Thursday, January 29, 2015

Bedi's government will imbue aspen women to slash society goons

Bedi’s government will imbue aspen women to slash society monsters



The higgledy-piggledy of Delhi’s environment will be definitely eased if Kiran Bedi becomes the Chief Minister. But her announcement for this coveted position creates a chaos in the BJP.  Even though this party seems to be more organized and their cadres mostly do not involve in  any unscrupulous activities at least openly, they have displayed their resentment in the last week in some part of Delhi publicly.  Though BJP’s top leadership is not given much of a cognizance to this ruffle, the political analysts are professing that this particular decision of nominating Kiran Bedi is not a wise decision, particularly to counter the electoral battle due on the 7th of the next month. Some even say that BJP may have to suffer the consequence of this decision.  In this state assembly election, their arch rival AAP will not leave them in peace with respect to an easy win keep aside getting the absolute majority.  Arvind Kejriwal’s AAP will not be defeated easily as the top echelon of BJP is contemplating.  In fact, to dispel this fear, the Prime Minister Modi spoke punched with virulent words against him at his recent Ramlila Maidan rally.  From Modi’s sally enriched with bitter eloquence appears that this election fight is between him and Kejriwal in personal level. At least, it should not have been.  By now, BJP has understood that it is a tactical mistake.  The strategist Amit Shah, under the mentorship of Modi, has thought all his calculated risks like he had earlier taken to dislodge the local governments in  the state of Maharashtra, Haryana, Jharkhand and J&K due to their discredited governance, in Delhi also, he will be successful, but many insides of the party are  crossing their fingers.


In fact, by projecting Kiran Bedi as the proposed CM, BJP is creating the election of Delhi as a fight between AAP vs AAP.  Technically, one may agree that Kiran Bedi was never a member of AAP, but still people’s memory are not that short- lived because she was a coterie of the team comprising Anna Hazare –Kejriwal, who used to fight against the corruption and social instability. So, Amit Shah is on the same line of thought and deploying his clever movement to win the election projecting Bedi as the chief minister.  Also, by projecting her as the CM, BJP is also expressing their apprehensive mind that influence of Modinomics, say “Make in India”, “Swachh Bharat” and eradication of black money and various other significant moves coupled with the victories in a few states are not that sufficient to obtain a simple majority against the various contenders of AAP and so, they are implementing this strategy of bringing in an outsider.This obviously has caused the inner bickerings in the party, which Amit Shah has somehow put under a lid tactfully at least for the time being. He may think so, but this action of BJP has definitely antagonized the cadres and the members just before a few days of the election.  Now, why BJP depends on Kiran Bedi?  Let us examine the fact.  She was a tough administrator and even now also.  She has tremendous appeal amongst the middle class population and women, in particular. The issue of women’s safety, which has almost mired with miry, will be definitely revitalized and she has a die-hard attitude.  But she will get a real challenge from AAP.


The middle class population had shown their earlier apathy towards Kejriwal for his abrupt resignation only after his 49 days of the ruling.  Thereafter, of course, his apology has made them to forgive him for his impulsive behavior and reconsidered his stake as CM. The minorities are also finding AAP as an alternate to the BJP. 


The local bastis of Delhi and the destitute stricken with severe poverty are also looking to their messiah Kejriwal because he was one of the politicians till today, who vehemently opposed corruption in all sectors of administration of the government.


Now, there is a  logic to project Kiran Bedi which is entirely to save Modi’s popularity.  If you analyze the fact of almost ten months ruling of the NDA government at the centre and the BJP government in different states, you will find that the image of Modi has only been predominantly active everywhere.  It is not the pictorial image, it is related to functioning.  Occasionally, of course, Rajnath Singh and Arun Jaitley’s voices are heard, but it is again starting with Modi and ending with him.  As far as party’s election strategy and other activities are concerned, Amit Shah is formulating various strategies and implementing the same under Modi’s guidance.  So, by projecting Kiran Bedi as the CM, and if BJP loses, then the Modi’s image will not be tarnished.  She can be acting as a proxy to save Modi’s image and popularity.  Now, whether the BJP will win or not, whether Amit Shah’s killing instinct will fructify in the fruition of forming the government in Delhi and whether Kiran Bedi becomes the chief minister or not, time will only tell, but this decision of the BJP is a calculated risk.  It may yield results; it may not as you never know the mood swing of electorates.  The democracy is a big term and when you believe in democracy, the movements for change are obvious. 


Presently, for a while, if I don’t delve into the political assessment and give my reasoning as a neutral person, I wish Kiran Bedi should become the chief minister of Delhi because she will be the only politician without political background and because of her immense administrative acumen, she at least will reduce the barbaric activities of the miscreants.  The way the Delhi women’s plight, I find in national dailies, I am sometime horrified that, are we living in a country which is the biggest democracy in the world.  The various crimes like oppression, atrocities, rape and gang-rape on women will definitely not be tolerated by her government and that much I am sure.  Prior to Kiran Bedi, there were stalwarts like Indira Gandhi and Sheila Dikshit were at the helm of national and state respectively, but still the women of Delhi were always getting trampled like a torn foliage, the reason behind is that they were hard core politicians with a tremendous political background.  All their focus was related to the governance, politics, economics and growth of their parties and their own positions.  The women’s safety definitely was in their mind, but their preoccupation with many affairs was a big deterrent to look into this sensitive issue.  Kiran Bedi will have a distinct advantage because she is an IPS and tough officer and so she will definitely curb this social injustice and stigma being meted to the  aspen women of Delhi and I am confident in this regard.


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