Monday, November 10, 2014

Achievement of plus 100 days of Modi and his government

Since, inception of his Prime Ministership in the 100 days above, Modi has taken various decisions to steer past the growth of the country. The tangible results may not be that evident on immediate basis, but  I am very optimistic that sooner or later, we all accrue the benefits of these decisions.
Let us  recapitulate the decisions taken by his government under his stewardship.
1.       He has formed a panel to identify the  black money of 50000 crores, which has been stashed in tax haven  countries. This effort of radical nature will help the government to bring back the money in the system to augment the development process.
 The various panels of the previous government, namely a group of ministers and empowered group of ministers have been scrapped and getting replaced by a one decision making center for the purpose of good governance and  monitor the progress speedily.
The planning commission, which was hitherto existed for  50 years is abolished and a body of think-tank is constituted for effective management.
  The appointments  related to the higher judiciary system are to be done now on wards by a commission comprising the prime minister and the chief justice of India.
   His government has issued a dictum to reform the juvenile justice act. They have proposed in line with the recommendations of the juvenile justice board, whether to try the heinous crimes performed by the juvenile above 16 years in a regular court or not.
The very ambitious  financial scheme of Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana has created a massive response in the proletariat. No sooner the scheme was launched, the bank account of 15 million  people with  an  one lakh insurance coverage each was opened on the very first day. The target of this scheme is to cover 75 million account holders.
7.       Modi has taken  personal initiative to augment the relationship with the neighboring countries, namely Nepal, Bhutan, China and Japan. By doing this activity, he has shown them that India is sincerely interested to make cordiality with the neighbors.
8.       By  establishing the national food  grid, which is a decision of  radical change to curtail the shortages and wast ages of the  fruits and vegetables and by carrying these commodities from the surplus zone to the deficient areas, the government will be definitely able to reduce the inflationary trend in prices.
9.       His government has sent a stern message to Pakistan by cancelling the secretary level  talks, which was scheduled to be held on last 25th August. In this way, India has made them understand that Pakistan has to stop the cross border terrorism and atrocities thereupon.
1.   The gas price rise is put on a hold with a logic that much more deliberation is needed before  arriving at a conclusion on this sensational issue.
1      This government is determined to eliminate the corruption and graft charges in the defence procurement. The authorities involved with this procurement have been told not to deal with the suppliers of certain countries, namely Italy and UK.


The ministers are advised to take all sorts of austerity measures and not to indulge in purchasing any new cars.
They are also informed to obtain prior approval from PMO for any expenditure crossing the limit of one lakh.

In  a nutshell, all these decisions, which are taken by Modi are excellent and  in these 100 days and above, he has also exerted enough influences on his ministers  either to perform or perish. In his dictionary, no one will be allowed to put a spoke to  anything and everything, which as per him  will benefit the common people of India.
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