Saturday, February 28, 2015

Explore the implicit meaning of happiness

Who does not want to be happy?  We all are very much greedy to remain always be in a happy mood. But the temperament swings your mood like a pendulum and you are compelled to get distracted from happiness and become sad. Despite our longing to search happiness, most people pander to the desires of darkness and suffering either because of their deeds, actions and negative thoughts or they are being guided by others to follow the path of thorns.  Now, when they somehow manage to come out of this phase and get some small installments of happiness in their lives, they want to cling to the same.  They do not want to lose that moment of happiness at any cost.  Even someone based on their rich inheritance and family background has not experienced a pang of sufferings, remember, the same can visit them at any moment as an intruder to trouble just to offset the ephemeral  happiness.

Most of us always want that our list of desires should be fulfilled as if it is our right.  But such aspirations are never fructified; rather it is like an assumptive wish.  So, when you seek happiness to get the same at the cost of the fulfillment of various desires and not able to achieve, you automatically invite sufferings.  The unhappiness sequence of your life, your deeds, your thoughts and your clinging to lust only force you to come out from the happiness mode. When you are pervaded  by many desires, knowing  well that many of them are beyond your reach to accomplish or fulfill, still you chase, as if you  run  in a dark tunnel with  an unabated hope. Your physical and mental strength to search happiness is then abated by sufferings.

The human being is subject to mood changes and sometimes behaves very calm and quiet swallowing the grief arises out of  the constraints in life and some other times, shows completely impulsive attitude to those situations. His moods are changed when he is not able to obtain the desired results out of his wish.  At that point, he feels very unhappy and downhearted.  Since, his latent wishes have not been fulfilled; he becomes completely dissatisfied and frustrated. Of course, when desires are getting satisfied, it brings a momentary satisfaction, but the same is not perpetual.  This type of happiness may take you in a state of ecstasy, but immediately after the enjoyment, it looms you into depression. 

Basically, the mood changes because of various ups and downs sequences in the life.
Now, if you completely detach yourself from the fulfillment of your wishes, you will be enlaced neither with the happiness nor with the frustrations. When you are detached, both the sequences of happiness and distress will not drift you and make you mental  imbalance and so, ultimately you will remain calm. You will not get upset by the onslaught of situations.  You will be able to solidify your character's strength and become steadfast as if, you are unaffected by the factors, which cause your anxieties, tension, fear, despondency and imbalance. You will be able to maintain an impeccable standard of mind power. Detachment must be one of your essential qualities of your desires to remain most of the time in the happiest realm.  The state of complete desirelessness is latent in everyone, but we do not want to visualize its power just not to lose the glittering and gleeful sequences of our lives. Once you able to get detached from your desire, you reach  the stage of wanting nothing and your inner sense will make you enlightened and you will be able to taste the sweet fragrance of the real happiness of life, which is not based on the sensual fulfillment of various objects of the world, but the same is based on your achieving the knowledge of self –realization.  

One thing you must know that only desirelessness cannot yield the positive power of happiness.  Although it saves you from various sufferings when you  chase your wish-list, but if you want to enjoy true happiness, synchronization of your mind and transcending the consequences of your inherent feeling of not achieving your various wishes is a must.  How then the true happiness is possible in life?  It is only possible when as a human being, you will be able to adjust yourself with the others and the prerequisite of this adjustment involves forgetfulness and love.  From here, you will be able to learn the technique to transform yourself into an eternal spirit to give less importance to you and more to others. When you are able to embrace upon this concept of living, you will be able to link to God-realization so as to remember Him in all your endeavors and receive unfading happiness.  The God oriented happiness is achievable even you are a family man.  God-realization is not that spiritual high level thought and in fact, each of us has this power; only thing, we are not exercising the same as we are so occupied and get drowned in the joy and sorrow syndrome.  It is extremely difficult to become expressible happy without reminiscing the presence of God with you all the time mentally.

If you are able to achieve happiness which comes through remembering the presence of God, the same is worth all the physical and mental sufferings, you get in this world.  You will feel that you have not suffered at all.

Otherwise also, if you are not God-realized, you can control your mind through meditation, yoga, and Sadhna to that extent that nothing can create agonies for you irrespective of your being engulfed with pain or sufferings.  As a passing phase, you will accept the same without remaining unhappy. When one becomes God-realized, everything else is meaningless.  The happiness then is self-sustained, perpetual, unfading and free from compulsive of a dirty mind.  It is this happiness you must hunch,which will ultimately take you to the path of divinity and there after life will be always in a happy mood.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Enlighten your soul and write your destiny

Have you ever pondered on this aspect of life?  Do you introspect enough to write your destiny seriously or just scrawl “as it where it basis?”  Do you have enough courage to blame you for not writing the destiny properly or you always think it will be governed by the world surrounding you?  If you exercise your power of thinking with positivity, the answer will be flashed that it is you; who are responsible to create your past, present and future.  This is the fundamental concept of survival of any human being. But they do not accept this fact and so they are not enlightened.  Like  torn foliage, you and me swirl and twirl in the turmoil of life’s constraints as we are unable to differentiate between bad and good, God and devil, light and dark, honesty and corruption and love and hate.  Our surrounding provokes us so much that we absorb in the tutelage to make someone enemy first and then ask to love him, which is simply preposterous. It happens vice-versa also.  Now, if there is no difference between love and hate in your enlightened eyes, neither you need to love anyone nor you create animosity.  But as stated above, to understand this spiritual feeling to get enlightened, you have to write your destiny accordingly.  People may put an argument that enlightenment is the domain of some spiritual people.  It is a mulish idea, perhaps myopia of your mind’s eye. But, if you have fractured existence within you, you cannot entwine your inner consciousness with the other world that is spiritual domain to search the ultimate union. High-low, pure-impure – these are different lines of perceptivity and can never converge.  Like once you hate a person, you cannot love him at the same time. The human beings are not able to identify the fundamental differentiation between the rules of inward power and outward influence.  To arouse the sphere of enlightenment of your soul, you need to increase your inner power to dominate the influence of the outer world.  The more you are able to exert your mind power internally, the more you will be able to counter the ill effects of the surroundings.  Now, when it comes to your inner power, you have to follow the principle of limitless unity. Frankly, you should not fritter away with the mundane things of the outer world, rather to focus on  transcendental thoughts to get you enlightened always.  No sooner, you are contemplating to do the opposite, you are far away from the gleaming power of enlightenment of your soul.  

To do this, you have to follow certain principles.  First, what you experience in your daily life, write down the positive outcome of those experiences so that the same is formed as your opinion  based on your inner feeling besmeared with external  stimulus. All your experiences are hundred percent created by you, you cannot blame others.  In this world of yours, everything is happening naturally. If you develop enough power within yourself, you will be able to control the outcome.  But till the time you are not enlightened, you are scrawling your destiny with a haphazard thought, mostly been dominated by other’s advices.  Now, by enlightening your soul, you will be able to have a mastery on your health, mind, energy and vigor required to sustain continually in your life cycle.

While controlling and increasing the inner power of your mind, you can have a control on the happenings of your outer world.  The situation then happens in your life cannot be in a position to make you frightened and you will not glower and get dissatisfied with the outcome even it is not of your choice  Contrarily, you will overcome them easily as if nothing has happened.  Second, try to think always in the terms of middle path, don’t pamper too much anyone for your own benefit and at the same time, don’t insult or behave acrimoniously with anyone just because he has not fallen in line with your desire. During the transition stage of your mind’s transformation, you will be provoked to do so, but you have to induce your mental stamina to negate the same type of feeling.  Remember, enlightenment of your soul is not an easy quick-fix process.  It is a painstaking and thorny passage of life, which needs to be obliterated by nurturing various power of inner self.  Unless this inner self is aroused, the enlightenment will not come.  But once this power is streaming like a bright sunlight in your mind and energizes your soul, you will be uttering neither good nor bad if anybody despises you.  During this phase in your life, you will be neither jealous of anybody’s prosperity nor you will be desiring to prosper as all things will come to you  based on  your ability to match the expectations of both the inner and outer world. 
So, you need to write your destiny ceaselessly until  you get perfection and your soul become enlightened.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Don't snib your mind, snuggle and search the power of life

Most of us, almost all the time are very much engrossed in various issues related to our lives. We are bogged down heavily and attached to these issues, knowingly or unknowingly and when we are able to find out a solution to these issues, we feel relieved to relax. This happens every day, every month and years after years as long as we survive. In this tug of war between the struggle and existence, we seldom try to analyze the real purpose of life. We completely get distracted from the fact who we really are.  And this distraction obliterates us from the true power, which encircles us all the time, but we are hardly able to recognize the same. 

For a while, let you simulate your life like a coconut tree. From a small sapling, it grows and then gives you the fruit, which quenches your thirst. But the tree does not want anything in return. It is connected to its source means root of the tree. In the same way,  your life is connected to the source of a great energy and no sooner, you are able to recognize this hidden potentiality, you will be able to spread a spiritual and loving feeling to each and every person you come across. To arrive at this stage in life, you have to relentlessly search the power and consider someone as your religious guru and listen and accept his advices to enlighten your mind and soul. The only thing what you need to do is to find out some time from your daily schedule and connect your existence with your guru.

But in reality, we get away from  the above principle  and we are smeared  and guided by our ego. Our ego drives and forces us to accomplish all the accomplishments to show our superiority in society. Life is then guided by a force of devilry. All our life supporting functions like breathing, digestion, heartbeat, hearing and seeing where we do not have direct control; otherwise  sustainability will be a question mark. For various other activities, we must let ourselves free from the realm of ego and should not indulge ourselves and get confined in the same.  This consciousness when arrives in the life with the help of your guru, you will be able to identify the real meaning of your life. 

When ego circumvents you and you become ineffective to get connected to the power, this ego will engulf you as these are nothing but the jets of flame on a gas burner.  Each one of us has a sense of belongingness and the same needs to be inflamed to the divine source.  Once you are able to  get rid of the devilry and trample your ego, and connect to divines, you will be able to recognize the power source of your life. When you connect more and more to this true source, you are bound to achieve a spiritual success what you attempt for. Exercise your intelligence, energy and willpower; you will be able to draw enough power in the form of courage to serve others. 

When you are able to practice these high level thoughts and start  feeling that you are not the real achiever as most of the people think so after discharging a responsibility successfully and you are the only doer and God is allowing you to perform, you get this power of your life and snuggle peacefully.  This is the most important stage in your life when you realize this truth and then perform all your duties in the name of the divine force that will be always guiding you under the influence of your guru or God.

: 2 :

As stated above, guru is very much needed to obtain religious fervor.  He will provide you all advices, which will make you to attune to your true consciousness and allow you to grow spiritually even if you engross in your worldly affairs.  You will perform your all activities without any attachment to the fruits of your labor and discarding the negative influences of  your ego. Though your devotion to search the real purpose of life, love will automatically emanate from your heart and you will be able to establish your connection to the great power, which will teach you to enjoy everything spiritually.

After you are able to connect with the true power, you have to sustain the same and continue this attachment by practicing meditation, prayer, uttering hymns and then  you will be able to curb the devil ego, which always gets snared in your life. 

This is the fact of life, but we become so much engrossed  in the game of our life that we lose the sight of religious snugness. So don’t snib your mind, search the divine force perpetually to serve others and make this world a place to live blissfully.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Budget on 28th may be a glimmering glee

Arun Jaitley, the finance minister is a bit worried man in these days as he has to table a full finance budget on 28th February, 2015 for the fist time. This budget will probably stream a ray of hope because in the past nine months, the way this government is laboring, their efforts cannot go in vain. The finance minister will be putting out his best efforts to ensure the economy  must be on a sustainable growth path for a long period.  A plethora of decisions has been taken by Modi and his team to rejuvenate the economy and it has come out of  the dark alley to follow somewhat bright sunshine. Under Modi’s leadership, various decisions pertaining to revitalize the economy have shown a reasonable output.  These include forward movement on GST, coal block reallocation, and increasing the FDI cap in some critical sectors etc.  Despite the mild criticism showered on Modi’s administrative acumen by our President to take the course of promulgating ordinances successively, he has shown his enough courage to take this route to speed up the reforms.

The last decade under the governance of UPA, they have smitten the economic conditions of the country with the paralytic attack of indecisions one after another, ultimately crippling them.  Their inactivity and wrangling between the ministers, party members and also the cadres could not able to solve any problems of the people and the nation and ultimately, they have stultified the voters to throw them from the power by a humiliating defeat in the last parliament election.

After Modi starts handling the mantle, despite world’s economic crises, he has somehow managed to show a steadfast attitude to bring India to a positive curve of growth.  But through this budget, Jaitley has to literally grapple with, both domestic and international challenges.

The most optimistic part of the present macroeconomic environment is that it is currently showing a better health, particularly on the external front.  The current account deficit has almost moderated.  The exchange rate volatility has been put under control and lowering down of the oil price has affected the fiscal deficit positively. The inflation has also reduced.  Although the economy has performed reasonably well in the past couple of months, this activity of growth oriented performance needs to be maintained.  So, in this budget, the duo of Modi and Jaitley has to provide a pragmatic approach to bring in more investment and generation of employment.

This is the first full fledged budget of this present government and Jaitley has to spell out the blue-print of the success of the future economic growth of the country. By curtailing wasteful expenditure and abolishing the various popular schemes, which only provokes government to spend money for unproductive measures, the government has to formulate this budget more growth oriented.  Jaitley has to emphasize the formation of various policies to increase the cycle of investment.  The public spending needs to be encouraged to speed up the reforms.  Further, if Jaitley can substantiate the policy changes in this regard in this budget, the private sector investment will be expedited. Further, the public spending will be helpful to create infrastructure assets, which can be subsequently handed over to the private sector to run the venture and share the revenue with the government at an  agreed upon formula. 

To allure the private sectors to invest more in various core sector projects, the lending institutions have to leave the bureaucratic mind set-up.  Needless to say, the investment spree needs to be encouraged, but at the same time through the announcement of various  investment policies in this budget and how to implement the same, this type of private investment is to be thoroughly checked and monitored just not to increase the burden of NPA.

Further, Modi’s programs of “Make in India” and “Swachh Bharat” campaigns are to be translated into economic configurations and budget must take adequate actions, so that the manufacturing activities particularly of small and medium sectors are getting increased.  The various economic proposals should also be highlighted in this budget to substantiate the campaign of “Swachh Bharat”.

The budget must focus to revive the activities of SEZ by providing more fiscal benefits, as originally given to them. The budget must ensure to unshackle the various procedural constraints, so that foreign investors find the business environment of India as an investment friendly country.

The Redressal system of grievances must be expedited and budget must focus on this activity to ease the feelings of the investors that India is the right place for safe investment to start any business venture.

More disposable income must be available in the hands of common people, so that they get encouraged to spend more for household items, white goods and some luxurious and precious items enabling the economy to gear up.  The income tax  benefits under some of the prominent sections like 80c, 80cc, and 24b are to be made more lucrative and by reducing the quantum of tax on each slab, if this budget can bring more people in the tax net, the same will be more beneficiary.

The formation of new  regulatory bodies to protect the NPA, monitor the wasteful expenditure, encourage the public expenditure and private-government participation for various rural projects mainly in infrastructure, can be thought off for an effective budget presentation. These bodies must be provided with executive power to sort the problem and take remedial course of actions across the table; otherwise, this exercise will have no meaning to start with.

Under Modi’s stewardship, India has already earned a special niche in the world’s investment map.  Now, Jaitley has to take advantage of the same by presenting a correct mix of feel-happy budget  by dwarfing the unproductive expenses even at the cost of losing the vote bank, to the satisfaction of all the investors spreading across the globe.  Then only, this budget, which is now  the talk of the country and the benchmark to start a new era of growth can serve the real purpose of economic upliftment  continuously for many years.