Saturday, December 27, 2014

Select your company carefully and wisely

It is extremely advisable to choose your company with utmost care. If you are associated with wrong companions, no matter whatever your goal and  objective and your desire to achieve the same, you cannot accrue the expected results to your likings because of negative influences exerted by your associates. If you plant a poor quality rose in the midst of all high quality rose bushes, the poor quality may not destroy the high quality one, but, if a good quality comes into contact of poor quality rose bushes, the charm and the fragrance of the good quality rose will fade away or will not be blossomed as it should be. In the case of human being, it is also the same. It is said that a person is known and acknowledged by his company. For example, if you are desirous to be a wealthy person, you must mingle with rich people frequently. With your mingling with  various rich people, you will follow their qualities, their thinking pattern, their habits and may other qualities, which will ultimately help you to achieve your desire to become wealthy provided you work relentlessly in that direction.. If you want to become a sports person, you must develop a habit to mix with the sports people, watch the particular game, learn the techniques, practice the particular game and continue to do some painstaking preparations required to be a particular sports person. By mixing with these types of people, you will make yourself more fit by toning your muscles, doing regular exercise, consuming balance calorie food and maintaining a disciplined lifestyle. The wise company of these sports persons will not only make you to follow their regime of lifestyle, but also you are heading to make yourself as a sports person.

In the same way, if you want to be a spiritual person and dedicate your life to God and are very much desired to serve the underprivileged section of the society, you have to seek the company of the people who are spiritual and able to devote their lives to serving God and others. If you spend your quality time with a person who habitually meditates, obviously you will also like to meditate. Initially, you will follow, but by increasing your mingling with that particular person, you are bound to concentrate on this powerful technique of doing meditation. It is more than advisable to keep company, who value ethical living and practice noble virtues. This will help you to act in the same way. In today’s glamorous and money conscious world, people tend to mix with others based on their outward profile. But it is prudent to select the company based on the inner profile. You must avoid the  company of  rich persons, who indulge in all unethical life practice. Contrarily, a rich person with all noble qualities must be considered as a role model for your mingling and follow his qualities. He must be one of your ideal companions.  So, evaluation of your companions is a crucial exercise. If your selected friends are instrumental in your  personal growth, you must focus your attention to increase their numbers. You will always feel warm when you get their association because they are your true friends in contributing your growth. It is based on the concept of “like attracts like”, but the selection is far more important.

Our lives in this universe are precious. We have a limit of our living, up to the ages of 60, 70, 80 or even 90 years. In this period, we must define the purpose of our lives. We must plan to achieve selected goals and for that matter, it is a wise decision to select like minded people. If you are in a company of naysayer all the time, you will lose the purpose of life which you set forward. You will be motivated by their wrong advices and slowly forget your own prosperous goal.

If we are lucky enough to be in the company of noble and spiritual minded people, our lives will radiate the breath of spirituality. Being in the company of such type of people, you will be able to focus your wholehearted attention to spirituality and thereby you will be able to discriminate the proper company between the good and bad.

A good companion never leaves you alone whether a situation is good or bad. He always cares for you, loves wholeheartedly and protects you from all troubles. Take an example of a good shepherd. A good shepherd never leaves his sheep alone. Instead, he walks ahead of the flock so that he can lead them safely. Suppose the shepherd has hired a person, but he runs away when he sees a wolf is  coming to chase the sheep. This hired person abandons the sheep because they do not belong to him and does not care for the lives of the sheep. And so, the wolf attacks them and scatters the flocks. The hired man  is leaving the sheep in the teeth of danger because he is working only for money and does not really care about the sheep. But if the shepherd gets a good person, who will equally care for the sheep like his owner, then he is the true companion of the shepherd despite  knowing that the sheep do not belong to him. In the same way, a good companion must be a person who never makes you alone, protects you and shows a right path to follow. He always be with you to encourage practicing all ethics and virtues to live a spiritual life. A right companion is not the who makes you to join the path of darkness, it is he who  obstructs you, quarrels with you and advises you  when you get indulged in any type of unethical activities and then  guides you to walk in the path of “light”.     

A wise selection of good companions is extremely beneficial for your growth; be it social, financial or spiritual.  
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