Tuesday, August 4, 2015

You have to accept both good and bad periods

On any particular day, you cannot remain the same person throughout with respect to your mood, temperament and emotions. You will pass through the day amidst various changes and that is the fundamental norms of life. At one moment, something good happens; we feel elated, energetic and jubilant. The next moment, we  crumble with bad information and we become gloomy. Immediately thereafter, when we are just coming out from the cloistered phase of despondency, we receive a payment in the mailbox unexpectedly and we are again energized with a beaming face and address anybody gleefully at that particular time. Again, during your return from the office to home, a swanky car from behind almost kisses your car and whisked past making you enraged and you start  mumbling slangs with a sibilant. Reaching home, you are immediately invited to the drawing room with a surprise of your son, winning a trophy in school sports. Your irritating feeling and change in your mood because of the other car and that driver’s irrational behavior  gets drowned after you observe  the accolade of your son.  So, in a day, we find a variety of moods and emotions playing out and those emotions have an effect on our behavior.  When we get bad information, some of us are not able to cope up and we get depressed for a longer period of time. The effect of this bad information keeps us in a sad mood and we lose all our hope. During this phase, we torture us either by working more or get addicted to smoking or drinking or simply sleeping and whittling away the time.  By taking the path of drug addiction, some want to get relieved of their pain with a feeling that they will never be happy. But one thing is clear that the bad and the good period are a cyclic formation and governed by working pattern of life. A bad phase will be followed by a good one and this process is bound to be continued indefinitely.  One must know how to surmount and have patience to do so.  The common people are the most victims of the bad phase as they are emotionally very much distressed and imbalance and in this situation, behave like an imbecile. Because of their less assertiveness, some are not able to cross the barriers of the bad phase easily and are sloughed in distress for a long time.  If you compare us with the saints and monks, you will find how they are different.  One must admit they are also after all human beings.  The only difference is that saints consider that the soul is eternal and changeless. Life is like a drama; curtain will up and go down.  It is a period of some defined years, but the soul is the silent watcher and observing all the incidents being performed by us.

Sometimes, we see happy periods and some other times, we feel very sad.  In this way, we always feel the ups and downs and the cyclic norms of good and bad in our lives.  Sitting in the room with an idle mindset, if you want to solve the mysterious ways of life and think why various pleasant and unpleasant things happen, you won’t be able to reach any conclusion. Your instinct will provide you an answer what are the good things and what are the bad, but  how you can control and take remedial actions, no one will be able to tell you. You have to support yourself by working religiously and rigorously. In this process, you will face many constraints.  If you always want to be happy and not want to face any sorrow, it is not possible in worldly affairs. You may be a very pious, firm believer of God and His power and then also, you cannot guarantee that you will be always happy.  Happiness and sorrow are the two sides of a coin. 

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Of course in some people’s life, sorrow is more and blissfulness is less.  But by your perseverance, patience, affinity for spirit and tenacity for working hard with integrity, you can convert your sorrow in happiness to some extent.  Our life is full of illusion. One can compare the same with the sky. One day, the sky is clear. Then a dark cloud hovers the sky, making the sun disappear and its light gets pale. Then the dark cloud passes away and the sky is clear. In a similar way, our lives are prone to many opportunities and constraints and one needs to be constantly monitoring the same for the betterment. The bad and good periods which will appear and disappear.  How you tackle it, depends on your caliber. Our approach to life must be to accept everything with calmness. The revealing fact is that our true self is the soul.  The soul, a traveler in the physical world wears a body and a mind  and make us to experience the nature of our existence.  Life is a theatre.  We flock here to play our roles. Once the roles are over, we go back to our origin  from where we appear.  As the play progresses, there will be so much so dramatization of various events conforming to our roles.  We will have happy events and sad events.  We have to take these events as one after another like cloud overcast the sky and gets bright.  Nobody likes to be gloomy for ever, but it will vanish.  We have to take them as a passing phase and do our duty. We should not be very sensitive and get rid of our responsibilities. We need to have perseverance, so that sad events are moved away.  Instead of reacting proactively to various events, we must remain subdued.  As the play of our life which comprises happy and bad events evolve, we must show our calmness.  Automatically, they will not bother.  We must focus our endeavors to the blessings of God and spend a certain amount of time reminiscing Him every day.  We must be seekers and not the getters and then only, we can experience joy and mirth.  We must understand the fact that clouded sky will be again brighter and so, we must perform all our duties accordingly and accept both the periods of good and bad considering the same as God’s wish and advice.

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