Friday, February 13, 2015

Create a mindset of abundance

It is but natural that failure to achieve result brings despondency. Sometimes, we need to start afresh and become demoralized to do the same activity again.  But who has not tasted the bitter taste of failure?  Further, to achieve success is a laudable affair, but to repeat the same mistake is unpardonable. “He who stumbles twice on the same stone deserves to break his neck.”  If you learn from your failure and the number of failures is more, you will be definitely in a position to gain a mindset to obtain an abundance of anything.  Most of the people do just the opposite.  Either they repeat the same mistake or disappear after one or two failures.

We all know error causes mistakes.  Some of these mistakes may be of a serious nature, which can put you in financial losses. Say, your factory workers call for a strike.  Instead of making settlement amicably, you exert authoritative power, call police forces that arrest your workers, torture them and humiliate them. This may enrage your workforce who then damages your factory assets and ultimately you have to call for a closure of your factory.  Your one mistake brings colossal losses.  Sometimes, the error dominates you so much that you forget everything. You are not able to identify the cause of your failure.  On the contrary, in this type of situation, your mindset is to be propelled in a right direction.  You have to free yourself of  all limitations to use mental energy.  We all have mental power which God has given us.  But, how much we use in reality?  It is seen that most of the people use ten percent and a very fewer use at the most twenty percent.  Now, this is a real tragedy and defect of our lives.   We are given by the power to reach high, think big, attempt unlimited and achieve excellence.  We only want to become mediocre.   We do not want to create a mindset of abundance.  Why?  The reason is; we are not able to blossom our potential fully out of our fear psychology and various anxieties.  We are not aware about our inner strength.  We fail to kindle our power of mental energy.  We always clamp down upon ourselves with self-imposed limitations. After repeated failures, we become pessimistic, and put ourselves into the slough of limitations.  We conclude that further try is not going to yield any positive result.  This mental frame of limitation causes our enthusiasm to die and we live with the limitation.  A person then tells himself, “There is no point of trying further, I cannot go beyond this.”  At that point of time, he faces the greater tragedy of life and settles for the one which he has already obtained. He consoles himself, “This is what I am, let me be content.”  Some people may even say, “By God grace, I have come to this point, beyond this, I should not move.”  It is not a correct thinking as God never willed that anyone should be less than he can actually be.  Instead of creating a positive mind to find out about more opportunities, we settle and actually practice limitations.  We practice them continuously and for so long a time that our mind thinking for limitation becomes a habit.   Then, we froze into the limitations like a polar ship into the Adriatic Ocean and not in a position to move any further.

To create a mind to look for abundance, you always look for “nothing is impossible.”  Everyone of us faces difficulties, hardship, pain, troubles, but if we ponder, always on the bad outcome imposing self limitations, the ultimate result will be negative only. So, the essence of the life must be to search  unlimited power to excel in your field.  

The concept of “Everything is possible” is to be brought to transcend the fear of limitations to get the abundance.  Despite losing his legs to a landmine in Vietnam, Bob Wieland became a champion weightlifter, marathon runner, tri-athlete, motivational speaker and television actor.  He suppressed the fact of limitation of no legs; he was an outspoken advocate for all those people who were destitute, poor, shelterless and hungry.

If a man can perform miracle without the vital asset of his body, why we will not be in a position to cultivate a habit to throw the fear of limitation and enjoy abundance? It is only a mindset.   

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