Thursday, January 28, 2016

Art of Creativity

There are many forms of creativity. If you regularly create art of various nature and theme, you are called as a creator, but not necessarily you will be a true creative person. Unless this faculty of producing art is a passion for you and you love to do it irrespective of name and fame, then you are a true creative person. Thais love ‘’to do’’ is the main hypothesis behind the creativity. Creativity is that when you stop binding yourself within any limit and start thinking beyond any subject. A diver cannot find a pearl unless he goes in the ocean as deep as he possibly can. He has to submerge himself in search of a pearl. A big stone is useless in the eye of someone; but to a Sculptor, it can be a masterpiece. It is his creative sight to see a useless stone to a beautiful sculpture. A creative person puts his soul into whatever he does with all passion, zeal and enthusiasm. A poet goes beyond into the world of thinking and imagination, puts all his emotions on a paper and produces an ultimate poetry. With his pen, he can make his readers laugh or cry - which is called creativity. The theme of Love being converted into music cannot be composed unless a composer feels the love. You must enjoy with your heart what you are doing. You are well familiar with Dilip Kumar, a legendary actor. In emotional scenes, he was  involving  himself  so deeply  that in real life, doctors advised him not to play tragic roles anymore because he used to suffer from depression., immediate after these types of scenes. Today, he is recognized as a tragedy king and none of the actors in Bollywood can play a tragic role as Dilip Kumar used to play. It is called  the true creativity - what you give to your work and how much passion and efforts you are putting, ultimately the same counts  to accomplish your creativity. In this particular way, the small things become great when they are soaked with love and enjoyment.

If you believe that you are not creative, in that case, your inner perception is obstinate and create hindrance continually for the free flowing of your energy to create something. The energy which emanates from your inside, will demoralize and provoke you to murmur “I am not at all a creative person.” In this great world, very few people are recognized as creative. May be a few authors, athletes or singer – one in a million. This is absolutely ridiculous and has no scientific base to prove at all. In fact, every one of us is a creator. If you observe any child very minutely and note his activities, you will find him as creative. As he grows day-by-day, we confine him with nape of negative instructions, allow him not to do many things, repeatedly caution him to do this and not to do that and these types of sermons and instructions ultimately put a barrier on his spontaneous behavior and he  becomes crippled in the hands of his parents, older siblings and relatives. We force our thoughts on our children and we destroy their creativity. We continue to poke in their all state of affairs, making them more political and ambitious. They lose their creativity. When you become more ambitious, you kill your inherent creativity. You won’t be in a position to do anything which you love to do. If he is painting a picture or an art, he will be devoting his time to perform this activity with a thought when he is going to be awarded a national recognition. When he is writing a novel, he will be under pressure of his peers, parents and well wishers that when he is getting an award. He is then more focused to write the novel rather than to create with his heart. He slowly loses his creativity. If you can shed your all these notions and avoid to glamorize the same, you will suddenly become creative. Our life is money centered. We give a very big importance to money and try to organize and reorganize our lives as per the money flow and so it is known as one of the most uncreative things. A person who runs behind money is a sufferer because money robs your creativeness, it makes you greedy. The more money you possess or you try to acquire, the less creative you become. No doubt, you require money for your comfort, but it should not be a precursor and destroyer of your creativity.
A creative art increases the beauty of the world. It repays many things back to the world. It never snatches anything from it. A creative person lands in the world, increases the beauty of the world – a song here, a music there. When he leaves the world, he leaves a better world behind him.

If you are creative, not necessarily, it will provide you power, prestige, status quo, name, fame and wealth, but one thing is certain that you will be a richer person available in this world. You will be able to fulfill your desires, you will lead your life joyfully with celebration and will be in a position to receive God’s blessings on a continuous basis. Your life will be a benediction. It may be possible that outwardly you may not be a celebrity, but to establish yourself as a creative person in this world, you have to fail miserably. What is the real benefit to say, ‘’See the whole world becomes my slave,’’when you are losing your own self? A creative person maintains his own self because he believes in creativity. He creates with passion and his creativity is to love what he does. 

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