Saturday, February 13, 2016

To bring changes, you need to energize your mind

If you want to avoid monotony in your life with respect to your profession, social and various issues related therein, you have to observe everything with a new mind set.  Unless you change your attitude, approach and methodologies to perform various duties, you cannot expect changes in your life.  If you closely analyze the reasons of the conflict, misery and perpetual sorrow, you will find that our affinity towards our beliefs and dogmas, our relationship, and companions are the root-causes. We take  different conditions granted and follow the routine day after day without any assessment of efficacy of the same.  We never try to break the shackles and never bother to find out what is the reason of our following the standard pattern.

It is not possible to ascertain the real reason when your mind is tethered to any types of dogmas, traditions or belief. This lack of desire to ascertain is not because of incapability of inquiring or investigating, but our mind is prejudiced to embrace upon the new changes.  We are not interested to infuse a fresh way to induce our mind to see the changes that is taking place continuously  around us.  Further, our attitude resists to accept the new changes, new processes or any new ideas for the betterment. Once you are able to destroy your biased mind and thoughts, which you used to consider earlier because of your sacredness, and this attitude is the main reason of your not identifying what is true in life? If you observe carefully about various happenings  both technically and mechanically, and also if you analyze the relationship of people to people, you will conclude that a clearly visible tenacity throughout the world is to defy freedom in the real sense is missing, the nationalities are getting divided continuously, and ultimately this is producing fragmented societies.  When the fragmented nature becomes more prominent, you will find more complexities and less acceptability. 

Our society controls our mind, shapes our hearts, our behavior pattern and norms stipulated by the society. Because of these norms, though, we are compelled to change our pattern of thinking and actions thereof, we don’t follow the same because of various constraints related to our reluctance to accept the changes. Our actions and various other issues are the determining factors and the prime criteria to ascertain the culture and religion, we live in. We may follow the creed either of Hinduism, Communism or Christianity.  Our religions have a tremendous impact on our thoughts of accepting any new idea and implement the same.  As stated already, our society and its norms have a direct bearing on our thought process. The same has also an influence on the traditions in which we live, what type of education, we receive, what type of food we eat, what is our friend circle and which religion we like? When you decide to bring in any change, you have to induce a revolutionary trend and you have to question the norms and the stipulations of the society. We are always bothered and worried not to bring about a different action, and a different entity as an individual.  We must inculcate the habit of not following any things blindly. Society is nothing, but a bonding relationship of many individuals. This bonding is based on ambition, jealousy, friendship, power of name and fame, position and egoistic feeling and all the related things, which a man is able to think and establish for a meaningful life.  This is the real fact of life. In this fact, we forget the presence of God, our religious scriptures and we don’t even give that much weightage to our gurus, saints and saviors. Our daily life is based on our various accomplishments; desire to grow leaps and bounds, unlimited wish for wealth and fame and positions. Unless you break down this pattern of living, you cannot have a restraint on your mind, which is always being allured for obtaining materialistic comforts. And then, you cannot have a religious revolution.  And without this revolution, you cannot get the power to initiate any positive change. 

A religious revolution is not concerned with reactionary nature at all. It is concerned with ascertaining of the fact and destroying the same, if it leads to negativism. This negative perception is related to the society’s proximity to greed, ambition, nepotism, favor, lust, anger, which destroy us completely.  We know that the structure of our society gives prominence to these qualities.  Because of these, even our desire for a religious revolution, we are not able to free ourselves from the bondage of the above qualities.

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But to come out of the shackles of these influences, we need a new mind, to develop a new thought process and  then only, a new world can be be positioned. This postulate is not meant for some people who are well acclaimed in the society because of their valuable contributions, it can be for any type of person irrespective of their caste, religion, status and money power. In fact the ordinary people like you and me can also bring in any type of changes by a shear grit and determination. No one can force you to effect positive and meaningful changes in your life as well as in society. Only thing, we need to change our mind, our culture, our thought process and our way of interacting with others. Then only we will be able to bring a radical change in our society.  For this, our mind needs to be quiet, calm and  must be free of conflict. This type of mind only can think for an effective and purposeful change, which ultimately will be beneficial both for the individual and the society.
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