Sunday, November 9, 2014

Love is the secret key of life

The existence of this world is invariably because of love. Despite many hassles, and horrendous activities, which include third degree crime, self centered behaviors of human beings and complexities of life, love bind us. Without this trait, which is treated to be the most acknowledged attribute of human kind, the existence of the world becomes a big question mark. Because of this eternal and unparalleled quality, we recognize each other, think of other’s welfare and become depressed when others are in distress. This is compensated by our love for the root of the tree. Then only the branches, its leaves, foliage will feel our love. Love is such a thing that allows us to connect to our soul, prompt us to connect our soul with other’s soul and in this way, it allows the human being to open the door of God. What is this love? It is a pure and simple emotional bonding of one person with another without exchange of anything except true and pure love. So, love must be unconditional. If you show love to someone and expect something, it is not the true love. When love becomes one with everything with humanity and divine perception then that is real love. Love embraces everyone with oneness. We must be very careful about the reality of love. If the feeling of love enters into our mind, first of all, we have to recognize whether it is a pure or divine love. If we give something to somebody and in turn we expect reciprocating behavior from him, then the same is human love because the mind is conditioned with expectation. The more you expect in love, the more you will be deluded from the divine love. In human love, there is a concept of giving and getting and it does not last long. If we do something unconditionally, then it is divine love. In divine love, we don’t have that expectation to get something in return. If it comes, it is well and good, otherwise the person who is showing love, he is not obliged to receive anything.

Divine love is like the Sun. As the sun does not hear anybody’s command how much light is to be given to whom, in the same way, divine love is not confined with any barriers. It does not have any definition. It is limitless. If you close the doors and windows of your house, sunlight may not enter your house and then what can sun do? If you understand the fundamental theory of divine love, you will see everything and recognize the same as human love. Divine love encourages us to understand own self and it also illumines us and through this illumination, we get the enjoyment in our lives. In divine love, there is no possession; there is only a feeling of oneness. In divine love, nothing is discriminated. Oneness is able to enter into an animal, flower, tree, building or even a statue. When we show divine love for someone, there is automatically oneness arising without any question mark. This divine love prompts us to think that we are bigger than the biggest. It also tells us that our life is definitely more important than we imagine.

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If you want to follow the path of spirituality, you have to rely upon divine love. Been in the family, you have to discharge your family activities, take care of your responsibilities and with this; you cannot ignore the principle of human love. This fundamental right of yours cannot be overlooked, but at the same time, you have to bring the purity of divine love in your life in order to allay all kinds of deeply rooted evil things of our society like hatred, jealousy, selfishness and many more. People, who want to follow the religious path and to feel God as their own, the only one answer for them to embrace upon divine love In this state of affairs, peoples’ character gets enlightened, their pattern of thinking gets more positive oriented, and they give less weight age on self and show concern for other’s benevolence. This divine love is the easiest path to grow. This love is most convincing and most effective. Who says the concept of divine love is a tough thing? You have only to surrender all your karmas to God.

The more you are believer of divine love, the more you will be able to fulfill your inner pilot. Divine life is not at all very hard to achieve. It is easily an achievable goal. You have just to recognize the secret of secrets. That secret must be in a position to grow in divine love, where the lover and the beloved become one in true sense. The Creator and creation converge in oneness and the finite and the infinite become consciously one. We can very well hear the soul searching and soul stirring flute of immorality in this earth. We do not have to go anywhere, whether heaven or any other realm of consciousness. Here in this earth, we can hear the message of liberation, enlightenment, spiritual intellectuality and divine fulfillment, if we love for the sake of the purity of love. It gets strengthened further, if the love is for the sake of God.

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