Saturday, January 30, 2016

Can you deceive God?

After you do something wrong, you try to ascertain whether you are getting exposed or not. When you are sure that nobody has caught you, you become elated. Then you start performing many wrongdoings. You do not know one thing that you can sneak away from anybody, but not God. He is watching you all the time. But these types of people do not believe in the power of God. They disown the theory of God’s illuminating power. They don’t accept that if you pray to God wholeheartedly, He will assuage you.  As per them, the traditional notion of God is simply theoretical. They say that human beings can create their own destinies by their power of work, diligence, intelligence and sincerities.  If they do wrong things, God cannot do anything. Our societies term these people as atheists.
Most of us, of course, are believers of the existence of God. They may not openly accept, but they always take His shelter before performing any important work.  A logical debate always crops up that one can accept  spirituality, but  for that matter, he need not to be religious. One can accept the nitty-gritty of spiritualities and can focus on the creeds of the spiritualism without showing any kind of reverence to God.  The atheists argue that some of the great people of the world did not believe in God. They opine that very many heinous crimes and some of the worst deeds are committed taking the shelter of God. If this statement comes from a few rational thinkers and religious fanatics, one can doubt the veracity of the same. But the iota of the truth is that people do all  evil deeds in churches, temples, pilgrims and holy places.  These non-believers of God argue with logic that how can we continue to accept  God as our trouble solver where there is no scientific proven theory of  His existence.  They say as the child grows, he leaves his childish clothes and so, why can’t we leave our psychological, emotional and spiritual dependence on God?  They say that the concept of worshipping God by performing Pujas, taking His blessings and remembering Him in distress and happiness is all creations of our ancestors. 

Just to make the people frighten and not to deviate from the path of moral living, this type of mythological and religious dependence was created.  For example, if there is a heavy rain with thundering and lightning, the elders in the family start praying to save everybody from the disaster. And after a passage of time, when the calamity stops, the believers get elated that God has stopped the disaster. Those who worshipped a particular God or religion, formed a group and the members of which would help each other in conflicts with other groups of different religions to get the major share of various resources starting from food to shelters including clothes.  As per the Indian history, where the religion and casteism is very much predominant, the  nepotism, favoring  and forming groups by taking the near and dear will be always there.  This religious bonding is always encased in the name of God just to take the advantage. The atheists make a protest to this behavior. Though their numbers are less, but whenever they get a chance, they express negative feelings of Godhood in their forum.
From the very beginning, one religious  group and its sub-groups are cleverly getting engaged with other religious groups and sub-groups  in quarrels, fights and sometimes killing their own kin making the existence of God  maligned.  The stronger religion has a larger follower  and act their power on the weaker religions. These weaker  groups are less in numbers and the oppressed one.

Fanaticism, blindly supporting, unquestionable dogma and unflagging faith have become the benchmark of any religion. People become fanatic and depend on a religion and if someone passes some odd comments, the situation turns into hatred, fighting and sometimes creating violence. If you study all the religion’s main creeds and read the preaching of the noted spiritual masters like Buddha, Mohammad, Mahavira and Jesus, you will not find any differences.  These masters always see oneness amongst various religions.  Some of their mean minded disciples and followers only created differences and subverted their teachings to bring division and quarrel.  Today, almost all the differences, fighting, less friendship is because of wrongly construed of various religions and its tenets. The fundamental crises between the Hindu and the Muslim and the rise of IS and the killing of various rationalists in India and neighboring countries by the Hindu and the blasphemies are complete misunderstanding of the religion and religious books.  No religion, ever teaches to kill each other. On the contrary, they teach to remain together and to show respect for all religions.  In fact, religion must be a central focus for human beings evolved. Instead of that, it now acts as a threat because of these fanatics and their over enthusiasm. 

So today, a religion, which is otherwise a sacred thing, gives rise to a threat to the civilization. It is not centered on the humanity, but is focused on the fanciful of some obtrusive religious leaders who drastically misinterpret the religious fervor. Under the shelter of religion, they carry out their evil deeds, kill the humanity, destroy the civilization and increase the rampant nepotism.  Ultimately, these religions miscreants spread their wrong activities in the light of religious cum political improvisation and become a hero for their followers. Many environmental and social scientists vehemently objected these types of activities and term this as a violation of a moral code of conduct and ethical living.  That is why; some people are completely averse to accept God and His presence.  They feel that in the name of God, when people can carry out all wrong doings, what is the need to accept Him and seek His blessings?  Under this logic, they don’t believe in the power of God and His presence.      

Friday, January 29, 2016

Happiness is a state of mind to feel

Happiness is an ephemeral state of mind. At some point, you may be extremely happy and immediately after that, you may be pervaded with sorrow. This is the “sun and shadow” syndrome of your mind. If your mind is controlled and not getting that much influenced by any external factors, neither happiness nor sorrow can afflict you that seriously and you will remain sedate. But that stage of mind is not easy to acquire.  A lot of understanding, perseverance and patience are required to have a control on your mind to reach the particular stage of equilibrium of mind’s calmness.

Happiness is an eternal innate and perpetual quality of the soul.  We are blind to feel this quality of the soul and mostly concentrate on the externals and fulfillment of our various sensual desires. The externals which mostly divert our attention from our soul are our bodies, roles, relationships, our responsibilities and possessions. We are so much engrossed in our externals that we seldom enter into our happiness mode of soul and enjoy the real happiness of life.

Happiness is a condition of mind, which is governed by choice. It never happens by chance. Because of external forces or circumstances, when your mind becomes sensitized, either you feel elated or depressed.  This conditional influence makes you happy or unhappy depending on the gravity of the situation. But this sensation, which has a cascading effect on your mind is completely of your choice.  No one can force you to be happy or unhappy. If you are hell bent to be happy, no circumstances or happenings can make you displeased with anything.

Your response to a situation depends how you perceive the same and react accordingly.  That is why, in a similar type of situation based on environmental constraints, some show their anger whereas some remain cool.  Why it is so? The reason is that each and every situation is analyzed in a different perspective  by different persons.  If things are going on your way, mostly you accept the outcome gleefully.  But if it is not, you should not get upset, find out the reason why it has happened differently.  After analyzing the reason, take corrective measure and follow the same, so that the things again go on your way.    Some people get angry, even for a trivial and frivolous issue keeping them always at a distance  from the phase of happiness.  No sooner you become frustrated, you are shifting your mind from positive mode to negative mode and inviting the snare of unhappiness.  At that point of time, most of the people  curse their luck and remain gloomy for a considerable time and  then bring God into the picture to help them to come out from the impasse.   

For example, If you hold a senior position in your daily responsibilities in your job, where you have to transcend many obstacles, barriers, conflicts, nepotism, wrangling and slanderous criticism, you become tensed.  If you are able to set up an equation of love with God and trust His presence to help you, you can pass on all your worries to Him and then pretend to be happy, if not really happy.  By practicing this method of entrusting every odd situation to God with a firm belief in Him, you can learn the techniques of remaining happy. Of course, this practice is not a simple formula and this does not mean that you disown your responsibilities and only become God-centric.

This is only to say that you guide your intellectual sense by God’s wisdom to come out from the influence of bad situation whenever you are affected by the same.  With God’s wisdom to your side, you will be able to find out a solution to your problem, which mostly snatch your happiness.  If you are able to trust this principle and follow the same, then  it will enable you to stay in happy state almost all the time  irrespective of the situational constraints.

Our life mode is like a playground and we all are the players to play various games at different occasions as per His mercy.  When you imbibe His presence in your mind, you will be able to circumvent all actions, whether it is good or bad in the right spirit, which ultimately make you to remain happy.

In  pursuit of happiness, you need not to do anything, you do not have to search happiness, it will automatically come to you and make you energetic and agile.  You only have to condition your mind, discharge your duties very sincerely and think  His presence in your all accomplishments.  If you are happy, you are bound to be a healthy person both mentally and physically. Most of the time, when we are happy, our body’s nervous and endocrine systems work smoothly, which, in turn, result the production of healthy hormones, the root-cause to keep ourselves healthy.  The healthy state of mind will attract a good fortune.  You will be satisfied whatever the circumstances and the situations you pass through. This satisfaction itself will illuminate and glow your life.

If you want to be happy all the while, you have to develop a habit of doing good to others, thinking good for others and extending your love and services whatever way it is possible for your parents, friends, neighbors, acquaintances and even for your foes, just to rejuvenate your internal energy to enlighten your soul  and to be in the mode of happiness all the time.  

Lastly, the more you share your happiness with others, the more happiness will come to your  doorsteps  as an intrinsic value in your life to repay your good deeds.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Art of Creativity

There are many forms of creativity. If you regularly create art of various nature and theme, you are called as a creator, but not necessarily you will be a true creative person. Unless this faculty of producing art is a passion for you and you love to do it irrespective of name and fame, then you are a true creative person. Thais love ‘’to do’’ is the main hypothesis behind the creativity. Creativity is that when you stop binding yourself within any limit and start thinking beyond any subject. A diver cannot find a pearl unless he goes in the ocean as deep as he possibly can. He has to submerge himself in search of a pearl. A big stone is useless in the eye of someone; but to a Sculptor, it can be a masterpiece. It is his creative sight to see a useless stone to a beautiful sculpture. A creative person puts his soul into whatever he does with all passion, zeal and enthusiasm. A poet goes beyond into the world of thinking and imagination, puts all his emotions on a paper and produces an ultimate poetry. With his pen, he can make his readers laugh or cry - which is called creativity. The theme of Love being converted into music cannot be composed unless a composer feels the love. You must enjoy with your heart what you are doing. You are well familiar with Dilip Kumar, a legendary actor. In emotional scenes, he was  involving  himself  so deeply  that in real life, doctors advised him not to play tragic roles anymore because he used to suffer from depression., immediate after these types of scenes. Today, he is recognized as a tragedy king and none of the actors in Bollywood can play a tragic role as Dilip Kumar used to play. It is called  the true creativity - what you give to your work and how much passion and efforts you are putting, ultimately the same counts  to accomplish your creativity. In this particular way, the small things become great when they are soaked with love and enjoyment.

If you believe that you are not creative, in that case, your inner perception is obstinate and create hindrance continually for the free flowing of your energy to create something. The energy which emanates from your inside, will demoralize and provoke you to murmur “I am not at all a creative person.” In this great world, very few people are recognized as creative. May be a few authors, athletes or singer – one in a million. This is absolutely ridiculous and has no scientific base to prove at all. In fact, every one of us is a creator. If you observe any child very minutely and note his activities, you will find him as creative. As he grows day-by-day, we confine him with nape of negative instructions, allow him not to do many things, repeatedly caution him to do this and not to do that and these types of sermons and instructions ultimately put a barrier on his spontaneous behavior and he  becomes crippled in the hands of his parents, older siblings and relatives. We force our thoughts on our children and we destroy their creativity. We continue to poke in their all state of affairs, making them more political and ambitious. They lose their creativity. When you become more ambitious, you kill your inherent creativity. You won’t be in a position to do anything which you love to do. If he is painting a picture or an art, he will be devoting his time to perform this activity with a thought when he is going to be awarded a national recognition. When he is writing a novel, he will be under pressure of his peers, parents and well wishers that when he is getting an award. He is then more focused to write the novel rather than to create with his heart. He slowly loses his creativity. If you can shed your all these notions and avoid to glamorize the same, you will suddenly become creative. Our life is money centered. We give a very big importance to money and try to organize and reorganize our lives as per the money flow and so it is known as one of the most uncreative things. A person who runs behind money is a sufferer because money robs your creativeness, it makes you greedy. The more money you possess or you try to acquire, the less creative you become. No doubt, you require money for your comfort, but it should not be a precursor and destroyer of your creativity.
A creative art increases the beauty of the world. It repays many things back to the world. It never snatches anything from it. A creative person lands in the world, increases the beauty of the world – a song here, a music there. When he leaves the world, he leaves a better world behind him.

If you are creative, not necessarily, it will provide you power, prestige, status quo, name, fame and wealth, but one thing is certain that you will be a richer person available in this world. You will be able to fulfill your desires, you will lead your life joyfully with celebration and will be in a position to receive God’s blessings on a continuous basis. Your life will be a benediction. It may be possible that outwardly you may not be a celebrity, but to establish yourself as a creative person in this world, you have to fail miserably. What is the real benefit to say, ‘’See the whole world becomes my slave,’’when you are losing your own self? A creative person maintains his own self because he believes in creativity. He creates with passion and his creativity is to love what he does. 

Friday, January 22, 2016

Spend your energy in the right direction

When you want to raise your energy, increase your power of enthusiasm and want to receive the best possible results of your efforts, you must chalk out a strategic plan, and rigorously follow the same so as to achieve  any milestone in life. In the course of time, this plan is to be converted as a rule for regular practice. What is that rule? You must have a tendency of “right seeing.” Once you are able to frame up your mind in the direction of right seeing, your attention will be focused only on exotic things, which exists in all people and situation. When you are capable to visualize the positive aspects and also concentrate on the same that is inherent in everyone and everywhere, you bring it forth. At that point, this particular situation will create a magical expression on your face and it will glow. People will be very eager to know the reason of your secret of enlivenment and that is the power of ‘’right seeing.’’

The almighty has created this beautiful world and all wonders can be seen, if we desire. A mind which is full of dust in terms of worries, jealousy, hatred, anger and ego will never allow you to enjoy the charm of life. We need to  clean all dusts and make the mind tranquil and feel the positive energy everywhere. All beauties and wonders are around us.  Each day after we awake, are we asked to paint the sky blue? Need we urge the sun to rise and flowers bloom? Need we teach birds to sing or children laugh.  It surrounds us each day with its perfections. We are asked only to appreciate them by living happily in amidst them. The creator does not ask that we create a perfect world; he asks us, “just to celebrate it.” If you sit steadily and focus your concentration on the loveliness of everything around you, you will get a positive energy. This positive energy is a source of your power of right seeing. You control your mind in such a way that it will find loveliness everywhere; be it a vase of red flowers on the stool next to you or in the smile on your daughter’s face because of your making her happy or in the excitement on the face of your junior colleague when he found out a solution to a problem or in the kindness of your lawyer who accepts to plead your case on a nominal fee or in the magnanimity of your bank manager to accept your check after the banking hours. The list is endless and your observation on loveliness will be continued until the time you  stop your activity of right seeing. If you feel that something is far away for you to grab or something is very difficult to achieve or a particular task is beyond your capability or accomplish then perhaps you are not focusing your full attention on right seeing. Because, right seeing only induces your energy in the right direction and dictate you to observe everything around you positively. If you observe everything, always with a suspicious mind like low-minded, itty-bitty people, your strength of right seeing will reduce considerably.  The more you indulge in this activity, the more it will delude you. Suppose, for any reason, you feel gloomy, despondent or disappointed with yourself, you must focus your attention to your strength of right seeing and this will energize you to come out from this typical impasse. Try to count your strength everywhere in your life, your universe, your surroundings and your environment and then you will obtain power of life. Further, you visualize this power mentally to see the strength of a great tree, the strength of the ocean, the strength of the wind, rivers, anything and in this way, your mind will be strong. A strong mind with a dedicated attention will be in a position to see goodness. If you are mentally strong and able to see the goodness for all the activities you perform, probably you don’t have to be gloomy at all in your life. With the ability of seeing right, which is a development process in any human being, your life will be mostly blissful.

To enable you to right seeing, the power of wisdom or in simpler terms, intelligence factor plays a vital role.  Does your surrounding seem to be a lack of intelligent behavior? In that case, your outer world what you observe may not match with the inner power of right seeing. You need to practice always to see the presence of wisdom and intelligence. If the environment and the surrounding is not so, you have to search, simulate and then find out the wisdom and intelligence that are present everywhere. This is a higher focus and a high power of observation and it means focusing on the intelligence in your family members, in your neighbors and in all the people you meet. This must be a daily exercise for you. If you see carefully, you will find that intelligence is near and within your reach. It only needs right seeing.

So, with the ability of right seeing, you will be always in a position to see loveliness, goodness and strength of living beings and non-living beings around you. When you reach this stage in life, your mind becomes completely focused on the right seeing and the enormous power you develop will be instrumental for welfare of yours and your neighbors and everyone who get in touch with you.