Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Enlighten your soul to enjoy the haven of spirit

Human beings are so much attached to their desires, comforts, wealth and mundane issues that they seldom find time to search and seek the path of the religious spirit. They are so much bogged down with the circumstances evolved out of various situations, they feel that the desire of the religious fervor automatically comes when you become old and somewhat wise because by the time, you have achieved and completed all your responsibilities. This thinking is completely prejudiced. With all the responsibilities duly discharged with efficiency at each stage of your life, you must focus and keep a slot regularly to enlighten your soul and seek the true existence of your precious life. You will experience some turbulent time when you will feel utterly depressed and despondent.  At that time, you may not be able to concentrate because you are not able to seek the real truth.  Your inner sense will not in a position to guide you as if, you are neither here nor there.  It seems that you are passing through a dark night in a dense forest resembling like a shambling gait.  You will feel everything as dark, dull and profoundly pessimistic. Some religious and spiritually enlightened persons call this phase as a black spot on a charming mind.  Many people may not have the courage to visualize this particular phase in life because it is termed as a spiritual desolation suffered by the cause of identification conflict and your latent desire to achieve more and more.

In close interaction of the first chapter of the Gita, you will observe Arjuna’s depression and despair out of his inner conflict to combat the exterior circumstances, which is termed as Arjuna Vishada Yoga.  In life, all of us pass through these types of Vishada Yoga and precisely for that reason; enlightenment of the soul is very much inevitable to offset the effect of the dark night of the soul.  If you happen to experience this spirit  of life, you will accept this truth. When this spirit is defeated, we cry because our mind, then becomes biased to see every action and the consequence thereof in negative.  Contrarily, when our spirit is rejuvenated, we find blissful, become cheerful, joyous and tries to help and do good to others. This is a cyclic condition in anybody’s life.  The more power of good spirit you develop by cultivating good and religious habits, your dark night of the soul will be under your control. The situation then will not influence you, you will dictate the situation whatsoever may be the outcome; you will not be emotionally imbalanced.

One of the very pertinent questions of life is to awaken your soul to know the purpose of your life.  Why are you here?  What purpose you need to fulfill?  If you have decided a purpose, is it only for yourself or for others also?  Some people lead their lives, enjoy the same, and take the help of others for their own survival without thinking and connecting themselves with the purposefulness of others.  Here comes the question of enlightenment of your soul.  But to know the spirit and to enlighten your soul, you have to embrace the path of spirituality. You should have a strong devotion to the Almighty.  Many times, for your internal spree to search the real purpose of your existence in life, you will feel lonely and struggle with various conflicts. The more you pass through this phase, the more you will be able to counter the same and enter into the realm of self awareness of the true meaning of life. During this phase, sometimes you will be alone feeling depressed. It even happened to Arjuna when he saw that he had to fight with his own relatives on the battlefield of Kurukshetra.

As per the mythology, during that time, his limbs were trembling, his mouth got parched, his hair was disheveled, he was not able to pick up his “Gandiva bow” properly and he was completely devastated.  He was sad and lonely and not interested to take part in the battle.  His counterpart, Duryodhana was not at all afflicted with  these feelings.  But Gita was not composed taking Duryodhana as the central figure; it was Arjuna, because he could manage to awaken his soul to identify the difference between good and evil.  He was trying to be on the side of Dharma.  He was not relishing the fact to enjoy the kingdom doing perdition to his blood relations.  As per him, this was a crime and treacherous deed.  He was in the midst of a dilemma whether to give support to Dharma or go against it.  In the battle of our daily lives, we face these types of situations often.  Some people take the side of the Dharma as they don’t want to impure their soul and some others don’t bother to accept this theory because they have not enlightened their soul at all.

However, if you consider the above phenomenon as an integral part of our life, you will find that many of our plan of actions will lead to frictions, strife and contrite and eventually make our lives like Kurukshetras and finally, we get entangled in quarrels, conflicts and many other violence. But if we understand with our sense of spirituality,  we will feel that all these momentary things are baseless and frivolous.

Once you are able to enlighten your soul, you are able to discriminate between the good and evil and Dharma and Adharma; you will make this world a haven of spirituality to enjoy the same blissfully.
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