Thursday, June 18, 2015

Every revolution except religious one is obtrusive

Our life is full of thorns. Though it is glamorous, but it is riddled at each stage. You can make your life  beautiful by putting your best efforts and at the same time, you will be, no doubt provoked by its allurement to make it more pompous. Is it possible to lead a life, which is free from all glittering and miseries? Can your life be without any revolution? It is possible, but not easy for most of us. The grueling and cumbersome paradoxes involved in our lives make us engrossed so much that we become dazed very easily. The nagging thoughts of our social and economic upliftment swirl us so much in a convolution that thoughts of revolution cannot creep in except the religious revolution.

In a greater sense, the social, political and economic revolutions are not at all making that sense, which religious revolution fetches us. When a religious mind revolts, there is a meaningful interpretation of the same with regard to life because then the life brings in no contradictions, conflicts and quarrels.  Most of us pass through very many ambiguities and confrontations most of the time.  In any chaotic scene, which is full of conflicts, is the resultant force of incongruity, social disharmony or serious differences in opinions.  The general tendency of human beings that everything we discuss, touch, feel, explain and thrust upon turns into conflicts inwardly and outwardly.  Life itself gets entangled in conflicting mode due to self-anxieties or tension. The human beings lead into conflicts due to wrangling between each other. Life is a battlefield because we are always submerged with conflicts. Conflicts cannot be ceased, but it is never creative, it is always destructive.  To live blissfully, you need peace. It should not be an economic peace or it should not be peace in war, political peace or the peace required when the two parties suddenly become agitated while doing some negotiations. This peace is something you discover on your own and evolving from your inner self.  This frame of mind only will enable you to blossom, grow, function and prosper with much effectiveness. It cannot come to you when you are inflicted with conflicts consciously or unconsciously. The question here comes; is it possible to lead a life without constraints, conflicts and contradiction in today’s world, which has a plethora of struggles, hardship, pressures and bondages in various stages of social and business relationship? If yes, then that is the real living; a peaceful mind forces you to live in peace.

When your mind is under the influence of peace, you can find truth, honesty and your purpose of surveillance.  If you want to establish all these facts, you have to first feel the beauty of your living and that is possible when you are not shrouded with any conflict. God also likes the same.

But you cannot completely eradicate conflict. You must assess the nature of conflict.  Instead of doing  thorough assessment, we avoid conflicts and indulge in sensual  gratifications and engage ourselves to drink, sex, social networking, filthy activities, unnecessary gossiping, and wasting precious time and at the most, visiting temples and undertaking pilgrimages to show our attachment to religiosity.  In reality, we want to find an escape route.  We try to avoid conflicts, but most fail.  This avoidance is the real cause to generate conflicts. 

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If you are able to apply your intellect and make your mind, heart and the whole system of your body to become immure to conflict, there will be  serenity  When your mind is peaceful, you will always behave logically.  Your mind then cannot think of any kind of disputes.  You will be always energized to form a right kind of relationship with everyone.  This right relationship will prompt you to sacrifice your own comforts, but see the other’s benefits.

Conflicts can be visualized from inward and outward.  Outwardly, we come across various conflicts, namely the war between the countries for the disputes of border infiltration or cross border terrorism, economic disparities and pressures of the superior economies on the poor one, religious disputes and personal prejudices. The world is completely devastated by the religious wars from the beginning.  Except a few religions, almost all the others are engaged in the war in the disguise of sacred or holy war.  It is awfully wrong.  The religion has no place of war.  The religion is a very sacred entity and religious people are warned not to involve in politics because the same is poisonous as it indicts and pollutes the mind. It provides intoxication. The inner conflict is further more complicated.  To understand this, we must be rational and logical thinkers.  We must be pretty clear in our thinking, acute in our observation.  We must be very critical in observing the whole nature and the purpose of conflict and how the same arises, what makes it to grow and what are the causes for its aggravation. We are fully aware of various kinds of conflicts, when there are sufferings.

In most of the cases, we conform to the pattern of the societal norms, its regulations, and stricture and no sooner we find deviations, and  the same not suiting to our terms and recognitions, we try to retaliate inducing conflicts.  These conflicts arise because there is a distraction of the conformity. But all these will not be there, if we follow the path of a religious revolution, which makes our mind calm, peaceful and then there will be no ulterior feeling for any conflicts.

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