Tuesday, November 11, 2014

How to increase Search Engine Optimization

Let us take the example of my website www.buddhasweet.blogspot.com.  Ever since, I have received one of my friends’ mails, I have been pondering on this subject as to how should I increase the traffic for my website? Nestling on the bank of various thoughts, I assert that the major postulates, which draw the traffic is the content. Because the content still rules the niche of SEO.  That is why, some websites are rank holders because of their expertise in content writing.
I emphasize that there are six vital forces that draw the net surfers to any website.

1)        There must be a sincere or dedicated approach to write appealing and interesting contents everyday. The contents must be of high quality, which people want to share with various social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc. For example, in today’s scenario, if anybody is writing on Modi’s achievement continually, definitely the website will draw more traffic.
2)         Further, One has to submit the contents to various sites like Reddit, Delicious, Digg to invite more readers to his website.
3)        Your website should be linked to various other websites, of course, with their permission. While asking permission, you have to provide a valid reason why you need their link. For example, if you are writing continuously about political issues and you ask for a link from any IT website, you will be deprived.
4)        If any website is besmeared with images, statistics and pictures, then definitely traffic will be increased at least by 25 percent.. 
5)        While developing various contents, the focus should be on appealing and eye-catching text. If the text is highlighted prominently with some quality tagline then, the fruition of the searching will be prominent and effective, and SEO will be much more fruitful for traffic purposes. The opposite to this sequence leads to less responsive.
6)        The content should not be overlapping and  monotonous. Once you have written something in the starting, it should not be repeated in the middle or at the end, because blog posting and writing on websites are completely different from writing fiction and non-fiction.
7)        Computer related issues like formatting, header – footer, titles are also very important  facets to build the traffic for any website.

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I personally believe that the content is much more important than all other things and if the juxtaposition of the words and the depth of the syntax along with the sequential treatment of the theme are placed properly, no doubt, the website will fetch a desired and effective output.

The most important facet of SEO is that the readers should visit your website, open the page even by, go through the first few lines and then continue to read.  In short, their eyes should be glued to your content and only then the reality of developing a website will be fulfilled.
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