Monday, August 31, 2015

Attach without attachment must be the way to go

Vedanta says the more you attach to your possessions, the more you will be burdened with grief and sorrow. Attachment is like an illusion; it increases your appetite, you ask for more and more, but you never get satisfied. Have you ever thought what is wrong, if you possess enough in your life? If you have an abundance of wealth, name, fame, manpower and status quo in society, there is nothing wrong in your possession for the same.  But no sooner, you get attached or addicted to the said things and you are not able to survive without the same, then you swirl in the twirl of different types of pains, since  you are not able to satisfy your desire. You become sick, you become greedy and sometimes, you also envy others wealth, despite you have everything. This is only the catch and loopholes of attachment. Many a times, people  disagree with this concept and not interested to show whatsoever  feeling of detachment to their  possessions. In this process, they misconstrue the teachings enunciated in the Vedanta. Vedanta only advocates that you must not show greedy of your possessions.  If you introspect some of the concepts that laid down there, you will find the reference of homeless and dispossessed. Many people have left their home and all their possessions to get mokhs after being attached to the religious fervor.  Vedanta does not say that you should follow the same principle, because it is a personal choice, which path to follow in life for complete Margyadarshan. One must understand that possession is a physical entity and so, these teachings of Vedanta should not mean you become a monk living everything. You should not ignore the responsibilities connected with daily living. You may be the king of the world and everything may be under your disposal, but still, you can be aloof and remain free from the concept of mine and  refrain yourself  from bragging the word of “myself.”

Vedanta teaches us renunciation and non-attachment.  You should not show your greed for the things you possess. Once you become avarice for your possession, you cannot come out from the mental bondage and you will be more addicted to your possession.  This is known as a mental frame of addiction towards your belongings and it is not a physical state.  You have to renounce your dependence, attachment and acquisitiveness. You must understand the difference between the possession and the possessiveness. You may be a very wealthy person, have worth of millions of assets and you have comforts of every materialistic entity, but you don’t have any addiction for all these, then you are a man showing non-attachment to all those  attachment.

Passion for possession is known as your excessive zeal to acquire, possess and dominate.  Ultimately, this leads to the slavery of bondage and you lose your characteristic freedom.  You show the frailties in front of your desires of possession of various things. You need to get rid of these desires of possession. It evolves from dependence and it lacks self-sufficiency.  All the symptoms related to fear, frustration, quarrel, anxieties and suspicion arise from this possessiveness. Then, you face many failures. All these failures are the root cause of emptiness, incompleteness and deficiency. The basic reason is that, you are too occupied with your own self and you are damn busy with your own identify only. 


Vedanta always says that you should be completely satisfied with the things what you have in your possession and you must have no regret in your life. But you are not aware of this fact, because you are ignorant of the basic principles of an ideal living. Your inability to find out your completeness is your fault. You create a void. Desire arises in your mind to acquire and possess various materialistic things to fill this void.  When your desire is fulfilled, you become elated. When desire is obstructed and denied from you, you become gloomy. Vedanta provides you knowledge of fullness. Once you experience this fullness, you are free from any desire. Then you are not dependent on this world. Vedanta prescribes the techniques how  to get along with all the allurement laid down in the world without any attachment so that you are comfortable at any stage in your life.  Vedanta teaches you to gain the world, have its exposure, feel its glamour, but not to be attached to it.

You have to search the turning point within yourself and be aware of the same.  This self- awareness is the main cause for your successful life.  This also provides you a sensibility, willing to learn, understand the meaning of good and religious ways of life and intellect.  If you ignore all these things, you are not in the perfect mode of life.  You have to get rid of negative characteristics like jealousy, envy and your getting engaged to criticize people and their deeds. You should not show be meanness and also should not be much occupied with your own self. These will not allow you to inspire with a higher vision. You must follow the 3D principles in life, which are the ideal deeds, devotion and detachment. You must perform all your duties in the name of spirit and show your sincerity to those particular work and service and sacrifice for a higher goal. Your attitude must be always to give and not to take. In the name of devotion, one should not feel the same only as love and respect for God. It is the love for your family members, neighbors, friends and acquaintances. You must avoid hatred, animosity and feeling of competitiveness.  One who can follow these, are definitely near and dear to God.

Another expectation is discrimination, which is the way to go in the right direction in life.  This discrimination is nothing, but the depth of your knowledge. The more knowledge you acquire, the more will be your power of observation and the ability to identify. This knowledge is the magic wand of your success in life. And, you  can help others with the distribution of this knowledge to their benefits. Your accumulated knowledge when you start distributing, you become further knowledgeable. Your knowledge will make you mentally strong and stubborn, so that most of the so called sufferings will not make you vulnerable. In this way, you reach  the centre of the wheel of life. Then, you will gain mastery over everything you do, you see and you listen. The worldly things, no doubt, will occupy the rim and make you ponder to get addicted to the same, but you have to exercise your willpower so that you get detached from those allurement. Needless to say, the objects of attachment will move and spin ceaselessly around you and make you greedy, but through your power of  sacred deeds, devotion and detachment, you have to provide the motion to the life wheel taking the balance of the same in your hand. You must project and position  yourself in its centre.   

Friday, August 28, 2015

Become ambitious to become an achiever

If you want to be an achiever and have ambitions to achieve many accomplishments of your likings, you must be a proactive person. You have to be a confident performer, so that your mediocrity, if any, crops up does not deteriorate your spirit. You must be in a position to ignore the critic’s negative criticism and continue to show your dedication to accomplish achievement one after another. The only criteria you must be  ambitious.  If a person is ambitious, he will turn all his leaves to ensure his fighting spirit to transcend any barriers, which are on his way to block his progress. Again, ambition is a quality, which you can increase, if you practice to remain positive and sincere in all your endeavors in life. If you have an unflagging determination to accomplish your target, you will definitely do so. You will find many people, who are insolvents, financially weak and classified as destitute, but due to their immense power of propelling themselves to be ambitious, they achieve their goals. They are hell bent in their style of running lives. That is one of the  glaring examples how the ambitious people never believe in the theory of “let go.” There are many people, who fall in this category. For example, Albert Einstein, who started his career from a very modest beginning, mesmerized the world with his invention, which changed the texture of scientific history. Albert was born in the nineteenth century and his condition was very poor. He started his initial years of career like any other ordinary boy  who  lived in miseries and destitution. But from the very beginning of his life, he was a firm believer of positivity and he was very ambitious. He was obsessed with a determination to see that his fanatic attachment to scientific discoveries was met. He used to carry out all his studies, experiments and related efforts to pursue his goal to the very end. His determination was his big asset and finally he emerged as one of the renowned scientists of the world. His main characteristic trait was the power of determination and based on the said power, he was not only famous, but also the pioneer of scientific inventions. There is no doubt that everyone cannot have this power, but at least, we can try to achieve a fraction of the same. It is the basic formula of the nature and it is applicable to all. The only difference is that some are able to take the opportunity in their stride, but most are failing to do so.  Even though exercising this magical power is not so easy, but everyone is born with this great quality. The human beings are the most intelligent species in this world.  So, all of us are potentially having the power to make ourselves as a super human beings.  What is needed to turn this quality to bring achievement is your dedication, so that the inherent potentialities can be converted into actualities. You need an insatiable hunger to fulfill your dream into results. Of course, this hunger must be supported by well planned efforts and strategies. One must remember that success is not a fancy jargon.  If you want to be successful, you have to burn your midnight lamps days after days, years after years.  Success is the result of your own striving very hard. If you would like to be a super achiever, you must recognize your own capabilities, utilize  the same and if there is any deficiency because of which you are not able to accomplish any feats, you must hone out your capabilities. 

We all have some unique qualities and our success depends on how we identify and utilize the said quality with all our marvelous planning. It is to be remembered that you are not the creator; you are being created. And so, you must understand your limiting roles and external stimuli acted upon  to delude success from you. 

There is a law of nature and you have to adjust your all activities within the norms of this law. If you fail to recognize your limitations as well as external constraints, and if you are not able to overcome the same, your life will be full of anxieties.

To become an achiever, you should be ambitious, but not an adventurer. It is good to be confident, but at the same time, you should not be arrogant.  Fix up your target and put your efforts to achieve the same.  But it should not be at the cost of any other person’s success and shadowing his peace of mind. You should be a great planner. You must refrain yourself from committing any corrupt practice and immodest behavior causing others displeasure. It is a commendable idea to be a self-made person, but not by snatching others rights. You should never take the negative side of life’s happenings; instead, you must always search for the positivity. You must either follow or ignore the happenings occurred in the external world. When you accept the external happenings and carry out the same in your way to fulfill your accomplishment; never blame yourself for wrong results. You have to be ambitious and put your best efforts. You should never desire any action to influence the said happenings when as per your own  consciousness, the same is wrong. That will be risky; it may bring favors to you, but mostly, it invites failures. If you are wise enough to have control and adjust the external stimuli, needless to say, your rate of success will be increased considerably. But in that case, you have to be an extraordinary achiever and ambitious. It is an intrinsic fact that no one can challenge your ambition, but it is also a fact that your ambitions must be in accordance to the law of nature.  So, you must be a practical person.  Always accept the practicalities of life and you will be able to achieve success little faster than what you anticipated. All of us are supposed to live between  the two sets of compulsions, one is limitations and the other one is known as advantages. So, it is your duty to identify your limitation while you seek for your advantages. Never go beyond your limits and try to reach somewhere, which is ultimately beyond your capabilities. Do a balancing act between these two factors to achieve the success as fast as possible.  Life is full of thorns. It is not a smooth journey and is splashed with many constraints, turbulence and unpleasant situations.  Face the consequence on its value rather than ignoring the same. You should be ambitious, but not at the cost of seeing your day dreams. An ambitious man who acknowledges the reality and accepts the norms of pleasant and plausible life, will definitely be a super achiever.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Enlighten your mind to follow your intuition

When your mind is not able to recognize any signal coming out of your intuitive power, it seems that you are not able to perceive and sense the meaning of that cue. It could be that you are  not  eager to identify the said signal and its meaning. Perhaps your mind is not illuminated enough to understand the signal. In that case, it is to be construed that your mind is not functioning because the same is agitated with the happenings of the past and the events of the future ignoring the present. Your mind is not in tranquillity. Your mind is prejudiced with outward environment and its happenings. You are allured to get anything of your utmost interest and your mind is prompting you to rush through the madness to acquire the same, and they are mostly propelled by your extrovert thoughts. You become completely insane and your mind forces you to guide in the path of activities whereby you are so obsessed that unless you achieve or fulfill the objects of desire, you are not getting calmer. To make these extrovert thoughts to become inactive, to make your life to save from various perils, you have to accept or take the sacred functioning and religiously follow the path of ideal living intermixed with meditation. The power of  meditation will make your agitated mind tranquil and you will not be perturbed or will be influenced by the extrovert nature of thoughts. When these thoughts are destroyed, your mind will be in a no-thought stage means you will be blessed to be guided by the thoughts of your soul or inner power of thoughts. At that stage, your mind will be without any agitation and it will reach the highest strata of meditation. And, then you will be able to catch the signal as stated above and understand  the  meaning of the same.

Thoughts will always cloud your mind and many a time, it will provoke you to outburst with an angry gesture and it will be of self-riotous compulsions coming out from the two distinct sources of your life– the past and the future. Some thoughts, which are emanating from the past consist of the memories of the good and bad that already happened and stored in your memory bank. Out of these memories, some of  the thoughts, which are the confusing one and in that, it baffles the individuals with regrets and sorrow, repentance and force us to reminisce the reason of the causes of those happenings. Joys and pleasures are raised with the memories of the past. These past memories always guide you in the fragrant moments of the present. And your present is always getting besmeared with the good and bad feelings of the past. Here is the catch.  You must put your efforts to get rid of these past memories and to accept the fact of the present and continue with the same. Another aspect of mind for its  getting volatile is the futuristic source of thoughts.  We mostly carry away with the wings of mind’s whims and fancies to drag us into an imaginary world of dreams. In this world, we are made to ponder at the future possibilities of doomsday, tremble and remain confined in hopes of successes and introspect dramatically either in the losses or profits out of life’s adventures. The past is always a sweet or dark memory to unearth the moments in which, we had already buried either our joys or sorrows. But still, we are guided by those thoughts for no good a reason. We always do these futile and unproductive exercises whenever we don’t want to advance in our lives. We mostly exploit our energies in these wasteful reminiscences over the things, which we have already committed.  The important notion is that the more we remember things of this nature, the more the same will be getting ingrained in our personality structure.  Then, we will not be able to come out of this phase and we will be unable to control our mind.  At the same time, when we are not preoccupied ourselves with the wrong conception of entertaining the regrets of the past, we propel ourselves in the fairy castles of the fancied futures, which are mostly submerged with ugliness, fears, obnoxious dreams, battered hopes and if and buts of thousands of unwanted expectations and desires.

These futuristic hopes may unnerve our mind and senses at times. When our mind  are not rattled by the perception of objects and allurement of the same, we should not conclude that our thoughts are inactive and ineffective.  You may think in this way, but it is not so.  Our mind, when it is not that preoccupied with the worldly affairs and many other trivial issues related to the past, it can choose its own course of action of thoughts overshadowed by the happenings of the past or the futuristic things going to occur.  Of course, the mind is relentlessly thinking either on the past deeds or the futuristic incidents. It is fact that the mind is always agitated with the past or the future. In either case, the mind of the individual at mediation can be impaired with sadness. This is the reason, the monks and sages advise us, “Moment to moment engage the outgoing mind to live in the present.  Completely, reject the past.  Renounce the future totally.  Then, in such bosom, the agitated mind shall reach the state of mindlessness.” This state of mind is known as no-mind.  The content of the existing time divorced from all relationships with the past and the future is the absolute fullness of the infinite. 

The past and the future moments have definitely its meaning, but if you ignore the present at the cost of the past and the future, then there is no meaning of life’s fulfillment.  Then, you can never enlighten yourself. Eternity is always visualized at the sacred depth of the present moment.  When you live in the present forgetting the past and the future, you are able to connect yourself with the Almighty.  Actually, living in the present and that too leading a moral life, is like you experience Samadhi, the revealing cultivation of meditation. You must seek this opportunity in your own way. Nobody can give this feeling to you. You must feel this by your own introspection.  Each of us must enlighten to reach this stage on one’s own ability. No other vehicle will be useful for this journey.  You must concentrate on this particular moment of present and embrace upon the same to reach the stage of eternal bliss. And then only, you will perceive the meaning of any signal coming out from your inner sense, which will benefit you and other human beings through you.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Insecurity is your greatest enemy

Most of us have a tendency to ponder for various types of insecurities in our lives. Even something worst might have not happened, but we start to think of the crisis and our enemy Mr. Insecurity grapples and makes us gloomy. At times we become so sensitive that we contemplate to even suicide. Feeling insecurity may turn you to a gradual negative thinker and you will not be only afflicted with mental disharmony, but also your physical health will be substantially deteriorated. Further, this feeling will be having catastrophic consequences in professional, personal and social domains. Insecurity derives mostly from unwanted anxieties. It is true that life is not a smooth path. There will be turmoil, anxieties, constraints and various impediments. But one has to know the techniques how to overcome the same. Truly speaking, all the negative consequences derived out of various bad situations do not bring the insecure feeling at all. But the thoughts related to the impending anxieties only make us more conscious and we become tense and insecure. At that stage, many unwanted questions repeatedly crop up in our mind. What will happen?  How will we survive?  How will we face all these troubles?  All these questions only make us insecure.  For example, we fear about loss of a job, we fear about the loss of our wealth, name, reputation and even loss of our beloved family members and all these happen more often than not what we really obtain from those perils.   

The various disorders due to anxieties are based on  exaggerated neurobiological sensitivity, which is a cognitive affinity towards information flow whether the same is correct or not. If this neurobiological sensitivity happens regularly in your life, it will lead you to stress syndrome and chronic inflammation of your body and mind. It will make you look old and haggard and restless despite your real age. You will be proven to be a stressful person and your temperament will always be out of control. Most of the time, you will be feeling irritated and on a slightest provocation, you will outburst.  There are end numbers of medical cases when you or anybody might have observed that young, otherwise healthy individuals suffer a heart ailment or a heart attack because they are unable to control their anxieties or insecurity feelings. This insecurity is in direct proportion to the degree of attachment. The more you are attached to anything or any relationship, the more you will be unsettled towards that particular aspect. In a love and hate relationship, you will observe this sequence more predominantly.  For example, for your commute to your working place, you require a car. You have its possession by an arrangement of the loan. After a short while, you become too much possessive to acquire a particular brand of high end model, which is beyond your means, but you manage that particular swanky car. In that case, you will be definitely inviting trouble for your financial health. And this trouble will lead you to insecure feeling in the near future. You will be tempted to think whether your decision to purchase a higher end model is justified or not. At a subsequent stage you lose this precious item, means you are not able to afford the luxurious item any more; you feel insecure and become sad and pale.

In our life, we do much wrong and take these types of impulsive decisions. Ultimately, our these decisions land us into depression. Remember that indulgence is not a bad habit, but craving for the same and fear of losing it, is awful. There is a famous adage that the monk need not to sell his Ferrari. He has to only convince and subjugate his mind for not showing limitless attachment to the same. Insecurity always makes us crave for attachment to some specific things. This particular trait thrives on attachment. Our spiritual gurus preach us to make ourselves as dispassionate human beings. We should not be a passionate person to cling to anything, which only makes us more insecure. Except spirituality, you should not be attached to any worldly affairs more than its need. That extra attachment will bring insecurity.

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In the case of spirituality, the more and more attachment will not be harmful at all because spirituality does not bring any depravity. When you show the attachment, the same is much more than self-denial. You need a lot of mental courage and fortitude to convince you for the denial.  It is not a phenomenon of abstinence.

In today’s fast paced life, we require name and fame and want to make a fortune quickly.  Our energy always propels us for competitive mindset, provoke us  in unscrupulous race, only care for self-growth and ardent desire for position and hierarchy in corporate entity. All these factors make us to run pillar to post and when the goals are not met through, the fire of insecurity engulfs us. Insecurity is a damaging consequence. It can trouble you ceaselessly. Insecurity predisposes one to act recklessly and the outcome of the same is terribly disastrous. When people reach that stage, they are termed as hyper or in layman’s language as short tempered.  If you happen to mingle with these types of persons or if they are your colleagues or even life partners, you must be very careful in dealing with them. Such people sometimes may create unpleasant situations. We are aware with two quotients, namely emotional and intelligent.  Apart from these two influencing factors, which mostly determine the pros and cons of  our lives, there is another quotient exists. The same is known as security quotient. One must be taught of this psychological aspect how to combat against various unruly scenes in life. There is a specific point positioned in the hypothalamus that decides the level of our satiation. Some people are satisfied easily and some others are always disgruntled despite everything they have. We always debate whether we should be easily contended or we should be  very ambitious to achieve our goals after goals. If you are very passionate in your work or to your studies or to some extra curriculum activities, the same should not be considered as a precursor of excessive attachment.  Rather, it should be treated as a blessing. But If  you cling very much to the end results of all your said efforts, the same is damaging, because once you are being deprived of your desired fruits of your efforts, you start feeling completely insecure. The flame of your desires is just inflamed by the allurement and greed of your attachment.  In other words, contentment is one of the effective ingredients of your well being both mentally and physically and it will save you from  insecure feeling. 

Friday, August 21, 2015

To become wise,you need not to be a literate

Wisdom cannot be acquired easily and is not measured by the time span of your life, i.e. how long you survive and your erudition. Irrespective of age, span of the life, academic qualification, rich inheritance, one may be very wise at any given point of his life. At the same time, one  may possess all the above characteristics, but still may not be wise. How you utilize your power of common sense, your inquisitiveness, your acumen of questioning to extract answers from the other person and your learning ability, it all depend on your perceptivity to differentiate between the states of wise and ignorant.   Your academic brilliance necessarily may not make you a powerful and wise man.  For example, if your mind is as fresh as the rays of the sun or the Ganges water, then you can learn anything to come out of the darkness of ignorance.  In fact, not to know a particular thing is not a crime. If you think creatively, you will find that wisdom is basically an application of your inquisitive mind in almost all the spheres of our life, which is new and fresh. It is inherent quality and we all have in abundance. But we do not use the same. We must ponder on these issues. What is holding our life?  How life is governed? How we face the ups and downs in our life and how we manage to control and beat the time of sufferings?  All these, which uphold our life, are termed as wisdom in a broader sense.

If you are ignorant and in the eyes of society, you lack  wisdom, you are not at all inferior, because psychologically, most of the ignorant people are very religious minded. The so-called intelligent people and the torch bearers of the society who like to be always famous or identified as the most powerful people, are not the people  of wisdom. You are only wise when you know how to entwine the old and primitive ideas and the latest developments, so as to make your and other lives more plausible. For example, a tree which has roots, deeply seated below the ground are old, but its shoots are relatively new. Our life must adapt this postulate and this is exactly the word “wisdom” interprets. The modern and the old saints exist; in the same way when the old and the new exist together, there is a cohesion of wisdom. The reason is that the ancient knowledge is mixed with the new ideas and theories, which ultimately gets transferred in a unique type of wisdom and people become wise. For example, when technological experiment results any invention, the scientists do not take respite. They continually review their inventions, remodel the same, study and review again and again. This is essential and this is one of the prime factors of our country’s rich Heritance of collective wisdom. We have not changed our pattern of thinking to forego the ancient cultures and traditions. Without deviating from those ancient traditions, we, of course, march past and make ourselves adapt to modern day’s requirement, which technology has opened matching with the theme of ancient creations. 

Despite all these explanations, we must search and introspect, what is meant by wisdom?  What makes us to become wise?  If we are not wise, what will happen?  Does it mean, we will not be prosperous at all?  Nobody likes to suffer.  Nobody wants pain.  Nobody wants to be upset.  But, still we suffer, we face pain and quite often, we become upset.  It is our lack of vision and our inability to identify the reasons, which makes us to pass through various causes of pain, sufferings and anxieties and so, vision makes our life more meaningful.  It connects us to the universal.  Your existence in this great world and many sensory gratifications that bring your enjoyment does not necessarily make you wise. The power of wisdom is to identify the real meaning and purpose of your life to identify the causes of existence and survival. The same needs to be utilized in the proper direction and manner for your blissful and ideal life. It has no direct connection with your academic qualification and the level of your literacy.

You can find many wise people, who are illiterate and have no basic qualification.  In fact, wise people may be less in the circles of literates. The wise people know how to talk with other people in a proper manner, how to keep harmony in society, how to manage their homes and finally, they are even ready to sacrifice without bothering their own comforts.  Wisdom is a great quality, which brings you cheerful, energetic and increases your desire to celebrate various occasions in life.  Ultimately, all these traits keep you healthy.  You will be full of laughter and you will be always optimistic to see the future in the light of positivity. To make you wiser and less ignorant, you need to be a positive thinker  and know how to propel your thought process for the benefits of the society at large. Why it is so?  Because, thought is the  security guard of your mind. Emotions are the most vulnerable  thieves in this world. And, they are more powerful than thoughts.  You may think that everything is in your control, you are managing well and you seem to be  happy.  But no sooner, you are engulfed with emotions, as if thieves burgle your house and ransack all the items therein; these emotions plunder your wisdom and trample your  good senses and ultimately they take away all your  positive thoughts and make you restless and upset. You became an imbecile and ignorant at that time.  Then you find that your emotions are much stronger than your thoughts.  Situations always dominate you.  You may like to see yourself as happy, but a sudden splash of emotions erupts and all your energy of happiness gets dissolved. 

For this reason, one has to work and lead life in different layers.  First is ecological binding where the body  commingles with the  pattern of breathing, because this is a vital link between the mind and the body. Second is the link between the mind and the thoughts and emotions.  Third is the connection between the mind and the spirit through which, you control your mind to drift away from all passions and immoral activities. All these layers are practiced and streamlined through the techniques of meditation and contemplative prayer.  After a period of profound practice, one will find the thought who is the security guard  of  the mind is propelled by his consciousness. By the time, all  the thoughts become completely subservient to the owner. During that phase of life, you are a complete wise man, irrespective of your background, heritage, literacy rate and countenance.