Thursday, December 18, 2014

Modi's litmus test to popularize BJP in power in West Bengal

Modi has somehow managed to popularize his own style of ‘’ism’’ in the politics of power and cornered the opposition to grab the power in some states, say Maharashtra. His party may come to power in Jharkhand and J &K taking the help of other regional parties. But what he will do to take his party to create mass phobia in West Bengal. What formula he has adopted in Gujarat, he cannot implement the same in West Bengal. People in Bengal are very emotional, sensitive, politically aroused more than needed and so the litmus test will be a tough one. Moreover, the government machineries in West Bengal are almost bête noir to BJP. In general, Modi accepts Mamata Banerjee’s feeling for Bengal and her zeal to do many things for Bengal, but ever since he has become Prime Minister, both the parties have not taken any initiative to establish cohesiveness between them. One thing is very sure that without this personal rapport, between the top leaders, nothing much can be thought of at least in Indian power politics.

Top of it, now, they are in habit to accuse each other for every issue. The Bengal transport minister’s arrest has provoked CM to utter that BJP only has instigated this arrest. How far it is correct, people will profess in the future election, but as of now, Mamata has a strong hold in Bengal. The reason that there is no opposition and more so their leaders are not effective to create mass appeal, which only converts the people’s decision to make voting in your favor. Marxism is trampled like torn foliage and whether they will be able to nurse wound and come back, it is any body’s wild goose chase. BJP is also passing through the same phase as they do not have any effective leader who can convert the TMC’s strong cadre in their favor. Only the PM’s own image and rhetorical skill will not suffice the purpose of grabbing power in the West Bengal.

The urbanite population is almost getting exhausted and disenchanted with the ruling pattern of TMC government. The same may not be the case with the rural population, but these fractions needed to be wooed in the favor of BJP.

In the year 1987 assembly election, the then PM Rajiv Gandhi visited Bengal for election campaigns and advised Jyoti Basu, the chief minister during that time, to take retirement from the politics and thereafter the whole world knows that Jyoti Basu ruled West Bengal for a considerable period. Modi will not utter these types of words and he will definitely  conduct a future election campaign  in West Bengal to increase the popularity of BJP here, but the effective leadership locally, is the need of the hour. Of course, the BJP is the choice of the people as a replacement of the left and now it is to be seen how they face TMC in the ensuing election of Kolkata Corporation. The results of this election will be a very distinctive assessment of BJP’S roles, whether they will be able to grab the power snatching the same from TMC.

Except in the 1991, when BJP could manage to win a double digit figure in the assembly election, this particular party has not made any dent in this land of intelligent people, as  the proverb says. Bengal like any other states have been circumvallated by the Congress rule with a close control from the centre and thereafter the ruling has got transferred to the left and the right hands of those   leaders were not knowing what their left hands were doing. In this condition, they ruled the state to make its position almost like a bankrupt company. In the regime of TMC, the situation has not bought in any effective and noticeable changes except some formation of roads here and some gardens there. The economical condition as pathetic as it was in the days of the government led by the left.

Though Modi refrained to comment odds of the local government in his first election rally at Brigade Parade ground on the eve of last parliamentary election, but his magical power definitely had turned a swing of votes in favor of BJP.

As per TMC’s accusation, BJP has started a vendetta against this party’s minister and MP exposing various scams, governance, Burdwn blast, vote banking  system  and many other things. BJP knows that Mamata will definitely outburst as everybody is aware about her temperament, but BJP will not be in a position to sustain this action plan because Bengal is somewhat indebted to Mamata and to replace her; BJP needs to perform a strategically hard work and that too in the grass root level. Modi’s phobia alone cannot see BJP in power in the next assembly election and chances of making alignment here is next to impossible as almost all the parties prevailing here, are of divergent thinking. Modi has to really work a persuasive, effective and strategic road map to garner this state in his control.



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