Sunday, January 11, 2015

Dazzling and voluptuous Ahmedabad organizes PBD

During this week, the city of Ahmedabad was dancing down to receive the throngs of NRI. The swarm of these Indian diaspora was presented with new year gifts by their beloved Prime Minister Modi on the eve of 13th  Pravasi Bharatiya Divas (PBD), which was held at the Mahatma Mandir in Gandhinagar.  This particular PBD has a significant and memorable incident that it commemorates the centenary of Gandhi’s return to India from South Africa.  This high profile function was attended by 4000 plus NRIs from over 45 countries.  The guest list contains high profile dignitaries.  After taking the oath of the Prime Ministership, Modi has been making a great endeavour to establish a direct link with the NRIs. The everlasting relationship of Modi along with these NRIs was developed well before the last Lok Sabha election and the reciprocating gesture was shown by the Indian diaspora by visiting this PBD started on the 8th instant.  One of the key figures, Bharat Bahrain who was instrumental to organize Modi’s program in Madison Square Garden in the USA, was present in this PBD to make it as a successful mission to increase the image of India-led by Modi.  At PBD 2015, apart from NRI’s, many other high profile dignitaries, say president of Guyana Donald R. Ramotar; South Africa’s Minister of International Relations Maite Nkona and the Vice-president of Mauritius Monique Ohsan Bellepean were also present.  The ambassadors of several nations and Indian origin astronaut Sunita Williams also graced the occasion.  In this PBD, Modi has paid a homage to Gandhi by inaugurating a Dandi Kutir; a 3D museum on Gandhi’s life.  A coin commemorating 100 years Gandhi’s return to India was also released.  The external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj and the Chief Minister of Gujarat respectively, had organized a lunch and dinner on the aforecited  day.


As per his promise, Modi has already initiated the legislation to merge Person of Indian Origin and Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) schemes and this important action plan will ensure the visits of experts to their homeland without any hassles.  Modi is also initiating action to provide life long visas to NRIs.


The jubilant and elated NRIs were damn pleased to flock together and they were charged to do something for their homeland as a respect to their mother.  They were vociferous in their logical assertions that Modi’s India is making no stones unturned to extend cooperation to NRIs, so that they can open more and more industrial ventures in India.  One NRI from Dubai by name Sohan Roy was very excited to set up a 3D television manufacturing unit at a large scale in India.  He had already established his business in China as earlier he was not very confident, whether his business venture in India will be successful or not. This government’s pragmatic approach and Modi’s leadership have given Sohan Roy and many other NRIs like him an extra confidence level and enthusiasm to invest a sizable amount to push up the manufacturing sectors in India.  To balance the same echo of confidence on Modi’s capability, another NRI tycoon from Thailand also expressed the same assertion and agreed that the attitude of Modi-led government was positive and this environment would create an excellent platform to initiate a radical change to establish more and more industrial ventures.  As per the statistics, the total FDI from individual NRI in the fiscal of 2012-13 was 4700 million US dollars and the same type of investment has already touched an amount of 70 billion US dollars in the year 2013-14.  This itself shows a significant growth in FDI of individual NRI. Modi is very sure to increase this figure and he is taking utmost care by inviting all potential NRIs to attend this  summit. Needless to say, the various activities that were evident in this PBD, is a very positive and exhilarating sequence for all Indians to wait and see the outcome, which to my mind is an arduous and incessant  effort of astute leadership  of Modi and his other members of the Government and the BJP.

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