Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Will magic of Modinomics extinguish or inflame?

If you happen to meet Modi, either by appointment or by chance, you will be struck by his warmth, loveable smile, a powerful handshake and folksy humor with a pan and anecdote. Moreover, if you belong to Gujarat and are able to converse in Gujarati, he will feel pleasure to converse in the native language.  Yet, many times, he feels sulky, not able to show his authority authoritatively, succumb to the pressure of the opposition forces and many times remain silent on the issues and motives of the subjects brought in by his companions and close aids. In this process, even though he is focussing his attention to increase the gravity of his three ideologies which I term as Modinomics, but the same is not yielding its spontaneity. Whether Modinomics will really fetch any result for the benefit of the common man or not, it is a doubtful proposition unless there is a radical change in the implementation process. These fundamental principles or slogans as developed by him are praiseworthy, but the only thing the same doesn't able to integrate properly with the people whose expectation from him is almost limitless. These Modinomics are “Make in India”, “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” and the  ‘’Bring back the black money.” All these policies must be applauded, but  enough thoughts are to be given to these issues for implementation. The formation of policy is one aspect of the government, but the significant result derives only when the policy is implanted with a well thought of strategic implementation formula. Let us take the case of “Make in India”. In the past six months, apart from the speech, assurance, dialogue, advertisement and promotion through the website, nothing concrete has been done to manufacture more products originated from small and medium scale industries. The “Make in India” is a conceptual identity and just by bringing some international manufacturers and making and marketing their products in India, the “Make in India” idealism can’t be popularized. The important fact will be to augment the industrial growth synchronized with the communication power to advocate the growth of local make products and that is only possible when more and more investment from the local entrepreneurs and industrialists of India will come forward, of course with the help of the government’s friendly policies towards industrialization. By setting up manufacturing units of the automobile or defense equipments or helicopter by Japanese or Russian Conglomerates will not revolutionize the concept of “Make in India”.


His second vision of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan can be adopted when people will be inculcated with the ritual habits in the proper fashion. Lack of sanitation, toilets, health sanctuary will not scale up this Abhiyan except to show Modi and his party members in the confluence of cadres with broomstick to clean the areas of railway stations, pavement and some roads.  


The mass scale evolution of this type of Abhiyan is to be integrated first by creating the amenities and basic facilities, particularly in rural and semi rural areas  so that the  habit of maintaining the cleanliness becomes an automatic practice by every citizen of India. There are rural areas exist even today where people visit fields or side of railway tracks for their morning rituals. So before making this type of  the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, people are to be provided with facilities, trained and the cleanliness thoughts are to be integrated with the basic culture and then this type campaign will be successful. Just like that  making a campaign and doing some activity to clean the roads and pavements will be only a gimmick.


The third Modinomics of bringing back  the black money into the system is a well conceived plan, but without a defined and clear cut thought, this type of action plan will  die on its own. The first question crops up in my mind within how many years and how much money and from which location means which countries, this will be retrieved? For example, if India has not established a treaty with a particular country and they appeal to retrieve the money from a particular person in that particular country, how then the money will be channelized? Will that country will hear India’s appeal? Even otherwise say, India has a treaty with a particular country to channelize the black money, but that particular country may or may not act on this unpleasant  demand or appeal  of India in time and expeditiously.  

So, all these Modinomics are now smoldering and over a period of time, it will smudge and then it will be difficult to inflame  these policies and it will extinguish because nobody likes to hear the propaganda again and again and watch the consequences there upon.


By running pillar to post, states after states and galloping some countries, Modi has definitely created a magical illumination of conduciveness of economical, political and social environment of India, but the strong policy, reforms, industrial growth, which are  envisaged  by many  political analysts and experts and envisioned by the people of India, NRI and foreign investors, there are big question marks after the passage of nearly seven months of the governance.. If this type of activities continues  for more time, then  Modi has to recede into a shell and from there to get his visions inflamed again will be a difficult and also an arduous task for him and NDA government.














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