Wednesday, July 1, 2015

How much we get influenced by yoga?

For the past couple of days, we are all agog with the intrinsic value of yoga.  Everywhere a whistle is blowing in favor of this exercise and suddenly people become over enthusiastic to start this activity as if, it was not there earlier and no one was concerned about this activity at all. Needless to say, this practice is very much effective to invigorate mental and physical health, but we seem to be very fanatic because now the country is passing through the phobia of yoga practice. Suddenly, we become so agile to keep ourselves young and beautiful, as if  without practicing yoga, life will be  miserable. In reality, yoga has now become a business and a centre of attraction of money spinning from various learners and semi-learners. All over the world, many yoga teachers are damn busy to earn money and they have made this as a trading commodity like all other business dealings. The yoga at one time was treated as a specialized skill and to be very honest that very few have the real knowledge of this exercise so that they can impart teachings to others. Still, these self-proclaimed teachers scream to be the experts and flourish their business in disguise.

Yoga does not only mean  to keep you and your health without disease, fit, active and intelligent. It also explains the science of joining together. It is very difficult to explain that who is doing this miracle of joining, but it is the fact. There are many types of yoga and the healthiest one is known as Raja yoga. This is the king of yogas. Through the practice of this yoga, you not only improve your health, well being but also increase your mental health and you become very active psychologically. In yoga, there is no repetition or monotony. You have to perform regularly with your attention and focus. Once you perform yogas religiously and relentlessly, your brain will be active, it will not be a chattering type anymore. It will help you to increase your creativity. The so-called yoga lovers will not tell you all these things, but the real yoga teachers and the scholars of yoga performers will teach you correctly. But in reality, they are very few. 

If you want to have a very deeply, disciplined life, maintaining all moral and ethical codes, you should not just perform a few postures of yoga, but you should practice this science with an affection for various postures, so that you are able to lead a harmonious life with full of ethics and moral values.

We know that something, which is not possible to be taught, let it be not tried.  There is no further need to exercise in that aspect.  But for yoga, it is not applicable. Though it is a specialized line, it is not an exercise which you can start, do and disappear like a night flyer. This practice is like a Sadhana and it is as good as a religious activity. Further, the teacher must teach this art with sincerity. They can teach this practice at a mass scale with the divine thoughts and with no commercial attachment. Today, what we see is mostly a hype. To get attracted with the glamorous lifestyle and plunge into the grandeur of social status to highlight that we engage in the practice of yogic exercise, we apparently show our affinity for this hullabaloo and after a while, we leave the arena. One should not adopt this type of casual attitude towards yoga. It is like performing a Puja. As you make regular prayer with all your reverence, you have to treat this art accordingly. The yoga practice is done by most of the people like a speaker, who gives a speech for an hour or so and then forget happily what they have spoken little earlier eloquently. This practice is mainly performed to uplift your physique and concentration power. So, people must be very watchful to ensure the result. It will not be feasible to achieve the outcome at the drop of a hat. You cannot expect any miracle in the form of output. It needs perseverance, patience and your devotion and  you must be very serious.     

While practicing yoga, unnecessary movement of the body and gesture must be avoided.  You must focus your attention to God while performing yoga. Why God, because He is the omniscient and transparent. If you think about Him and perform yoga, you will feel as if, you are in a temple and in the midst of a prayer.

By doing yoga on a regular basis, if you think that your muscles must be toned, you should have a muscular body or you have developed a beautiful posture, this concept is not that correct. The effect of sincere practice is, you live all day long with a peaceful mind and an energetic physique. When you see a mountain or a sea or a blooming red rose, you are engrossed with the beauties of these non-living beings. During the period of watching, you are so enliven that you become speechless and only take the ambrosia of the natural beauties. You can sit hours together to make yourself busy in the said activities. You can enliven your mind with their tranquility, natural beauties and freshness.  In the same way, you must perform yoga with a clear and effective thought process and you have to observe an art behind this practice. As you see the natural beauties silently like an  onlooker who does not expect anything in return, the yoga is like the same. If you become cool and silent observer and practice this exercise without any expectation, you will be surprised to see that you get addicted to this practice as if, you sit in a meditation and you are doing the same for hours. This is the power of yoga. How much influence, it can create in your mind, it depends on you whether you consider it as a hype or a serious proposition in your life.

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