Monday, October 13, 2014

The river of life

Sthir and Asthir are chum friends.  Despite their difference in attitude, behavior and lifestyle, their relationship is quite thick. They invented a hedonistic idea of journeying down the river.  Asthir was exuberant and overwhelmed with the river’s speed, energy and her own enthusiasm.  She told her friend, “I am desirous to plunge into the river and would like to carry on with its flowing stream.  I meet you later.”

Then, she took the plunge without waiting for her response. Initially, she was bit panicky about the strong current of the river which swept her along. But then she was determined to conquer all the odds of the river. The current took her to a long distance, making her far away from the shore.  She was not able to see her beloved friend any more.

The waves got bigger; the water deeper, the river widened and everywhere there was water only. The gushing became so forceful that she was knocked about on the waves.  She was hurt being choked by foreign particles and creatures in the river.  She cried for help and started yelling, “Help me, please help me to the shore.  I will otherwise die.  This monstrous wave of this forceful river will ravish my chastity.  Oh God! Please send someone to save me.” No one heard. Life is like that.

In the meantime, Sthir had set out on foot.  She decided to walk down the river bank to enjoy its gushing wave.  She ultimately walked a long stretch along the river observing its water, waves, colour, and twilight but with a sullen face because of not knowing about the condition of her friend.

Two decades passed on. Suddenly, both the friends met again. They hugged, kissed and embraced each other with a great affection and love.  They shared their experiences on the river of life. Asthir admitted that she did have some fun, but the journey was utterly painful and tiresome.  Even she accepted that it was God grace that she managed to escape from the waves of the river. 

Sthir affectionately told, “I was very keen to follow your steps. The river was also inviting me to undertake the hedonistic journey.  But I was not in a hurry.  I rather chose to walk.  I was more interested to enjoy the scenic offerings around the river.  I marvelled at the sunrise and sunset that were so different each day.  One can’t decide its beauty unless observes day by day.  It was simply amazing.  The open blue sky was re-assuming as being the stars at night. I played with the countless birds and butterflies on my way. I stopped to smell the forest and waited with baited breath for the kingfisher to dive into the water for a quick meal and the seagulls that flew over my head. I was all the while pondering to throw myself in the gushing river like you.  But I decided other way round and follow the natural course of life.”

Asthir said, “I realize after twenty years of my worldly experience that why you are better than me in your thoughts, perception and conviction. Life is defined to be calculated systematically with a measurement book which you have done better than me.”

Both the friends then sat in silence, mulling over the choices they made and the experiences they gathered, perhaps the river of life is not that easy to ascertain.

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