Lucifer brought them back to the dungeon and again started beating. Godlover could not tolerate beating any further and became unconscious. Mind because of tremendous will power tolerated and tried to save his face with his hands from the devil’s blows. Lucifer got tired, left them and by mistake went without locking the iron gate. Mind got up and searched for water. He could manage to get an broken earthen ware with a little bit of water which he sprinkled on the face of Godlover so that he could regain his consciousness. Somehow, he managed to sit on the floor with the help of Mind.

“I don’t know whether I will be able to travel any more. This fellow is beating us in a way a washerman washes clothes by striking repeatedly on the riverbank. The cloths have no pulse but we human beings have the same and it is really difficult to digest and that too in empty stomach. He again stretches himself on the floor and cries occasionally because of severe body and muscles pain,” Godlover started at him with a pale face.

“Don’t worry my bosom. I really care for you. I have also faced the same music like you, but somehow I have acquired a tolerance power and able to digest. If you are not able to walk, you can give your weightage on my shoulder and I will carry you,” Mind assured.

“You are a true friend who is in need and also in deed.”

“We are undergoing this journey with a common mission of achieving the grace of Almighty. Whatever may be the consequences, we should not lose our heart so that we can conquer the hardship.”

“You are really encouraging me by thought provoking words. Yes, I will travel with you ignoring my pains in the name of God. He will only guide and rescue us from all dangers.”

“Are they afraid?” Sibyl enquired.

“They are. In all probabilities, they will commit suicide jumping from the hillock. Knowingly I have kept the dungeon gate open,” Lucifer assured his wife.
“You are a class one fool. They will not do so, I bet”
“So far my knowledge goes, the tall fellow, I think Mind has some divine power by which he is able to sustain the beating. The other fellow may collapse. However, be careful. Don’t wait much. Kill them tomorrow itself and throw their bodies in the ditch.”
Mind prayed to God continuously and chanted mantras to have some extra courage to overcome the persecution. He advocated Godlover to follow the same religious path because God alone could save them in this distress.
Mind opened the iron gate and reached the main gate which was locked through different types of locks. Out of frustration, they came back to be dungeon.
“What to do now? Tomorrow, this Lucifer will definitely throw us into the ditch making our mission incomplete,” Godlover said.
“Don’t worry, have faith in God. Take it as a passing phase,” Mind smilingly replied.
It was almost dawn. Godlover suddenly informed him to open the parchment and see what is inside. Mind opened and saw the inscription of a statue of God. Both again went to the main door and touched all the locks with the parchment. To his surprise, Mind was then able to open the lock one by one. When the big lock was about to be opened, there was a bit of sound while opening the main door. Somehow they were able to flee through the small opening of this door. Suddenly, Godlover fell down. Mind smehow dragged him and almost reached out of Lucifer’s territory. They saw him running behind them, but by the time he was about to catch them, they were on the other side of the hillock.
Godlover sat on the green pasture. Mind brought some raspberries and grapes. He had some but were feeling very weak and pleaded to Mind to wait. Seeing the condition of his health, Mind decided to energize by uttering religious discourse. Tell me Godlover, “Is there anyone who does not wish to be happy? For the past five days, we face inhuman torture for no fault for ours. May be this is our destiny. This is a phase for us to sorrow. Happiness and sorrow do not drop from the skies. Our mind is afflicted to the thoughts that only cause sorrow and happiness. If you visualize the whole tragedy of ours in devil’s land, out of thoughts of fear only cause our pain more as compared to the beatings. Since we are not accustomed to this sudden attack, it looks little odd, otherwise the beating was not that serious except the thoughts. The sad thoughts which hovers around our mind, make us unhappy and weak.”
“You are correct. Your wisdom is invigorating me, but I really feel exhausted,” Godlover informed submissively.
“Now, if you want to forget this incidence and be cheerful, you have to follow the mantra; even this shall pass. You imbibe this in your heart and then only you will be able to overcome all your pain caused due to the beating.”

Godlover stood up and they walked around half a kilometer and again he pleaded for rest. Mind obliged.
“I think you are exhausted because of the fearful incidence which is still haunting you,” Mind questioned with all politeness.
“May be.”
“My friend, pairs of opposites such as pleasures and pain, honour and insult, joy and sorrow are the sequential phases of one’s life which affects the body. They will come and they will go as long as your body exists. But you have to be courageous enough atleast mentally to overcome these phases. You have to be a firm believer that you are the absolute self with imperishable atman while pleasures and pains are fleeting. You have to always remember that these pains can not affect you. Then only you can beat these obstacles which is pervading your mind,” Mind preached. Godlover heard him with rapt attention and his tiredness was diminishing slowly.
Mind watched the changes and continued this type of religious discourses.
“There is no object that brings pain or pleasure. They are creations of your mind. Mind is the center of attraction of any feeling. Your thoughts are induced and give you sensation of tiredness, morose, pain, pleasure and joy. With the help of these thoughts be absorbed in your own eternal being, the truth absolute and so be always peaceful whatever may be the situation. Remember one thing, you are the supreme bliss. It is yourself that dwells in all. Whether, it is happiness or pain that appears in your life, is in fact just a glimpse of self-bliss or distress. It is your inner feeling, but because of your ignorance, you think it is obtained from objects of sense of pain or pleasures. Take the case of both our beatings by Lucifer. Similar amount of beatings have made you coward, tired whereas it has not affected me that much.”
“I am really energized by your teachings. Let me eat some fruits and you also eat. Then, we will again start our journey for Celestial City,” Godlover suggested.
“I am happy, you are recovering from your tiredness. My friend, as I told you everything is your thoughts and feelings which crowd your mind. Take the example of the sun’s reflection in water. Is it the real sun? No, it is merely an illusory appearance. So, the pain experience through your sense is not the real one, it is momentary and a passing phase. If you continue to think, you will be more distressed and will undergo more mental and physical affliction.”
Being influenced by the sermons and after eating different types of fruits available from a nearby farm, Godlover now prepared for the strenuous journey. At dusk, they reached a place with diversion. Initially, they were bit puzzled to decide which way to go. They stopped and looked here and there. They found a person who was crossing them.
Mind addressed him with folded hands,
“Would you be kind enough to guide us to the road to Celestial City?”
He stopped and enquired the reason of calling.

Mind explained that they are pilgrims and belong to city of pride. They left their place to abode in the Celestial City to obtain God’s grace and enjoy religious path for the balance period of their lives.
“Are you crazy people? I am a monk and travel almost the whole world. I know the places of seclusion where people live years together to enjoy severe, blissful and complete religious lives. But I have never heard about any place like Celestial City,” the monk retorted with little anger.
Mind also came to know that the monk is called as Mounibaba.
“Sir, I got the details of Celestial City from Margdarshak. As per his guidance, we somehow arrived at this place. Now, because of diversion, we are baffled and need your help,” Mind requested.
“It looks to me that you people are fools. However, if you like, you can follow me for some distance and I can show you the path which will take you to the place of a muse. You can enquire therein,” Mouni informed.
“This fellow looks to be arrogant and bit haughty,” Godlover slowly talked. Mind told him to keep quite. After walking throughout the night, they reached a green pasture at dawn which was full of rose gardens, variety of fruits like mangoes, jackfruits as well as grapes. They found a hut there in the midst of the garden. Mind knocked the door of the hut. A person in complete white dress appeared with a smiling face.
“What do you want my child?”
“We are pilgrims, bit tired and hungry. So we want to have some food and also like to take rest. By the way, do you have any idea, how to reach Celestial City from here?”
The person’s name was Grace. He laughed and advised them to eat some fruits first and then take rest. After having variety of fruits, both Mind and Godlover were bit relaxed and lied down on the mat. When the sun was almost on the mid horizon, Grace called them and advised them to take bath. When they completed their rituals, Grace offered them food consisting of rice, vegetables and curd. While they were eating their food, Grace informed that he was a shepherded and the custodian of this farm. He sold the fruits in the market to get his living and the rest of the time his only work is to serve God Mind looked to his face and was very satisfied to hear about his lifestyle. After lunch, Grace proposed for further rest which Mind and Godlover gleefully obliged.
to be cotnd............