Wednesday, February 10, 2016

How to increase intellect to arouse creativity?

We  are aware that we live in the creative age.  The competition is fierce and the desire for materialistic comfort is always in upsurge trend. At the same time, longevity is  more.  Though most of the time due to constraints in life, we are gloomy. The occasional happiness  when arrives, we try to forget the sad episode and get energized to involve in the revelry.  Despite all these things, we live now with more creativity.  The more and more  people like to shine and show their creativity in the fields of arts, music, literacy and spirits. As per Daniel Pink, there are four ages, the Agriculture age, Industrial age, Information age and the modern conceptual age of creators. If we consider his theory of last one, the faculty of creativity is not an inborn quality. It is an acquired quality and can be learned, of course, with perseverance and dedication.  Creativity is that art by which you can perceive your world  in a new way, give focus on lateral thinking to find out solutions to your problems and turning new ideas into realities.  Your new ideas may not produce results immediately, but if you give your  focus steadfastly, you will be able to find out something fruitful out of your ideas.  Here, don’t misled between creativity and  the power of imagination. Creativity depends on what you think and what effective actions you take to turn the thoughts into realities.  If you only think and don’t act, the same cannot be termed as creativity.

Creativity often comes from the power of thinking. It could be dull, ordinary or just a routine one.  Or you could have a big thinking, but the same may be beyond  your capabilities.  You must acknowledge the fact that at the initial stage, very few thoughts  are truly superb and  you cannot take the same  as granted for implementation.  To bring ideas into action, you first recognize your talent, assess your intelligence and passion.  Once you are able to identify these attributes and hone your skills to think in a right direction on a continuous basis, the effectiveness of  the power of thinking  will be increased substantially. Here the intellect has a prime importance.

The ability to think, questioning others to know the causes and effects, an inquisitiveness to learn more, weigh various options before deciding a solution and also the ability to discriminate between the good and the bad depend on your intellect and deep observation power.  Take the case of eminent scientist Newton. When an apple fell on his head, he did not ignore the issue as a trifling one and utilized his intellectual power of thinking to develop the famous law of gravitation.

An argument may come up that everybody is not Newton.  It is absolutely correct, but unless you use your intellect, you won’t be able to arouse your creativity.  To sharpen your intellect, your mind needs to be calm. The disturbed mind cannot yield any intellectual’s thinking because the same will be distorted.  To have a calm mind, you need to get rid of desires and ego, which create pressure and make you sensitive.  You must inculcate a habit to think bypassing the self-centered values.  Your thinking must focus not on an individual basis, but on a collective basis. Life should not be fixed only to your family members and beloved one. When your thinking is related to I, me and myself, you cannot sharpen your intellect, because you will always remain within the boundary of routine actions.  If you are able to break through from this syndrome of limitations, you can achieve an extraordinary performance.  But the problem lies that we are so much bogged down with the concept of me, we are not able to observe the world freely.  We are mostly fixed in our limitations.

The mind must be in reverential mode.  The mind must be propelled to think on right direction, and then you must discharge all your responsibilities to your best possible ability knowing that the results will depend on many factors, which are beyond your control.  If you surrender yourself to the divine power, your mind will become calm.  You must think not only for your own benefits, you think of others too. Love for others will bring solace to your life. We get this lesson from Krishna when he said to Arjuna in the Bhagwad Gita, “Love the Kauravas, but kill them, if you have to.”  Love is an universal phenomenon, but the actions behind this depend on the nature you are dealing with. 

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Your body must work ceaselessly with all energy and enthusiasms, but there should not be any attachment.  You can reach this stage of detachment when you are able to focus your thoughts  on the higher realm. Detachment from the lower realm or worldly affairs is only possible, when you get attached to the higher.  This provides a sense of availing objectivity, which in turn, provides you a divine blessing.  Respect is the real mantra of success.  It provides you an opportunity to convert your talent to achieve your desired goal.  Respect is one of the major parts of intellect through which you can find out an opportunity  how to utilize the same for the betterment of your growth.  The more you show respect to everyone, you will also get the same as a reciprocating behavior.  When your intellect goes up, you will be able to provide many brilliant ideas and these ideas will provide you to hone your creativity.  You will do your best and take all corrective measures till your ideas become fruitful.  Respect converts mediocrity to excellence. It converts your belonging from an ordinary person to an extraordinary intellect person.

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