Thursday, January 29, 2015

Bedi's government will imbue aspen women to slash society goons

Bedi’s government will imbue aspen women to slash society monsters



The higgledy-piggledy of Delhi’s environment will be definitely eased if Kiran Bedi becomes the Chief Minister. But her announcement for this coveted position creates a chaos in the BJP.  Even though this party seems to be more organized and their cadres mostly do not involve in  any unscrupulous activities at least openly, they have displayed their resentment in the last week in some part of Delhi publicly.  Though BJP’s top leadership is not given much of a cognizance to this ruffle, the political analysts are professing that this particular decision of nominating Kiran Bedi is not a wise decision, particularly to counter the electoral battle due on the 7th of the next month. Some even say that BJP may have to suffer the consequence of this decision.  In this state assembly election, their arch rival AAP will not leave them in peace with respect to an easy win keep aside getting the absolute majority.  Arvind Kejriwal’s AAP will not be defeated easily as the top echelon of BJP is contemplating.  In fact, to dispel this fear, the Prime Minister Modi spoke punched with virulent words against him at his recent Ramlila Maidan rally.  From Modi’s sally enriched with bitter eloquence appears that this election fight is between him and Kejriwal in personal level. At least, it should not have been.  By now, BJP has understood that it is a tactical mistake.  The strategist Amit Shah, under the mentorship of Modi, has thought all his calculated risks like he had earlier taken to dislodge the local governments in  the state of Maharashtra, Haryana, Jharkhand and J&K due to their discredited governance, in Delhi also, he will be successful, but many insides of the party are  crossing their fingers.


In fact, by projecting Kiran Bedi as the proposed CM, BJP is creating the election of Delhi as a fight between AAP vs AAP.  Technically, one may agree that Kiran Bedi was never a member of AAP, but still people’s memory are not that short- lived because she was a coterie of the team comprising Anna Hazare –Kejriwal, who used to fight against the corruption and social instability. So, Amit Shah is on the same line of thought and deploying his clever movement to win the election projecting Bedi as the chief minister.  Also, by projecting her as the CM, BJP is also expressing their apprehensive mind that influence of Modinomics, say “Make in India”, “Swachh Bharat” and eradication of black money and various other significant moves coupled with the victories in a few states are not that sufficient to obtain a simple majority against the various contenders of AAP and so, they are implementing this strategy of bringing in an outsider.This obviously has caused the inner bickerings in the party, which Amit Shah has somehow put under a lid tactfully at least for the time being. He may think so, but this action of BJP has definitely antagonized the cadres and the members just before a few days of the election.  Now, why BJP depends on Kiran Bedi?  Let us examine the fact.  She was a tough administrator and even now also.  She has tremendous appeal amongst the middle class population and women, in particular. The issue of women’s safety, which has almost mired with miry, will be definitely revitalized and she has a die-hard attitude.  But she will get a real challenge from AAP.


The middle class population had shown their earlier apathy towards Kejriwal for his abrupt resignation only after his 49 days of the ruling.  Thereafter, of course, his apology has made them to forgive him for his impulsive behavior and reconsidered his stake as CM. The minorities are also finding AAP as an alternate to the BJP. 


The local bastis of Delhi and the destitute stricken with severe poverty are also looking to their messiah Kejriwal because he was one of the politicians till today, who vehemently opposed corruption in all sectors of administration of the government.


Now, there is a  logic to project Kiran Bedi which is entirely to save Modi’s popularity.  If you analyze the fact of almost ten months ruling of the NDA government at the centre and the BJP government in different states, you will find that the image of Modi has only been predominantly active everywhere.  It is not the pictorial image, it is related to functioning.  Occasionally, of course, Rajnath Singh and Arun Jaitley’s voices are heard, but it is again starting with Modi and ending with him.  As far as party’s election strategy and other activities are concerned, Amit Shah is formulating various strategies and implementing the same under Modi’s guidance.  So, by projecting Kiran Bedi as the CM, and if BJP loses, then the Modi’s image will not be tarnished.  She can be acting as a proxy to save Modi’s image and popularity.  Now, whether the BJP will win or not, whether Amit Shah’s killing instinct will fructify in the fruition of forming the government in Delhi and whether Kiran Bedi becomes the chief minister or not, time will only tell, but this decision of the BJP is a calculated risk.  It may yield results; it may not as you never know the mood swing of electorates.  The democracy is a big term and when you believe in democracy, the movements for change are obvious. 


Presently, for a while, if I don’t delve into the political assessment and give my reasoning as a neutral person, I wish Kiran Bedi should become the chief minister of Delhi because she will be the only politician without political background and because of her immense administrative acumen, she at least will reduce the barbaric activities of the miscreants.  The way the Delhi women’s plight, I find in national dailies, I am sometime horrified that, are we living in a country which is the biggest democracy in the world.  The various crimes like oppression, atrocities, rape and gang-rape on women will definitely not be tolerated by her government and that much I am sure.  Prior to Kiran Bedi, there were stalwarts like Indira Gandhi and Sheila Dikshit were at the helm of national and state respectively, but still the women of Delhi were always getting trampled like a torn foliage, the reason behind is that they were hard core politicians with a tremendous political background.  All their focus was related to the governance, politics, economics and growth of their parties and their own positions.  The women’s safety definitely was in their mind, but their preoccupation with many affairs was a big deterrent to look into this sensitive issue.  Kiran Bedi will have a distinct advantage because she is an IPS and tough officer and so she will definitely curb this social injustice and stigma being meted to the  aspen women of Delhi and I am confident in this regard.



Sunday, January 25, 2015

Cling to your desire,accomplish,but without detachment

 Human beings have many desires in their lives. Most of the time, they cling to their desires and ensure to achieve the same. There is nothing wrong in the said approach. Only thing, it is utmost important to fulfill the said desires within the norms of social stipulations and practicalities. Now, if your fulfillment or accomplishment of the said endeavor gets materialized  without any attachment to the end result and you offer an oblation of all your accomplishments to the Creator, then your enjoyment for the particular success will get increased multifold.  This is a  high level of perception, but it is true.  Without His blessing or mercy, you cannot achieve any result.


You have to concentrate fully to perform any work  to the extent that you  complete the same with perfection without bothering whether the result will be achieved or not. That means  the job is to be done with the best of the best of your capabilities, but without any attachment to the end result. When you don’t expect any fruits of your struggle and always remember Him in your struggle or accomplishment of any particular job, automatically the results of your efforts will accrue maximum benefits.


When you  involve yourself with any job and with full awareness of Him, then you are attached, but detached from the result.  At the same time, you have to apply hundred percent concentration to a job, otherwise you cannot perform fully.  We mostly misconstrue this word of attachment. Attached is a subjective proposition, a feeling of wholeness, but it should not be a binding force.  For example, you are an artist, your duty is to create an art and you must get yourself attached, fully in the creation without expectation whether the said creation will be the world class or not. All the world class artists adopt this principle only.


It is said that attachment to any work with an aspiration to get a hundred per cent result is a fallacy. You only have to focus to the proper completion of any action or effort, but your latent inclination shouldn't be a binding to the end result. Otherwise, that action or effort cannot bloom in fullness and that action is termed as a biased one for the end result.  It cannot be offered to the Lord, because He will sense it as a prejudiced accomplishment. Further, this type of action cannot have life put into it.  The attachment must be a hundred percent, but your self and soul should be detached from the fruit, it will automatically come to you because you have put your best efforts under His guidance.


When you perform a work, fulfill an action and give full focus to discharge the same, you are lost in the action and as a performer, you become one with the desired goal, then you forget your individuality and forego your own self; this ultimately leads you to the  power of meditation.


When you start any job or work, you confront with many probabilities, conflicts, concerns for its accomplishment and also the anxiety  for the right or the wrong output in terms of result, and then your attachment to the work are dominating your consciousness.  Your focus is on the result only, you are not associated with the wholeness of the work. But if the said dominance has a feeling of detachment, you will be able to easily overcome the odd feelings of  worldly attachment  and perform the job marvelously.


When you concentrate on any work, you are always puzzled with the thoughts about end results. The idea must be; you do your best and leave the balance to Him. This is known as; do your job with attachment, but detaching your own self.  The aim should be that the work under progress must be a beautiful creation  and let be an offering to Him, the Lord.  This attachment is known as love. Now, what is the real meaning of passivity or unattached?  You cannot perform any work without attachment.  You have to complete an assignment with devotion.  If you want to create excellent output for any function, you must have a killing instinct and desire; otherwise you cannot address yourself to any work.  You must have a plan followed by a desire to achieve the goal.  So you must have a heartfelt desire for any work.  But once you start and get engrossed in the same, the thoughts of fruitful results should not disturb your mind. Then, you will be able to continue to perform the work with full attachment.  When you are able to undertake work in this spirit, it is known as meditation.  In this mode of concentration, you are not expecting any self interest and so the end result of your work will not yield any attachment to the results.  The same is known as sacrifice.


The beauty of this earthly life that we think we perform everything on our own merit, own ability and power without knowing the fact of His willingness and desire.  In reality, we are nobody to perform any action. We are His creation and perform any job to be  decided by Him. This thinking might be a bit puzzling, but it is a fact.  Please remember that our wish to do some work or start any action is  always governed by His wishes. Some people accept this notion and enjoy the life fully and the others are always in constraints.

No sooner, we are able to understand this fact of life and essence of reality, we will be able to undertake any job, give our full focus to accomplish the same, but without any desire for the result. The only pattern of thinking will be performing the job as given to you without any greed for the benefit.  The Almighty is omnipotent and omniscient and He will decide what is to be done for the betterment of the performer. So, the crux of the life is to perform a job with full concentration, but without any expectation of result.  And that must be the fundamental postulate of attachment to any job or work with complete detachment for the result, which is bound to come.


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Ineluctable violence in life to be eased non-violently

We are always encircled with a galore of problems in our lives. Some of them are eliminated  with our efforts and some other which  creates a nagging sensation   even after our thorough meddling, gives us a sleepless night and then get sorted out, but with a lot of painstaking efforts. But there are problems which are not easily solved, make us sometimes impatient and disgruntled and ultimately the entire situation goes out of control to convert the same into violence. Though most of  the people do not want any situation which leads to violence, but it occurs many times. Whenever any problem arises, people mostly search for an amicable solution with a thought of non-violence.  But the same does not mean that everything will be calm and quiet, full of silence, there will be no bickerings, jealousness, fighting or quarrels.  These all are the down to earth reality of our lives.  Some of us take it in the right spirit and consider the same as a passing phase, whereas some others take it seriously and attack the opposite persons with a vengeance causing the environment and surroundings violent.  That only disturbs the harmony and rhythm of life. It is  not always possible to remain absolutely  calm and quiet and search a space devoid of violence.  It will be there, how you react to the situation and handle the same depends on your maturity and inspiration to lead the life.

Today’s life is very fast, no one has time to consider other’s well beings and their feelings and under these circumstances, the chances are there that there will be a difference in opinion, clashes and argument on your day to day activities, which may upset you and at times, you won’t be able to find out any solution to the said happenings.  But instead of making the environment as violent, you have to adopt a strategy simulating that nothing serious has happened.  The total environment is to be converted for a peaceful discussion abuzz with the sweetness of chatter.  It is not so easy, but if it can be done, violence can be avoided.

Now, violence is such a situation in everybody’s life that it can be seen and understood across different forms.  For example, your close friend in your office starts arguing about a trivial issue of sports or say politics.  The discussions may turn beyond the control of justification and you get so enraged that you speak harsh words and humiliate him openly causing the environment a bit roguish.  As per Buddhist Vinaya texts, “Even a tiny grass hits the dead wood”; the same can be classified as violent.  In our daily lives, we definitely observe  violence. When we kick a street dog deliberately or intentionally, it is a sort of violence.  When you use bad mouth or utter some unpleasant words to your beloved, it has also been classified as a violence.  In a broader sense, any living being is subject to violence.  You can’t avoid this situation. But you only  have to accept, digest and ensure that the environment is not getting vitiated.  You may sulk, enrage and shout, but at the end, you have to accept to bear with the same just not to intensify the violence. To curb the violence, your visionary force must be inflamed; otherwise leading a harmonious  life will be next to impossible.

Further, you must understand the real meaning of non-violence. It is a vibrant sequence of life. It is not just the absence of violence.  The source of violence is formed by the mind.  Our mind only arouses us to cause violence, which is mostly related to uproarious thoughts, unruly desire and unwanted actions. We all have a sense of liking and disliking for persons and objects.  Like attracts like and  it is true in our life when we deal with others.  If a person is of your liking and he says unpleasant words, criticizes or even insults, you may digest. But if the person belongs to your non-liking segment, for a small comment of his, you will retaliate very seriously causing a violence beyond repairable.  The uproarious thoughts for the person whom you dislike may cause you angry and perhaps will, lead to the act of causing physical injury by any means.  You will be tempted by unruly desire, which many a time will provoke you to take unwanted actions of making harm or injustice severely.

Out of all the violent actions, killing is the most unpardonable crime.  It is a symbol of maximum violence.  Whether the killing is for any human being or an insect, the said act is against the wish of the Creator of this great world.  Taking someone’s life is  the biggest crime.

Non-killing is the most affable quality of any living being.  The basic principle of non-violence is to avoid taking life.  To accept this philosophy, at least for the human beings, a lot of perseverance, compassion, love and feelings for others are required.  Without these traits, it is simply not possible to curb the urge of inflicting harm or physical injuries to others.

Violence does not mean is to take  other’s life.  It can be of injurious words, hatred speech, sarcastic sentence and also giving affliction with vengeful criticisms.  Further, attacking, hitting out and insulting severely through a harsh  communication is also example of violence.

Finally, if you want to curb your urge to initiate unwanted actions, a well thought of spiritual action plan enriched with love and affection are to be inculcated in your habit.  You have to develop an attitude of non-aggression and that will replace the aggressive nature of yours and many like you in the society.  In today’s competitive world, whenever there will be an opportunity of a benefit, people will jump to acquire the same even though they have to displease and harm others.  This is  termed as a behavioral pattern of aggression. 

: 3 :

If you restrain yourself from taking any unwanted action, even at the cost of your losing the benefit, you will be able to reduce the violence. Like you, when many people follow this practice, automatically violence will be reduced. 

Finally, the less aggression and the more the number of  the less aggressive people will increase, the more we will be happy to live together without much of the violence.  

Monday, January 19, 2015

Gender equality and women empowerment should not be debatable issue

A  popular Hindi proverb in a bit of a fragmented version says, “Mukheno Merton Jagat.”  Why I start this article in this informal fashion?  Because despite the people in various countries accept the fact that the issue of gender inequality must be eradicated  and the women empowerment must be  given equal preference without any discrimination as the male fraternity receives, in reality, even after 15 years of promotion of gender equality and giving power to women, the world remains a place to show an indifferent attitude to both these issues. It is said that worldwide almost one in three women suffer sexual violence and whenever the said type of incidence occurs, there will be a huge hue and cry to punish the perpetrator.  The laws are so mute that they are not able to take any quick action, particularly in India and other developing and backward countries. The oppression, atrocities, rape, physical torture on women are unpardonable social injustice and almost everywhere people raise their voices incessantly, but still statistics show that respect for women, inequality and women empowerment are only a matter of discussions. Hours together, we deliberate on these issues in various forums, but the end result is a big zero.

Coming to the income disparity, women earn less than 30% as compared to men’s income.  The literacy level of the population of adult people shows that the majority of the illiterates are women.  As per the record, about 1.2 billion people worldwide earns less than Rs. 100/- per day and India is the world’s extreme poor living country.  

The United Nations has provided a gloomy data on women and poverty, drawing a correlation between these two parameters.  As per this data, Beijing is trying to take various measures to increase the level of gender equality and empowerment to women.

The abode of the extreme poor population of various countries in the world is lying with the Asian countries and they are India, China, Bangladesh and cumulated these countries constitute almost 50% of the people living in poverty. With respect to gender inequality, another factor of utmost concern is the life expectancy. The average life expectancy of women population in high-income countries is higher as compared to low-income countries. Statistically, all over the world, women are the most sufferers with respect to their own financial adequacy. In fact, 1.3 billion women do not have any access to a financial institution and that is why they do not have a bank account.  These female fraternities suffer most due to pathetic living condition.  

With respect to the education of school going children, the scenarios of the urban areas are comparatively better than the rural areas.  In urban areas, the girl or female child at least expects a bit of an education depending on the family’s income status.  If the parents are financially somewhat solvent, then the girl child gets a good and reasonable education and where the financial condition is a burden, they get less support to carry out the their education. But in the rural area, now also, the rate of the illiteracy is quite high, particularly in poor countries. In most of the rural areas, the girls are employed for household jobs, fetching water, cleaning houses, cooking foods and ultimately getting deprived to get the light of education.

: 2 :

Another aspect is IT, where the women are not that accessible to internet connection.  In developing countries, women are 23% less likely than men to be online.

During the past two decades, many voluntary organizations, NGOs and Social Media are trying their level best to reduce the gender inequality and advocate for more women representation in various political and social organizations, institutions and autonomous bodies, but still the world lags to protect the human rights of women.143 countries out of total 195 countries surveyed so far are screaming all the time for a gender equality and they  want to legalize the concept through a constitutional binding as of 2014.But they find it extremely difficult to legalize the matter and convert this issue as a rule. Observing the discrimination, inequality and accepting certain roles as a guaranteed one for all the women, it can be easily said that our society is  full of hypocrisy and we show our  lip sympathy only to this crucial issue. Even in today’s hi-tech world, there are some countries where the non-national spouses are  denied the right to acquire property.

At the same time, there are countries like Singapore, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland and Netherlands where gender inequality is relatively low or nil.  Here the women get adequate respect, which they deserve.  They have every right to perform all the duties and responsibilities, which are earmarked for the men.  In fact, Singapore, which is relatively a small country, generally does not tolerate any heinous crime like physical and sexual torture or rape and the punishment is so severe that the people dare enough to show any discrimination between men and women.

Despite the world and its many countries, which are so much technologically advanced, have intellectual manpower and have vast resources, but we are yet to remove this gender inequality and  also not able to increase the women empowerment. So, it is tantamount to the fact that we only say, scream, shout and discuss earnestly in favor of this vital input, but not at all interested for any output or solution because we want to subjugate the women and ensure they must be controlled by us and that is the significance of the male chauvinism society.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Intrinsic value of precious gifts

On the eve of any auspicious occasion or festival, people prefer to gift precious things to their beloved, which obviously bring joy to them. In the same way, you also become jubilant to receive gifts.  The exchange of gifts to celebrate functions and festivals is a common syndrome.  But have you anytime thought of giving gifts to yourself to increase the intrinsic and positive value of life?  The answer to this soul searching question will be mostly ‘no.’ Don’t be panicky because the majority of human beings will fall in this category. No one has ever thought of  this subject of introspection that deeply.  But this is fact that to increase the idealistic value of your life; you must give the following gifts to yourself.

  1. Gift a power to build your health and maintain a system to be always healthy both physically and mentally.  The proper diet, a strict regime of exercise and devotion to God  is the precious gifts for you.
  2. Gift a habit to read and write at least for an hour every day.  The statistics say that any successful person in any corner of the world maintains the habit of reading and writing minimum 2-3 hours each day.
  3. Gift enthusiasm because if you devote your attention to anything with full focus, you definitely achieve the result.  Enthusiasm increases your agility and provokes you to struggle more to taste the success even you have to transcend steep obstacles in your life related  to your profession or social.
  4. Gift the habit of positive thinking.  The continuous thinking of positivity even in the midst of your distress, failures, despondency and gloomy situations increase your sustenance power and then you will be surprised to visualize your summum bonum.
  5. Gift endless love so that you love yourself and others. Mostly, this word is linked to the understanding of most of the people as the love for food, drink and sex.  But your gift is more than this and it is related to intrinsic love.  If you understand the inner meaning of this concept and practice this power, your life will be very colorful and then you will develop a habit to serve others and extend your helping hand in their distress. Your countenance will be so charming that people will enjoy your company.
  6. Gift knowledge and increase the power of your knowledge.  This knowledge is a vital tool based on which your survival depends.  The more you acquire this trait in any field or various fields depending on your grasping power, you will lead a meaningful and blissful life.
  7. Gift the habit to meditate for a reasonable time to control your tottering mind.  If you resort to this activity of carrying out meditation for twenty minutes daily, you will be able to calm your fidgeting mind.  A controlled mind will never recede you into a shell of negative traits like showing jealousness, involving yourself to show favor, nepotism and anger.
  8. Gift listening ability.  A good listener always wins half the battle.  In any situation of conflict, hullabaloo, quarrelsome, if you maintain your this gift, the opposite person will automatically calm down and the acrimonies arise out of any situation will be evaporated like a water vapor.
  9. Gift power of hearty smile.  If you smile on any occasion, the whole world surrenders to you.  Just apply this philosophy to see the outcome.

  1. Gift feeling to remember God in each of your endeavors.  If you are able to inculcate the habit of saying,” If God be for me, who or what can be against me,’’ in any situation, He will definitely help you to overcome your grief and sorrow.  And when you are in a joyous mood for achieving any success in your life, then also your thinking should be that because of His support and guidance, you are  able to achieve the said feat.

The material gifts are enjoyable and the same will bring in joy to you, but the above gifts will not only inflame your inner power, but also will increase the intrinsic values of your life  with respect to increase your idealism.