Saturday, December 20, 2014

Modi's leadership ranking no 2 is India's pride

 Indians are obviously very elated and proud with the news of Modi holding the position of second in the list of 30 top leaders across the world.  As per the Japanese research, Modi is only behind the Chinese President XI-Jinping. The Japanese market research firm has revealed their findings after an assessment of various factors, the majority of which are personal image, leadership quality, ability to motivate and integrity of thirty top performing leaders in the world.  German Chancellor Angela Merkel was chosen in the position of  third.  One of the major criteria, apart from the above, say the confidence level of citizens in their leaders, helped Merkel in the third position. Modi not only ranks no. 2, but also he surpasses the world top leaders, namely Obama and UK Prime Minister David Cameron. These leaders belong to the world’s developing nations and quite ahead in most of the sectors, namely technology, finance, health and social as compared to India.  Despite their big advantages, they could not defeat Modi in the ranking. 


The findings of the Japanese firm’s survey consist of more than 26000 at random sample respondents and the firm is a highly intellectual one to carry out this type of activity for quite some time. This Tokyo based firm, GMO Research rated XI- Jinping as number one mainly based on his leadership quality and the China’s phenomenal growth under his leadership. Chronologically, the first three rank holding leaders, namely XI- Jinping, Modi and Merkel have a score of 7.5, 7.3 and 7.2 respectively on a  rating scale of 1 to 10.


The survey results were published by Harvard Kennedy School’s Ash Centre for Democratic Governance and Innovation and these findings were thoroughly examined with an analytical approach by one of Chinese experts in this field, namely Anthony Saich.


The fourth, fifth and the sixth ranks are held by French President Francois Hollande, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Putin of Russia respectively. Their scores are 6.3, 6.1 & 6.0 almost neck to neck.  Quite surprisingly, Obama received middling marks in 6.6, just ahead of the British Prime Minister David Cameron’s  6.5.


Further, with respect to the performance of each  individual leader  how they handle both the domestic and international fronts, the Chinese President XI- Jinping is declared as an emerging leader in scoring in terms of percentage as 94.8 and 93.8 respectively in these two categories.  Modi scored 93.2 and 93.3 percent, respectively.


: 2 :


Because of this extraordinary acclamation, Modi’s responsibilities are increased almost to the infinite level.  Metaphorically, when you are a leader, you are bound to give leadership to your followers, when you are a hero, you are bound to show your heroism, but when you are a leader with  an extraordinary achieving capability like Modi, people expect more and more from you and unable to accept you in the handicap of any limitation. This is the present scenario of Modi. Despite his hectic schedule, hard work and taking the dishevel growth of the manufacturing sector into his stride, he is managing the show by running pillar to post and at the same time trying  to strengthen his party’s base in various states.  Somehow, he got some  foothold in some states, but many states are still to be in his party’s clutch. 


He has completely understood the present working pattern of the governance and accordingly decided to take the leadership role by taking direct control of the Project Monitoring Group to fast track investment pending worth of 300  billion USD, since long. The whole purpose of his direct involvement is nothing but to ensure the growth of the manufacturing sector, which only will augment and boost the economy.


He has already been criticized that despite having a clear cut majority, he is not able to push up the reforms even after six months.  May be the critics are correct or may not be, but the fact remains that you may control directly, you may monitor, and you may have a lot of perspiration on your face by doing excessive hard labor, but at the end, if the result is not reflected in your work, there is no point of getting accolades of world’s number two leader.


This criticism is also not that incorrect because industrial output  in Oct-14 is the worst performance in the past three years and which is not in line with the slogan made by Modi “Make in India.” The monitoring activities of the Project Monitoring Group  of the government were earlier conducted by the cabinet secretary level, but now after taking the direct control, Modi can help most of the business organizations to expedite plants in coal, power, steel and infrastructure projects for which lot of clearances are normally needed. If these clearances are given rapidly, perhaps boost-up of economy  will be there in its place in the year 2016; otherwise, the present situation will be continued despite Modi runs here and there and give speech after speech.  


The formation of this Project Monitoring Group under the PMO was the brainchild of the last Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh, but he could not yield  big results because of the change in the government.


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But now, when it is decided to implement the said principle under the direct control of Modi,  definitely there will be a flip in this activity. Modi has also nominated some of his closest associates, who did work with him when he was CM in Gujarat and as per their opinion, Modi’s direct involvement with the Project Monitoring Group is a laudable one.  For example, Posco, a steel giant of South Korea was digging hill to start the green field project in India, but not able to make any breakthrough in the past nine years. They have waited for a considerable period, but not able to start their proposed 12 billion USD steel plants till today.


Business confidence is definitely developed in the last 6-7 months, but this level of confidence is now to be translated in  kicking-up the investment after completion of each and every clearance process on an immediate basis and then only, his accolade of rank no. two, perhaps will make him no. 1 in the world in the distant future.  




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