Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Surprising Visit of Obama on next Republic Day

It is definitely a swashbuckling news  that Obama is going to grace the occasion of next republic day parade in India. He has accepted Modi’s invitation, which is one of the rare incidents in the history of Indian politics. He is the first president of the USA who has ever accepted this sort of invitation and the full credit, undoubtedly, goes to Modi. Perhaps Modi’s repartee, intelligent gesture and friendly confabulations expressed in his last visit to the USA,  prompt Obama to accept this invitation to be present  on 26th January, 2015. The White House press secretary Josh Earnest has acknowledged this visit, which evokes a tremendous sensation here in India politically.  The Republic Day is basically celebrated in commemoration and adoption of India’s constitution and when the said type of celebration is observed by none other than the President of USA, this itself shows how Modi has snared the biggest power of the world. Needless to say, Obama will meet Modi and other top officials of India to strengthen and expand the India-US business and economic relationship. The announcement of this impending visit was flashed by White House immediately after Modi tweeted this missive that the American President has accepted his invitation to honor the function of the 66th Republic Day Parade.
Obama is the only President who had travelled to India twice with his first visit in India comprising of the megacities of Mumbai and Delhi.

Importantly, Obama has overlooked his domestic itinerary of delivering the annual state address to the Congress at that particular time and also as per the political system prevailed in the USA, White House never announces the visit plan of their President so much in advance. So, this is also a precedent for them. All these deviations are basically because of the perseverance and convincing ability of Modi. It is not out of the context to  mention here that the fruitful meeting between the two leaders of the respective countries on 29th and 30th September, 2014 respectively has made a tremendous impact. Further, Obama’s  decision of visiting India within a span of a little less than four months is only countering the miserabalism, which USA showed earlier to Modi. Now, a good sense of  friendship and relationship are getting induced between the two countries and after this visit, the same may cross all the barriers of red tapism, if any, to augment the investment and transfer of technology in India.

Seeing the hype in both the countries, Obama is a bit worried not to annoy the Pakistan’s administration and hours after this announcement, he phoned Sherrif to assuage his feelings. His mollifying telephonic conversation from his travel to Las Vegas in the last week, prompts Sheriff to make a fervent appeal to Obama to raise the sensitive issue of Kashmir in the imminent visit. Pakistan is very much worried of this extra bonding of the two countries and at the same time USA is equally disgusted and  getting flustered by Pakistan’s inability to cease the cross border terrorism. Pakistan has been demanding the equal diplomatic treatment from the USA  and they are getting denial most of the time. As per the record, Obama was in Pakistan  for a few hours  on his way back after a five day visit to India in 2006 and Bush also stopped by during his return from a 2006 trip to India.

Despite Pakistan’s intensified claim that they are one of the closest allies of the USA, but the fact is that Obama did not visit them in 2010 when he visited India. To soothe their feelings amalgamated with hurt, Obama assured Pakistan to visit in 2011, but that remains in the paper only.

Pakistan is not able to tolerate the profundity of Modi’s popularity in the world’s political scenario and despite Sheriff’s visit in India during the oath ceremony of PM, Modi in May 2014, he is pumping all types of accusations like cancellation of secretariat level meetings, unprovoked firing across the line of control causing casualties of civilians and India’s die hard attitude not to strengthen the bi-lateral relationship with Pakistan, but USA is not accepting all these allegations, which  is evident from Obama’s quick and spontaneous decision to grace the occasion of Republic Day.

In short, India and particularly Modi have shown the world that the world’s great power like the USA can not overlook India any more.

Face Book: All Indians whoever will be present on this occasion, will feel proud because none other than the President of America will be in their midst and they will be able to see or feel his company, even from a distance. And this time, this celebration will be  more gorgeous and vivacious because of the USA President Obama’s presence.

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