Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Don't snib your mind, snuggle and search the power of life

Most of us, almost all the time are very much engrossed in various issues related to our lives. We are bogged down heavily and attached to these issues, knowingly or unknowingly and when we are able to find out a solution to these issues, we feel relieved to relax. This happens every day, every month and years after years as long as we survive. In this tug of war between the struggle and existence, we seldom try to analyze the real purpose of life. We completely get distracted from the fact who we really are.  And this distraction obliterates us from the true power, which encircles us all the time, but we are hardly able to recognize the same. 

For a while, let you simulate your life like a coconut tree. From a small sapling, it grows and then gives you the fruit, which quenches your thirst. But the tree does not want anything in return. It is connected to its source means root of the tree. In the same way,  your life is connected to the source of a great energy and no sooner, you are able to recognize this hidden potentiality, you will be able to spread a spiritual and loving feeling to each and every person you come across. To arrive at this stage in life, you have to relentlessly search the power and consider someone as your religious guru and listen and accept his advices to enlighten your mind and soul. The only thing what you need to do is to find out some time from your daily schedule and connect your existence with your guru.

But in reality, we get away from  the above principle  and we are smeared  and guided by our ego. Our ego drives and forces us to accomplish all the accomplishments to show our superiority in society. Life is then guided by a force of devilry. All our life supporting functions like breathing, digestion, heartbeat, hearing and seeing where we do not have direct control; otherwise  sustainability will be a question mark. For various other activities, we must let ourselves free from the realm of ego and should not indulge ourselves and get confined in the same.  This consciousness when arrives in the life with the help of your guru, you will be able to identify the real meaning of your life. 

When ego circumvents you and you become ineffective to get connected to the power, this ego will engulf you as these are nothing but the jets of flame on a gas burner.  Each one of us has a sense of belongingness and the same needs to be inflamed to the divine source.  Once you are able to  get rid of the devilry and trample your ego, and connect to divines, you will be able to recognize the power source of your life. When you connect more and more to this true source, you are bound to achieve a spiritual success what you attempt for. Exercise your intelligence, energy and willpower; you will be able to draw enough power in the form of courage to serve others. 

When you are able to practice these high level thoughts and start  feeling that you are not the real achiever as most of the people think so after discharging a responsibility successfully and you are the only doer and God is allowing you to perform, you get this power of your life and snuggle peacefully.  This is the most important stage in your life when you realize this truth and then perform all your duties in the name of the divine force that will be always guiding you under the influence of your guru or God.

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As stated above, guru is very much needed to obtain religious fervor.  He will provide you all advices, which will make you to attune to your true consciousness and allow you to grow spiritually even if you engross in your worldly affairs.  You will perform your all activities without any attachment to the fruits of your labor and discarding the negative influences of  your ego. Though your devotion to search the real purpose of life, love will automatically emanate from your heart and you will be able to establish your connection to the great power, which will teach you to enjoy everything spiritually.

After you are able to connect with the true power, you have to sustain the same and continue this attachment by practicing meditation, prayer, uttering hymns and then  you will be able to curb the devil ego, which always gets snared in your life. 

This is the fact of life, but we become so much engrossed  in the game of our life that we lose the sight of religious snugness. So don’t snib your mind, search the divine force perpetually to serve others and make this world a place to live blissfully.

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