Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Will magic of Modinomics extinguish or inflame?

If you happen to meet Modi, either by appointment or by chance, you will be struck by his warmth, loveable smile, a powerful handshake and folksy humor with a pan and anecdote. Moreover, if you belong to Gujarat and are able to converse in Gujarati, he will feel pleasure to converse in the native language.  Yet, many times, he feels sulky, not able to show his authority authoritatively, succumb to the pressure of the opposition forces and many times remain silent on the issues and motives of the subjects brought in by his companions and close aids. In this process, even though he is focussing his attention to increase the gravity of his three ideologies which I term as Modinomics, but the same is not yielding its spontaneity. Whether Modinomics will really fetch any result for the benefit of the common man or not, it is a doubtful proposition unless there is a radical change in the implementation process. These fundamental principles or slogans as developed by him are praiseworthy, but the only thing the same doesn't able to integrate properly with the people whose expectation from him is almost limitless. These Modinomics are “Make in India”, “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” and the  ‘’Bring back the black money.” All these policies must be applauded, but  enough thoughts are to be given to these issues for implementation. The formation of policy is one aspect of the government, but the significant result derives only when the policy is implanted with a well thought of strategic implementation formula. Let us take the case of “Make in India”. In the past six months, apart from the speech, assurance, dialogue, advertisement and promotion through the website, nothing concrete has been done to manufacture more products originated from small and medium scale industries. The “Make in India” is a conceptual identity and just by bringing some international manufacturers and making and marketing their products in India, the “Make in India” idealism can’t be popularized. The important fact will be to augment the industrial growth synchronized with the communication power to advocate the growth of local make products and that is only possible when more and more investment from the local entrepreneurs and industrialists of India will come forward, of course with the help of the government’s friendly policies towards industrialization. By setting up manufacturing units of the automobile or defense equipments or helicopter by Japanese or Russian Conglomerates will not revolutionize the concept of “Make in India”.


His second vision of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan can be adopted when people will be inculcated with the ritual habits in the proper fashion. Lack of sanitation, toilets, health sanctuary will not scale up this Abhiyan except to show Modi and his party members in the confluence of cadres with broomstick to clean the areas of railway stations, pavement and some roads.  


The mass scale evolution of this type of Abhiyan is to be integrated first by creating the amenities and basic facilities, particularly in rural and semi rural areas  so that the  habit of maintaining the cleanliness becomes an automatic practice by every citizen of India. There are rural areas exist even today where people visit fields or side of railway tracks for their morning rituals. So before making this type of  the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, people are to be provided with facilities, trained and the cleanliness thoughts are to be integrated with the basic culture and then this type campaign will be successful. Just like that  making a campaign and doing some activity to clean the roads and pavements will be only a gimmick.


The third Modinomics of bringing back  the black money into the system is a well conceived plan, but without a defined and clear cut thought, this type of action plan will  die on its own. The first question crops up in my mind within how many years and how much money and from which location means which countries, this will be retrieved? For example, if India has not established a treaty with a particular country and they appeal to retrieve the money from a particular person in that particular country, how then the money will be channelized? Will that country will hear India’s appeal? Even otherwise say, India has a treaty with a particular country to channelize the black money, but that particular country may or may not act on this unpleasant  demand or appeal  of India in time and expeditiously.  

So, all these Modinomics are now smoldering and over a period of time, it will smudge and then it will be difficult to inflame  these policies and it will extinguish because nobody likes to hear the propaganda again and again and watch the consequences there upon.


By running pillar to post, states after states and galloping some countries, Modi has definitely created a magical illumination of conduciveness of economical, political and social environment of India, but the strong policy, reforms, industrial growth, which are  envisaged  by many  political analysts and experts and envisioned by the people of India, NRI and foreign investors, there are big question marks after the passage of nearly seven months of the governance.. If this type of activities continues  for more time, then  Modi has to recede into a shell and from there to get his visions inflamed again will be a difficult and also an arduous task for him and NDA government.















Monday, December 29, 2014

Success is like a dividend, invest and earn

Success and failure are the two sides of the same coin.  If you toil hard on a continuous basis with a defined goal and purpose, you achieve success for your diligence. Contrarily, if your goal is not set up properly and purpose is somewhat cluttered and your hard work is also not that systematic, then you will not be able to achieve success.  Some people work hard for days, for months and even for years  with a desire to achieve success immediately after that, but when they do not get, they forget everything and start procrastinating.  And ultimately, they never reach the path of success even though at the initial stage, they show great agility.


Success can be represented as an empirical formula as devotion to God + love to family + acquiring new skills + sincerity to discharge the responsibilities involved either with the job or business.  Chronologically, God comes first, which you should not forget. In each of your endeavour, if you remember him in the form of prayers, you will achieve the desired result.  When this mental state is amalgamated with your feeling for family, devotion to your spouse, children and parents and then you  hone your skills by learning more and more in your field or additional fields and finally when you carry out all your responsibilities for which you are involved either in your business or in your service, you will be achieving success and the same cannot allude you.  Only thing, you have to follow a regular regime of practicing the above sequences, otherwise, if you show some sort of procrastination in any of your above activities, your efforts will not yield success as you plan and desire. That is why, success is directly proportional to continuous qualitative efforts and at the same time, it is inversely proportional to the level and magnitude of procrastination.


Procrastination is a bad and contagious habit.  It destroys your vigor, energy and rhythm to progress in your life.  Despite knowing that procrastination brings your downfall, still people procrastinate.  How you can get this bad and annoying habit of your mind?  The psychological analysis reflects that the major four reasons prompt you to do procrastination.


1.   You are lazy type or you just show laziness:  Suppose by the influence of your parents, friends, or neighbors, you start the morning walk to boost up your health.  You religiously perform this activity for a week, a month and then suddenly conclude that this activity is not meant for you.   You decide to sleep more on a particular day and a little more the next day  and in this way, you reduce the time spent in this activity and in the third month onwards, you completely stop this activity. This scenario is involved when characteristically you are a lazy type or show your laziness in any activity.


       In that case, you have to increase your mental power and through your mental stamina, you have to get rid of this laziness and stop procrastination and you have to take an oath  that you have to achieve success in any given field by transcending the barrier of laziness.


: 2 :


2.   Feeling monotonous:   When you do a job continuously for a longer period, you will eventually lose charm in it. It is but natural for any human being that when they perform a job regularly, it gradually becomes a stereotype and they are not able to focus their attention thoroughly.  This syndrome is particularly applicable for the entrepreneurs when they launch any new project or venture.  Initially, they become very enthusiastic, but after a period of time, when the thing becomes stereotyped, they lose their charismatic energy as they get bogged down with the monotony of their work.  Then they start procrastinating.  To avoid this scenario, one has to always inculcate a habit of developing and visualizing new goals.  The establishment of new goals will energize your mind when you are losing your desire to continue and perform the old work again and again.  Because of this reason, many entrepreneurs complete one venture and then they entrust this responsibility to one of their trusted lieutenants, so that they can think of a new venture and engage themselves in a fresh task to avoid monotonous situation. 


      The traits of procrastination will automatically come to any human being when they feel not that energized to carry on their performance because after performing the same job again and again, they do not find any new thing to be done.  So, to engage yourself and always become motivated, see the bigger picture of the same old job or a new job. You make a strategy like this; firstly, you  break down your bigger vision to perform the big job  into smaller parts and then further break down the same into much smaller parts and then   accomplish each part of the job to enthuse yourself all the time. In this way, you can avoid monotony in your work.


3.  You are overwhelmed with work:  Whether socially and professionally or in your personal life, you will be getting so many works at a time.  If that is the situation and you are overwhelmed by your workload, you have to concentrate and focus to complete the first job first.  For example, you are working in an office and suddenly your tray is filled up with many incoming papers and if you start reading a particular paper  and then half finished the same and out of your eagerness to complete all the papers, you start reading  another paper and so on. And in this way, you will not be in a position to read any paper carefully.  So, the best idea is to segregate the papers as per their importance.  The least important papers should be discarded immediately.  Semi-important papers are to be kept for a while to focus attention after sometime and the top priority important papers are to be discharged immediately.  In this way, you can avoid the syndrome of being afflicted with the overwhelming situation of your workload.  If you are overwhelmed with your workload, automatically, you will be feeling discouraged to complete any particular activity or function and ultimately, you start avoiding your work, no matter how important it is. Finally, you will be doing procrastination.  So, it is better to overcome the particular situation and avoid procrastination.


: 3 :


4.   Your schedule of work is not creating excitement:   This is also a very important thing to avoid procrastination.  There is a concept of flexitime and you have to devote all your attention to all the activities giving a priority to fulfill all the responsibilities as per their order of importance.  If you are able to finish your personal responsibility, social responsibility and also does professional work with all your sincerity, you will be always enjoying the work that you are doing.  This way, you will never be bored with your work and will not be pervaded with procrastination.


Procrastination is one of the bad behaviors and once you inculcate this behavior in yourself, it is very difficult to achieve the taste of success.  So, by doing things methodically and purposefully, if you can avoid your procrastination, it is better.  Otherwise, it will be extremely difficult to climb the ladder of success.  As stated above, success is directly  proportional to continuous qualitative efforts, but without procrastination.  Like your body is afflicted with disease, so, is the case with your mind getting afflicted by procrastination. So, by all means, get rid of this habit of procrastination to achieve success in life.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Select your company carefully and wisely

It is extremely advisable to choose your company with utmost care. If you are associated with wrong companions, no matter whatever your goal and  objective and your desire to achieve the same, you cannot accrue the expected results to your likings because of negative influences exerted by your associates. If you plant a poor quality rose in the midst of all high quality rose bushes, the poor quality may not destroy the high quality one, but, if a good quality comes into contact of poor quality rose bushes, the charm and the fragrance of the good quality rose will fade away or will not be blossomed as it should be. In the case of human being, it is also the same. It is said that a person is known and acknowledged by his company. For example, if you are desirous to be a wealthy person, you must mingle with rich people frequently. With your mingling with  various rich people, you will follow their qualities, their thinking pattern, their habits and may other qualities, which will ultimately help you to achieve your desire to become wealthy provided you work relentlessly in that direction.. If you want to become a sports person, you must develop a habit to mix with the sports people, watch the particular game, learn the techniques, practice the particular game and continue to do some painstaking preparations required to be a particular sports person. By mixing with these types of people, you will make yourself more fit by toning your muscles, doing regular exercise, consuming balance calorie food and maintaining a disciplined lifestyle. The wise company of these sports persons will not only make you to follow their regime of lifestyle, but also you are heading to make yourself as a sports person.

In the same way, if you want to be a spiritual person and dedicate your life to God and are very much desired to serve the underprivileged section of the society, you have to seek the company of the people who are spiritual and able to devote their lives to serving God and others. If you spend your quality time with a person who habitually meditates, obviously you will also like to meditate. Initially, you will follow, but by increasing your mingling with that particular person, you are bound to concentrate on this powerful technique of doing meditation. It is more than advisable to keep company, who value ethical living and practice noble virtues. This will help you to act in the same way. In today’s glamorous and money conscious world, people tend to mix with others based on their outward profile. But it is prudent to select the company based on the inner profile. You must avoid the  company of  rich persons, who indulge in all unethical life practice. Contrarily, a rich person with all noble qualities must be considered as a role model for your mingling and follow his qualities. He must be one of your ideal companions.  So, evaluation of your companions is a crucial exercise. If your selected friends are instrumental in your  personal growth, you must focus your attention to increase their numbers. You will always feel warm when you get their association because they are your true friends in contributing your growth. It is based on the concept of “like attracts like”, but the selection is far more important.

Our lives in this universe are precious. We have a limit of our living, up to the ages of 60, 70, 80 or even 90 years. In this period, we must define the purpose of our lives. We must plan to achieve selected goals and for that matter, it is a wise decision to select like minded people. If you are in a company of naysayer all the time, you will lose the purpose of life which you set forward. You will be motivated by their wrong advices and slowly forget your own prosperous goal.

If we are lucky enough to be in the company of noble and spiritual minded people, our lives will radiate the breath of spirituality. Being in the company of such type of people, you will be able to focus your wholehearted attention to spirituality and thereby you will be able to discriminate the proper company between the good and bad.

A good companion never leaves you alone whether a situation is good or bad. He always cares for you, loves wholeheartedly and protects you from all troubles. Take an example of a good shepherd. A good shepherd never leaves his sheep alone. Instead, he walks ahead of the flock so that he can lead them safely. Suppose the shepherd has hired a person, but he runs away when he sees a wolf is  coming to chase the sheep. This hired person abandons the sheep because they do not belong to him and does not care for the lives of the sheep. And so, the wolf attacks them and scatters the flocks. The hired man  is leaving the sheep in the teeth of danger because he is working only for money and does not really care about the sheep. But if the shepherd gets a good person, who will equally care for the sheep like his owner, then he is the true companion of the shepherd despite  knowing that the sheep do not belong to him. In the same way, a good companion must be a person who never makes you alone, protects you and shows a right path to follow. He always be with you to encourage practicing all ethics and virtues to live a spiritual life. A right companion is not the who makes you to join the path of darkness, it is he who  obstructs you, quarrels with you and advises you  when you get indulged in any type of unethical activities and then  guides you to walk in the path of “light”.     

A wise selection of good companions is extremely beneficial for your growth; be it social, financial or spiritual.  

Obama's impending visit may include Varanasi

Modi is toying with an idea  take Obama in his constituency in Varanasi to make this  city a  more prominent.  Already this city has got a niche with the embellishment of PM’s constituency and if by any chance, Obama decides to visit here in the month of January 2015, definitely this city of the Ganges with an environment of the sublime will be a talk among the Indians and Americans over there. Both the government machineries of India and America are exploring the possibility to keep a slot for President’s visit in Varanasi, after he lands in India on the eve of 26th January, 15.  Indian government is very keen to air dash Obama and for that matter, they are exerting their influence on the authorities of the USA.  As per the latest information, the White House is also keen for their President’s visit in Varanasi, but squeezing the time and then whisking him over there is really a matter of struggle.

Modi obviously has done a remarkable job by convincing Obama to visit India on the eve of the next Republic Day and attend the same and now it is to be seen whether he can further exert his persuasive skills to make his visit possible to Varanasi, the holy city of India.

The efforts of taking Obama to Vararnasi are two pronged. One to make Varanasi in the limelight and second, to all the foreign related issues and discussions should not be always confined to Delhi. It is a common trend that most of the high level overseas dignitaries in the rank of President, PM or some other high officials of various countries, visit Delhi, have discussions with their counterpart of Indian Government and then fly back from there itself. Modi has made a little bit change in this customary process.  He is instrumental to take the Chinese President to Ahmedabad directly instead of receiving him in Delhi.

As for Obama’s visit to Varanasi, many hurdles are seen, namely lack of proper roads to suit the convoy of a President of USA and his entourage, the city being very congested and the size of the airport and the existing facility therein. Further, Obama’s hectic schedule which includes a banquet hosted by the President of India, attending the parade on the Republic Day and some bi-lateral talks, it may not be that feasible for him to get air dashed to Varanasi within a short period of his whole schedule. In the past, visiting dignitaries had visited small cities like Agra to see the glamorous beauty of Taj Mahal and also some important cities like Hyderabad and Bangalore for their paramount importance for IT hubs, but Modi wants that political discussions must be conducted in the other cities apart from Delhi.

In line with his said desire, he has been instrumental to take the heads of other countries to various places of strategic importance and accordingly, Modi tried to take Russian President V. Putin to Kudankulan in his last visit to India. But Putin had to cancel the trip at the last moment because of some of the worries back at home and a technical fault in the plant in Tamilnadu.

Modi superbly manages his PRO while dealing with the Presidents and PMs of various countries, but in the domestic front, he is not able to exercise his authoritative power to that extent, which is very much required for the purpose of the ascendant of country’s economical evolution.In the last winter session, both in the upper house and the lower house, most of the working days  was paralyzed on the pretext of one or the other demand of the opposition parties,  Sometimes, it was in Modi’s presence and some other time, in his absence.  But this is the fact; the past six months have not at all produced any tangible benefits or to that matter any result oriented decisions, which can be described as a precursor of many reforms. 

Though some decisions like reduction in petrol and diesel prices and some other commodities causing a low rate of inflation and introduction of some schemes like Pradahn Mantri Jan Dhan Yogana are feel good factor, but overall governance does not vouch for a very satisfactory outcome as compared to the earlier government and his predecessor. Modi has really to tighten his belt to ensure the development of economics and infrastructure, otherwise it will not be late to receive the wrath from common public.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Govt. must frame rules which are practical

You take the example of any authority, whether it is a government, an institution or any business enterprise; they always frame various rules for their countrymen, their people or simply for their employees, who has to accept the same and obey. Now coming back to the rules and regulations being framed by a particular government in their respective countries, some are very methodical  and observe strong compliance to follow the same.  They do not allow anybody to violate their prescribed rules. Take the example of a country like Singapore.

When it comes to India, rules are there at every stage. But most of these rules are unwanted and not people friendly. Sometimes, these rules are so cumbersome that the citizen prefers not to accept or bypass the same.  In his various election campaigns, Modi is very emphatic in his speeches that we must discard unnecessary burden of various rules and only to impose a few rules for the purpose of good governance. As per him, these rules must be sensible and easily accepted by people. But somehow or  other, this principle is not being followed at the moment.  For example, take the case of anti-smoking rules. The government proposes to ban the sale of loose cigarettes and also to increase the age limit so as to control the purchase of these items as loose. The government wants to ensure that let it be purchased by people above the prescribed level of age group. Is it a practicable rule which is possible to enforce?  The statistics say that 80% of the total sales consist of loose cigarettes from thousands of retail outlets in our country.  Who will monitor? Has anybody ever thought how many people are needed to control these activities? Is it feasible for any government to spend money on administrative machineries to control these activities just to honor the rule. What is the need for framing this type of meaningless rule, which is neither possible to control nor it is possible to monitor? In that case all these rules become a burden or a paper oriented, documented rule only as our  government has no proper machinery to control this type of legislation.

When the administrative machineries are unable to control the various crimes, many of them are of heinous types say rape, terrorism, robbery, riots and a bit of a political unrest, how do you expect to check the sales of cigarettes?  Though cigarette smoking is awfully bad for health and the direction of this rule is somewhat good, but enforcement is practically impossible. Most of the literate citizens are aware that a lot of vacancies in the government departments, particularly related to the judiciary, legal and law enforcement departments are lying vacant for a considerable period of time for the reason that coffer is not flooded with cash required to fulfill these vacancies. So, it is not a prudent decision to frame rules and not able to monitor the same. It is better to concentrate and focus on those rules, which are possible to implement and monitor. 

Needless to say, smoking is a bad habit, which brings diseases causing untimely death.  Further, why to frame a rule of anti-smoking for  cigarettes only and why not to frame a similar rule for smoking of beedis? The reason is very simple that framing of various rules is not governed by the factor of benefiting the people, it is solely dependent on political compulsions. The beedis are very popular in rural and laborers are fond of smoking beedis  and further this  particular industry  is classified under the  small scale, and so any rule  to curb the sales of this item will reduce the overall sales of these commodities causing unemployment and  will raise a political chaos.

When the anti-smoking rules are under consideration by the politicians, the same fraternity gives encouragement for fertilizer subsidy to the farmers growing tobacco. 

The whole ideas of framing rules must ensure whether the same can be enforced by the existing manpower of the government, whether that can bring any changes in the social system or whether the new rules can help government to discharge the administrative functions more promptly and smoothly, that is more important. Otherwise, framing of new rules will lead to corruption, mass evasion, nepotism and favourism.

There are many rules, which are supposed to be implemented by our government, namely establishing a national green tribunal to check the pollution in many of the polluted cities, banning of burning of woods, leaves and plastics that add to pollution and no parking of cars on roads. These rules are really worth to implement in the form of legislation for pollution control, to create less congestion and ultimately these rules will definitely accrue  benefits to the common  people.

Further, it is better to create a minimum number of rules, make the same effectively controllable, monitor and enforce. The rules for the sake of rules have no meaning.  Either way, India has a bad reputation of red-tapism, unwanted rules, painstaking formalities whenever something is initiated to carry forward.  Modi has understood this phenomenon and he strongly believes that the time has come to reset all the old rules as practical as possible. He says that let us identify a set of ten rules, assess the same, see their feasibilities and if they have no broad meaning and producing any tangible results then let us discard the same and frame a one single and logical rule for the benefit of all. By framing this single rule, it will be easier to control, monitor and  which will beneficiary to one and all with less administrative support and  expenditure on account of government machineries. Modi has to be strict to bring in discipline in this regard for the prosperity of the country.