Wednesday, January 13, 2016

How to avoid hedonism to achieve spirituality?

When you get contended  for various issues in your life, you become satisfied and your countenance is pervaded with a smile and  then you land in the lap of happiness. In today’s world, which is full of grandeur, we always ponder causes to incur expenses either for daily needs or for status quo symbol. You are assessed by “How much money you do have?” “ how many gadgets you possess?” & “how much material comfort you can bring to your family, relatives or friends? These all are the yardsticks of your success.  This is known as hedonism and this is the prevailing norms of the society to measure your importance. But the path of more hedonism will bring, the more destruction for you though apparently  by your acquiring all the luxuries, it will ripple a satisfactory feeling to you. The need for more becomes unending and today most of us  will swirl in the convolutions of these illusory material comforts. It gives rise for a thirst of more fame and power.  We don’t want to recognize the fact that we are on the wrong track, because hedonism only ruins us.  Guided by this ism, people start working more, run pillar to post to accomplish the desired goals, and burn midnight lamps to finish the pending jobs.  While doing this, we feel that we become more creative and showing our enthusiasm  to prosper by hook or crook.  True, but if your purpose to do all this is to keep in pace with hedonism then, the same is awful.  Mostly, we do the same  and at the end are not able to lead a peaceful life and ultimately, become unhappy.

You must draw a line and say, “That’s it, I won’t exert myself anymore.” Instead of hedonism, if you follow the path of renunciation, the same will lead you to the path of spirituality. But if it is misunderstood and utilized wrongly, then there will be a depravity and the same will infuse the seeds of various desires into the subconscious mind.  Ultimately, you will be provoked to satiate these desires by various ways, which you  will try to  access to implement. As already informed that we are fully satisfied when we  accomplish our objectives. But our contentment is always not static.  Some people are more ambitious than others or have greater appetites than their friends or colleagues. The reason is completely neurological.  The hypothalamus, which is located in the vicinity of pituitary gland causes some people more active and full of energy always. The ventral portion of this hypothalamus is the location of groups of neurons, which are the root cause of some people showing extra alert and grasping power. These neurons are also the deciding factor of our gratifications.  But the moot point is that can we come out of the shackles of this neurological pattern of behavior and lead lives according to our requirement  without becoming too ambitious to achieve unrealistic goals. If we can do this, perhaps we will remain always in bliss    

Whether we should embrace upon renunciation or not, it is a matter of debate for an individual. It is not a choice, which can be thrust upon.  If you are not mentally prepared to accept this renunciation, the effect will be more disastrous.  Our brain has an inbuilt program like a computer and it can be reformatted to suit your operating system.  So, if you have mentally accepted the fact of renunciation, then you can easily follow the path of spirituality to become perpetually blissful.

We are aware that the human brain is connected to the frontal lobe and this lobe just sits above the hypothalamus.  Exercising our willpower, we must transcend the inbuilt program so as to write a new operating system for the benevolence of self and the society, if possible. This free will to rewrite the new operating system is known as the power of discrimination.  Through this power, you can make the discretion that can make you to unravel the operating program. And, you will be able to identify your strength, weakness, your power of wisdom and then through the power of discrimination, you can reprogram the whole system of intelligence.  It is intelligence that not only reprograms, but also has the ability to realize its true nature. 

Once you are able to identify the perceiver, you can get the knowledge of the perceived.  The subject and object are just the identifications of the self. The human brain is capable enough to identify any signals for the purpose of identification and assess the duality existed in the life of all the human beings.  The human brain is also capable to realize that it is a part of the whole and also the whole at the same time. From various spiritual shlocks laid down in different scriptures, say Gita, Upanishads and Mahabharat, the word Om has  a terrific significance and it  provides you a complete solace in all aspects.  From completeness only comes completeness. If this completeness is taken out, the human being will be afflicted with Neuro disease, which needs lots of introspection how it has happened? But you should avoid hedonism just not to lose your completeness in life.
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