Sunday, November 9, 2014

The mind is a devil boy

Whenever something happens to you, say you accomplish a feat or you are putting your all out efforts  to transcend some barriers, you immediately conclude that it has happened based on your hard work or circumstances.  It is not true.  It has happened because your mind has prompted you to think and accordingly  the action has been performed by you.

All the results of your life's deeds are based on this thinking power.  You have the ability to change this thinking power.  As you begin changing your mind, you begin changing your life.  It has been seen that people form their habits in their formative ages within six years of their lives. The formative influences, which have been developed in your initial stage of life, make you the person you are right now.  Today, whatever the person you are, that is because the way you do and the way you think.

The average person uses only 10% or less of his / her potential in the course of a lifetime.  It is said that Albert Einstein, the famous scientist of the 20th century, used about 15% of his potential.  You can understand that by using only 15% of the potentiality, he was a world renowned scientist. 

The research at Stanford University concluded that the average person uses only 2% of his / her mental abilities based on studies of the neocortex, which is nothing but the “thinking brain” of the human being.  It is obvious that some people are born with some extraordinary abilities and they perform excellent in those gifted abilities.  Most of us have some talents and abilities which are more or less average.  The famous men and women, who are in the category of celebrities, achieve success by developing their natural talents and abilities to a very high degree in some special areas of their interest.  Your potentiality is inherent in yourself and that is to be identified and developed for your success.

By a simple equation, I establish this fact.  The equation is……

(IQ + AQ) x QA = ILP

IQ  -  Inborn Quality. These are your natural tendencies or temperament and your general mental ability.

AQ – Acquired Quality – These are the knowledge, skill, talent, experience and ability which you may gain or develop as you grow and mature.

QA – Quality of Attitude – This is a kind of mental energy that you bring to bear on your combination of Inborn Quality and Acquired Quality.

ILP – Individual Level of Performance
The mathematical equation of ILP is………
Inborn Quality IQ + Acquired Quality AQ x Quality of Attitude and it denotes to your Individual Level of Performance.

: 2 :

Your Inborn Quality, which are the inner aspect of your personality are largely fixed at birth.  They are mostly genetic.  You cannot do much to change the same. 

Your Acquired Quality can be changed through your education and experience.  These are the areas of your potential and mastery.

The people who are very successful in their lives and are celebrities, they always develop, improve and change their Acquired Quality every time through study and practice.   The process may be slow and deliberate and so, it requires patience, discipline and considerable efforts.

The only trump card in the equation is Quality of Attitude.  This is one of the insights that changed the lives of many people and convert them from a mediocre person to a celebrity.  This Quality of Attitude can be improved almost without limit.  A person of average caliber might have a less Inborn Qualities and even then he can perform at a high level, if he has a very positive mental attitude.   

Earl Nightingale referred to an “Attitude” as the most important word in the language.  Attitude is the way you approach your life.  It is your “angle of attack.” It is your general mental tone and the outward expression of your thoughts and feelings.  Attitude is the benchmark of the person. You must have observed that some people are always happy, cheerful, energetic and lovable.  That is because of their positive mental attitude. 

As Epictetus wrote, “Circumstances do not make the man; they merely reveal him to himself.”  Where from this attitude comes?  What causes one person to be positive and another to be negative?  Your attitude is completely dependent on your expectations.   Most of the people’s expectations are powerful.  They exert an immense influence on their personality.

If you expect a good thing to happen, you shall have to be positive and optimistic in your approach to people and situations.   As per the laws of belief, if you possess a satisfactory view of this world, if you believe that this world is a good place and that all the persons of this world, including you are good, then you will always expect the best from yourself, from others and from the situation you face. Your positive expectations will be expressed in a positive mental attitude.  You will get back what you give out.

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