Friday, July 3, 2015

Live your life in each moment

Live your life in each moment


Some people enjoy their life cycles thoroughly.  Every moment of the life, which they experience, brings in a plausible memory for them. No sooner they recollect the reminiscence of the past experiences, they never repent even the results are discouraging; they always find out the positive aspect of the incidents discarding the gloomy side.  Some people, of course, analyze the past incidents with a despair outlook.  Why it is so?  Because the people, who are always elated about the quality of their lives, it is  based not on the span of life, but on the basis of depth. The depth is the real issue of a quality living.  If you live for 60 years, you must live all these years year by year, month by month, day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, second by second and step by step.  This is the depth of your total life span. You should not leave any moment, casually. When you sleep, you slip blissfully and don’t pretend to sleep. When you desire to prattle, do so, till the time you want.  But in the midst of studies, if you gossip with your best friend, then the same does not qualify you to lead your life meaningfully.  In that case, you are just completing  your one day or maybe a couple of days lengthwise with almost a nil output, means you have not lived the depth of life. 


Success is not a quick fix formula or ready reckoner.  You have to struggle every moment.  Success does not make a person affluent, rich or a wealthy at once.  It is a day to day, step by step and moment to moment progress. If you want to adopt short cuts, the same will create enormous troubles for you and to solve those troubles, you will be tired and lose the charm of living a quality life.  Most of us live just like that.  They get up, finish their rituals, visit work place, accomplish some allotted tasks, make them busy in some entertainment and then, retire for the day. Apparently, the completion of all these activities for a particular day look to be satisfactory, but on close analysis, you will find that most of the tasks performed by you have not yielded any positive output.  The progress of the day is over, but the depth of the day with respect to productivity is not that measurable. In this fashion, you finish month, year, and may be five years or even ten years of your precious life.  Then, one fine morning when see that you are almost getting stagnant in your same position in all fronts professionally, monetarily and also socially; you become sad.  The reason is that you have not learned to live moment by moment.


Our fear psychology ingrained so deep in our thoughts that we are mostly worried about our future.  This pattern of thinking for the future always discards us to live in the present moment and we lose the moment to moment living. We don’t give much value to this moment to moment concept. We seldom want to remain in the presents.  We always think about the future.  So, our mind lives in the future and desires the future to be very bright at the cost of present living. In this process, we feel insecure about the future. This results in tremendous despondency. 


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Many times, people say, they are worried about their future, they may lose their job and they may not get another job, how they will manage the expenses of various needs of their families.  Many other things like your son fails to get good marks in an entrance test and so missing a seat in medical courses.  At the same time, you get elated when your son is selected for a coveted job in a multinational company.  So, at some point of time, you live moment to moment when you are happy; otherwise, you don’t. The whole lot of these things depends on the spinning pattern of mind to ponder on various activities and transfer them in stories of possibilities and failures. It makes you to create an illusion that your sorrow is real.  Of course, when the  transformation of stories is successful that is also real, but does not bind you much.  Our mind worries because we always play foul with the concept of living moment to moment.  No sooner, we fail to adhere to this concept; you will be entangled with thorns of the future.  Hence, such a mind is insecure because the future has not happened yet.  When it will happen, perhaps you will not remember what you thought earlier of the outcome.  But unnecessarily you left the opportunity to live moment to moment.


The philosophical preaching  about the future, which has not yet happened, how can one be secure?  For example, you get a job, which has not yet settled the excitement of your mind because you have not yet joined.  But you want to feel secure for the proposed job.  This is the wrong concept of living.  Since our mind is always habituated to be miserable and remain unhappy, we always run behind the spinning tendency of forming stories may be realistic or not.


The most pertinent question of living is moment to moment living; of course, neglecting the future is not advisable.  But thinking of the future must be planned considering the present moment in mind.  When your mind becomes happy, then  planning for the future will be besmeared with happiness and the creative output of the future will mesmerize you  when happenings will be   pleasant.



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