Friday, October 30, 2015

How to think effectively, to prosper in life.

We live in a complex world. This world is full of grandeur, which we enjoy and relish. When the enjoyment is over; we remember those events for satisfaction. Again, this same world provides us a lot of sufferings, sad information and scarcity of basic needs at times.  All walks of our life are pervaded with these two factors of joy and suffering. In this complexity, some people struggle more than others because of the circumstances and socioeconomic constraints they face. So, they struggle to sort out their conflicts for most of the time and unable to savor the sweet fragrance of the life. It seems they struggle because of their  less physical power and stamina to bear the painstaking situations. But here is the catch. Their struggle is very painful as they think, is the case with almost everyone. Barring a few who is born with a silver spoon, it is quite common for all. In fact, the wealthiest persons labor harder than an average person. People are  aware that if they don’t struggle, if they take their lives comfortably, their survival will be in danger. So, they shape their thoughts in a positive way and get engaged in all meaningful activities. Thoughts are always important to our well being.  For example, some people may try to repair their damaged relationships, some others who relentlessly distribute the power of their consciousness to reduce the community hatred and there are some others who desperately try to reduce the corruption level of our political system. You may also find some people who are very much interested to spread brotherhood transcending the barriers of religion.

While doing all above activities, people sometimes give up because of its daunting nature.  The thoughts then appear in their mind that we are too small to bring  radical changes in the society.  When this thought erupts in your mind, you become the slave of negativity, passivity and you are unable to find any promising outlook.  This behavior only creates a stumbling block for the forward movement and then, the activities do not produce any tangible results.  In the midst of any job, if there is an iota of passivity and thoughts of doubt, the same must be removed immediately. We must always think that we are neither too small nor we should be afraid to discharge  any activities, which create benefits to mankind.  It is all psychologically inflicted, and we don’t get the desired success as we plan for.

All of us are regularly downplaying our capabilities. We can perform more than what we achieve. We are always influenced by this defective perspective and not able to shine anymore. No sooner, we are able to make a correction in our thoughts; we flourish with respect to our personal, physical, philosophical and social context.  We try our best to do a lot, but most of the time, with a doubtful mind and scattered thoughts. We get ourselves busy in multi-tasking.  But we don’t pay our sincere attention to one task at a time.  Owing to our superficial needs, greed and ambition to achieve many things at a drop of the hat, we accomplish all our tasks with a half hearted approach and focus. Instead of being involved with a single task and finish the same accurately and perfectly, we reminisce the past happenings and dwell on the future fantasies. We weave our thoughts in such a way that job becomes secondary, but our ego must be satisfied.  In this way, we lose our considerable time and energy.  We should not forget that attention is not a mere slave of our mind; it is a storage house of our energy.  This energy of giving attention to a particular work has utmost importance.  This is the major benchmark of our success. 

If you like to be more assertive and want to control your thoughts, you must become mindful and have a grip on your attention.  Your attention must be centered on one point at a time. Then, whatever you want to achieve, the same is bound to materialize.  Remember that attention can run both in negative and positive directions. You have to exercise power of mind to ensure that you cling to the positive side maximum time.  You cannot completely eliminate negative directions, but through practice, you increase your mind power to eliminate the negativities.  However, because of our habit, we sit idle and procrastinate and allow the negative thoughts to grab us.  Some people, of course, are always negative.  They are always depressed and always in a pessimistic mood.  They feel pleasure to criticize others. They discourage  others is their achievement. They do not allow others to see the light after the tunnel. There are others who out of their fear, not ready to take action.  They feel that their actions will bring negative output.  Some other persons out of their jealousy and hatred want to avoid any activities with a feeling that will bring disastrous results. It is better to keep them at a distance and not to be influenced by them. The Mother Teresa taught us that it is imperative for all of us to develop positive consciousness  and to propel the same to carry out positive thoughts for the betterment of the individual and the society.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

How to judge the authenticity of your emotion?

How do you define your emotional level?  Are you aware that it is a function of your true identity?  If you perform all your functions starting from wake up to retiring at night in an ideal way, you are a follower of rules and regulations of moral living.  It means that you always act with a purpose. Your every moment in your life is measured perfectly to give an effective output. Why it is so?  Because all the functions, which you perform daily, you act with sincerity. But most of us perform our various functions as doers. Just for the purpose of doing, we act. For example, somebody smiles at you; you also reciprocate your instant function by providing a return smile. But mostly it is not an act to serve any purpose. You are doing a showmanship. You may not really want to smile, but since the other person is  reputed  in the society or quite an influential one, you simply smile. What you have done; you smile as a doer. If you delve into the fact of this pleasantry though smile from each other, you will observe the issue as purposeless. In simpler term, the other person has flattered you by smiling and you are being cajoled to give a return smile.

But the act has no emotion in real sense. He has expressed his positive vibe, which you have acknowledged in a controlled manner.  You have judged his behavioral pattern and retorted back.  Now, if you analyze your emotional effect in depth, your reciprocating action may be a bargain or a trade or  a business like attitude or a simple social mannerism. In this particular case, it is a courtesy. Somebody smiles at you and you have also smiled. But it is an artificial smile, as  the same is produced mechanically. Without utilizing your emotional feeling, you smile. It might have not created any emotional spontaneity for you  for the other person. This type of emotion has no sincerity, has no cause and it is completely hollow as you have manipulated your smile.  There is no authenticity on your part.  In this way, you are manipulating your body and mind to act in that fashion. In our society, this type of manipulation is widely spread and people simply are not able to identify the emotional depth of the particular situation. Precisely, that is the reason, being religious also; we are not attracted to the spiritualities and functions of the spiritualism.  Because in the environment of artificial, we forget our spontaneity.     Finally, we create the situation of hell. Your love has no meaning because the same is impure. Your love is false. Your hate is false. Your smile is false.  Your feeling is false.  Your tears are false. You are not in a position to take any meaningful judgement.

The question comes how can you stay in this false environment and enjoy bliss?  Instead of living in an artificial surroundings, accept the spontaneity, which comes from your heart and you perform any action sincerely. Back to the scenario of smiling, you smile because that is the social norm, you learn from your parents, teachers or gurus.  But that was not a sincere smile from your side.  But this type of situation cannot be hidden for a long.  Sooner or later, your pretension or non-spontaneity will come to the surface. You are  pretending and not performing the real thing. But if you smile with spontaneity, you will feel that your whole being is smiling; only your lips are not taking part. When you resort to this path of spontaneity for any act of yours, everybody around you during that particular time will feel energized and there will be a  friendly atmosphere.  Since all the people around you will be happy; you will be connected to the profundity of happiness.

: 2 :

Even emotions need spontaneity.  If positive emotions shown by you are false, they will be treated as a pretense.  In the same way, when the negative emotions shown by you as authentic, the same will be considered as  perfect. People say anger is a destructive emotion.  But this anger can be termed as nice, if your whole being feels angry.  It means that you are not pretending to be angry. If you are really angry for any valid reason, despite it is being a negative emotion, your all sensations will be vibrant and people will not take you as a bad tempered person. They may appreciate your negative emotion as you are showing spontaneity.  For example, analyze the behavior of a child.  He cries to fulfill his any need and no sooner his need is satisfied, he stops crying. You observe his behavior, which is completely based on spontaneity. Similarly, when a child becomes angry, he runs from one corner to another, his face will be reddish, he may spit and he may throw anything he finds nearby.  Seeing his behavior, one can opine that he may destroy the world, which is under his possession.  When his anger subsides, he starts again running, dancing, hugging you, as if nothing has happened.  For an adult, it does not happen. Because most of your actions are based on the false and you swirl in the movement of incorrect actions continuously.  If your anger is real, it lasts for a few seconds.  Why?  Because you are angry for a true cause and there is no false reason behind your anger.  At that point of time, your showing anger is justified and your anger is harmless. If anything evolves with spontaneity, it cannot harm anyone. The negative emotions are also good, if they are authentic.  People have  wrong notions about negative emotions that these are bad and causing dangers both mentally and psychologically. The negative emotions are bad provided the reason is based on falsity.  But if the negative emotions are authentic, it may transform us. 

If you closely analyze the power of emotions, both positive and negative, you will find that emotion derived on authentic reasons will only do good. Now, if you control your negative emotions and show the same only for valid reasons, you will find the same emotions will  not fluster you. You will handle the situation calmly. In this way, a time will come when you will not be affected either by positive or negative emotions. You will only cling to the reasoning factors and ascertain the authenticity before showing any emotion.  At that stage, you forget to discriminate between good and bad. The feeling of authenticity will strengthen your introspection power to search only for the real.  And when you know the real, you will be able to find out the truth.  Then emotions will not mold you, you will only mold the emotions.   

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Can you disown God ?

 Can you disown God?

Some people do not believe in the power of God. They disown the theory of God’s illuminating power. They don’t accept that if you pray to God wholeheartedly, He will assuage you.  As per them, the traditional notion of God is simply theoretical.  They say that human beings can create their own destinies by their power of work, diligence, intelligence and sincerities.  God cannot do anything. Our societies term these people as atheists.  Most of us, of course, are believers of the existence of God. They may not openly accept, but they always take His shelter before performing any important work.  A logical debate always crops up that one can accept  spirituality, but  for that he may not be religious. One can accept the nitty-gritty of spiritualities and can focus on the creeds of the spiritualism without showing any kind of reverence to God.  The atheists argue that some of the great people of the world did not believe in God. They opine that very many heinous crimes and some of the worst deeds are committed taking the shelter of God.  In fact, these are the assertions of very many learned and religious persons. If this statement comes from a few rational thinkers and religious fanatics, one can doubt the veracity of the same. But the iota of the truth is that people do all  evil deeds in churches, temples, pilgrims and holy places.  These non-believers of God argue with logic that how can we continue to accept  God as our trouble solver where there is no scientific proven theory of its existence.  They say as the child grows, he leaves his childish clothes and so, why can’t we leave our psychological, emotional and spiritual dependence on God?  They say that the concept of worshipping God by performing Pujas, taking His blessings and remembering Him in distress and happiness is all creations of our ancestors. 


Just to make the people frighten and not to deviate from the path of moral living, this type of mythological and religious dependence was created.  For example, if there is a heavy rain with thundering and lighting, the elders in the family start praying to save everybody from the disaster. And after a passage of time, when the calamity stops, the believers get elated that God has stopped the disaster. Those, who worshipped a particular God or religion, formed a group and the members of which would help each other in conflicts with other groups of different religions to get the major share of various resources starting from food to shelters including clothes.  As per the Indian history, where the religion and casteism is very much predominant, the  nepotism, favoring  and forming groups by taking the near and dear will be always there.  These religious bindings are always encased in the name of God just to take the advantage. The atheists make a protest to this behavior. Though their numbers are less, but whenever they get a chance, they express negative feelings of Godhood in their forum. From the very beginning, one religious  group and its sub-groups are cleverly getting engaged with other religious groups and sub-groups  in quarrels, fights and sometimes killing their own kin making the existence of God  maligned.  The stronger religion has a larger follower  and act their power on the weaker religions. These weaker or less in numbers and are always the oppressed one. 


: 2 :


Fanaticism, blindly supporting, unquestionable dogma and unflagging faith have become the benchmark of any religion. People become fanatic and depend on a religion and if someone passes some odd comments, the situation turns into hatred, fighting and sometimes creating violence. If you study all the religion’s main creeds and read the preaching of the noted spiritual masters like Buddha, Mohammad, Mahavira and Jesus, you will not find any differences.  These masters always see oneness amongst various religions.  Some of their mean minded disciples and followers only created differences and subverted their teachings to bring division and quarrel.  Today, almost all the differences, fighting, less friendship is because of wrongly construed of various religions and its tenets. The fundamental crises between the Hindu and the Muslim and the rise of IS and the killing of various rationalists in India and neighboring countries by the Hindu and the blasphemies are complete misunderstanding of the religion and religious books.  No religion, ever teaches to kill each other. On the contrary, they teach to remain together and to show respect for all religions.  In fact, religion must be a central focus for human beings evolved. Instead of that, it now acts as a threat because of these fanatics and their over enthusiasm. 


So today, a religion, which is otherwise a sacred thing, gives rise to a threat to the civilization. It is not centered on the humanity, but is focused on the fanciful of some obtrusive religious leaders who drastically misinterpret the religious fervor. Under the shelter of religion, they carry out their evil deeds, kill the humanity, destroy the civilization and increase the rampant nepotism.  Ultimately, these religions miscreants spread their wrong activities in the light of religious cum political improvisation and become a hero for their followers. Many environmental and social scientists vehemently objected these types of activities and term this as a violation of a moral code of conduct and ethical living.  That is why; some people are completely averse to accept God and His presence.  They feel that in the name of God, when people can carry out all wrong doings, what is the need to accept Him and seek His blessings?  Under this logic, they disown God and His presence.      

Thursday, October 15, 2015

How to improve your relationship?

Show me one person who is not interested to improve, nurture and continue his relationship with another person. Although, it is extremely impossible to become friendly with everyone, even from your own circle, but you must try not to  antagonize many people. For a smooth and  almost trouble free life, this is a prime need. If you cannot be pally, at least you must control your aggression when there is a difference in opinion. You must know the technique to maintain a cordial relationship with others so that people remember you for long. The fundamental philosophy for you to ensure that your relationship must grow and become deeper as the time passes. In fact, we all want this syndrome. You must take the opinion of your partners, family members, neighbors and acquaintances to see how you manage your mutual relationship. You may  take corrective actions, if something is wrong somewhere.  In this way, you can make your life bright and colorful. It is always preferable not to dilute  the relationship as far as possible. We must keep our relationship and feelings in a positive way with other human beings and even with animals and non-living entities, i.e. flowers, trees, etc. Your social and religious life will not make a full circle unless you get the support of your friends, family and your colleagues who are helpful for your progress. Without their support, you will not be able to achieve success at all.  

If support does not come, then your social life will be lonely and remorseful. This relationship is a reciprocating behavior. If you extend your desire, others will follow. Sometimes you have to take the lead and some other time, they will follow.  In this world, you cannot live on your own; you are connected with each other. You may be very powerful, wealthy and famous person, but you need support of love, affection and service from others. Without the same, you are like a piece of crumbly  bread. Many times, we rub the feelings of others even unknowingly. Once we rub feelings, we continue to ponder on the misunderstandings and forget the attachment exists between us and the love we have for each other. Our wrong values of understanding make a wall and relationship starts getting faded away. Today, we live in an era of tamsik culture. This braking of relationship is predominantly happening in between parents and the children and in between the long term friends and companions. With a single stroke of misunderstanding, your loving relationship breaks  and drown like a sinking ship when it encounters a gusty wind and storms. We forget the smooth relationship, which was existing earlier all the time. 
Doubt is the number one enemy of our motivation. It also kills our spirit to become a good person and destroys the nice relationships of ours with others. You may find happiness and love within you and you must strengthen your desire to establish the same with others. You have to follow the certain steps  to increase the mutual relationship.
The first step is to remember the name of the other persons, acknowledge their presence appreciate their efforts for your success and spontaneously praise all their good things  openly in public. Once you are tuned to do this appreciation, your relationship will be more sustainable. Secondly, you look at others hurt feelings in a more constructive and healing way. Immediately you extend your help. Thirdly, in any type of awkward situations in your relationship with others, you try to set right the fundamental issues and think for positive outcome using simulation technique. If you are able to shine a light of positivity, and in that environment  talk to the other person bringing the issues that spoiling the relationship, you will find the outcome very plausible. It may happen that the relationship revives on the spot.
Gratitude is one of the major traits in any relationship. It brings a glow and strengthens the relationship. When you are able to maintain  your relationship with others, both the sides will have joy, fun and happiness. If you always believe to give your partner a happy smile, he or she will repay through his or her gratitude.  In this way, you can make your life easy and smooth. Try to question yourself what your partner, your friend or your boss want from you, which you can give unlimited. If they become thirsty, are you providing them books? No, you give them a glass of water, so that they can quench their thirst. If they feel ennui, you make them to take a rest. When you perform these tasks unconditionally and without being guided by anybody, you become almost like a sage in their eyes. What for you are doing these? Just to maintain your cordial relationship with others. At times, you may have  to keep aside your own needs and indeed support others, particularly when they are in distress. You have to consider your this behavior, not as an obligation, but as a service. You should not follow the other person’s advice, if they do not allow you to act  by any chance. It must be your urge to help others as they really need the same.   

The above is the major tenet to keep relationship grow. And because of this, despite all the constraints, we are able to feel the warmth of relationship in today’s world. Though the world is mostly full of selfishness, there are people, who give tremendous value to this relationship factor. Do introspection and find out what exists below the surface of feeling, which normally one exerts on another person. It is the pure and simple love and compassion.  Try to provide love for another person as much as you can and he will  be emotional and speechless and never think to spoil a relationship with you. In turn, he will like to remain a friend for life long. To start with, let us show this feeling to our partner first and shower  act of kindness, love and care. Then let us spread the same  for our neighbors, colleagues, friends and community. It all begins with a mutual respect for each other. The simple creed of our life is, if you make others happy, you are bound to be happy.  Happiness cannot produce animosity and break the relationship.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Yogis don’t see constraints as impediments

If you want to be a yogi, not necessarily you have to leave everything. You may not be required to stay in a forest, eat only fruits and lead a perfectly spiritual life. Of course, some people do like that and become monks and saints. They do not take any interest in the family affairs from the very beginning itself. But being in the family, keeping close to them and performing various duties to take their responsibilities, if you are able to  focus your attention on religious activities, always trying to increase your knowledge in various subjects, remember God in your all endeavors and extend a brotherly feeling to everyone, you could be  also a yogi or a pious person. Yoga means union and so; yogis are those, who have developed a wisdom as an integral part of their system. But, is it possible for you to become a  part of your own existence?  It is possible provided you lead a life on the above postulates. Let us start to elaborate this with the act of our eating. Within a span of 2-3 hours, the food particles get mixed in the bodily system and become a part of yours. You have simply taken some external substances and get it digested into your system. This chemistry of bodily system is a daily routine affair. When you introspect the real meaning of yoga, it covers the entire sensory system of the body, not the only eating or any other daily rituals. Eating, sleeping, observing, and giving attention to something are all becoming a part of our existence.

Eating food prepares the human’s physical, mental and energy system to effervesce your activity level. Then your bodily system is energized to its full intensity, of course, gradually. Similarly, when you perform various activities, mostly related to spiritual and the same  reaches its peak, you experience the whole  activities surrounding you, as a part of yourself. No sooner, you feel this intensity of your existence, you are a yogi. Our country is full of yogis, who have sacrificed their lives, not for fame or reputation. They want to do good to others. They do not want ant kudos. These yogis have lived for causes to serve humanity and there are innumerable stories belong to them for their larger-than-life pictures.

We know the history of many yogis, starting with the name of Adiyogi.  His existence was found thousand years ago in the wilderness of Himalayas. Most of the time, he used to sit still. For the time left out, he used to be busy dancing in his own way without bothering for anyone’s gesture. Despite his odd posture and behavior, people gathered him because he was an extraordinary person. His activities were beyond the perception level of common people. Still the people loved him, They used to be near him to obtain his blessings. What Adiyogi gave the human beings was yoga, which was a profound science of self-actualization or self-transformation.  He had seven disciples and one of them was the Sattarishi, who carried forward this concept around the universe. Primarily, because of these seven yogis, the yoga has endured down the various ages. Adiyogi is often resembled as a replica of various opposites’ traits, say terrible and beautiful; ferocious and compassionate; ascetic and household, mystic and drunkard. He has different names yet, he is nameless and is regarded as nothing.  Still, he is everything that a life can perceive. This type of personality is very rare. People with limited knowledge cannot be in a position to understand his existence.  A special knowledge is a must to ascertain his existence. 


There must be a deep sense of understanding to identify the creation of such type of persona.  If you desire to understand his existence, you need to be very very spiritual minded. It is not that easy to  visualize his power. 

Another persona, who is loved by almost all the human beings of various ages is Krishna.  His prankster nature, his flute playing in the midst of gorgeous Gopis, his courage, his openness   was admired by one and all.  He is a spiritual master.  He embodied Leela, the path of the religious playful.  His life was like grandeur. He used to enjoy his life as a celebration with a vibrant body, joyous mind and full of love.  Although Krishna is a yogi and is an altar of God, but he becomes the friend, philosopher and guide of Arjun to show him the right path to engage in the war of Mahabharat. Though we get the names Adiyogi and Krishna in our history, but there are countless of yogis of the highest order whom we do not know at all. The reason is that their names are not recorded in the pages of our history. These yogis were not interested to have their names to be documented.  For example, there was a yogi by name Sri Palani Swami, who used to stay in the Velliangiri mountain in South India and his name was mostly anonymous. Our historians failed to give much notice to  various yogis because of their secluded lives who were  busy in chanting hymns, high level spiritual activities including Sadhanas and maintain a different course of life.  They always feel proud of their high religious way of leading lives. They were fearless human beings and they never aspire for anything other than the source of creation itself.  They always want to intermix with the divine power to emerge as a sacred soul. These yogis  and their lives remind us the existence of the Almighty and His power, His blessing, guidance and teachings. Out of these teachings, we feel the realities of our lives. The lives of these yogis tell us that because of their so many holy deeds and works, we the human beings are able to enjoy the surroundings and its creations.

Monday, October 12, 2015

How frequently you utter " I love myself?"

People very often say, “I love you.” Is it possible to change this habit to say more frequently “I love myself”?  Prima-facie, one may be surprised to note how it is possible that a person does not love himself?  But this is a fact.  If we all love ourselves first as we try to love others, we would have not lived in a situation of violence and utter chaotic. Today, we live in an environment of increasing quarrelsome where most of us have less trust on the other persons. Sometimes, these other persons include the parents, close family members, bosoms and next door neighbors.  A majority of us are always in the midst of attacking our  own mind, body and  consciousness. Take the behavioral pattern of a child. He hits himself with his small hands when his demand is not fulfilled. No sooner, his demand is met, he stops this activity.  At this  small age, he knows how to incite violence to fulfill his demand.  In similar way, a youth takes drugs to stimulate his body to look attractive, a professional engages in all types of office politics with one of his close colleagues, so that he  gets promotion, an addict can refuse to quit drinking even though he is aware of the consequences, a severe diabetic may not leave sweets knowing fully well the same is harmful, a mother-in-law is doing rough and shoddy treatment to her daughter-in-law for dowry though in the society meeting, she is the first person to protest  against this dowry system. All these behavioral patterns show that we like to remain in violent though outwardly we show our magnanimity. Because of this tendency, the end result is always painful. We suffer physically, mentally and psychologically. Although all of us are very much cared for the world and its happenings, in a larger sense, but we lack compassion, feeling and congeniality and in the absence of the same, whatever we do, it is only a pretension. We only extend lip service. The brotherhood, which we show for others, does not arise out of compassion. It is just for the sake of it.  Someone, who does not have affection for himself, how can he understand the need of others and love them?  It is simply not feasible. Unless you do not know the art to love yourself, how will you curb the activities pertaining to violence at the slightest provocation. The roots of this paradox lie in the fact that we are not taught of the self-awareness from our childhood.  No doubt, we live in a federal society governed by democracy, but we are the believer of hedonistic culture where the denizens  succumb to the addiction of drugs, alcohols, tobacco and many other evil vices. Ultimately, the societal surroundings become higgledy-piggledy and there is an utter confusion and cultural shock prevails everywhere. 

The mind of the people becomes deranged and start to induce  violence, losing the proper identification. This leads us to a wrong psyche. The person then tortures himself with all types of malafide desires ignoring the positive aspects of self. He engages himself in all malicious activities with a malevolent intention. He gets self-pleasure doing this. Finally, he proceeds towards several dysfunctional behaviors. If parents, elders and even friends rebuke these types of persons for their obstructive actions, the same induces their hatred, jealousy feeling and insolvency.

: 2 :

Men are social animals. They prefer to remain in a society and fond of mixing with others to maintain conviviality. But when we lack the loving feelings for ourselves, a thinking of benign criticism evolves, which produces malignant rudeness.  It is true that we always want to remain in an ideal way.  We desire for an ideal image.  But most of us fail in this endeavour. The real self is not so grandeur that we believe or we think it should be.  This difference in perception escalates the self-hatred.  To avoid this and to sneak away from this environment, we pay our attention to frivolous issues to get a quick fix solution for all our impending problems.  But in this process, we ignore the larger value of lives.  From this point onwards, we become psychologically demurred and mostly, take part in violence. To get rid of this self-hatred, we must construct a store house in our mind, of course, exercising the simulation technique and  put more and more love therein. By doing this exercise, we can use love from this storage space and distribute to others showing compassion sincerely.
We have to arouse our self-awareness. Once it is developed, we can utilize the same to counter attack the wrong identifications of ours and save us from violence.  People must develop empathy for their body, mind and consciousness and define their needs. These needs are then to be balanced.  We should come out of the web of wrong and trivial issues and introspect its usefulness. We may cling to the one, which is mandatory discarding the others.  No sooner we will be able to reduce our being burdened with these wrong sensual issues, our self identification will be displayed prominently. Then we will be able to evaluate our real self, which is lying below the surface of intellectual integrity prevailing in everyone. People often give negative and sarcastic comments as the same are their behavioral ingredients. Those are deeply rooted in their subjectivity.  We have to assess these negative comments before reacting to the same. We have to keep our self image intact and we should not feel miserable and get bogged down by the various pressures of the environment.  Ultimately, when we realize who we are and what is our purpose, we will be able to love ourselves.

If every one of us is in the position to accept this hypothesis, is it not impossible for us to create an ideal society of non-violent atmosphere? So, the need is to utter the sentence of “I love myself” frequently. We must train ourselves to mumble this sentence and act accordingly. Unless you are habituated to visualize this, there is no sanctity in your saying “I love you.”  Why?  The reason is that, if you are able to bring this feeling of self- loving conceptually, you will love others with your mind and heart automatically. You need not to tell this sentence to show off.