Saturday, May 16, 2015

Modi's lacklustre achievement for the past one year

Modi had taken the country’s political helms in a very turbulent time and thereafter he has been trying very hard to augment the growth of the country.  In many of his meetings before he was elected as the Prime Minister of India, he had promised many things for countrymen with respect to economic and social upliftment. But the people have yet to get the fruits of his labor, but all are very optimistic that better days will come sooner or later, because Modi’s intentions are very clear and laudable.  


Modi  has been moving country to country to strengthen the bilateral relationship and requesting various countries like USA, China, Japan and Russia to strengthen the business relationship and setting up more manufacturing ventures in India, which is really appreciable. If we closely analyze of Modi and the performance of his government, it is found that the same is not that encouraging and they are mostly futuristic. Slowly people are getting restless and wondering what big changes have been made in the past one year. The efforts are there, but the result is not visible. The reason is that NDA government has taken certain things for granted that no one can dislodge their government immediately.  This conceptual belief is  correct, but you never know what game you are going to face in politics.  For example, Marxist Government of West Bengal can never imagine that they will be dislodged by Trinamool Congress of Mamta Banerjee.  In fact, many Calcuttians know how mercilessly the present Chief Minister was humiliated, sometimes beaten by the police force under the instruction of the then government.  Why it was so?  Because, the CPM government was so complacent and contended with their activities, they were not able to  correctly interpret  the  writings on the political wall. 



Curbing the inflation rate, not allowing to increase the  price of essential commodities and maintaining a reasonably good law and order situation will definitely give an edge to Modi and his government, but if the common people continue to struggle with their essential things, like getting employment, more disposable income in their hands and a better standard of living with healthy amenities, they will not be in a position to support this government again.


Many people are of the opinion that Modi’s efforts will definitely yield the result in the distant future. But the question is this how far his efforts will work to woo the overseas investors and their respective governments, time only can predict. We all know that Modi is a workaholic. He can manage the whirlwind tour all over the world and also can review the  domestic state of affairs simultaneously, but practically, it is not possible. All the past Prime Ministers had their external affairs ministers of very capable magnitude and they used to establish the bilateral relationship with various countries under the broad guidelines of their respective Prime Ministers. Most of the Prime Ministers used to monitor the domestic state of affairs in depth with their physical presence. Modi has run the government of Gujarat very satisfactorily. The road, infrastructure and quality of life in Gujarat are unparalleled.  But running the state government and running the central government, though, looks apparently similar, but there is a vast difference. Modi is stretching himself too much and  taking the burden of others responsibilities on his shoulder. Now, if all his efforts do not yield results within another one year and so, Modi’s rhetorical power to convince the countrymen that good days are coming, will slowly fade away. And then, no sooner, an alternative equation of various opposition forces gets united; these same voters will not think twice to shift their support, which they had extended to Modi fanatically. In politics, no one is your permanent friend. So, Modi now needs to think more about strategical issues rather than employing tactics.
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