Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Discover your power from any source

Discover your power from any source

You never know from where you get your power to express positive thoughts to transcend all the barriers in your life. It could be from some words inscribed somewhere, a particular place, a designated person, or some animated objects. Some words have magical power; it may be in your own languages or not, which sparks off special thoughts and ideas to you. At times, you may not understand the real meaning of the words, still the utterance of the same boosts up your mental power and prompts you to engage in some creativity.  The Spanish word “Querencia” is an example.  Through this word, one identifies the same as a place where security and serenity are felt.  One can also induce the strength of his character by following  the inner meaning of this particular  word. This word resembles to a place from which, we speak our own truth. This particular word is derived from the verb “Queren” and it represents the desire to acquire something or yearning to achieve a particular object.

Inner power is such a thing, you never know how the same is getting transmuted and you become energized. Inner power is induced by various types of constructive thoughts, which illuminate your desire to perform good deeds. Some people get influenced to have these thoughts when they sit in a secluded place, devoid of any noise and disturbances. Then there are people, who always like the company of a few designated persons whose talks and words energize them for a thought provoking sequence. Again, there are people who are very much influenced, when they embark on a journey of spirituality.  Through this spirituality, they obtain a source of power.  The “Querencia” need not be a place, which call for danger to others.  It must be a place wherein you are not influenced by other peoples violence, anger, irrational talks, sarcastic comments, humiliation and derogatory expressions.  When you are in a prayer room and very sincerely pray, you won’t be affected by ill feelings In the same way, the prayer room, religious and other sacred places must be a “Querencia”, which will energize you to be bestowed with a source of power.  This power is the fundamental strength of your life to govern you to follow the right direction to lead a purposeful life. 

Although, we are very much connected with our inner self, every one of us has an identified  place where we find the complete solace and  confining ourselves therein, we are able to integrate  with our thoughts, instincts, gut feelings and wisdom. We are very much comfortable at home, but apart from home, there are places where we feel equally comfortable to get our inner power.  These places may not be same for each of us.  Some people are energized in the midst of mountains, some other feel very comfortable in the garden and still, there are people, who are able to induce their intellect when they visit near the ocean and sit there for hours together. Psychologically and physiologically, some of us are able to tolerate a particular season. For example, some people are afraid whenever winter approaches, because they get attacked by cold, winter breeze, which is beyond their tolerance and they become lazy and sick. Similarly, during the course of the day, our mood swings because of work pressure, difference in opinion with others, social constraints and many other mundane issues.  For some people, during  the course of the day, they are more relaxed and feel safer and also energetic.  When you are at your peak and you are in a place of your liking, you will be bound to engage in various types of activities say reading, writing, singing, painting, cooking, gardening and even extending voluntary services to others.

In life, we search for many excuses to confront with others including family members. When the confrontation is over and we analyze the reason thereof, we surprise to  find how confrontation aroused because  of the matter  as it was so trivial.  If we are able to ascertain and search the source of power, we can avoid many physical harms, emotional imbalances and psychological distortions. These things are arisen from the inner feelings of dejections and perceived inadequacies.  If we are able to exercise our power of inner thoughts, particularly related to spirits and spiritualities; we can bury the things, which are the reasons of the confrontations.

In our positive approach, we can find Querencia in other people; they may be our friends, mentors, parents, spouses and helpful acquaintances. If you observe that when you relax at home, you always prefer to wear a particular type of informal pattern of cloths.  In this mood, you can search the source of power to refine your life’s purposes. Retreating to one’s  Querencia does not mean that you hide from your own world. On the contrary, you must take the advantage to gain personal power from this meaningful entity, which you face in your living world.  For some people, their bedroom, bed and comforts of the same are the Querencia  because these things  provide them the power to sit comfortably to think, discuss, gossip, lie and even sleep.  So, this particular place is producing many activities related to creativity as well as leisure for them.

Many human beings are clear where they can get the feeling of the above comfort to introspect and purify their thoughts, but there are people, who are completely ignorant to identify this or they are not at all aware. They take comfort as their requirement to satiate the sensualities of different types and they do not think beyond that point. Our bodily system is highly sensitive and if we capture their signals, we will be able to understand our Querencia.  But we mostly ignore.  The crux of this meaningful entity is that we must uncover ourselves to become calm, creative, courageous and bold based on the power inside us and  put efforts on a continuous basis to search the same
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